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Monday May 14, 2018
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10,000 Leads in 100 Days

Day 69

Today’s Marketing Journal Notes:   Today I review an ad agency called

According to the rep from this company who first contacted me from this company, they do a lot of the solo ad buys for many of the gurus in our industry.

So I agreed to try them out with a 1k buy.

I was less than impressed with their fulfillment in the beginning – we had ads we’d paid for on hold for weeks, and could not get  straight answers from them on when they were going out.

They told us it was due to a deliverability issue with a new autoresponder, and they were transitioning to another (or something like that).

But, we did a few more tests with them over the past months, and have now spent at least $8,000 with them so far.

Results have been mixed.

Below are the stats for one of the better ad buys we did with them more recently, that has been quite profitable:

LIST: Justin Blake

$1675 Ad Spend
1052 leads generated ($1.59/lead)
78 I.M. Revolution Handbook sales ($21.47 / buyer)
1 Inner Circle Membership ($97/ month)
1 MOBE License Rights sale ($1,997)

If we could consistently get results like this, I’d be very happy.  Not only have we recouped all our investment, but, we have 78 new buyer leads to follow up with.

I recommend you give them a try.

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