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Tuesday Mar 20, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails Dec 11 – 18, 2016

[DFYE] 18th December 2016 “History lesson on America’s patron saint of book reading”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

History lesson on America’s patron saint of book reading
Why reading is for slaves
One reason you’re reading way more than you need to

Email Body Copy:

Frederick Douglass is America’s “patron saint” of being a book-reading bad-ass.

Now, I’m not an F-Dougie hater… but I think we take his example too seriously.

Douglass was an American slave. As the story goes, he and his fellow slaves were not allowed to learn how to read. So, what did he go ahead and do?

He learned to read.

In his reading, his soul was pricked by this idea of “freedom” that he just couldn’t shake. And so he dedicated himself to the education and empowerment of his fellow slaves, and he staged an escape in the process.

Because he found his freedom, we know his story.

And we’ve been seeking empowerment through education ever since.

But you’re not Frederick Douglass.

You can read for yourself, and no one’s telling you what to do.

At least, no one with any power.

So, stop reading “empowerment” books, get off your butt, and make the change you know you want to make.

You could keep with the sheep and read another this-is-how-life-works book.

Or you could hop on board with us and make commissions in the $1000s, $3000s, $5000s, or more.

We don’t give you books to read.

We build your business with you step-by-step.

Do F-Dougie proud and click here.



[DFYE] 17th December 2016 “I feel like freaking King Arthur!”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

I feel like freaking King Arthur!
Mashed potatoes
8 reasons you should invite me over for dinner

Email Body Copy:

During the holidays, a terribly glorious thing happens to food.

By this cosmic mystery, I find myself in front of rich, hearty, sumptuous meals that look like medieval feasts.

(aka, “I feel like freaking King Arthur!”)

If nowhere else in the world, around this table there is no distinction between young and old, between man and woman, between gourmet chef and… well… me. In this mystery, all are equally rich.

And this mystery is:

The Potluck Dinner.

In front of me are smoked and fried turkey, bacon mashed potatoes, homemade walnut sourdough bread, and wild fruit pies with scorched and candied toppings.

At potluck dinner, you can bring a pack of napkins, and it’s everyone else’s job to take care of feeding you like a king.

MTTB is the potluck version of a business.

You bring $49 and a determined attitude…

And we’ll bring the web design, tech support, sales funnel, lead development, marketing funnel, sales team, order fulfillment, and customer service.

(Mm. Those sound like 8 good reasons to have us over for dinner.)

Or you could go back to eating that cold ham sandwich it looks like you’ve got.




[DFYE] 16th December 2016 “Three tricks to identify a grubby guru”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Three tricks to identify a grubby guru
Three ways to sniff out a scam
My pinky promise

Email Body Copy:

I just got another desperate email from a self-help guy who wants me to buy his book for insecure men (or women) and start a book club with other insecure men who will buy his book.

The Internet is full of grubby gurus looking to use people like you to make an extra buck.

But you knew that; I didn’t need to tell you.

What I would like to share with you is this: a three-question test to help you think for yourself about these Internet offers:

– Does it cost something?

Real opportunities with real value will cost SOMETHING to get started.

If they lead with a “free trial,” they usually want you to forget to cancel your payment. If it’s $5 or something, it’s because they know their product is not worth your time, and they’ve got to catch you before you figure them out.

– Does it work?

I’m talking quantifiable results. Real numbers. Any Joe-Schmo can pull phony “success stories” out of his butt and make his poker buddies read them into a camcorder.

MTTB is no feel good opportunity, it’s a results machine. You put in the work like the rest of us, you’ll get the results like the rest of us. Pinky promise.

– Does time equal money?

It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been doing business. It only matters how successful they’ve been in creating value and paying commissions in the time they’ve existed.

MTTB has paid out well over $20,000,000 in commissions since 2008.

Well, that’s the test. How did we do?

Click here to investigate for yourself.



[DFYE] 15th December 2016 “Is your boss a Wonderful Wizard or a Wicked Witch?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Is your boss a Wonderful Wizard or a Wicked Witch?
There’s no place like home…
This is my #1 beef with bad bosses

Email Body Copy:

Why do I pick on stupid gurus and bad bosses? I’m sure some of them are great guys and gals, maybe very encouraging people, but they still don’t deserve your business.

It’s like the not-so-wonderful Wizard of Oz says when he’s exposed as a phony at the end of that movie… The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

After Dorothy and her friends finish their trippy trip to the Celestial City, and the wizard wasn’t actually able to help Dorothy get home, he says in his defense:

“I’m not a bad man, I’m just a bad wizard.”

Or my translation: “I’m a nice guy, but I can’t do my job.”

Good bosses give their employees inspiring work with clear expectations, room for creativity, and compensation that matches their efforts.

Most people are going to have a boss for most of their life, but they usually settle for bad bosses.

I’m not a “wizard,” but I’m a good boss.

And I’ll do for you what good bosses are supposed to do: Get you good work and good pay.

Click here to take me up on my offer.



[DFYE] 14th December 2016 “What does passive income even mean?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

What does passive income even mean?
My story about passive income
Making money is like checking Facebook

Email Body Copy:

When I woke up and checked my phone this morning, I had nine new “likes” and 14 “comments” on a picture I posted in 2008.

I sat up and said out loud, “What in the what?”

(While inside I said, “Coffee. Coffee will make sense of all confusion.”)

But I read further, and it turns out, it was one of those “This Day In History” posts that an old friend of mine thought was worth sharing.

She had shared the photo and started a conversation on it, and a bunch of her friends who hadn’t seen the photo before freaked out and started inadvertently spamming me with all their comments.

This has been my experience of my passive income stream.

After you set a few things in motion, this wicked combination of the Internet, crazy humans, and a time-tested, like-clockwork marketing strategy takes things into its own hands

Imagine checking your Facebook and being notified of direct deposits to your bank account to the tune of $1000, $3000, or $5000.

Click here to learn more.



[DFYE] 13th December 2016 “How to avoid adminis-train-wrecks”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How to avoid adminis-train-wrecks
If administrative nightmares give YOU nightmares, don’t read this…
If cringe-worthy office stories make you sick, delete this email

Email Body Copy:

If administrative train wrecks make you nauseous, don’t read any further. Everything you’re about to read is 100% true. Names have not been changed, and no one’s identity is protected.

(Wait. Adminis-train-wreck? Nah, forget it.)

So, last week, I was sitting in a chair at my buddy’s office, waiting to drive him home from work.

Paul walks over to the front desk and asks Micah to pick up bulletins from the print shop.

15 minutes later, Micah comes back from the shop looking like he’s seen a ghost.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“They didn’t have the bulletins. They said someone else already grabbed them, but their system didn’t say who or when. Paul’s not in his office, and he isn’t answering his phone. What do I do?”

Micah proceeds to send an emergency email to Charlotte and Ellie, telling them to come back in ASAP.

Both show up, flustered, but Micah had already run out to do another errand.

“Are you Charlotte and Ellie?” I asked.

They were, and so I told them that Micah was looking for the bulletins, at which announcement Charlotte rolled her eyes and stormed out, and Ellie said she had already picked them up and put them in Paul’s desk.

When Micah finally made it back, I was able to share the good news with him.

Does this story sound familiar?

Never again.

Click here, and let our battle-tested, weather-worn team do all your admin work for you.


[DFYE] 12th December 2016 “Coffee shops are blowing up – what are you gonna do about it?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Coffee shops are blowing up – what are you gonna do about it?
The pursuit of frappe-ness
How to start a successful coffee shop

Email Body Copy:

End-of-year industry reports are pointing two major trends that are shocking the traditional business world.

Self-employed business ownership is sky-rocketing (big surprise…)

And unprecedentedly successful coffee shops are popping up like wildflowers.

Which is funny.

You’d think that every livin’-with-my-mom, working-on-my-new-EP millennial was trying to start a coffee shop.

But it makes total sense:

2016 has seen two species of entrepreneurs: those who start coffee shops (and make a little bit of money) and those who work in them (and make a lot more money).

Hop on board, my Frappe-friend, because this is where work is headed.

If you want to start a coffee shop, click here.

If you want a better job, click below.



[DFYE] 11th December 2016 “Here’s PROOF”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Here’s PROOF
This is the number one way to ask for someone’s trust
THIS is how you earn trust

Email Body Copy:

As Stephen Covey pointed out in his book, The Speed of Trust, the world moves “at the speed of trust.”

(You can learn the main point of most business books by reading the book or chapter titles. The rest is just footnotes, stories, and research.)

So I’m not going to waste both of our time asking for your trust without doing what I can to deserve it.

And I’m not going to ask for a several-hundred-dollar “Trust me, baby!” investment.

The best way I can prove to you that MTTB works is by letting you watch it work for yourself.

So here’s my deal:

Trust me with $49. Work the 21 steps.

If you don’t receive a commission in your first 30 days, I’ll tack on an extra zero and give you $500 back. (No, that was not a typo.)

You can read all the success stories you want on our website, but I want you to see the proof yourself.



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