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Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails August 7th – 13th, 2017

[DFYE] 13th August 2017 “Is MORE information the answer?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Is MORE information the answer?
Stuck at the “know-how” phase of biz?

Email Body Copy:

Know what you need to do? Just need that “one more thing” to actually do it? Try this…

Derek Sivers, an author and entrepreneur that sold his company, CD Baby for $22 million and then gave away all the proceeds to charity, dishes out this sage advice:

“If more information was the answer, then we would all be billionaires with perfect abs.”
The cure-all?

It’s not what you know, it’s what you DO consistently.

Knowledge is good. In fact, Derek himself is a voracious reader and puts out reviews on what he reads. But where the “results” happen is AFTER the knowledge.

At the DOING piece of the puzzle.

Some get their fulfillment in reading. Learning.
That’s false fulfillment! What did that information “really” DO for you?

Again, as Derek says, it’s what you do consistently that matters.
Then, your successes and actions start piling on top of each other, and you’re unstoppable.

Notice these “doing” contrasts:

Empowering: What I LIVE.
Disempowering: What I know.

Empowering: Choose to.
Disempowering: Want to.

Empowering: Creating.
Disempowering: Waiting.

Empowering: Project.
Disempowering: Dream.

Empowering: Must.
Disempowering: Should.

Powerful things to ponder on for a minute or three to see what state of mind and life we’re living in, right?

Everything we want is always right on the other side of just doing it.

Hope this helps.



PS If you’ve been on the fence about building your side-business (DOING IT), then there’s no better time than right now to begin…

===> YES! I’m ready to do this… I see that residual income is a direct result of APPLYING this program into my life…

===> Yes. I’m in.

[DFYE] 12th August 2017 “Overwhelmed? Stuck on the same to-dos?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Overwhelmed? Stuck on the same to-dos?
Laptop Lifestyle vs. Job

Email Body Copy:

If you’re business isn’t growing fast enough?
His spouse was telling him to call it quits…

I know of a guy that was stuck at making $4,000 per month in his business. That wasn’t enough for what he and his family needed to get by.

In fact, he was miserable. He couldn’t afford things he wanted. And his wife was getting fed up, urging him to go out and get a “real job”.

Nothing hurts more than when your spouse starts doubting you. Mocking you.
Threatening to chunk your computer out the window…

Shoulders slumped, in tears, he knew he couldn’t blame her. Not one bit.

After this “conversation” things quickly changed. He made some investments in himself and his business.

More than he could rightly afford.

He said the coaching and the “tactics” helped him for sure, but what really made things start clicking into place?

These large investments he made, and the support he was getting, made him UPGRADE his COMMITMENTS to match his upgraded investment in himself.

Interesting, right?

He stopped dabbling.
He stopped spraying.

He got committed to his tasks and his big WHY he was doing this in the first place.


Most are frustrated, tired, overwhelmed… not by having too much to do, but by tackling the same problem over and over and over again.

Making sense?

e.g. Setting up a landing page to collect leads can be done in an hour or two, for a beginner.

You can set up a FB Ad with a $5-$10 a day budget to send targeted traffic to your page, in less than an hour.

But coming at that SAME task over and over again, and not ever actually doing it? That’s when “Heartbreak Hotel” starts playing…

The task gets amplified.

It gets bigger and bigger than it really is.
Which is just a simple task to figure out and get done in one evening.

But get committed to the TASK at hand…

And that’s when things start to change.

And after he got committed?

Within 9 months, he was making over $40k per month.
From $4k to $40K. And his earnings have only skyrocketed since then.

You can do the same.
Starting from wherever you’re at.

If others can do it, know that you can too.

Just focus on the task. at. hand.
And let commitment drive you.

If you don’t have something solid, and you need a system to help you get there, check this out…

===> Yes. Gimme a system I can start with right away and earn up to 6-figures over the next 6-12 months…



PS If you can bring an “ounce” of commitment with you, this system will give you everything else you need to get up to $10,000 months.
Not sure how long this will be open? But right now, you’re getting a coach that will be there whenever you need them. Really successful and friendly coaches that know the ins and outs of this system and business model.

That one-on-one support will prove to be priceless for you as you’re starting these simple steps to getting your first payday with this…

===> Yes. I’m in.

[DFYE] 11th August 2017 “Knowing your “WHY” to live your dream life…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Knowing your “WHY” to live your dream life…
Laptop Lifestyle vs. Job

Email Body Copy:

Without keeping this clear in mind, you’re ideal lifestyle may escape your reach…

There’s a huge difference between having a Kitchen Table or Laptop Lifestyle business…

…And just running an internet business.

Sounds like virtually the same thing, but the impact here is massive.

To distinguish the two, and to make sure you’re on the right path, the greatest tool you may have is to discover your WHY.

And to reexamine that WHY, many times every day.

Your “why” will then act like windshield wipers that keeps you focused, and makes sure you’re clearly travelling on the right road you want to be driving on.

Here’s what I mean…

WHY do you want to build a side-business online?

To work less? Travel more? Work from home? Earn passive income? Have plenty of time for your friends and family?

To be able to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection? To live life on your terms?

These all really fit into a kitchen table/laptop lifestyle type of business. So you would want to design your business AROUND your WHY.

(And I’d go into deep detail here. e.g.Not, travel more. But, live in Paris Oct. thru Dec. And live in Costa Rica on the beach in the Summer. Or, to take my kid to the park every afternoon. Whatever it is for you. Know your why, in detail. )

The warning here is thinking “online business” fits into this category. This can be true, but ONLY if you design it that way!

You really want to make decisions that keeps your business lean, and your lifestyle free.

Otherwise, this business can easily keep you busy enough with all the newest trends, and updates, and work you can always take with you, where you’re working 8,10, 12 plus hours a day!

I love, love, love this business. Just make sure you keep your “why” bright and clear, and that you keep this business lean, simple, and profitable, all without risking your freedom and lifestyle…

Hope this helps!

Not sure where you’re at right now? But I love the freedom The Dot Com Lifestyle brings me.

As soon as you’ve started, you’re able to leverage other people’s efforts. You focus on a few small but rewarding tasks each day, and this can land you up to $1,250, $3,300, and $5,500 sales!

I don’t know of a better way right now to reach the Kitchen Table/ Laptop Lifestyle than by using this step-by-step system that people from all walks of life are succeeding with, left and right…

===> YES! I’m ready to live the Laptop Lifestyle!



PS Feel free to check out some of the Case Studies on the page before you get started. You’ll be able to meet and get training from many of these fine folks inside our private FB Support Group and inside your members-area. 🙂

[DFYE] 10th August 2017 “Was setting himself up for failure, until this…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Was setting himself up for failure, until this…
Tiny “to-dos” rolls in BIG SALES?

Email Body Copy:

Tiny hinges move large doors! Why small results matter, more than you may know…

Imagine every single meal you’ve ever had, you’ve expected it to be the BEST meal you will have ever have.

Think that might set yourself up for letdown?

And, isn’t it nice to have a meal with modest expectations, and then to be very pleasantly surprised when it is world class?

Those pleasant little surprises makes life great, don’t they?

Here’s what I’m getting at in today’s note…

It’s easy to get into a business, and expect the highest expectations and hopes, right from day one.

*Expecting a FB ad on day one to bring you a flood of sales.

*Wanting your video to go viral and bring in 7,431,67 views within days. Making you an instant web celebrity.

*To send out an email and get 1 out of every 2 people to buy from your list of 1,000s.

True, these things CAN happen.

But my advice?

Lower Your Standards.

Run an ad and be happy with your first sale.
Be content with the 50 new leads it’s given you to build a relationship with.

Be thrilled 17 people watched your new YouTube video in its first week up.

This helps you avoid letdown, work in REALITY, and it allows you to grin ear to ear when the Big Results DO come swinging your way.

And they will, if you stay charted on course.

In your corner.



PS Ironically enough, the 21-step system that you likely know I run my business from? It is BUILT to where all you focus on is hitting these base hits, over trying to swing for the bleachers.
Little steady hits turns into big commissions over here. Makes things much easier to run…

===> YES! Gimme the system that allows me to take small daily actions that leads into big ticket sales up to $1,250, $3,300, and $5,500!

[DFYE] 9th August 2017 “Lacking support? Got critics and naysayers?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Lacking support? Got critics and naysayers?
Critics and Naysayers bringing you down?

Email Body Copy:

Cutting remarks? Statements of doubt over what you’re doing? Here’s what to do next…

Ever tried to break out of the mold, and are met by a few naysayers and critics?

You’re not alone.
You’re definitely, not alone.

We’re different you and I.
But I say that’s a good thing.

You agree?

Don’t let them get to you.

Here’s two things that can help…

#1: Learn to ignore them. Like fans rooting for the “other team,” you don’t mind them no big importance.

Their criticisms, doubts, critiques, that’s THEIR problem, not yours.

A reflection of THEIR life and doubts, not yours.

#2: Get support from others doing what you’re doing. There are plenty of folks that DO believe in what you are doing.

Surround yourself with these fine people. Listen to what they have to say.

And most importantly? It’s what you’re saying to yourself. I hope you believe in YOU.

You need to be your biggest fan and believer in this. Can’t ride on someone else’s belief coattails.

See the amazing potential just within your reach.

Know that I’m in your corner too!

Now, there’s lots of places to get the support you may need.

One thing I love about the team I work with is the support and encouragement and “live feedback” needed to grow our businesses…

…Right when we need it! Because, you’ll be added as a member of our private FB Group as soon as you’re started with us.

It’s an invaluable resource.
And a place of amazing support.

===> Show me how to get the support I need to live my ideal lifestyle and quit my 9-5 for good.



PS Nothing shuts up the naysayers more than seeing your lifestyle change, and seeing your income exploding up… right in front of their own two eyes. You ready for that?

[DFYE] 8th August 2017 “Buying leads? Not getting sales?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Buying leads? Not getting sales?
Traffic not generating SALES?

Email Body Copy:

Could you be giving up 3’ before the gold?


Depending on how far you can see with your “conversion glasses” on, will determine exactly how much you can earn!

For example…

Let’s say you’re just getting started in business, and you spend $200 your first month on online advertising.

After a week, none of your leads have turned into sales.


After a month, you got one sale for $49.
You chalk it up to a bad batch of leads and get discouraged and look for the next opportunity out there.

This causes you to stop emailing, to stop following up, to stop adding value to these people. It also causes you to stop investing in more advertising.

Your conversion glasses were only allowing you to see very short-sighted in the sales process.

Because… if you’d continued on without let up, what if one of these leads ended up investing over $10,000 from you?

Happens every. single. day.

Take the long road to sales.
Let your conversion glasses allow you to see past the first month or three…

You’ll thank me later if you do this.

It’s just like dieting. You can’t expect to lose 50lbs. after a week of doing things right.

The results aren’t immediately “visible.”

Yet, if you keep at it?

Pretty soon, you’ll start to see tangible, visible rewards for your continuous efforts.

True, it’s harder to make this work if the ECONOMICS of your business is all screwed up.

Trying to make a 6-figure plus income online by ONLY selling low-ticket services?

That’s as hard as trying to lose a ton of weight by only cutting 10 calories a day…

That’s why you need the ability to bring in a variety of sales… low, to mid, to high-ticket commissions.

Not sure if you have that set up already?
Where you can earn up to $10,000 per sale?

If not, I’d love for you to check this out:

===> YES! I’m ready for high ticket commissions by focusing on these simple daily steps…

You’ll follow a simple lead gen process, and as you just keep at it, you may see high ticket sales rolling your way very, very soon.

How soon from now would you like to see Matt pinging you and telling you that you just got your first big ticket commission?

Your first of many?

All the best.



[DFYE] 7th August 2017 “The KEY skill to being your own boss…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The KEY skill to being your own boss…
TIPS: Escaping the j-o-b

Email Body Copy:

You don’t want to replace a job with just another job…

Transitioning from a j-o-b into doing your own thing can be very exciting.

You can save a lot of hours in your days without a work commute. No more alarm clocks!

No more dealing with boss-holes and working around employees you don’t like.

No more unfulfilling work.
Make more income.

The list goes on and on…

However, you don’t want to pigeon hole yourself into another job! Some go into doing their own thing, while holding on to the employee mindset…

And you must free yourself from that.

The key thing is just having a simple daily routine, and sticking to it religiously.

Remember this:

Structure equals Freedom.

That’s the #1 thing I can tell you!

Many who have zero structure in their days end up goofing off, or getting their 2-3 hours worth of work done, all. day. long.

Maybe they need to send an email out. Or put an ad up. Yet they waited till the last minute, when they could have had it all done before noon…

…Now it’s after dinner time. And instead of sipping on a glass of wine with friends, you are stressing over getting your work done.

Making sense?

Having a business like this is exciting, lucrative and very FREEING… Yet, it requires a bit of smarts and good planning to be your own BOSS.

AKA: To be free? Structure your days .

Get what you need done at a specific time, and you can spend the rest of the day with your family, pursuing hobbies, reading, traveling, whatever you want.

Hope this helps.

Not only does structure help…

So does having a “step-by-step” plan like this to implement. By building an hour or two a day to focus on this, you may have a 6-figure business on your hands, relatively fast!

===> YES! I’m ready to spend a focused few hours a day on this to build up to a 6-figure business!



PS Don’t forget to check out the guarantee.

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