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Sunday Feb 25, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails February 21 – 27, 2016

[DFYE] 27th February 2016 “Your Journey to Wealth”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Your Journey to Wealth
Don’t Refuse this Call
Your Call to Adventure

Email Body Copy:

There is an outline that fits every movie you have ever seen.

It’s called the hero’s journey and it’s present in every story ever told all the way back to
the cavemen.

But there’s one part that’s incredibly important to you.

It’s called the refusal of the call.

In every story the hero must go on a journey. And in every story they refuse the journey
at first.


There is a long list of reasons why heroes say no to adventure. They don’t know if the
journey is even necessary. They have a ten-page list of excuses. They have other journeys that they want to go on.

But you already know that.

Because you have refused plenty of calls to adventure. Not calls to go slay a dragon. But
calls to try a new job. Calls to invest time and money in something you are not
completely sure about.

In the movies, the hero’s refusal of the call results in disaster until they finally accept the
call. But in real life something even worse happens.


When you don’t take any chances or explore new opportunities your life never changes.

And if you are working a 9-5 desk job that overworks you and underpays you then that’s
a tragedy.

Now you have another call to adventure in front of you.

At the end of this email is a link to a site for MTTB.

MTTB is an online system that makes money when people visit the most popular sites on
the Internet.

You can accept the call and click the link to find out more on how you could make
thousands every week.

But if you still don’t know here’s your push.

MTTB works so well that if you don’t earn a commission 30 days after your training then
you will get every dime you pay to join back.

Plus $450.

To accept the call, click below.



[DFYE] 26th February 2016 “Why Henry Ford’s Ignorance is Worth A Fortune”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why Henry Ford’s Ignorance is Worth A Fortune
What You and Henry Ford Have in Common
Finding Your Get-Rich Industry

Email Body Copy:

If you drive a car there is a good chance you have Henry Ford to thank. He made cars affordable to everyone and created an industry.

But that’s not what this email is about. It’s about you finding your own new industry that will make you rich.

During World War I a Chicago newspaper called Henry Ford “an ignorant pacifist.”

Henry Ford never went to school. All he had was practical knowledge. That didn’t stop him from becoming one of the richest men in America though.

Ford sued the newspaper for libel. And in court the defense called Ford to the stand to prove that he really was ignorant.

They asked him questions like, “How many soldiers did the British send over to America to put down the Rebellion of 1776?”

To which Ford answered, “I do not know the exact number of soldiers the British sent over, but I have heard that it was a considerably larger number than ever went back.”

This went on until Ford had enough.

Finally he said, “If I should really want to answer the foolish question you have just asked, or any of the other questions you have been asking me, let me remind you that I have a row of electric push buttons, and by pushing the right button, I can summon to my aid men who can answer any question I desire.”

And that’s why Henry Ford was on of the richest men in America.

He knew he didn’t have to be a genius. He only had to have the right people around him with the right knowledge to be rich.

And you can join a company that will surround you with exactly that.

You don’t have to be a genius to make a fortune. All you have to do is click below.



[DFYE] 25th February 2016 “How You Can Make a Killing”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How You Can Make a Killing
It’s What You Don’t Hear That Can Make You Rich
How To Make A Fortune From a Halloween Movie

Email Body Copy:

Horror films have a nifty trick that scares people without them even knowing about it.

There are certain high and low frequency sounds that make us uncomfortable.

So whenever filmmakers are building suspense or trying to scare the daylight out of the
viewer they will throw in those sounds so that the viewer will at least be uncomfortable
with what is happening.

Don’t think it’s true?

Go watch any well-made horror film and you will hear it.

So what does all this mean? Should it mean anything to you?


Because it shows what happens when you think outside the box.

Filmmakers figured out a way to scare people that most people wouldn’t of thought of.
And now people are paying them because they can scare the pants off them.

Now you have a chance to think outside the box and make a fortune doing it.

You can make a scary amount of money by simply placing ads online. You can work
from you own computer anywhere you choose and make a fortune doing it.

The system is called MTTB and it’s not your same old business. But if you want to think
outside the box then click below to learn more.



[DFYE] 24th February 2016 “How To Win The Lottery”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How To Win The Lottery
Here’s Your Winning Ticket
The Billion is Gone. But You Can Still Make Thousands

Email Body Copy:

Everyone knows that no one has a real chance at winning the lottery.

No matter how many tickets you buy you have a snowball’s chance in hell of seeing serious money come your way.

But that doesn’t stop people from spending hundreds of millions of dollars on tickets.

So a few MIT students figured out how to win the lottery.

The students figured out that with the right amount of money they could guarantee a 15 – 20% return when playing their local lottery.

If they bought enough tickets at the right time the system guaranteed that they would make money.

And so that is exactly what they did.

They were so successful that they were able to quit their jobs and even brought in investors who funded the purchase of tickets.

They eventually earned $8 million in winnings and even figured out how they could win the whole jackpot for one drawing.

Unfortunately most of us don’t go to MIT and did not invest in the few MIT students who did break the system.

But does that mean you can’t still make a fortune?


The MIT students knew that they had no chance of winning the lottery. Only they were smart enough to figure out how to change that.

But you don’t have to be that smart to win the lottery.

Because this email is your winning ticket.

At the bottom of this email is a link to a website called MTTB.

MTTB is an affiliate program that is making it’s members thousands every week while

they work from their own computer.

To cash in your winning ticket click below.



[DFYE] 23rd February 2016 “How to Take Action, Pocket a Fortune”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How to Take Action, Pocket a Fortune
An Ancient Tale and Your Modern Fortune
How to Whip a Tree and Get Rich

Email Body Copy:

A long time ago there was a caravan traveling through the Middle East.

A group of thieves ambushed and robbed them of everything. The owner of the caravan
was so angry that he took his story to the monarch of the land.

A man named Nader Shah.

When the owner arrived, Nader Shah listened to his story then asked where exactly the
robbery took place. The owner told him it took place by one tree. He described the tree to Nader Shah and that was all he needed to hear.

Nader then sent his men to the tree and ordered them to whip the tree every day. A week
later the thieves returned all the good they had stolen.


Because they were so afraid of what a man who would whip a tree for a whole week just
because they committed a crime nearby would do to them when he caught them that they
decided it was a better idea to give back the booty and run.

Nader Shah could have told the caravan owner that he would track down the men who
robbed him. But instead of just saying he was going to catch them and letting it fall to the
wayside he did something immediately.

And got everything back by taking action, taking a symbolic stand.

And now you can stop saying you are going to make more money and do something
immediately that will make you money. Take a symbolic stand that says “I’m willing to
do something about this now!”

All you have to do is click the link below.

It will take you to a page where you will learn more about MTTB. A money making

Don’t just say you are going to make a fortune. All you have to do is click below.



[DFYE] 22nd February 2016 “Now THAT’S a Crazy Coincidence”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Now THAT’S a Crazy Coincidence
You Don’t Have to Be THIS Lucky to Succeed Online
The Whacky Story of Wilmer Mclean and Your Online Business

Email Body Copy:

Ready for one of the most unlikely stories in all of history?

Wilmer Mclean was a wholesale grocer in Manassas, Virginia in 1861. He owned a farm and was a successful businessman.

All that changed on July 21st, 1861.

Because the first battle of the Civil War took place on his farm that day.

Having a battle fought on your farm doesn’t help the land’s value and a cannonball even blew up his kitchen. So what did Mclean do?

He moved his family to Appomattox County, Virginia.

But four years late Mclean found out that the war was not done with him yet.

On April 9th, 1865 the Confederate and Union Armies were looking for a place to sign a treaty that would end the war.

And could you guess whose door they knocked on?

The civil war began on Mclean’s farm and despite his best efforts to get away from it ended in his living room.

But why should you care?

Because fate was acting in William Mclean’s life. He could have moved anywhere but he just happened to choose a spot where the Civil War would end.

And chances are that nothing like that has ever happened to you. You’ve never bumped into someone and gotten a job out of it or missed your train and ended up having a conversation with someone that would make you rich.

But the good news is that you don’t have to have some incredible coincidence happen for you to get rich.

This email is your act of fate.

Because it is your path to becoming a member of MTTB.

An online affiliate program that has sent out over $25 million in commissions to its affiliates while they work from their own computers.

And you don’t have to be a computer person to make a fortune with MTTB. It is a simple system that you will master with your own personal coach guiding you through your

To learn more about MTTB click below.



[DFYE] 21st February 2016 “The Cardboard that Saved Her Life”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The Cardboard that Saved Her Life
Half a Heart, One Lung and Your Online Success
One Lung and Half a Heart…

Email Body Copy:

Teegan Lexan was born with only one lung and half a heart.

Despite the best attempts by her doctors, Teegan’s parents were sent home with her and told to make her comfortable.

After they got home her parents did all the research they could. They stumbled upon a list of the most innovative pediatric surgeons. They sent out an email to Dr. Raymond Burke.

After reaching out to Burke they were told to send images of Teegan’s heart so that they could make a 3D image and decide if they could help her.

The Lexan’s did but there was a problem.

The 3D printer Burke wanted to use was broken.

But he didn’t give up there.

Earlier Burke had a bought a device called Google Cardboard (made out of cardboard) that only cost $20 that allowed him to see an image as if it were right in front of them in 3D.

It was just like 3D but Burke could see Teegan’s heart from every angle.

Like never before.

Burke later performed the surgery and saved Teegan’s life.

It’s a fantastic story. But it means more to you than you think.

Because it shows what happens when you take a unique approach to a problem.

And now you can do the same because this email is your access to MTTB.

MTTB is a online program that is making its affiliates fortunes.

And it’s not any old job.

It’s a job that you can do from anywhere. You won’t have to deal with any customers. And you won’t have any lengthy payment processing.

(Once you see the money MTTB can make you that will mean a lot more)

To learn more about MTTB click below.



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