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Saturday Apr 21, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails February 13th – 19th, 2017

[DFYE] 19th February 2017 “Be your own boss”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Be your own boss
Set your own hours?
Why gurus don’t understand reality

Email Body Copy:

Gurus tend to draw unrealistically sharp distinctions.

They paint our strange, multi-colored world in black-and-white strokes:

“Do this for 30 days, and your life will do a 180!”
(Then they hire some toned chick to hold an exercise ball, smile, and give an endorsement)

One guru tried to reach out to me with this sappy line:

“Is your house built on shifting sand, or is it built on a rock?”

First off, he’s trying to hi-jack Jesus’ line.
Second off, that’s no way to talk about building houses.

Listen, the only thing about life that doesn’t change is this fact: Things change.

But you knew that.

So here’s my pitch:

Build your house on more densely packed sand.

There is no better way in this politically unstable, globalized, technologically exploding world than to…

Be your own boss.
Set your own hours.
Let professionals make your sales and fulfill your orders.

And begin racking up commissions in the $1000s, $3000s, $5000s or more.

Start switching to a better foundation today!

Click here.



[DFYE] 18th February 2017 “Nothing about this is dull…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Nothing about this is dull…
A business opportunity that will make them sit up and listen
Why most marketers have no clue who they’re talking to

Email Body Copy:

Try to remember the driest, most boring, lecture you’ve ever heard.

Maybe think back to college, or church, a TV program, or your parents.

Got it?

I wonder if we’re thinking of the same speaker:
… the one who clearly has no clue who his audience is
… or what they want
… or even what he’s talking about!

I thought of a lecture I attended from a visiting philosophy professor back in college.

When he finished, I turned to a gal behind me and asking:

“So, what was your favorite part?”

And I’ll never forget her answer: “When he said “In conclusion!””

This lecturer obviously never studied the science of compelling communication.

Our marketing coaches and full-time sales team are the kinds of people lecturers wish they were:

They speak like humans…
And humans listen and buy what they sell.

For $49, not only will they give you one-on-one marketing coaching, but they’ll close all your sales for you!

You know the drill by now.

Click here and hire us for next to nothing.



[DFYE] 17th February 2017 “Is your soul wilting?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Is your soul wilting?
Work that will feed your soul
Are you aiming at insects?

Email Body Copy:

A friend of mine tells a story about his first experience with a gun.

He and his brother Tom were fooling around with a rifle in their uncle’s backyard…
(how’s that for a precarious start to a story!)

And Tom sets his sights on a tiny red ladybug
Sitting on a twiggy brown branch

So… he walks up within 6 inches of Lady Bug…
… squints his eyes real small…
… shuts out everything around him, and …


Not only did he completely miss the ladybug…
Tom shot straight through, and totally shattered, the window of the RV sitting 10 feet in front of him!

How in the world did he not see the RV sitting right in front of him?!

I guess some people can focus so intently on what’s right in front of them that they accidentally destroy big picture things that matter more.

I see so many people working for “the man,” just to make a lame, steady paycheck.

Meanwhile, not only are their souls wilting, but jobs don’t last forever anyway.

They’re going to be in a sorry spot when “life” happens.

Don’t be one of them.

Look at the big picture:

– Find work that will feed your soul
– Find work that will build you a solid financial base for when “life” inevitably happens
– Find work that will develop you professionally and qualify you for all sorts of new jobs, should you ever desire to switch

Click here, and let’s get started.



[DFYE] 16th February 2017 “The business lessons of Ralphie Parker”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The business lessons of Ralphie Parker
Be sure to drink your Ovaltine
No magic decoder ring here

Email Body Copy:

There’s one Christmas movie that always sucker punches me right in the feels:

More popularly known as “A Christmas Story,” I like to call it “The Tragedy of Ralphie Parker.”

Ralphie is a classic cultural symbol of disappointment.

The stuff about the rifle is nowhere near as tragic as the subplot of the Little Orphan Annie decoder ring.

Ralphie eats so much cereal
And watches the mail so patiently
And so obsessively works on the code all to reveal the (dumb) secret message:
“Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.”

I resonate with his disappointment on three levels.

1. Ralphie’s trust, expressed in working for the prize, is totally betrayed.
2. Their “decoder ring” was just a gimmick to get him to view their ad campaign.
3. It demonstrates the impersonal and self-serving nature of lots of management.

I think it affects me so much because even though that’s so common…

I’m convinced that work doesn’t have to work that way.

If you resonate with Ralphie, it may be time to work in a system that is directly designed to make you money.

No big business here. Just intense focus on you, your development, and your success.

Toss the ring and click here.



[DFYE] 15th February 2017 “Don’t get burned by local politics”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Don’t get burned by local politics
Why Chris doesn’t play tennis anymore
Could this sad story happen to you?

Email Body Copy:

Chris doesn’t play tennis anymore, and it’s not because of his hip replacement. That went astonishingly well.

He had been afraid that, as happened to his dad, getting his hip replaced would keep him off the courts.

A shy-but-spry empty-nester in his late fifties, Chris leaned heavily on a group of guys at the local tennis club for his social needs.

Every Tuesday and Thursday night, they traded partners and played a few sets of doubles, and sat around afterward drinking beer and making conversation that shifted between locker room humor and moments of genuine connection.

It was almost scripted, like a sitcom.

All of that ended two months ago, when a local philanthropist bought the tennis club’s property to develop it into another K-12 school.

Unlike a sitcom, these real-life guys in their fifties had neither the time nor the resiliency to fight for their tennis club in the local politics game.

Half of the gang is still together, playing at another club, 45 minutes away.

But Chris can’t afford to retire, let alone pay the more expensive dues at the new club.

So, he’s out.

I’m not an end-times prophet, but it’s no secret that “local politics” can happen to anybody.

MTTB is an opportunity for good people like you who need just a little more time and just a little more money to keep life normal.

Click here.



[DFYE] 14th February 2017 “Business isn’t magic; it’s science”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Business isn’t magic; it’s science
Do you believe in magic?
I can’t believe that used to believe that business worked this way

Email Body Copy:

When I was little, I used to think that business was magical.

Men in suits would wave their hands around, smile, and *poof!* — money would appear. (Then again, I also thought that our local library was funded solely by ten-cent-per-day late fees.)

The more people I talk to, I’ve realized that they still think that business is about “saying the magical words,” waving your hands, and *poof!*

They think there must be some “secret order” of rich men who, by some priestly incantation, are endowed with the powers of hand-wavery.

And they’re close… but wrong.

“Magic and Science are twins,” one science fiction author observed. The difference is that, “One was sickly and died; the other was strong and throve.”

Making money isn’t magic; it’s a machine.

Building a business isn’t about your charisma, how much money you start out with, or what kind of family you were born into.

Building a business is about having the right blueprint and committing to follow the rules.

Business is a science.

Our blueprint is 21 simple steps. We do as much of your grunt work as we can, and then we coach you the rest of the way.

You don’t have to be a magician, and we’ve already developed the Way scientifically.

Follow me.



[DFYE] 13th February 2017 “All humans have hands”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

All humans have hands
How do you use your hands?
Your hands aren’t tied; build something!

Email Body Copy:

All humans have hands.

The way we work with our hands is a striking indication of our character and integrity.

In generations past, men worked the ground with their hands, and then they worked machines, both to provide for their families. Women worked with their hands, cleaning and filling the home, raising and disciplining children.

Some have used—and continue to use—their hands to take what doesn’t belong to them, to hurt other people, or to cover up injustices.

Religious and economic forces exert their power with their hands (“the invisible hand,” “with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm”).

Some people accuse the government of reaching its “hand” into their pockets.

What are your hands doing?

At MTTB, we use our hands to take back our financial independence. We use our hands to make a living for ourselves and for our loved ones. To set aside extra for tricky times. To upgrade our summer vacations.

Some people leave their hands behind their back, as if they’re tied up with rope.

But they’re not.

While you have the opportunity to make something for yourself, for your loved ones, to build the life you envision, use the hands you have.

Don’t play the victim.

Roll up your sleeves and click here.



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