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Saturday Mar 24, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails April 10 – 16, 2016

[DFYE] 16th April 2016 “Will You Make Another Excuse?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Will You Make Another Excuse?
Do You Really Care Enough To Make A Fortune?
The Excuse Free Way To Get Rich

Email Body Copy:

What’s important to you?

Don’t think too hard about it because the answer is right in front of you.


No matter how badly you want a new car or a new job if it’s not in front of you then
it doesn’t really matter to you.

Because if it was really important to you then you would find a way to get it in front
of you. And for everything else you find an excuse for why you don’t have it.

When you really wanted a place to live you searched and searched until you found
one that fit you. Even if it wasn’t perfect you put up with it because you had to have
somewhere to live.

But if you were looking for a new job that paid better or where you didn’t have to
work as much but didn’t find one you made an excuse.

And that’s why you are still working in a cubicle looking at charts and numbers that
don’t mean a thing to you.

Because even if a new job wasn’t perfect. If you really wanted it you would of taken

Sure. Everyone wants more money. But are you the type of person who is going to
stop making excuses and actually do something about it?

Here’s your chance to decide.

At the end of this email is a link to MTTB.

MTTB is a proven moneymaker that works so well that you won’t have any room to
make excuses.

People just like you are making thousands of dollars every week by working from
their own computer wherever they want.

And all they do to earn that money is place ads that were prepared for them on the
most popular websites on the web. Then they watch the money roll in.

Still making excuses? Here’s a helping hand.

MTTB is so solid at making money that if you don’t make a commission within 30
days of finishing your training you will get the $49 you paid to join back.

Plus a $450 check to say sorry.

Don’t make any more excuses. Click below to learn more about MTTB.



[DFYE] 15th April 2016 “How Old Hickory Can Earn You A Fortune”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How Old Hickory Can Earn You A Fortune
You Can’t Help Being What You Are. So Be A Money Making Machine
How A Parrot Can Help You Earn Thousands Every Week

Email Body Copy:

President Andrew Jackson didn’t earn the nickname “Old Hickory” by being a
restrained person.


Not only was he a war hero. But he fought duels. Put spittoons in the Whitehouse.
And Even beat a would be assassin with his cane.

But how does a crusty president help you earn a fortune? Keep reading to find out.

When Jackson died his pet parrot attended his funeral. When people were filing into
the church for the service the Parrot got excited and started squawking out the
words it knew.

Which were all curse words.

After spending so much time with Jackson the only words the bird knew were ones
that you couldn’t say in front of your mother much less in a church.

The bird got so vulgar that they had to take it out of the church.

But what does Jackson’s parrot have to do with you?

Jackson was such a gritty and vulgar man that even after his death he still found a
way to curse.

Because it was what he did. And he couldn’t help but do it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your job made you money like Andrew Jackson cursed?

If you said yes then you’re in luck.

Because this is your chance to become a member of MTTB.

MTTB is a moneymaking machine that makes people like you money by placing ads
on the most popular websites in the world.

Like thousand dollar paychecks every week.

And you don’t even have to leave your house to do it either. All you need is a
computer and Wi-Fi.

Matt Lloyd created MTTB and he used it to earn himself $51,373,00 over 5 years. How
much will you earn?

Find out by clicking below.



[DFYE] 14th April 2016 “How The “Tech-Tsunami” Can Make You Rich”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How The “Tech-Tsunami” Can Make You Rich
The “Tech-Tsunami” Can Kill You Or Make You Rich
Will You Ride The “Tech-Tsunami” To Freedom?

Email Body Copy:

Big changes are afloat.

Whole industries are getting wiped out by little (and sometimes not-so-little) changes in technology.

3D printing is taking manufacturing by storm. The internet is replacing brick-and-mortar shopping.

And for your average Joe, that’s all bad. It means that old jobs are going away. Old ways of doing things are falling out of fashion.

Everyone who is a part of the “old order” is in trouble.

There’s no guarantee that your job will be around in 10 years. Even less guarantee that it’ll be around in 20 years.

But this “Tech Tsunami” doesn’t have to be a disaster.

Yes, millions of people are getting crushed by its massive force. But a few people are learning to ‘ride’ the wave. They’ve learned to make the most of these tech-related changes—to use these changes to their advantage.

Instead of getting crushed by the Tech Tsunami, they’ve harnessed its power and rode it to a better life.

And you can too.

You can get ‘on top’ of the massive tech trend. Ride it out.

Leverage the incredible power of the internet. Build your own home business. Steal all the benefits of working from home while ditching the cramped cubicle and killing the commute.

Is it easy?

Certainly not.

Is it possible?


How do you do it?

MTTB teaches you how to start making big commissions online by driving traffic into a highly converting sales funnel.

Go through the 21 steps, and YOU can learn to ride the massive Tech Tsunami. Get started here:



[DFYE] 13th April 2016 “Are You Using Chicken Sexers?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Are You Using Chicken Sexers?
The 6th Sense Of Chicken Sexers
Why You Need A Chicken Sexer In Your Life

Email Body Copy:

It’s notoriously hard to distinguish between male and female chickens when they’re young.

There’s no difference in their physical make up.

There’s no difference in their behavior.

Which turns out to be very impractical: it’s quite important that large farms and factories know what gender their baby chickens are. Since only the females lay eggs. And they want chickens that can lay eggs.

Think about it:

If you’re the owner of a chicken farm, and you buy a bunch of baby chickens, and then half of them turn out to be males… you’ve lost literally half of your money.

You better be able to tell whether the baby chickens are male or female.

So what’s the solution?

Interestingly, while it SHOULD be impossible to tell the difference between male and female chickens, it (for some strange reason) ISN’T impossible.

It’s true that there’s no difference between male and female chickens when they’re young.

However. A handful of experienced people known as “Chicken sexers” can, by simply looking at baby chickens, ‘just tell’ the difference between males and females.

It’s unclear HOW they can tell the difference. When asked, even THEY can’t say.

But they have an intuition that is amazingly accurate. They’re able to make judgments with 90% accuracy. It’s a sort of 6th sense. The “chicken sexing” sense.

What does this have to do with your business?

Some shots are hard to call:

Should I invest my money in this program or in that product?
Should I give up and start from scratch, or should I try to push through?

To the inexperienced eye, both options seem equally appealing.

And yet, hidden underneath the surface of some of these options lies loss of profit, loss of market share, loss of customers, a damaged bottom line, etc.

So what should you do?

Actually, the answer is deceptively simple:

Find an experienced chicken sexer and ask them.

Well, not an actual chicken sexer. Rather, someone who has years of experience in the industry you’re in. Ask someone who’s already faced the decisions you’re facing—as well as hundreds of similar ones. Someone who’s been around the block.

They’ll give you better advice than the “canned” stuff you find in books and articles and google searches.

One of the reasons why MTTB has proven to be so successful(people using it have generated over $51,000,000) is that it pairs you with an experienced personal coach who can help you along the way.

When you’re building your business, and you run into those tough, lots-at-stake decisions(as you inevitably will)… your coach can help you call the shots.

No need to rely on canned stuff. No need to fumble through trial and error.

Go here to have a master chicken sexer join your team:



[DFYE] 12th April 2016 “How To Work Less And Achieve 20x As Much ”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How To Work Less And Achieve 20x As Much
The Art Of Multiplying Your Effort (And Money) Easily
Rocks, Ropes, and Riches: Why You Need More Leverage

Email Body Copy:


The art of multiplying your effort.

See, the wisdom of the world says that “little effort produces little results.”

But the wise know better.

Little effort USUALLY produces little results.

But not always.

When you have the right machine, the right tool, the right ‘know-how,’ the right timing…

Everything changes.

All of the sudden, MASSIVE results can be accomplished with minimal effort.



Say you’re tasked with lifting a huge rock out of a hole. It weighs 1 ton. All you have is a rope, 20 friends, some wheels, steel poles, and couple odds and ends.

What would “worldly wisdom” tell you to do?

Tie the rope to the rock, and get your friends to start pulling. “Just do it.”


Suppose you rigged up a pulley system. Maybe one of your friends is an engineer. Within an hour, he could build you a pulley system that would multiply your effort, minimize the danger, and move the rock out of the hole with ease. That’s leverage.

Too often we just tie the rope to the rock and start pulling.

When there are tools standing by that COULD be used to multiply our effort, cut down on costs, and accomplish 2x, 5x, or 20x more than everyone else.

MTTB equips you with an array of tools:

-Done-for-you selling
-Done-for-you products
-Done-for-you customer service
-Done-for-you order fulfillment…

And in 21 steps, MTTB helps you organize all those tools into a nice ‘pulley system.’

Go through the 21 steps, one by one, and you learn how to use these tools to start generating BIG commissions online.

Starting a home business is a big rock to lift.

But you don’t HAVE to tie the rope to the rock and just start pulling.

For $49, and with 21 hours of your time, you can rig up a nice “pulley system” for starting your business.

Get the power of LEVERAGE working for your business by going through these steps:



[DFYE] 11th April 2016 “It Saves Gymnasts’ Lives And Makes YOU More Money”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

It Saves Gymnasts’ Lives And Makes YOU More Money
Sequence Your Moves To Create More Wealth
Avoid Dying, Do Better Tricks, Make More Money

Email Body Copy:

Some gymnastics moves involve flipping(head over heels). Some involve twisting(side to side). Some involve doing both simultaneously.

And when you’re flipping and twisting simultaneously, timing is everything.

If you start twisting too soon, you’ll run into trouble.

If you start twisting too late, you’ll run into trouble.

You have to start twisting at just the right time.

Specifically, you need to FIRST start flipping, and after you’ve rotated for a bit, THEN you start twisting.

When you try to do both things at once, it gets messy real fast.

It messes with the dynamics of the trick, and can lead to either under rotation(landing on your head) or over rotation(landing on your head).

And when you’re 15 feet in the air, coming down towards the ground driven by your bulky, muscular gymnast body, the last thing you want is to land on your head.

That could kill you. Or paralyze you for life.

So you sequence your moves: Step 1: run – Step 2: jump – Step 3: flip – Step 4: twist – etc.

It’s not just a nice thing to do; it could be the difference between life and death—between landing on your feet and landing on your head.

MTTB uses a similar method to simplify the complex process of starting and running a business.

There’s always so much that needs to get done:

-emails that need responding to
-products to be made
-leads to be generated
-ads to be placed
-landing pages to be built
-content to be created

…and it can be overwhelming just looking at it all. Let alone trying to DO it all.

MTTB helps you break down and sequence it all. It makes sure you only have to focus on 1 thing at a time.

Go through the 21 steps 1 at a time, and learn how to start earning an income online.


If you go through the 21 steps and haven’t made a big commission after 30 days… you get 10 TIMES your money back. $500. Just to prove that this thing really works.

This system has generated over $51,000,000 for users.

And YOU can get in on the action.

…as long as you’re willing to go through these 21 steps:



[DFYE] 10th April 2016 “How To Rid Your Life Of The “Ugly Pool Table””

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How To Rid Your Life Of The “Ugly Pool Table”
There’s A Pool Table Wedged Between You And Success
You, The Ugly Pool Table, And Achieving A Much Better Life

Email Body Copy:

Today my local barber taught me a profound lesson that I have to share with you…

“Hey boss,” my barber warmly greeted me. “What will it be today?”

“Give me the usual trim down,” I replied as I reclined in the vintage chair.

It was a day like any other, until I noticed the big empty space in the room.

“What happened to the pool table?”

“Yeah, we got rid of that piece of junk. It was warped real bad.”

While it was still there, anyone could see that the warped pool table looked like a steep slope on
a golf course. This made it near impossible to put the billiard ball in the pocket.

So no one had used the table. For years.

And yet, no one did anything about it.

It just sat there, doing nobody any good. Until, years later, someone finally decided to get rid of

The space looked a lot better for it. It was more functional; it allowed for people to better
navigate the cramped shop.

And this little improvement could (and should) have been made YEARS earlier, but it hadn’t
been. Because no one had bothered to ask the simple question:

“Is this pool table IMPROVING the shop or HURTING it?”

No one had bothered to take action.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people talk about their careers in a similar way.

You choose your path in college. You go at it full steam.

Then, 10 years in, you realize that your job is sucking the life out of you.

It’s a big, ugly pool table that you want to get rid of.

But you don’t know how to get rid of it. You’re scared, because it’s always been there. You don’t
know how things would change if you WERE to get rid of it. You don’t know what you would DO
with all that open space.

With MTTB, you don’t have to quit your job to start finding an alternative.

You can start taking action NOW by going through the 21 steps, and establishing an alternate
income while you still HAVE that ugly pool table in the room.

Each step takes roughly an hour. So with an hour a day, you can complete MTTB in 3 weeks.

If you go through the 21 steps, and haven’t made a big commission in 30 days… you get 10
times your money back($500).

Low-risk. Low-commitment(it’s $49 to sign up).

But with BIG opportunity to make BIG commissions online.

Matt Lloyd(creator of MTTB) has paid out over $50,000,000 in commissions to the people using
this system.

Which is proof that there’s HOPE—hope that you CAN get rid of that ugly pool table.

Get started here:



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