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Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails August 23 – 29, 2015

[DFYE] 29th August 2015 “Why I Prefer Ugly Things”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why I Prefer Ugly Things
Which Do You Think Is More Important?
How MTTB is Like a Pair of Crocs

Email Body Copy:

I hate it when something is incredibly functional, but incredibly ugly.

Like Crocs.

Have you ever worn Crocs? They’re so nice. You can run, walk, hike, get wet, go to the beach, trek the desert, mountain climb, and just about do anything in crocs.

Maybe you haven’t worn crocs.

And if you haven’t, it’s probably because they’re butt ugly. I get it. When you wear them, it looks like you have colored, plastic cheese on your feet.


They’re so functional.

Which puts me in a hard spot. Do I care more about functionality? Or aesthetics?

One thing’s for sure.

MTTB is functional.

A lot of things are designed to look good. They come out of the question: “how can we make this thing look great? So that people will want to buy it?” Functionality is an afterthought.

MTTB takes a different approach. It first focuses on functionality, and only then worries about all the rest later on.

The best thing about it is that it works.

Don’t believe me? Listen to the guy who made $3 million with the system:

Skip to 1:40. When asked why he’s been so successful, Darren says that the foremost reason is the system:

“We’ve been a part of other systems in the past. Some work, some don’t work. This one absolutely, 100% works, and our results speak for themselves.”

In other words, MTTB is functional.

So do you care more about functionality or aesthetics?

…about what works, or what looks good?

If you care about what works, start here:



[DFYE] 28th August 2015 “Why You Shouldn’t Innovate”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why You Shouldn’t Innovate
How To Achieve Juggernaut Status In Your Online Business
Why You Should Use Canned Creativity

Email Body Copy:

Back in the 1980’s, Coca-Cola was losing market share to Pepsi.

It looked like Pepsi would soon become the leader in the soft drink industry. Executives at Coca-Cola were worried.

In April of 1985, Coca-Cola launched a new drink: “New Coke”—which had a completely ‘new’ formula.

The reasoning? Pepsi was selling better. So make a new product. A better product; one that could outsell Pepsi.

Reasonable enough. But…

Everyone hated the “New Coke.” No one wanted to buy it. People started trying to get the ‘old Coke’ from overseas where it was still being produced.

In short, New Coke was a disaster. Within three months, Coca-Cola reintroduced the old formula under the name “Coca-Cola Classic,” which then started outselling both New Coke and Pepsi by a lot.

The moral?

Formulas work.

You can try to be creative. You can try and do something totally new, or to innovate.

But at the end of the day, nothing can beat a great formula.

They’re like juggernauts. Unstoppable.

Or like ‘canned creativity’—creativity that’s been tested, refined, distilled, and stored… waiting to be unleashed at a later date.

Matt Lloyd has spent a lot of time honing his formula for earning big commissions.

Experience, trial-and-error, observation, input from the outside… it’s all gone into the creation of MTTB, a 21-step formula for systematically earning big commissions($1200, $3300, $5500).

This single, simple formula is the driving force behind Matt’s company, one of the fastest growing in the industry. It’s a 10-figures-yearly business with more than 10,000 active partners. And growing.

But all the flashiness and success and big numbers… they stem from one simple thing:

The formula.

Want access to it?

It’s $49 to sign up for MTTB.

Start here:



[DFYE] 27th August 2015 “What Are You Great At?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

What Are You Great At?
The Problem With Being Well-Rounded
Do What You’re Great At And Ditch The Rest

Email Body Copy:

Years ago, I was in a lecture.

Personal success. That was the topic.

One the things the speaker said was that you need to pinpoint your weaknesses and then work on fixing them. So that you can become “well-rounded.”

I started to wonder:

“Should that really be my approach to personal growth?”

Now, there’s something to the whole “work on your weaknesses” idea.

Some things you need to fix.

But on the whole…

Focusing on your weaknesses is a waste of time. And energy. And opportunity. And happiness.

A better way: forget your weaknesses. Do what you’re great at. Find other people to do what you’re weak at.

We try so much to achieve “balance.” What we really need is more imbalance. To focus on the few things we do great… and let the rest fall by the wayside.

Scientists at Gallup did lots of research on this. Their conclusion: the most effective leaders focus on developing strengths instead of fixing weaknesses (in themselves and in others).

Playing to your strengths…

MTTB allows you to do that.

It gives you the freedom to focus on what you’re good at.

Maybe you’re not the greatest salesperson in the world. MTTB backs you with an experienced salesforce. They do the selling, and you still make big commissions ($1200, $3300, $5500). Playing to strengths.

And if you are a sales guy or gal, you also have the option of doing your own sales and doubling your commissions.

Maybe you’re not a customer service rep. MTTB does it for you.

All the perks of running your own business, but without the hassle of having to do all those things you were never were good at.

And if you can’t use any of your strengths in MTTB…

…and you follow the steps…

…and you don’t make a commission in 30 days…

You get 10 times your money back.

It’s $49 to sign up for MTTB.

Stop trying to fix your weaknesses. What are you great at?

Use it to make big commissions with MTTB.

Get started here:



[DFYE] 26th August 2015 “The Biggest Waste Of Time In History.”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The Biggest Waste Of Time In History.
The Internet, Cats, and Your Wallet
Why You Need To Stop Watching Cats On The Internet.

Email Body Copy:

Have you ever been so bored at work that you turn to the Internet for entertainment? If you have, you have probably run across cats doing crazy things.

Cats destroying cities. Cats shooting lasers out of their eyes. Cats in space. There are more cat videos on the internet than you can imagine.

Do you see the irony?

While you are at work, where you are supposed to be making money, you use one of the greatest inventions of all time, the internet, to watch cats fly on magic carpets.

And don’t make any money.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. This month a festival in Minnesota that was solely based on watching cat videos drew in 13,000 people.

Matt Lloyd has a way for you to leave behind your job that bores you so much that you rather watch cats play the piano and use the Internet to make thousands every week.

Matt’s system is called MTTB and it is simple.

Long Payment Processing? Never. Long phone calls with customers? Nope. Matt and his team will close all sales for you.

The only phone calls you will be making will be with the mentor who Matt will set you up with to train you to master MTTB.

Which will only take you 30 minutes a day.

Then you can start using the Internet to make serious money. With MTTB can make paychecks every week that you never dreamed of making at your old job. And that money is not going to your company or your boss. It’s going straight into your pocket.

Not convinced that this is a goldmine waiting to be tapped?

If you don’t make a commission within 30 days of finishing your training, you will get a check from Matt for $500! That’s 10 times the $49 you pay to join MTTB!

And when you join you will have the opportunity to quit wasting your time at a boring job. Because once you start making thousands every week, working for MTTB is going to be the most exciting thing you have ever done. If you are ready to quit wasting your time and the potential power of the Internet, click below.



[DFYE] 25th August 2015 “What Disney, Jobs, And Pixar All Do Differently”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

What Disney, Jobs, And Pixar All Do Differently
330 Million Reasons To Try Something New
How To Quit Clinging And Start Earning

Email Body Copy:

“No one- not Walt (Disney), not Steve (Jobs), not the people of Pixar-ever achieved creative success by simply clinging to what used to work.”

That’s founder of Pixar, Ed Catmull, on trying new things.

In his book, Creativity Inc., Catmull talks about how important trying new things, even if it is uncomfortable, is.

He might be on to something. Pixar’s most recent film, Inside Out, has made over $330 million and counting.

What he is saying is that if you want to leave behind your desk job, if you want to make thousands of dollars every week, if you want to quit living paycheck to paycheck, you have to be willing to try something new.

And Matt Lloyd has a system that will let you do all that and more! It’s called MTTB.

Matt’s system is simple. Matt shows you how drive traffic with ads you place on websites. Then Matt’s system takes over and does the rest…and you receive the sales commissions.

That’s it.

Forget about dealing with cranky customers or spending hours on the phone. Forget about closing sales. Forget about waiting for payment processing.

As a member of MTTB you will never spend hours on the phone with customers or closing sales. Matt’s in house sales team will close all deals for you. And there is no payment processing.

Matt will even set you up with a mentor who will teach you the MTTB system until you master it. A process that takes only 30 minutes a day!

Once you master the system, you will be set to make serious money.

If you are still clinging to what used to work, your old job, because you are afraid of losing money, it’s ok.

There has never been a better opportunity to make money in a new way. You can’t lose money. And you have the opportunity to make a fortune. If you are ready to join, click below.



[DFYE] 24th August 2015 “What You And The Navy Seals Have In Common.”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

What You And The Navy Seals Have In Common.
How To Make Everyday Easier
How You Can Outsmart The Navy SEALS

Email Body Copy:

What if a simple philosophy allowed you to make thousands of dollars every week? If a short saying let you quit making money for your boss and start sending lots of money straight into your pocket? The Navy SEAL’s have exactly that.

The SEALS have a motto that describes their grit and determination. In fact, it’s not a saying. They call it a philosophy.

It’s, The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.

Isn’t that true for you too?

Everyday you work a job that overworks you and underpays. Then the days you aren’t working are spent running errands and doing things that you don’t have time for while you are working. That’s if nothing goes wrong, and we all know, something always goes wrong.

Truly, The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.

Depressing? Yes. Avoidable? Yes.

Matt Lloyd created a system that will help make every day easier! It’s called MTTB

Matt’s system is simple. You place ads that Matt will send you and receive the sales commissions.

You will never deal with difficult customers, long phone calls, or payment processing. All you do is place the ads and get paid.

Matt’s system is so simple that it will only take you 30 minutes a day to master. And you won’t be working alone. Matt will set you up with a mentor who will teach to the ins and outs of the MTTB system.

Matt’s system works too.

Matt used the MTTB system to earn himself $51,373,00 over 5 years! And he has sent out over $25 million to people jus like you!

This is not a system that will lose your hard earned money. In fact, if you don’t make a commission within 30 days of completing your training you will get a check for $500!

That’s ten times the $49 you pay to join!

You can’t lose money if you work the MTTB system. You will only make money that can be used to make each day a little easier. This is your chance to leave behind a life where, The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday. If you are ready, click below.



[DFYE] 23rd August 2015 “Why You Badly Need A Good Education”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why You Badly Need A Good Education
Who Is Your Teacher?
Why Education Is Unstoppable

Email Body Copy:

“Everyone gets an education. The only question is whether it’s a good one or a bad one.”

…words from Dallas Willard, a late professor who used to teach at USC.

Very insightful.

Here’s what Dallas was getting at:

Everyone is always learning. It’s never a question of whether we’re learning. It’s always a question of what we’re learning.

Just because we’re learning doesn’t mean that we’re learning good things.

Just because we’re getting an education doesn’t mean we’re getting a good education.

In fact, if we’re not intentional about it, we’re probably getting a bad education.

And that applies to inernet marketing.

Even if no one is officially teaching you… even if you’re “just doing it,” or “figuring it out on your own”… you’re getting an education.

The difference between winners and losers in the industry is that winners try to get a good education. They look in the right places for their information.

So who are you learning from?

Discussion forums? Scattered articles on the internet? Some self-proclaimed “guru” who knows all those “ninja” secrets about internet marketing?

Remember, you are getting an education.

…but it might not be a good one.

MTTB makes sure you get a good education. Here’s how:

(1) You’re assigned a personal, experienced coach. Someone making at least 6 figures in the industry. Needless to say, your coach is qualified to teach.

(2) You go through a 21-step learning system. Matt Lloyd, creator of MTTB (and head of one of the fastest growing companies in the home-business niche) teaches you how to start a home-business in the industry. Also a qualified teacher.

It’s $49 to sign up.

And if you don’t make a commission in 30 days, Matt will pay you 10 times your money back.

In other words, Matt has a really good incentive to give you a good education.

But maybe you’re happy with all those “gurus” and articles and ebooks full of amazing “secrets”…

If you are happy with all that stuff, don’t bother with MTTB.

MTTB is for people who want a good education.

If that’s you, get started here:



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