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Friday Mar 16, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails December 27, 2015 – January 2, 2016

[DFYE] 2nd January 2016 “A Green Criminal and Your Fortune”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

A Green Criminal and Your Fortune
Don’t Let Nerves Get In The Way. Get Rich
A Storage Unit’s Secret And Why It Can Make You A Fortune

Email Body Copy:

Have you ever been so nervous about something that you end up causing the last thing you wanted to happen?

That’s exactly what happened to Jasper Harrison when he heard police outside his storage unit.

Hearing a helicopter and police outside wouldn’t freak most people out. But Harrison was sure that the police were searching for him that he called 911 and told the operator that he was the guy they were looking for and that he didn’t want to be shot.

What Harrison was afraid was that the police were searching for him and the 9 marijuana plants and 150 grams of cultivated marijuana he had in his storage unit with him.

What Harrison didn’t know was that the police were investigating a suspicious death nearby and had no idea that Harrison was there or growing weed.

It’s unknown if Harrison was using his own product.

Sometimes our nerves get the best of us and then we get in our own way. Especially when it comes to important things like making money.

We overthink things when they are really just as simple as they seem.

Let’s say an investment opportunity comes you way. It’s natural to do research. But if you look at something day and night you will eventually find something that will stop you from jumping in a making a fortune.

That’s why this email is so important.

Because it’s your key to a simple system that works on one clear concept.

And that is that people get on the Internet.

The system is called MTTB. And as long as people are getting on the most popular sites on the Internet the affiliates of MTTB will be making money.

It’s that simple.

If you want to learn more about how you can make thousands every week working from your computer click below to find out more about MTTB.



[DFYE] 1st January 2016 “How To Fulfill Your Wealthy Expectations”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How To Fulfill Your Wealthy Expectations
Don’t Let The Mona Lisa Get You Down. Get Rich
How To Make Your Expectations Reality

Email Body Copy:

Have you ever met a person who says they don’t want to travel the world?

Just about everyone wants to see what’s out there besides where they were born. People especially want to see world famous things that they have only see in pictures.

Like the Mona Lisa or the Great Pyramids.

But the expectations don’t always match reality.

Because you are not seeing the whole picture when you just look at a picture.

Like how there is a sprawling city surrounding the Great Pyramids. Or that all around the Mona Lisa there is a huge crowd of art hungry tourist that you have to wade through to get see the painting. Or the poverty and slums that are near the Taj Mahal.

Not being shown the whole picture can lead to unpleasant surprises.

Imagine if you saved for years to pay for a trip to see the Mona Lisa but then couldn’t make you way through the crowd to see it.

Or if you invested time and money into something that didn’t work out like you were told it would.
Seeing the whole picture is impossible until it’s too late to be protected from disappointment.

You can’t get back the money you spent to travel to see something that was disappointing and you can’t get the time you put into a book that had a terrible ending.

Sometimes you just have to take a chance on something.

But today you don’t have to worry about that.

Because at the end of this email is a link to a system can earn you thousands of dollars.

It’s called MTTB and has made millions of dollars for people who are just like you.

If you don’t make a sales commission within 30 days of finishing your training you will get the $49 you give to join back.

With an extra $450.

MTTB works so well that if fro some reason it doesn’t for you then you will get your money back times 10.

To see the rest of the picture click below to learn more about MTTB.



[DFYE] 31st December 2015 “What Tombstones Say About You”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

What Tombstones Say About You
How To Be Wealthy and Witty In Life And Death
The Death Of Being Poor

Email Body Copy:

What do you want it to say on your tombstone?

What people put on their graces is the best reflection of their legacy to people who never knew them.

So if someone didn’t know Rodney Dangerfield and saw his tombstone that says “There goes the neighborhood” they would know he was a funny guy.

Or if someone saw that Frank Sinatra’s epitaph was “ The best is yet to come” they would know he was a very positive man.

Sometimes an epitaph tells you what a person did during their life.

Mel Blanc was the voice behind some of the most famous cartoons of all time. Like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester the Cat, and Porky Pig.

Blanc’s epitaph was “That’s All Folks.”

So what do you want it to say on your tombstone?

Maybe you want it to reflect your love for you family. Or your wit. Or maybe it will tell people about a hobby or passion that you had.

But the one thing you won’t want your grace to tell people about is your job.

It seems obvious but if a epitaph is supposed to sum up a person’s life and you spent most of your life working then it would only be honest for your epitaph to say “worked their way up from a cubicle to an office with a window.”

If that’s not what you want then this email could change your life.

Because at the bottom of this email is a link to a system that can allow you to make thousands of dollars every week while working from your own computer.

The system is called MTTB and it making people fortunes while all they have to do is place ads online.

In fact the founder of MTTB used the same system you now have access to earn himself $51,373,000 over 5 years. And his company has sent out over $25 million in sales commissions to people just like you.

To learn more about MTTB click below.



[DFYE] 30th December 2015 “How Hippies Did What The Government Couldn’t ”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How Hippies Did What The Government Couldn’t
Are You And Wealth In A Cold War?
Hot Tubs, the Cold War, and A Fortune Waiting To Be Made

Email Body Copy:

To say that American and the former Soviet Union were not on speaking terms from 1950’s up to the 90’s would be like saying Michael Jordan was a decent basketball player.

In the 80’s Russia was off limits to Americans. And the only time the American government saw the Russian leader was the annual visit to Lenin’s tomb.

So two countries with enough nukes to destroy the world a dozen times are so made at each other that they won’t even speak to each other.

Recipe for disaster right?

Enter hot tub politics.

In 1962 the Esalen institute was established to explore art, religion, psychedelic drugs, and mysticism. It was new age retreat center that attracted people best described as “white collar hippies.”

The people at the Esalen institute didn’t think that American and The Soviet union being at odds with stakes so high was a great idea so they invited any Soviets who could travel to America to stay at the institute to keep communication between the two countries alive.

American and Soviet writers, engineers, astronauts, scientists, any many other professions all mixed at a sunny retreat center with hot tubs and a view of the ocean in Southern California.

The networking that took place at the Esalen institute made it possible for citizens to talk to each other when the two most powerful governments in the world were scratching their heads trying to figure out the same thing.

But why does this matter to you?

A relaxing environment allowed regular citizens to do what their governments couldn’t.

Imagine what you could do if you were able to work from a hot tub. Or a beach. Or a hammock.

If you want to find out how you can work from wherever you want and make thousands every week doing it click below to find out more about MTTB.



[DFYE] 29th December 2015 “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Life Were Like This?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Life Were Like This?
Why The World’s Dumbest Crime Can Make You A Fortune
A New Spin On Being Dumb

Email Body Copy:

Everyone knows that being a cop isn’t easy.

But the officers in Latrobe Pennsylvania caught a break when they investigated a robbery at a taxi company.

Veterans Cab Co. was robbed and two smartphones as well as two guns were stolen.

Luckily the building had security cameras installed. And luckily the burglar was caught on camera. And luckily he was wearing a shirt with his name on it. And luckily he used to work at the cab company.

Yes. This is a true story.

The police soon tracked Joshua Jording to his home where they found the two smartphones and guns.

And a T-shirt with Josh stenciled on it.

Taking from the Beach Boys, wouldn’t it be nice if life were that easy?

Because as you can imagine the majority of criminals don’t rob somewhere they would be easily recognized. And they also don’t wear their names on their shirt when they do something illegal.

And the majority of people have to drudge through a job that makes them want to draw the blinds and pull the covers over their head just to make a living. And they also are working that job and are only making enough to survive instead of really living.

But just like the Latrobe officers would tell you sometimes you get lucky.

And today is your lucky day.

Because this email gives you access to a system that can help you escape most of the crap that people deal with on a daily basis.

Like feeling a pit in your stomach when Christmas rolls around. Or only being able to afford to go to the same overcrowded beach year in and year out for your family vacation.

The system is called MTTB it is making people thousands of dollars every week while they work from their own computer.

If you are ready to cash in on your lucky break then click below to learn more about MTTB.



[DFYE] 28th December 2015 “7 Billion Reasons Why You Need To Read This”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

7 Billion Reasons Why You Need To Read This
How Your Income Can Be Like The Population
What Can Technology Do For You?

Email Body Copy:

There are well over 7 billion people in the world.

To put that in perspective if you counted from one to a billion you would be counting for 95 years and a billion seconds ago it was 1959.

And the population is growing.

Makes you feel kind of small doesn’t it?

Now obviously every person who is born is one more person that you are going to compete with for a job or a reservation with at your favorite restaurant.

But that’s only one reason you should care about the world’s population.

What you really need to know is that the population didn’t reach a billion until 1800. That means it took all of human history up until then jus to reach a billion.

But then it only took 130 years to reach 2 billion and then it only took less than 30 years to reach 3 billion and then 15 years to reach 4 billion.

In fact in 1970 there were half as many people as there were today.

What the hell happened?

Technology happened.

And now we are the most advanced we have ever been and you aren’t taking advantage of it at all.

Because if you are working a traditional job with a traditional paycheck and not using the internet to make a fortune then you are missing out.

If technology allowed the human population to multiply in a way that would embarrass rabbits then imagine what it can do for you.

But Wait.

You don’t have to imagine.

Matt Lloyd created a system called MTTB that is making people thousands every week by simply placing ads online.

Members of MTTB are able to work from home, from Starbucks, from the slopes, from the hot tub, from anywhere.

And they are making thousands every week doing it.

If you want to learn more about what MTTB can do for you life click below.



[DFYE] 27th December 2015 “Why A Millennial At A Library Can Make You A Fortune”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why A Millennial At A Library Can Make You A Fortune
Why Are You Doing It The Hard Way?
The Hard Way And The Rich Way

Email Body Copy:

Everyone knows that sometimes you have to learn things the hard way because everyone has made a mistake and learnt from it.

But today that saying has taken on a slightly different meaning.

Because while young people still learn things the hard way by making mistakes they also learn the hard way by doing what generations of people used to do every day.

Going to an actual library and having to find an actual book and searching through the pages to find information they need.

Yes that is learning things the hard way for young people today.

Whether it is a good thing or bad thing is up for debate. But one thing is clear.

What we used to be unable to imagine is becoming reality everyday.

Driverless cars are rolling closer and closer to public use. 3D printers are being fine tuned to the point of being able to print medical equipment. Libraries and books are becoming last resorts when it comes to doing research.

And good lord.

The Cubs are the team to beat this year.

The world is changing in ways we never imagined.

And while it is up for debate whether or not that is a good thing or not once again one thing is for sure.

If you are still working a job from the past then you are missing one of the biggest opportunities of your life.

Because with how connected to world is today there is no reason you should have to work at a desk the way people have for generations.

You should be working anywhere anytime and making just as much if not more money than you are now.

And now you have the chance to do it.

At the end of this email is a link to learn more about a system called MTTB that is on taking advantage of the opportunities that the modern world is offering.

And it shows in the paychecks of the people who make up MTTB.

If you are ready to get with the times and learn more about MTTB then click below.



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