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Tuesday Apr 17, 2018
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Diamond Details – BALI – 2015

Details for the upcoming Diamond Mastermind in Bali, Indonesia (March 22- April 2, 2015)


Diamond Mastermind Playa del Carmen Mexico, 2014: Please Read Event Details Below Prior to Registering
As a Diamond Mastermind member, will you now have access to some of the smartest minds on the planet when it comes to creating your own million dollar sales funnel…but, you’ll also have the exclusive rights to market this same program, and make $10,000 commissions per sale.

Dates for Diamond, 2015:

The Diamond Mastermind conference for 2015, will be held in Bali, Indonesia , from the March 22nd to April 1st.

So, you’ll want to arrive in Bali on the 22nd (although, I strongly recommend you arrive a few days early, to extend your well-deserved break).

*******PLEASE NOTE: When making your travel arrangements, March 21st is QUIET DAY, a sacred religious holiday in Bali where any activity is forbidden.

For more information about Quiet Day, click below:

We’ll have a welcome dinner that night at 7pm for the entire group… Day 1 of the 10 day Mastermind will begin on March 23rd.

The 10th and last full day will be the April 1st (Wednesday) – and then you’re free to depart on the 2nd. But again, I recommend you stay at least 1 day extra, to relax and enjoy the resort.

The Venue:

Diamond will “redefine” how you think of luxury.

We have a much larger budget for Diamond, and I have handpicked two breathtaking 5-star resorts in Bali that pampers its guests like they are visiting royalty.

Your rate is all-inclusive and includes our GROUP breakfast, lunch and dinner in our group locations. Drinks will be available throughout the resort – and are free. The mini bar in room IS included.

“What If I Want To Stay A Few Extra Nights At The Resort?”

You’ll need to pay for the extra nights at the resort – but, you’ll be able to use our group discount rate. Please bookmark this page and as we get closer to the dates, we’ll update this page with more details.


Diamond Mastermind Playa del Carmen Mexico, 2014: Please Read Event Details Below Prior to Registering

“Who will be speaking?”

Speakers will be announced as we get closer to the dates.

Are there going to bonus days I can attend, where I can get additional training, and also stay at the resort for more days?

We will be announcing bonus days as we get closer to the dates.

Flying Into Bali, Indonesia:

Personally, I use to book most of my flights. Again – I recommend you arrive a day or two early, or stay a few extra nights, so you can really explore Bali and enjoy the place. During the Mastermind, we’ll be spending a good deal of time in training sessions. The airport code for Bali, Indonesia is: DPS

“What Kind Of Activities Will We Be Doing?”

75% of the Mastermind will be us doing live training sessions. Many of these will be interactived. About 25% of the time, we’ll be out of the seminar room doing fun activies. You’ll have the option to choose which one you’d like to do – we’ll follow up with you when we get closer to the event to ask which you’d prefer.


Diamond Mastermind Playa del Carmen Mexico, 2014: Please Read Event Details Below Prior to Registering

Weather In Bali:

During our Mastermind you can expect hot and humid with some rain showers during the day. Average temperatures are in the 70’s (26 C). Ocean temperature is said to be like bath water.

If You’re Bringing Kids:

Additional children or guests will be the responsibility or the attendee and will be directly charged by the hotel and paid by the attendee upon departure. Each attendee will need to present a credit card upon checking in at the hotel.

“If I’m Bringing My Family, What Kind Of Things Can They Do During The Training Sessions?”

Firstly, your guest is perfectly welcome to join us in the main seminar room during the teaching sessions. If you have children, they are also welcome – if they are under 12, please be sure noise levels are kept to a minimum, as we’ll be recording. If your extras don’t want to attend the sessions, they can go hang out at the pool, lay on the beach, or spend some time at the spa.

“Is Alcohol Included?”

I thought I would add this question in. YES, drinks are free, and unlimited at the resort. There’s several bars (including pool bars). However – please drink in moderation during the Mastermind – because it’s important you’re alert for those morning sessions.

“What Kind Of Clothes Should I Bring?”

Bring casual clothes, and, also one set of clothes for a formal dinner. The weather will be warm and humid. Make sure you bring bathers, as well as some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty in (for the activities).

“Any Little Extra Things?”

Bring a camera – preferably one that does both photos and video. Just as we did at the Platinum Mastermind in Costa Rica, we’re going to have a contest for the best video testimonial of the event. I’ll likely be giving out cash – and, it will be a significant amount. So, bring both your camera, and, a laptop where you can edit the video with something like imovie (for Mac owners) or Windows Media Player. The video doesn’t have to be too fancy – what I’m looking for, is something that’s entertaining You might even start doing some filming from the moment you get on the plane, and then arrive at the resort. I also recommend you make a short video before you arrive in Bali – just to practice editing, etc. That way, you’ll be able to make your video fast and submit for judging – which will likely happen at the farewell dinner, on the last night. This time, we’ll also have a contest for the best photos. So, take lots and lots of photos over the Mastermind (we’ll also all be able to use these in our marketing to promote MOBE).


Diamond Mastermind Playa del Carmen Mexico, 2014: Please Read Event Details Below Prior to Registering

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