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Tuesday Mar 20, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails February 15 – 21, 2015

[DFYE] 21st February 2015 “3 Possible Subject Lines: The Tortoise Got Lucky”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

3 Possible Subject Lines: The Tortoise Got Lucky
Why “Slow and Steady” Loses the Race
Are You Making the “Tortoise” Mistake with Your Online Biz?

Email Body Copy:

Have you heard the old fable about the Tortoise and the Hare?

Here’s the quick and dirty version…

The tortoise, fed up at being ridiculed for his slowness, challenges a boastful hare to a race. The hare jumps out to an early lead and then gets cocky. He takes a nap. When he wakes up the tortoise has crossed the finish line and won.

But here’s the weird part…most people will tell you that the lesson of that story is “slow and steady wins the race.”


That makes no stinking sense whatsoever. How many races (NASCAR, swimming, track and field, skiing) have you ever seen where “slow and steady” won?

Absolutely zero. Right?

Slow and steady loses the race. Every dang time.

And in the modern, information-overload world, SPEED has become even more crucial for winning life’s races.

For example, how long could you spend researching a topic on the web before you finally took action and DID something about it?

The answer is: the rest of your natural-born life. Right? The rest of several lifetimes!

Today, slicing through the mountain of information and selecting the one rock you need FAST is the key to success.

Slow and steady will keep you stuck at the starting gate…forever!

And that’s uber-important when it comes to building your online business empire. The longer you wait to GET STARTED, the longer you’ll wait to…

• Buy your dream house
• Get the car you’ve always wanted
• Spend more time with your family and friends
• Quit your day job and be your own boss
• Travel the world

So, speed is of the essence.

Slow and steady is a recipe for disaster.

So your mission is to, as quickly as possible, select a system that works. And get started today.

MTTB has paid out over $20 Million to affiliates…normal people like you, many with zero online experience…in just a few short years.

In fact, if you follow the simple, proven steps and don’t make a commission in the first 30 days, MTTB will pay you ten times your money back!

Speed is built right into the system.

Every day, you’ll receive a simple step that will move you quickly toward your online goals.

Just don’t make the same mistake the hare made. Don’t nap in the middle of the race, and you’ll achieve your dreams as fast as possible.

Let’s face it. The tortoise got lucky.

It will take more than luck to win your personal online business “race”. It will take speed.

Get started today.



[DFYE] 20th February 2015 “What’s Missing?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

What’s Missing?
Affiliate marketing is broken…
3 Ways To Get Unstuck…

Email Body Copy:

I was doing some reading up today, and found an interesting
strategy from a guy that’s been called the guru to the guru’s,
and is just an all around brilliant person.

It’s just three simple questions to ask yourself everyday.
Especially… when you’re stuck.

1- What’s working?

2- What’s missing?

3- What’s next?

(I’d recommend you write those three questions out
on a post it and stick it somewhere you can see it
each day.)

Now the questions are simple, but they take some real
thinking, and can yield you big results if you actually
go through them every day.

I’d even take this a step further, and when you find out
what’s missing, you should start to rank yourself on
how much you’ve improved on it, from one day to the
next on a scale of 1-10.

Then, you simply try to get a little better on it each day.

Let’s illustrate:

What’s working for you may be that you’ve become
really good at spotting quality launches and ranking
for an affiliate page.

What’s missing is that maybe you haven’t got any
sales yet, though you’re getting a little bit of traffic
and working really hard.

What’s next is that you could start getting more
“quality” traffic, and learning how to create an
irresistible bonus offer that people feel they
must have more than the product itself.

Not surprisingly, those are the exact three things
many people are having a challenge with right

In fact, if you’re into affiliate marketing at all, there
are a LOT of “what’s missing” elements that you
likely have.

I know I did before I finally started to figure things

The pieces quickly fit together for me after I
watched this no cost Online Workshop that
reveals why the old affiliate model is dead, and
how you can use the “new rules” to dominate
massively, and at will…

Check it out, and you’ll also be getting a
bonus for watching this valuable presentation:

Make yourself some popcorn or your favorite
treat, and enjoy the show!


[DFYE] 19th February 2015 “Unplug the info-IV for good…?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Unplug the info-IV for good…
Decide today…
Sure-fire system to success…

Email Body Copy:

We live in a micro-bite age.

It’s so easy to hop on our computers or phones and Facebook,
Tweet, Google, Pin and YouTube information whenever we
want to.

And for some people that’s all they do.


Why do we do this?

Because, it’s far easier to remain distracted then doing
something important.

When you look at your daily actions, it comes down to
you deciding whether you want to keep consuming
value, or to start producing value.

I choose to leave poverty and become a producer.

To do that you need two things:

1) Eliminate overwhelm. You’ve got to turn off that switch
and get some real focus. Think for a moment of what the
biggest obstacle is that’s holding you back, and figure
out how to fix it. The solution is usually a simple one.

2) Have a sure-fire system. One that you are confident will
work with reasonable effort and commitment.

Because if you don’t feel like you have a system that you
can start on and can follow “step by step” to success,
then you’re going to remain overwhelmed and you’re
going to keep consuming and searching.

It’s a ruthless loop to be in…

If you really want to see some near effortless break-through’s
in these areas, then you’ll want a system that will eliminate
overwhelm by giving you only “ONE THING” to focus on.


You’ll want a process that you can follow step by step that
will guarantee results.

Spend a few minutes and read the letter below. Then, you’ll
be well on your way:

To your success,

[DFYE] 18th February 2015 “How to Get Down the IM Learning Curve”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How to Get Down the IM Learning Curve
What No “Guru” Can Teach You
You Never Know THIS Until You Get Started

Email Body Copy:

Any professional…

Police officer

…will tell you the same thing.

Ninety percent of what you need to know about how to perform the job well will come from doing the job.

School, academies, training…they can only teach you about 10% of what you need to know.

With any profession there is always a steep “experience learning curve” that you must move down as swiftly as possible.

It’s why doctors start out as interns. It’s why police officer start out with a more experienced partner. It’s why architects start out with low-level drafting assignments.

To get them down the experience learning curve as swiftly and safely as possible.

And every successful entrepreneur will tell you the same thing.

You never know what lessons you need to know until you get started.

And that’s why MTTB makes it so easy to get started down that learning curve.

There’s no system that can teach you everything you need to know…you can only learn that by doing…but you can plug into a system that makes learning those required lessons as easy and safe as possible.

For just $49 you can plug into a system that can…

• Create products for you
• Ship products for you
• Handle customer service
• Do all the web development
• Do phone sales for you
• And give you 21 proven steps to earning $1000, $3000 and $5000 commissions.

And if you do the steps and don’t earn a commission in 30 days, you can get TEN TIMES your money back.

You absolutely have to get down the online marketing “learning curve” as fast as you can. The sooner you do, the sooner you can start making big money online.

MTTB makes getting down the experience learning curve easy and safe…and profitable.

Get started today….



[DFYE] 17th February 2015 “If Others Have, So Can You”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

If Others Have, So Can You
Why Not You?
How to Face Down Your Most Dreaded Foes

Email Body Copy:

In his excellent book, THE GIFT OF ADVERSITY, psychiatrist, Dr. Normal Rosenthal tells of his favorite way of facing down challenging problems…

Military boot camp
Medical school
Even death

Dr. Rosenthal simply tells himself, “Many have passed this test before, so I’m sure I can pass it as well.”

It sounds overly simple. But don’t let that keep you from grasping its profound truth.

Most people, when faced with a challenge, think of all the reasons that THEY won’t be able to do overcome the challenge.

I’m not smart enough
I’m not strong enough
I’m not rich enough
I’m not young enough
I’m not old enough
I’m not qualified enough
I’m not experienced enough

But the truth is that for every single one of those objections, there are always hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of people who have overcome the challenge and succeeded.

But for whatever reason, our brain wants to focus on the negatives. Not the hundreds, thousands or millions of examples to the contrary.

If you’re thinking of starting an online business, consider MTTB.

MTTB parent company MOBE has paid out of $20,000,000 in commissions in just a few short years.

What does that mean?

It means that many people just like you, people who thought…

I’m not smart enough
I’m not rich enough
I’m not young enough
I’m not old enough
I’m not qualified enough
I’m not experienced enough

…have all made big money with MTTB and MOBE.

If they can pass the test, so can you.

Now, take action and prove it.


[DFYE] 16th February 2015 “Why Books Don’t Work”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why Books Don’t Work
Shelf Help Junkies and the Pushers Who Exploit Them
How the Gurus Make Money on Your Shelf Help Addiction

Email Body Copy:

I’m going to rant today. So please bear with me.

Do you know the big reason that the self-help industry makes so much money?

• According to Wikipedia, it’s an $11 billion industry.
• Approximately 2000 self-help books are released each year.
• And then there are TV shows, YouTube videos, Seminars, and books on tape.

And how does this industry make so much money?

Well, mainly because self-help books don’t work.

That may seem counter-intuitive. But stick with me.

People mistake reading for action.

They mistake reading for actual improvement.

Our brains get a little squirt of happy juice when we a buy a book. Then our brains get a bigger squirt when we read the book. Then another squirt when we proudly display that book on our shelf or coffee table.

We kid ourselves that reading a book…even just buying a book…is the same as doing something about the problem.

But of course it’s not.

It’s just “shelf help”.

Books don’t work.

Only you can take action.

I’ve seen it happen in my own life. I’ve seen it happen to my friends. I’ve seen it to people trying to start a business online.

They read a book, or watch videos, or go to a seminar.

And then they don’t DO anything.

And there’s even hard evidence that reading a book doesn’t work….

The most likely purchaser of a self-help book is someone who purchased another book on that same topic in the last 18 months (

These are the Shelf Help Junkies.

And the internet marketing world is FULL of them.

And the gurus feed their addiction. With more books, videos and seminars. That don’t work. So they need more books, videos and seminars. And on and on and on.

What does this have to do with your online business?

Well, rather than just sell you a book that you can read and display on your shelf…MTTB gives you simple, daily ACTIONS that will steadily and surely move you toward making $1000, $3000 and $5000 commissions.

Action is built in to the MTTB system.

In fact, if you do the steps and don’t make a commission in 30 days, you get 10 times your money back!

Now, that probably means MTTB won’t sell as many programs as some of our competitors. Because “action” sounds too much like “work” to some people.

Reading is easy. You can read in bed. You can read on your couch.

Reading requires no work.

But reading doesn’t work.

So, the choice is yours. You can either read a book (or watch videos or go to another free seminar) and pretend you’re taking action.

Or you can take the simple, step-by-step actions that will move you toward your money-making goals.

Never mistake reading for action.

Check out the details here.



[DFYE] 15th February 2015 “Your High Commission Steering Wheel”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Your High Commission Steering Wheel
Does Your Car Have a Steering Wheel?
What’s the Value of a Steering Wheel?

Email Body Copy:

Imagine a car salesman sitting across the desk from you. You’ve decided on the make and model of the car you want to buy. And now you’re just going over the options.

When suddenly he asks,

“And do you want the steering wheel with that?”

Crazy, right? It would be even crazier if he asked you, “Well, wouldn’t it be worth an extra $49 to have the convenience of a steering wheel?”

There’s no way to put a value on a steering wheel, right? Of course.

And that’s the kind of response MOBE president Matt Lloyd gets when he asks his top affiliates about the value of the MTTB system.

You just can’t put a value to it.

What’s the value of a system that…

• Does the product creation for you?
• Does the website building for you?
• Does the shipping for you?
• Does the customer service for you?
• Does the phone sales for you?
• Provides the high-ticket, high-commission products you need to really succeed in today’s internet marketing universe?
• Provides the high-converting, “aerodynamic” sales funnel you need to drive traffic to?

If the “car salesman” asked you if all that was worth $49 to start…what would your answer be?

And if he said you could make $1000, $3000 and $5000 commissions?

And if you did the steps and didn’t make a commission in 30 days, you’d get $500 in your pocket?

Would you answer is was worth $49?

If you answered “no”, do you also own a car without a steering wheel?

Check out the steering wheel marketing system today…


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