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Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Done For You Articles 1st September 2014

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6 Ways to Amass a Pinterest Following

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It’s no secret that Pinterest can be an extremely valuable source of free traffic. Pinterest users love to share images, and they’re extremely active in the topics they care about. What’s more, Pinterest offers valuable, free analytics that allow you to optimize your posts. You can further put Pinterest to work for you by implementing these six simple strategies.

Add Pinterest to Your Site

The Pinterest follow button sends traffic from your website to your Pinterest profile. This small button can give you an influx of new Pinterest followers if you’re already receiving moderate site traffic.

You can install the button anywhere you like on your site, but for best results, add the button to a prominent spot once per page. Pinterest provides a widget builder that allows you to display your pins in the sidebar, and there are also dedicated WordPress plugins that do this quite nicely.

One of the most powerful tools Pinterest provides is a code that you can add to each page that makes all of your images pinnable. This code will add a “Pin It” button to each image that is visible on mouse-over. This one tool can provide you with a steady stream of traffic if you post infographics often.

Pin Often

A great way to build followers quickly is to contribute often to guest pinboards. You have to be invited to these boards in order to contribute, so you may want to start by creating your own guest pinboard and then inviting others to join.

When you gain access to a heavily trafficked guest pinboard you will gain a new follower any time someone “likes” your pins. It never hurts to forge relationships with guest pinboard owners. They will know what you’re up to, but if you provide quality content there’s a good change they will give you access to the board.

Mention Others

When appropriate, it’s a good idea to mention others in your pins with the @mention attribute. The pinner may mention you back, follow your board or even invite you to post on their own boards.

Leverage Popular Pins

The “Popular” section on Pinterest is the go-to follower generator for new accounts. This section of the site sees massive amounts of traffic, and you can leverage this by making comments on posts.

However, you shouldn’t spend very much time on this part of the site each day. If Pinterest thinks your only goal is to gain followers, they may ban your account. Make sure that your comments are relevant, and if possible, only comment on pins that are related to your own niche.

Follow Other Users

This one may seem obvious, but many folks don’t realize that this is the name of the game. On Twitter, it may be detrimental to follow people who aren’t related to your niche, but on Pinterest, the more people you follow, the better.

Every time you follow someone, you have a small chance of them following you back. Because Pinterest pins are so sharable, it’s worthwhile to actively follow people in hopes that they’ll notice your content. Note, however, that if you follow more than 300 people per day, Pinterest might ban you.

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