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Wednesday Mar 21, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails Dec 05 – 10, 2016

[DFYE] 10th December 2016 “Is your career like a penny?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Is your career like a penny?
You’ll never see Abraham Lincoln the same way again
Would people pass up your career?

Email Body Copy:

Two economists are walking down the street. They see a $1 bill and one of them says, “Is that a $1 bill?” The other says, “If it was someone would’ve picked it up by now.”

They keep walking.

They walk past 100 pennies laying on the ground. One of them says, “Is that 100 pennies on the ground?” The other says, “Probably, because if they were anything else someone would’ve picked them up by now.”

Pennies are worthless.

Actually, they’re worse than worthless.

It costs the U.S. government 1.8 cents to make a 1 cent penny. But we still make 4 billion pennies every year.

And if that wasn’t dumb enough, have you ever seen any machines that actually takes pennies as payment?

If you’re lucky a vending machine will take dimes or nickels, but there are no coin operated machines that take pennies as payment.

So they cost more to make than they’re worth and you can’t use them for anything.

So why do we still make pennies?

Who knows? Because it’s what we’ve always done?

Whatever reason, we’re losing money.

So, how many things in your life are you doing just because you’ve always done them?

How many of those things are keeping you from making more money…aka “losing you money”?

Stop making pennies.

Start cranking out big cash instead.

Here’s how…



[DFYE] 9th December 2016 “Foolproof method for achieving your goals”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Foolproof method for achieving your goals
Foolproof method for failing every one of your goals
What idiots call success

Email Body Copy:

We all know how weekends work.

It starts with: “I’m gonna wash the car, take care of the yard, patch up the side fence, and fix that one funky outlet. Then I’ll turn catch the second half of the game.”

And then goes: “Well, I’ll kinda spray the car with the hose, mow the lawn, and then… screw the fence, the game’s on in a half hour.”

And eventually becomes: “Game’s on in a half hour. Better go pick up some beer!”

This is a classic strategy:

How do you get closer to reaching your goals?

Give up on the big ones and find smaller ones.

Between you and me, there are thousands upon thousands of people in your shoes too shy to embrace their passions and work toward their goals.

Honestly, it makes me sad.

They’re giving up on dreams they can’t afford to give up on.

MTTB takes you and your dreams seriously, maybe more seriously than you do.

If you’re one of those old-fashioned folks who believes that the best way to treat a goal is to go out and get it (or even aspires to be one), click below…



[DFYE] 8th December 2016 “Henry’s dad rented a bounce house.”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Henry’s dad rented a bounce house.
The most insulting gift… I’ll bet you’ve given it at least once
Sometimes I feel bad writing you so many emails

Email Body Copy:

Henry’s dad rented a bounce house.

I didn’t know Henry, but my mind was hell-bent on getting an invitation to his 8th birthday party.

So… I got myself invited. Now I needed to buy him a present.

Problem was, I didn’t know a thing about Harry, except that his dad rented him a bounce house for his birthday party.

So I did what everybody in that situation does: I bought him a gift card.

Gift cards are like the kid version of a bottle of wine.

Ya know what I mean?

If your partner gave you a gift card for my birthday… wouldn’t that just be awkward?

Generic gifts just aren’t great.

You see, I feel bad sending you all of these emails about MTTB.

I don’t know you as well as I want to, and I’m not sure which of our offerings would be the most helpful to you:
Maybe you want to learn how to set up a passive income stream that racks up commissions in the $1000’s
Maybe you’re looking for one-on-one development coaching
Maybe you’ve been burned before by phony “business opportunities,” and you’re looking for a foolproof, time-tested, scientifically precise money-making system
Maybe you’re looking to launch a business where someone else runs your web design, phone sales, customer care, order fulfillment, and more
I don’t want to give you gift cards. I want to give you a solution.

Click here to get it…



[DFYE] 7th December 2016 “Let’s NOT get coffee”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Let’s NOT get coffee
I’m not your dome doc — I’ve got an actual solution
How problems are solved

Email Body Copy:

If I was your friend, I’d take you out for coffee.

We could empathize over all of life’s craziness.

But I’m not.

If I was your therapist, you could stretch out on my couch.

I’d be soapy-sensitive to your feelings, and gentle as a dead hen.

But I’m not.

So I won’t beat around the bush.

I don’t know your complex, existential problems.

You can find nicer people to talk to.

Your dome doc will be happy to keep selling you his latest pop psych book.

I believe that most problems have straightforward solutions.

Problem is, most people aren’t willing to do the work.

If you are, here’s where you should go….



[DFYE] 6th December 2016 “New music recommendations”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

New music recommendations
Hey, where do you go to find new music?
Check this out

Email Body Copy:

What do you do when you’re sick of all your music?

All of your playlists feel old?

Thanks be to Spotify-Almighty for their themed playlists.

I pick one, skip through a bunch of songs, find an artist I like, and put their whole discography on shuffle.

Great way to find new tunes that put pep back in my step and keep my mind expanding.

Do your bidness strategies feel old?

I’ll bet you’re playing the same cassette tape over and over. (Oh… I went there.)

Where ya gonna go to find new ones?

(You know… stuff that actually works!)

Our time-tested methods are popping out brand new commissions to the tune of $1000, $3000, and $5000.

Seriously. How long are you going to wait before hopping on board?

Just click here…



[DFYE] 5th December 2016 “And then I hauled off and punched my sister in the face”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

And then I hauled off and punched my sister in the face
What does fresh air smell like?
Are you suffocating?

Email Body Copy:

You remember being a little kid and building blanket forts with your siblings? Then, all of a sudden. you find yourself at the bottom of a pile of brother and sister bodies, and your body perks up and says…

“I need to recover the ability to inhale a precise mixture of Nitrogen and Oxygen that would relieve the physical stress contracting my five-year-old lungs.”

Um… no.

It says, “BGUHH!!” And then you haul off and punch your sister in the face.

(Or was that just me…)

Point is, sometimes when we can’t articulate what we need to survive, our instincts save us.

But sometimes they don’t.

Imagine not knowing you needed air, and suffocating under your siblings until you slowly died.

Some of you are suffocating under severe financial stress (that you’re fooling yourself into thinking is “no big deal), and you’re not getting up.

MTTB is no shortcut; but it is the sigh of relief that could save you.

Starting a passive income stream takes hard work, but we’ll walk you through the proven method that will show you exactly how to do it.

Weird how people who finally break into the fresh air of financial freedom call it “breathing easy.”

Wonder what it feels like?

Click here to find out.



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