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Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails August 14th – 20th, 2017

[DFYE] 20th August 2017 “$10k paydays, before 2018 hits?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

$10k paydays, before 2018 hits?
Would an extra $10k help before the holidays?

Email Body Copy:

For most? This season, and 2018, will be no different than their last five…

The Steve Miller Band had it right…

“Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’, into the future…”

This year has zoomed by, hasn’t it?!

Before we know it, it’s going to be the holiday season, and that will be quickly followed by the New Year.


How will you arrive?

Feels pretty good to be ahead of the game, right?

Paying bills, weeks before they’re due.
Having a vacation planned and paid for, months in advance.

Being in decent shape before summer time hits, etc. etc….

Most will hit the holiday season, and instead of it being a time a joy? It will be filled with stress, even depression for many, sad to say.

Then they’ll rush off and write down a page full of New Year’s Resolutions…

And will be feeling even worse, as they’ve abandoned most of them within the first week or two.

Again, how will you and I arrive?

How will WE be different?

How would it feel to already be hitting your #1 “resolutions”? The ones that could change your life dramatically for the better?

How would it feel to have your online side business already rolling a few checks up to $10k your way, BEFORE the new year?

Would give you a GREAT start to 2018?

May would help with presents and whatnot between now and December? Maybe even help relieve some of the season’s anxieties and stresses?

The time time start is TODAY.

Tomorrow may only equal more and more stress. Because “tomorrow” can turn into November, December, and then it’s already the new year…

Hope this helps!

===> If You’re Ready To Start Now…



[DFYE] 19th August 2017 “Whittles away COMPLEX? And earns you more…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Whittles away COMPLEX? And earns you more…
Business too “busy”? Try this leverage point…

Email Body Copy:

Wearing all the hats in your business, guessing if it’ll work? Could mean income suicide…

The reason most people would love to own a franchised business – one like McDonald’s – is they are, in essence, getting a business in a box…

There’s nothing left to chance. No question that hasn’t already been considered and remedied.

Everything is broken down so step by step, so paint by numbers, that even a pimply teen still in school can manage a store.

The ONLY reason someone will dish out over $1 million for a franchise over starting their own local mom and pop shop?

Your chances of success is all but guaranteed.
From picking the location, to the marketing and sales, to handling the management and day to day operations…

You’re shown EXACTLY how to take care of it all, in the most efficient way possible.

However, you do not have to invest a hefty $1 million into a franchise to run a franchise-level business!

Here’s the fundamentals you’ll want…

You want a business that works for you, not you working for it. A business that has formulated everything down to a step by step process for you to follow along with.

Which allows you to SIMPLIFY your business and your life.

Whittling away at the complex, and using more “leveraged concepts” to grow your lifestyle business from home.

To me?

A business like this beats the pants off of any traditional franchise. You don’t have employees to hire, fire and manage. No land and property investments are needed. And no huge initial cash outlay.

Yet, you get all the perks, if you set your biz up right.

The time freedom. The income. (and freedom from financial worry) The lifestyle. Living on your terms. (not stuck in a 9-5) Now…

You can get this going on your own.

Or, you can take the easier approach, and leverage a company that has already set all of this up for you!

(That’s the savvy choice I chose.) 😉

Yes, you can even start, right now…

===> YES! I’m ready to run a lean, fun business, where I leverage my efforts and earn up to $10k or more month after month after month…



[DFYE] 18th August 2017 “Bleeding time? Bleeding cash?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Bleeding time? Bleeding cash?
2 tips to eliminate overwhelm and increase profits…

Email Body Copy:

Keep running out of time to build your business? How long should this take to start earning consistent income?

A phrase you may often hear people say in business when they’re spending too much, too fast, without the positive ROI…

…Is that they are BLEEDING MONEY.

Certainly not a good problem to have!

Yet, when you’re starting out?

You’re likely to be faced with a much bigger and pressing problem.


Your time is precious.

Especially is this the case if you’re still working a job. Or desire to run a lifestyle business.

One that doesn’t take up all your time. (We call this being Time Rich.)

Here’s a couple quick things that may help:

If you’re starting a new business on the side, and may have invested in a training to teach you the how-to…

View the starting phase – going through the product – just as you would a New Hire Orientation and Training if you were to be starting an actual new job.

You know there will be a learning curve. A few challenges until you get the hang of things.

You’ll need to complete the training.

But after that initial phase?

You should be in gear and earning money, actually doing the job.

Same thing here…

If you’re stuck in “Orientation” for years?

Something is wrong. Very wrong.

Paychecks should be coming in within 4-8 weeks, MAX.

Online, you’ll have the tools and leverage and training to help you do that. But you may not have a boss telling you that you better figure things out in a few weeks, or you’re done for…

Getting this part though, can save you from bleeding time for years and years!

Next tip is to find the shortest path to steady paydays as possible.

Overwhelm happens when you try to do everything yourself, right from day 1.

Better to get good at just a few simple things, and outsource or leverage out the rest.

Making sense?

There’s several different options out there. Just look for ways to shorten your path to success, and lighten the workload you have on yourself.

Hope this helps.

This is why I work with Matt’s business and team.

He has the products, the staff, the support, the coaches, the shopping carts, the whole enchilada…

And I can simply plug-in and leverage a fully fledged, top of the line business.

Yes, this even means high ticket sales can be coming my way, up to $10k sales, and basically hands off on my part.

You open to joining me today?

===> YES! Show me how to stop bleeding time and start leveraging my way to high ticket and consistent online paydays!



[DFYE] 17th August 2017 “Want the Good Life? Yesterday? Here’s how…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Want the Good Life? Yesterday? Here’s how…
Money won’t make you happy… but it CAN do this…

Email Body Copy:

Having options open? Never hurted anyone…

This sounds simplistic. But one of the fastest ways I know of to improve your life, and live more of the good life?

It’s by starting to do more and more of the things you love doing! Not putting off your happiness till tomorrow, like it’s some bill to pay…

Peering into your day to day life now, is it reflecting back to you a life full of activities you love, or is it packed with mediocrity…

…Full of commitments and “must-dos” that leaves you feeling as if the world is always on your shoulders?

Squeezing in a bit of the Good Life? Some YOU time?

It doesn’t have to be anything grand, right?

Could be…

…Playing a musical instrument.
…Spending time with your kids.

…Cooking gourmet meals at home.
…Traveling to amazing destinations.

…Learning a second language.
…Taking dance lessons.

The great thing is, with new AWARENESS, you can start doing many of these things right away. No charge.

Just extra DEPOSITS of happiness being added into your life, daily.

Having an extra income?

That CAN provide you with more options.
More time to pursue these things. More freedom. More choice.

Less worry and commitment to the activities that doesn’t light you up. Less stress and anxiety over bills and the economy…

Making sense?

But most importantly?

Don’t let others demands, and the average life lived by most, allow you to lose touch with living YOUR full life, one packed with fulfillment.

Align your days with what makes you happy.
That’s not selfish! It’ll enrich the lives of all those around you too…

Because, a rising tide lifts all the boats around it.


Don’t let the minutiae and “busyness” of life hold you down either… Most are too busy running around chaotically, to stop and see where they’re actually heading of to…

Now, if you’d like the additional options having an extra $5k to $10k a month may bring you?

Which can open up the doors to MANY “Lifestyle Friendly” options for you to take advantage of…

===> Check this “lifestyle” focused – simple as 1-2-3 business system out right now…



PS Many live a life of quiet desperation! Don’t go by another day without living a life that you deserve, on your terms! Deal? We know how “waiting till tomorrow” usually plays out, don’t we?

PPS As you follow along inside the members-area and your income starts to go up? Make sure you still stay FOCUSED on the simple things that makes you happy? Otherwise, the money isn’t going to do much more for you. Use it wisely. Don’t forget your WHY…

In your corner.

[DFYE] 16th August 2017 “Bought a course? Never logged-in?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Bought a course? Never logged-in?
He was tired of starting and not finishing…

Email Body Copy:

Too busy, distracted, or overwhelmed do what you really want to, and mean to do?

The further you go deep into a process, activity, or action?

The more and more your income and fulfillment goes up, up, up.

But, there is a barrier you’ll hit first.

There is also a false “sense” of happiness and fulfillment right when you START something…

And that’s where most will give up.

Making sense?

Think back to a time you went running or exercising. Part way through, huffing and puffing, you may have wanted to throw in the towel.

Yet, you keep pushing hard, and you are able to get through it. And, THIS gives you the results and pleasure.


I’m sure this makes sense to you and doesn’t seem like mind-boggling stuff.

However, if something isn’t going right in your online business? Income not where it should be?

Fulfillment isn’t up there?

Feeling stuck or lost?

Think about running…

The PLEASURE and the RESULTS comes when you go all. the. way.

For example…

The Dot Com Lifestyle involves 21 Steps.
You can get logged-in and be going through them all relatively fast, and be started towards getting your first big payday ASAP.

It doesn’t always happen, yet, big income CAN be earned in DAYS…


What do most do?

They may feel good enough, keeping their “dream” alive for another day, just by buying the course, and never even logging-in!

Crazy, right?

Especially considering…

What “piece” of this puzzle will all of the TRUE fulfillment and income earnings come from?

We know, right?

It’s out there in plain sight. Maybe too clear for many to SEE?

Those that pushed through, despite ANY barriers (busy, tired, distracted) and they followed along, to the end of the steps?

All the results and glory was reserved for them. We all can experience this. We just have to start, and keep going.

The reward will come.

And your fulfillment may shoot up thru the roof.

All the best.

===> 21 Step System That Gets Results-Reserved For Those Able To Go All The Way…



[DFYE] 15th August 2017 “Only able to get tiny commissions? Try this…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Only able to get tiny commissions? Try this…
Only hitting singles ($97 and under, sales)? Here’s how to hit a homerun…

Email Body Copy:

If you’re not able to haul in huge, life changing commissions in one swing…

Famous baseball player, Pete Rose, said this:

“Singles hitters drive Fords. Homerun hitters drive Cadillacs.”

Now, if you’ve ever watched a ballgame? You know there’s always a healthy “mix” of hits, right?


How’s this apply to building up a profitable lifestyle based online business?


A common mistake I’m seeing?

Which may be holding many back from $5k, $10k, and $20k plus months online?

They’re running a business that only allows them to hit singles and doubles… Yet, they don’t have any homerun hitters on their team.

They swing and connect to $49 and $97 type “hits” all the time.
Which is good and all, right? 4-5 of those a day, consistently, isn’t too shabby. However, it is not homerun income.

It’s not going to rattle the cages and make the front page news in your Bank Balance?

When the bases are loaded, when life throws you a curveball and you NEED a homerun hit like a crop needs rain…

…Many have capped themselves out! They simply don’t have that option open to them in their business.

How about you?


Swinging for a “base hit” w/NO EXTRA EFFORT on your part… And it turns into a homerun hit that brings you up to a $10,000 payday?
Would that be impactful for your life?
For you family?

What if you had one or two of those a month?

Or a week?

The takeaway in today’s note?

Have a healthy mix of offers in your product lineup… Don’t limit yourself. Don’t sell yourself short with this.

Don’t settle for only low-ticket, base hits.

Make sure you have HOMERUN opportunities coming up to bat as well, deal?

Hope this helps.

And if you don’t have something like this set-up, yet?

And you’re open to discovering how small base hits can turn into big ticket sales for you, then check this out asap…

===> YES! I’m ready to get a healthy mix of consistent sales, commissions from $49 up to $10,000 and up sales!

Just follow the step-by-step, A-B-C plan! You can start getting leads, sales, and can be bringing in your first big payday! Here’s to hitting your first homerun, high-ticket commission!

Rooting for you.



[DFYE] 14th August 2017 “2 STEPS to your first payday…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

2 STEPS to your first payday…
Sales not steady? Talking to wrong group?

Email Body Copy:

If sales aren’t flowing like they should? This is likely the issue to take a look at, asap…

Discovering and utilizing leverage in your business, is “one” of the keys to earning a great income, and having a nice lifestyle with it.

Yet, if you’re wanting consistent DAILY sales…

The ability to work part-time…

And to never have to worry about bills or financial concerns ever again…

There’s something even more important to focus on.

It’s critical.
Crucial even.

Think of it this way…

One of the greatest copywriters of old tells this nicely, as he was teaching a group of students, something he rarely did.

He asked them this:

“If you and I both owned a hamburger stand and we were in a contest to see who could sell the most burgers, what advantages would you most like to have on your side to help you win?”

The answers varied.

Some said they’d have superior meats to craft their burgers. Others said they’d want sesame seed buns.

Others said it would all be about location, location, location. Yet, others said they’d offer the lowest price.

After telling them they could have EVERY SINGLE ADVANTAGE they asked for, if they’d give him just one thing…

…Then he’d whip the pants off all of them!

The one advantage?


Do you see how focusing on this first will make everything else easier? And will make you much more profitable? While making your life much, much easier?

Think about this as you’re building up your online business, whether you’re just now building up to $100 days, or your first 6-figure year.

For example:

If you were selling a weight loss product, which would constitute a starving crowd?

A slightly overweight guy who happily sits on his couch every night, and watches TV while sipping on a Coke and eating cool ranch doritos?

Or, a woman 6 weeks away from her wedding day? She needs to drop 10 pounds to fit into her dress, and look great for all the pictures of the day which will last a lifetime…

To look fit and feel confident on her Honeymoon on the beaches of Cancun?

One example could spare to lose a few pounds.
The other is a starving crowd. She is desperate for results.

If you’re offering an opportunity for someone to add an additional income on the side that could replace their j-o-b?

Which crowd is starving more?

A guy who doesn’t make a lot, but loves his job, loves his life? Happy as a bug in a rug?

Or, a guy with a big income, but he dreads the alarm clock. He’s tired of the daily commute.

He’s sick of suits and meetings and office politics. He’s tired of sacrificing his family for working overtime to please his boss-hole.

One is a starving crowd.
The other, not so much.

It’s all who you talk to, and how you’re speaking to them. Making sense?

Hope this helps!

Step 1 is the Starving Crowd.

Step 2 is the Irresistible Offer.

If you’d like some help with Step 2, go here…

===> YES! Help me with Step 2 to increasing my daily sales and income online, part-time…



PS Ironically enough, once you’ve got step 1 and 2 down pat, you won’t even need to worry much about step 3, which we can call “skills”.

Once you put the perfect offer, in front of the perfect (starving) crowd… Doesn’t matter if you’re a great writer, marketer, “guru”, etc. etc. etc….

After all, it doesn’t take a lot of “skills” to sell a starving person a burger, right?And you’ll feel great, providing something someone really NEEDS and DESIRES.

Clicking on the link and getting started, you’ll learn all of the SIMPLE SKILLS you’ll need…

===> Show me how to begin…

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