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Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Done For You Articles 8th September 2014

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The Importance of Backlinks in 2014

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As social media has grown in importance, many marketers debate whether or not traditional SEO still works. Backlinks have always been an important part of good SEO strategy. Search engines give websites with several backlinks higher ranking, because backlinks are an indicator of importance or popularity.

While social media is changing the SEO landscape, good SEO, including backlinking, is still important. The quality of a website’s backlinks is also crucial. The more natural and high-quality a websites backlinks are, the more likely it is that the website’s rank will not be harmed by Google’s frequent algorithm updates.

Following are some ways to create high-quality backlinks for your website:

Backlinking Using YouTube Videos

YouTube is an often-overlooked source for high-quality backlinks. In addition to being the most popular video website on the internet, YouTube is also the second-largest search engine. The simplest way to create backlinks on YouTube is to create a video related to your niche such as a how-to, or a product review and make sure to include a link to the primary website in the description.

Natural backlinks

The best, most reliable way to generate backlinks is to do so in a natural fashion by creating great content. The more interesting, informative or useful the content, the more often people will share it on social media, and on their own web sites and blogs.

One way to create high-quality content is to research relevant competitors that have established many high-quality backlinks. Figure out what kinds of content successful competitors are publishing and emulate that. In particular, look for gaps, and fill those. In addition, research which sites are already linking to your website and focus on attracting more of the same.

The main things to focus on when generating content to get backlinks are:

  • Building trust
  • Relevance
  • Meeting visitors’ expectations
  • Query satisfaction

It is important to perform research and track the performance of new content. Through tracking and research, you can continually refine and improve your content to meet your audience’s expectations.


Although guest-blogging has earned a less-than-stellar reputation as of late, it is still a viable way to get backlinks. As with any other backlink strategy, the difference is in the quality. For guest-blogging to work it is important to choose reputable websites that are related to your niche. You should write more than one guest post; otherwise, you will be seen as someone who is just looking for backlinks. Look for websites with an authority level lower than 40. To find a website’s authority level, go to

No-follow links

No-follow links can be helpful as well. These are good for generating traffic and getting followers on social media. With this in mind, you should always include links to your social media accounts in the author bio for any guest blog posts that you write.

Monitoring the social media marketing landscape is vital to your success. If you’d like to have access to even more powerful marketing tips, as well as a way to generate conversion-ready Internet marketing prospects each month, click here to learn about my done-for-you system.

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