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Friday Apr 20, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails March 15-21, 2015

[DFYE] 21st March 2015 “How to Tell which “Guru” is Right”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How to Tell which “Guru” is Right
The Sure-Fire “Guru Test” that Never Fails
How to Choose which “Guru” to Follow

Email Body Copy:

If you’ve been around internet marketing long, you know that there are plenty of “gurus” out there. They all claim to have cracked the code on this that or the other marketing strategy.

There are gurus for Facebook, Adwords, Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Video Sales Pages, LinkedIn, and even Twitter.

And there’s not just one guru for each of those…there are 10 or 12 and in some cases 50 so-called experts.

So how do you know which guru knows what he or she is talking about?

Well, the sad answer is “you don’t”.

The only way to know is to try their strategies and see if they work for you.

I’ve never known what the old saying, “The proof is in the pudding” means, so I’ll just say the proof is in putting it into action.

But there’s a way to bypass all the gurus.

And get your information right from the in-the-trenches warriors who are fighting it out with real businesses every single day.

Those guys and gals actually know what works and what doesn’t because they’re DOING THE STUFF every day. Their livelihood depends on it.

That’s why MOBE founder, Matt Lloyd, developed Traffic Masters Academy.

TMA is not taught by ivory tower gurus. It’s taught by real marketers just like you who are paying for traffic to run their business.

Traffic from Facebook, YouTube, PPC, banner ads and more.

They know their stuff.

So, if you want to MASTER one form of paid traffic (and you’ll never succeed online until you do), check out Traffic Masters Academy today.



==> [DFYE] 20th March 2015 “How She Copy-pasted Her Way to $2000”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How She Copy-pasted Her Way to $2000
Claire Works 3 Minutes, Earns $2000?
Matt Wrote the Email, She Sent It…and Earned $2000

Email Body Copy:

Claire Washington is a wife and mom in the UK.

In this video, she tells how she worked 3 minutes and earned $2000.

It’s true.

She sent an email that she didn’t even write…
To a list of leads she did not even collect…
And made $2000 in just a few days.

Watch her brief video here.



[DFYE] 19th March 2015 “Fireman Makes $9000 in 3 Days”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Fireman Makes $9000 in 3 Days
Fireman Surprises His Family with $9000 Commission
Caught on Camera: Fireman Shows Family $9000 Commission

Email Body Copy:

All Russell Armstrong did was follow the steps.

All Russell Armstrong did was find one good lead.

All Russell Armstrong did was get one person interested.

And MTTB did the rest.

The result? $9000 in commissions in just 3 days…from one lead.

I repeat, from ONE LEAD.

Not from hundreds of little sales…not from 15 medium-sized sales.


And then he showed his family the big, fat deposit in his account.

Check out the video here.


[DFYE] 18th March 2015 “Something to Shoot for?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Something to Shoot for?
s a Free Cruise in Your Future?
Free Mercedes and Free Cruises?

Email Body Copy:

One of the true marks of a great corporation is how well it treats its partners and employees.

And MTTB founder, Matt Lloyd just announced something amazing.

Every single one of Matt’s affiliates who has earned $100,000 in commissions gets a free luxury cruise.

He calls it the “leaders cruise” and he’s expecting approximately 200 attendees for the first one!

Now, I want you to notice something about this amazing gift…

First, if he’s expecting approximately 200 attendees and MTTB has only been in existence for a few years…well, that’s a LOT of success stories in a short time! This system works.

How long would it take to make $100,000 in commissions in most online businesses?

Second, this is no bargain-basement, cut-rate cruise. This is a luxury resort on the waves.

Check it out here…

Then get started moving toward YOUR $100,000 in commissions here…



[DFYE] 17th March 2015 “Your “Columbo-Proof” Online Business”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Your “Columbo-Proof” Online Business
Is Your Online Business Columbo-Proof?
“Oh, just one more thing…”

Email Body Copy:

Back in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, actor Peter Falk immortalized the character of Lt. Frank Columbo on American television.

If you’re not familiar with “Columbo”, he was unassuming, rumpled-raincoat-wearing, cigar-smoking TV detective. The villains always underestimated him. But he always got his man.

One thing occurred in every episode…Columbo would interrogate the villain and then, just as he was leaving, he’d turn and say, “Oh, just one more thing…” Then he’d ask the BIG question that would pin the villain in a corner.

For example, imagine you were starting an online business. You tell Columbo how it’s going to make you wealthy. He listens closely, nods, and says, “Well, it certainly sounds like you have it all figured out. I’m sure you’ll be very successful. Thanks for your time.”

Then he shuffles slowly to the door, turns and says…

“Oh, just one more thing…how are you going to make any big money selling a low-priced product?”


“Oh, just one more thing…how are you going to pay for all the traffic you’re going to need to test your offer until you know it converts?”


“Oh, just one more thing…how are you going to handle all the shipping, customer service, administration, and tracking?”


“Oh, just one more thing…how are you going to build a website, write copy for landing pages and sales pages and autoresponder email messages?”


“Oh, just one more thing…how are you going to close sales over the phone?”

Fantastic questions that pin most online marketers in a corner.

But MTTB is your Columbo-proof online business. When you partner with MTTB, you have ready answers for all those “Oh, just one more thing” questions.

The answer is “MTTB takes care of all that”.

And it comes with a ten-times-your-money-back guarantee.

And it’s only $49 to start, right here…



[DFYE] 16th March 2015 “Why It’s Easier to Sell “Cure” then “Prevention””

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why It’s Easier to Sell “Cure” then “Prevention”
Are You Waiting Until You Need a Cure?
Prevention or Cure? Your Financial Future Depends on it

Email Body Copy:

One of the most hallowed tenets to sales and marketing is…

It’s easier to sell the cure than it is to sell the prevention.

And yet, wise people know that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Why is it so hard to sell prevention?

• Because most people don’t like to think of bad things happening in the future.
• Most people like to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the risk of bad things befalling them or their family.
• Most people are lazy.
• Most people are cheap.
• Most people don’t want to plan.
• Most people don’t believe “it” will ever happen to them…whatever “it” is.

And even after the global financial crisis proved that nobody is immune to financial disasters, people still prefer to whistle through the graveyard. Human nature rarely changes.

And that’s why most people don’t start an online business until they need it as a “cure”.

They keep saying they’re going to start their own business but they never do until…

• They get laid off from their job
• They get injured and can’t do their job anymore
• They retire and find they don’t have enough money saved to support the lifestyle they want
• Some catastrophic financial event occurs and leaves them scrambling for extra income

And that’s a terrible time to start a business…when you’re stressed out, desperate, low on cash…and in need of a cure!

It’s like waiting until you have heart disease and saying, “Fix it with bypass surgery!”

Expensive, messy, inconvenient, and dangerous!

Now, I know this is a hard sell, and most people reading this will ignore it (see the reasons above). But if you’re one of the wise ones who believes in prevention (you’re not lazy, cheap, and blindly in denial about the risk of bad things happening to you), then why not get started with MTTB today?

It’s only $49 to start.

It comes with a ten-times-your-money back guarantee.

And it’s worked to the tune of $20,000,000 in commissions paid.

Why wait until you have financial heart disease and desperately need a “cure”?

Start exercising, eating right…and start building your online business empire today!



[DFYE] 15th March 2015 “McDonald’s, Proof, and Your Online Biz”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

McDonald’s, Proof, and Your Online Biz
Are You Leveraging “The Power of Proof”?
The Most Powerful Force in Marketing3

Email Body Copy:

Starting in 1969 McDonald’s restaurants began displaying the number of hamburgers sold on its “golden arches” signs.
They would change the number every time another 5 billion mark was passed.
“20 billion sold…25 billion sold…30 billion sold.”
It’s probably no accident that this bold “proof” advertising happened simultaneously with McDonald’s most phenomenal period of growth. The 1970s.
Who can argue with a number like “45 billion sold”, right?
And for the on-the-go Americans of the 1970s, when fast service and convenience was of utmost importance, it made stopping at McDonalds a “no brainer” decision. It practically made their on-the-road dining choice for them. Why not go where billions and billions have gone before? How can you possibly go wrong?
And now they’ve sold so many burgers that the signs just say “Billions and Billions Sold.”
That’s the importance of proof in marketing.

And nobody has better proof of online success than MTTB.

$20,000,000 in commissions paid in just a few short years.

Page after page, video after video, case study after case study of successful online entrepreneurs who’ve escaped the rat race and achieved online success.

Check them out at

Get all the proof you need that MTTB is the McDonald’s of online businesses.

Then head over to …


…to get your own “franchise”!


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