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Sunday Feb 25, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails Jan 30th – Feb 5th, 2017

[DFYE] 5th February 2017 “Sleeping through a leadership seminar, Take II”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Sleeping through a leadership seminar, Take II
3 reasons not to attend leadership classes — third one’s goofy
3 reasons I’ll never invite you to a leadership seminar

Email Body Copy:

Last week, a friend of mine roped me into attending another ho-hum, put-you-to-sleep leadership seminar.

Apparently I was too polite, because they invited me to another one this week.

But my time’s too valuable for that, so I said “No.”

He protested and then tried appealing to my emotions.

So I gave him these three good reasons why feel-good gurus will never make effective leaders:

1. They lie. First, this guru did what a lot of gurus do: appeal to people’s self-esteem by calling them all leaders. But he’s forgotten one of the essential attributes of a leader: followers. The better the leader, the more followers they have.

2. They create no value. The only thing they sell is themselves. (And where I come from, we call that prostitution.) The only thing they can offer you is a chance to make them money by making them more famous. Of course, they’ll give you a cut.

3. They have bad fake smiles. Okay, this isn’t a legitimate reason; it just bugs me is all.

MTTB is here to tell you the truth: you’re not a leader. You don’t have customers. But the reason we exist is to get you more customers so that… you will become what you are not yet. A leader.

I’m not going to ask you to make me famous. You go and set up your own business, under your own name, and use us as a resource, not a mascot.

Finally, no fake smiles here. MTTB has made my life better, not perfect. Nothing will make your life perfect. The success of our business model hinges on our sales, not on being happy-flappy-and-you-can-toooo!

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[DFYE] 4th February 2017 “How to move forward”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How to move forward
The two ingredients to true progress
Two reasons why Democrats and Republicans both get progress wrong

Email Body Copy:

American politicians would like to think they’re making progress, but most of them are missing the two essential ingredients:

To make progress requires only two things:
1. A fixed goal.
2. The belief that you haven’t yet gotten there.


The problem with the far left is that they keep adjusting the goal!
The problem with the far right is that they think they’ve arrived!

But let’s not talk about politics. Let’s talk about what you can immediately control.

Say what you want about high taxation,
about inequitable privilege,
about whatever.

While we wait for politics to sort itself out, there’s something you can do in the meantime:
1. Admit that you envision a life with fewer financial barriers.
2. Admit you haven’t arrived.

Then, set aside a couple evenings a week to develop an online business using our template, our products, our consultation, our product fulfillment… and soon you’ll be racking in our commissions.

Making progress is on you.



[DFYE] 3rd February 2017 “When in Rome… do something else!”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

When in Rome… do something else!
When in Rome… doo-bee-doo-bee-doo
We have two instincts, and this first one is waaay stronger

Email Body Copy:

We humans have two instincts, and one of them is way stronger than the other.

On one hand, we have an instinct to fit in.
To walk on the right side of the sidewalk…
to eat with the correct fork at a formal dinner.

In other words, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

On the other, we have an instinct to differentiate.
Not for the sake of being different, but because…
He who follows a miserable crowd becomes miserable!

And obviously, the first instinct is the far stronger one. But…

Differentiation equals success in saturated markets.

And the human race is a saturated market.

Listen, there are a lot of people trying to ooze out extra cash here & there by…
– not tipping their waitress
– selling kitchen appliances on Craigslist
– “forgetting their wallet” when the group goes out


So hear me well when I say, “Don’t be a Roman. When in Rome… just do something different!”

MTTB has a fool-proof blueprint for setting up a passive income stream of commissions in the $1000s, $5000s, $9000s or more.

You could inch your way forward by being rude… or bound ahead with us!

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[DFYE] 2nd February 2017 “I wrote you a parable about navigating our economy”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

I wrote you a parable about navigating our economy
Story: Three people huddle around an iPad mini
Story: Why is finding work so hard?

Email Body Copy:

I want to tell you a parable about work.

One day, a CNN reporter covered a story on the difficulty of finding work in 21st century America.

Three friends had watched it together, huddled around the Democrat’s iPad mini: a Republican, a Democrat, and Laura. (We never quite figured out what Laura was… she didn’t talk much…)

The Republican stood up halfway through, pointed his finger at his friends, and said, “If poor people would just bend their backs and work hard, they could stop complaining about privilege problems and just enjoy their lives.”

The Democrat, offended, pointed out, “While that’s okay in theory, do you have any idea about what kinds of barriers prevent willing and able people from accessing the work opportunities that privileged people like you have?”

Lori typed away on her laptop.

The Republican shot back, “In the meantime, your welfare program is stopping them from working.”

The Democrat: “No, their unfair background is stopping them from working.”

“Why don’t they get their act together and apply for jobs?”

“They can’t apply for jobs.”

Lori typed away on her laptop.

The two went on for days, arguing about which forces were preventing people from working.

Meanwhile, Lori thought to herself: “I’m no economist, and I’m no philosopher. I don’t know what’s preventing people from finding work. I’m grateful that all I need to start my own business through MTTB is $49 and access to a computer.”

By the end of the week, the two were no closer to reaching an agreement. But Lori had already made two sales.

Moral of the story: Leave the big-picture questions to the pundits, and do work when you have it. Be a Lori.

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[DFYE] 1st February 2017 “Have you ever seen an online swimming class?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Have you ever seen an online swimming class?
I’m the kind of person who pushes my friends into pools
I just read this great book on swimming… not!

Email Body Copy:

I’ve never heard of an online course in swimming.

No, you learn to swim by swimming.

Not by reading books and not by watching Michael Phelps slither up and down the length of the pool.

You’ve got to get wet.

At MTTB, we value your time and your life too much to sell you DVDs
… make passive aggressive pitches during info webinars
… or try to win you over by being fake-nice.

Here’s what we have instead:

– A completely hands-on, step-by-step program proven to generate commissions in the $1000s, $5000s, or $9000s
– Expert coaches who will throw you into the deep end… and jump in with you to help you swim.
– The lowest maintenance administrative support staff out there. It’s like having 6 personal secretaries taking care of all of your busywork.

Don’t trust an educator who’s never “gotten wet.”

Click here to join an MTTB network that’s not only done their time in the pool, but is also making it rain.



[DFYE] 31st January 2017 “Don’t move to Canada. Trust me.”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Don’t move to Canada. Trust me.
Remember all those people who said they’d move to Canada?
“If Donald Trump gets elected, I swear I’m gonna…”

Email Body Copy:

Remember when everyone swore they’d flee the country if Donald Trump was elected President?

Including Laura.

Digital analytics firm, Luminoso, reported about 180,000 such tweets in 2016.

My two predictions were…

1. Less than 10% of the people who say they will… actually will
2. Those who do won’t experience the freedom they were looking for

So, what happened with Laura?

Last year, Canada reported 9,000 immigrants from the US, including those fleeing Trump.

That means that less than 5% of them did what they said they did.

Turns out Laura made the move.

And just a few months later, she found herself bumping into the same frustrations.

Here are my two takeaways from this story:

1. Most people who say they’ll take action don’t. They’re satisfied with the emotional “high” of thinking they will. But that always disappears.

2. Drastic change doesn’t always work. It has to be the right change.

That’s why we’re calling you to take action right now.

Don’t move to Canada.

Change the shape of your work instead:

– No bureaucratic red tape
– No incompetent supervisors
– No earning ceiling
– No administrative soul-suckish tasks

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[DFYE] 30th January 2017 “Here’s what you should be watching on Netflix”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Here’s what you should be watching on Netflix
Have you watched Sing Street yet?
“Drive it like you stole it”

Email Body Copy:

Do yourself a damn favor and throw on some sweats, pick up a pint…

(of ice cream or beer or anything really)

And cozy up with ‘Sing Street,’ a new feel-good musical on Netflix that scored a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In a dead-end town where kids’ only aspirations are heavy drinking and watching day-time TV, 14-year-old Conor is smacked in the face by hope and wonder.

It comes in the face of the uber-cool, beautiful, and mysterious teen model, Raphina.

For the sole purpose of winning an audience with her, Conor starts a band, and the rest is… well… just a great movie.

On his way out, Conor sings about his life like it was a stolen car:

This is your life
You can go anywhere
You gotta grab the wheel and own it

This is your life
You can be anything
You gotta learn to rock and roll it
You gotta put the pedal down
And drive it like you stole it
And drive it like you stole it

We get stuck in the dirt
And we can’t see where we’re going
We face all kinds of hurt
And the friction slows us down
But I won’t be waiting here for the world to win me gold
And I’ll leave your dust behind me
Stranded in the road

What are you waiting for, stuck in a rut of a job, pouring yourself out where you’re not getting appreciated or compensated nearly enough?

This is your life. You’ve got to drive it like you stole it.

Or stay where you are.

Click here.



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