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Saturday Apr 21, 2018
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SuperStream Tube – Francis Neal

Download Instructions

Please download your course to your hard drive.

Either right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) the “Download Video” links below in order to access the pop-up menu that enables you to save each file.

Internet Explorer choose “Save Target File As…”
Safari choose “Download Linked File”
Firefox choose “Save Link As…”
Google Chrome choose “Save Link As…”


01 SuperStream Tube Intro – PDF

Download Video

02 SuperStream Tube YT Ads – PDF

Download Video

03 SuperStream Creating In Stream Ads – PDF

Download Video

04 SuperStream Finding Products – PDF

Download Video

05 SuperStream Finding Placements – PDF

Download Video

05 SuperStream Finding Placements – Video

Download Video

06 SuperStream Building Campaign – PDF

Download Video

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