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Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails April 26 – May 2, 2015

[DFYE] 2nd May 2015 “_Are You Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Are You Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight?
Do This if You Don’t Want to Get Gut Shot
You’re in a Gunfight…Here’s How to Survive

Email Body Copy:

Remember the classic scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark?

The bad guy jumps out and whips his saber around menacingly in a dazzling and (he hopes) intimidating display of swordsmanship…then Indy casually pulls out his revolver and shoots him.

It’s a vivid illustration of the old adage, “Don’t bring a sword to a gunfight.”

You’ll lose.

And if you have big financial dreams, guess what? You’re in a gunfight.

It’s not tiddlywinks, it’s not checkers, it’s not hopscotch…it’s serious business.

And if you believe that you’ll achieve your dreams by…

• Working at a 9 to 5 job…you’re bringing a sword to a gunfight.

• Selling low-priced products… you’re bringing a sword to a gunfight.

• Selling low-margin products… you’re bringing a sword to a gunfight.

• Reinventing the internet marketing wheel and trying to do everything yourself…you’re bringing a sword to a gunfight.

• Driving free traffic to a lame, one-size-fits-all offer… you’re bringing a sword to a gunfight

You’re going to get shot down.

But if you want to bring an AK-47 to a gunfight, click below…



[DFYE] 1st May 2015 “How to Win Your Major Championships”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How to Win Your Major Championships
Online Success the Jack Nicklaus Way
Click Here if You Don’t LOVE Your Job

Email Body Copy:

Jack Nicklaus won 18 major championships during his golf career.

Only Tiger Woods is even close to that number with 14.

After Tiger? Walter Hagen with 11 and a couple of guys with 9.

Only 4 golfers in history have won HALF as many major championships than Nicklaus.

To what did Nicklaus attribute his success?


He once said, “If I didn’t like golf, if I didn’t LOVE golf, I’d have never achieved what I did.

So, do you love what you do?

Do you love it so much that it brings you joy, satisfaction, achievement, accomplishment, and success?

If not, find something else to do.

That may sound harsh, but life is too short to waste it doing something you don’t love. You spend at least 23.8% of your week working. 22.8% of every year working, if you get 2 weeks vacation.

About 33% of your life is spent sleeping.

That means almost half your waking life is spent working.

Do you really want to spend it on something you don’t love?

If you want to achieve your “major” championships, you’re going to have to find something you love.

And it’s pretty easy to love a system that pays you high commissions just for following a few simple steps right from your laptop.

Financial freedom.
Time freedom.
Location freedom.

Freedom is easy to love!

Find what you love with MTTB….



[DFYE] 30th April 2015 “Are You Digging the Wrong Hole?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Are You Digging the Wrong Hole?
Don’t Dig with the Wrong Shovel
How to “Dig” to Your Online Goals Faster

Email Body Copy:

Fortune 500 management consultants often advise their CEO clients to ask the following questions…
1. Are you digging the hole in the right place?
2. Are you using the right shovel?
3. Should you be the one doing the digging?

Great questions to ask if you’re still wavering about starting your own business.

First, will you ever achieve your financial goals in the job you have now?

If no, you need to start digging somewhere else. Somewhere that offers the income potential to enable you to achieve those dreams. Otherwise you’re just shoveling dirt.

Second, do you have the right skills to achieve your goals? If not, find someone who has already put together a proven “toolkit” that you can use. Don’t reinvent the shovel. Use one that’s proven to dig deep and fast.

Third, what tasks can you delegate, outsource or eliminate? Don’t perform any task that does not lead directly and swiftly to your goals. Your time is too precious. And the older you are, the more important this last piece is. If you shouldn’t be digging, find someone who can dig for you.

MTTB satisfies all 3 of the “Hole Digging” questions.

It’s in the right place, it gives you the sharpest shovel, and it does almost everything for you.

Start digging toward your goals here….



[DFYE] 29th April 2015 “Do You Have the Spine to Succeed”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Do You Have the Spine to Succeed
Spineless or Successful? You Decide
How to Scratch Your Online Itch

Email Body Copy:

Writer and director Andrew Stanton gave a TED talk titled, “The Clues to A Great Story.” Who is Andrew Stanton? If you raised children in the last 20 years I guarantee you have seen his films.

Andrew Stanton works for a company called Pixar. Stanton wrote all three Toy Stories, Finding Nemo, and Wall-E. To say this guy knows story is the understatement of a lifetime.

In his TED talk, Stanton said, “All well-drawn characters have a spine. A dominant unconscious goal that they are striving for. An itch that they can’t scratch.”

He then describes the “spine” of several characters. “Marlin’s, the father from Finding Nemo, was to prevent harm. Michael Corleone, Al Pacino’s character in The Godfather, his spine was to please his father.”

The most striking example though, was Woody from Toy Story. “Woody’s was to do what was best for his child owner.”

Take a moment and think of your spine. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

• maybe your spine is you don’t want to settle for “average”…you want the
vacation house in the Caribbean or the Mercedes convertible

• maybe your spine is to prove the naysayers wrong and actually succeed beyond their wildest dreams

• maybe your spine is to bust out of the Dilbert cube 9-to-5 and finally be the master of your own destiny

What if there was a system that allowed you to make commissions of as large as $15,000 by simply placing ads?

A system that would bring financial security to you and your family? A system that would allow you to spend less time working and more time with the loved ones you work for? What if that system was a few clicks away?

Matt Lloyd had the same spine you have. To scratch his itch he created a system that made him $51,373,00 in five years, and he wants to share it with you! All you have to do is place ads on sites like Facebook and Craigslist and Matt and his team will take care of the rest.

No phone calls. No customer service. No payment processing. Matt will even set you up with your own coach who will train you one-on-one so you can do what is best for your loved ones.

Click below to take the first step to scratch your itch.



[DFYE] 28th April 2015 “Your Brain Has 2 Systems…Which Will Determine Your Future?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Your Brain Has 2 Systems…Which Will Determine Your Future?
Which Brain is Determining Your Future?
The 2-Brains System for Online Successs

Email Body Copy:

Did you know you have two brains?

Actually you have two SYSTEMS that your brain uses to make decisions based on what it perceives.

System one is a shoot-from-the-hip system. It makes quick judgements based on first impressions. It uses shortcuts. It fires fast. It’s great for making the millions of fast, trivial decisions we need to make every day.

System two is slower. It considers all the facts. It deliberates. It’s great for making important decisions that require deep thinking.

Here’s the problem: It’s VERY hard to kick system two in gear.

System one wants…and usually does…make ALL our decisions.

For example, if the first time you heard about online marketing was when someone said, “Oh, that’s just a pyramid scheme…nobody ever makes any money doing that” your System One is now in charge of ALL decisions about online marketing.

Unless you actively FORCE your system two to kick in and help you make a deliberate, informed decision, taking ALL the facts into account, it will not. System one will just keep making the same quick, uninformed decision it made based on that first impression.

If you think your financial future is unimportant, than keep letting System One decide.

But if your future is important enough to use all your brain power on, then reevaluate that first impression, explore all the facts, and let System Two have its say!

Click here to start your true evaluation…



[DFYE] 27th April 2015 “The Gun-to-Your-Head Success Method”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The Gun-to-Your-Head Success Method
Are You Holding a Gun to Your Head
Are You Building Your Business as if Your Life Depended On It?

Email Body Copy:

EMAIL Body copy



Direct marketing titan, John Carlton attributes his success to writing “as if his life depended on it.”

His very first success came when all he had left was enough savings for one more month’s rent, a last tankful of gas…and a lead on some books that might help him.

That’s it.

And he lives by the “gun-to-your-head” philosophy of success to this day.


Because, according to John, when you have a “gun to your head,” you do not experiment. You don’t get too creative. You get very clear with your message. You stick to only what works.

And you ask, “If my life depended on it, would I write this line?”

But most wannabe entrepreneurs will tell you that they’re waiting for … something… in their life to change and provide them with favorable circumstances to start their own online business.

Exactly the opposite advice that one of the world’s greatest marketers would give them.

Waiting until the gun is no longer at your head may be the WORST time to start a business…it may be too late.

If you’re waiting for just the right circumstances to pursue you’re online dreams, take the advice of the great John Carlton…and just do it now.

Click here to get started.




[DFYE] 26th April 2015 “Hope for the Best…Prepare for the Worst”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Hope for the Best…Prepare for the Worst
“Back-up Plan”?
Refundable Airline Tickets and Your Online Success

Email Body Copy:

A short one today.

Matt Lloyd, president of MTTB, travels a lot. And he often buys and extra, refundable ticket in addition to his main ticket…just in case.

Flights are often delayed. Snow, union strikes, mechanical delays.

And when you’re time is valuable as Matt’s it’s good to have a back-up plan.

So, my question for you today is “What’s your back-up plan for your financial future?”

What systems have you put in place to insure you’ve got a back-up in case of emergency?

Because, just like flights, our financial plans often get “delayed”.

Global economic crisis, housing bubbles, downsizing, outsourcing, unexpected emergency room visits, health problems, wage freezes…

In fact, our financial “flights” probably don’t run “on time” as often as the airlines do!
So, to NOT have back-up plan means risking you’ll never reach your destination.

What’s your back-up plan?

MTTB is the best way to get started on your financial back-up plan.

Only $49 to start. 21 simple steps. Risk-free.

And if you scale the MTTB ladder you can eventually make $1000, $3000 and even $5000 commissions.

Put your back-up plan in place here…



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