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Sunday Feb 25, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails July 10 – 16th, 2017

Here is this week’s ‘Done-For-You’ email. Just choose from the subject line alternatives,
then copy, paste, and send to your list, it already has your unique partner link inserted.

[DFYE] 16th July 2017 “Feels her grandson is more tech-savvy than her, yet…?”

2 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Feels her grandson is more tech-savvy than her, yet…?
Woman in her 80s making sales ONLINE?

Email Body Copy:

Older in age… yet the internet, computers, and complicated businesses didn’t hold her back, one bit!

As you watch the start of this video?

You’ll see that many amazing men and women in their 60s, 70s, and even 80s and beyond…

Are making very generous commissions with this…

Many are making a nice supplemental income… And others are making enough where they’re not relying on ANYONE to fund their retirement years, or tell them where they can live out their life…


They are NOT computer savvy or expert “marketers” by any means…

In fact…

They HATE tech!

Some of them chuckle as they relate how their 5 year old grandchild has to teach them how to use their iPad…

What they’ve realized is they don’t need age on their side! With this done right?

…Doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 88!

They don’t need to know HTML and learn complicated software’s and systems…


What they’ve discovered that actually works?

It’s having the proper “LEVERAGE POINTS” where they need them, so they can be profitable, and avoid overwhelm and frustration.

…A car is a leverage point over walking to the store.

…A hearing aid is a leverage point to listening,for anyone hard-of-hearing.

…A stove is a leverage point to cooking w/o having to grab logs and matches and strike up a fire every time you want a hot meal!

Makes sense, right?

Just need to use the right leverage points to get exactly what you want.

Building a hearing aid? I’d have no clue. That’s not leverage.

But just using one already made? No problem there, right?!

What follows is the Ultimate Leverage Point, in my experience and many others, for gaining more income, time and freedom at any age…

Skips the tech-dramas, and internet overwhelm for good.

Just watch this video ASAP and it’ll show you how it all works, and why you can put your complete trust in this system right now…

===> YES! I’m ready to check this out right now!

FYI: You’ll still need to follow the steps, but they’re not that hard to follow. Because, you’ll be using LEVERAGE.

Cool, huh?

Gotta run…


[DFYE] 15th July 2017 “Beauty is only skin deep… Especially in business!”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Beauty is only skin deep… Especially in business!
Getting leads? But not enough sales to be in the green?
The ONE MISSING STEP that may be costing ALL your profits?

Email Body Copy:

Leads and sales aren’t a huge issue for you…?
But getting them profitable is a chore and a half?!

Hey it’s (Affiliate Name),

Many folks look at the SKIN of their business, before they’ve ensured the proper BONES are in place first.

Critical mistake.

Let me explain…

You may have a beautiful looking offer, but will it put food on your table? Will it cover your mortgage?

Or will it cover a nice car note? Date nights? Hiring a babysitter? Vacations?

Beautiful looking (the skin) doesn’t mean beautiful performing (the bones). The key to a business that’ll make you a nice cushy income, for many many years to come…

The bones are?

And economics…

Simple enough, right?

Yet most consider ONLY the traffic and conversions part. One of the most popular events each year, is called Traffic and Conversions Summit…

Not Traffic, Conversions, and Economics Summit.

Not sexy sounding enough?

Who knows… I just care about not losing money, and making sure I am making plenty to have a nice lifestyle… you feel that way too?

Considering this…

Your traffic and conversion “bones” may look great on the surface…

You’re getting leads and sales. Yay! Yet, if it’s costing you $150 bucks to make $100?

Not so good??



[DFYE] 14th July 2017 “Must you hit rock-bottom to change?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Must you hit rock-bottom to change?
Secret necessary FAILURE of millionaires…

Email Body Copy:

What will it take to start? $0 bank balance?
Hurt relationships? Learning from others….

I’ve read at least fifty-eleven books where a now millionaire, or billionaire, first hit rock bottom before they finally started seeing the major breakthroughs in their lives.

Have you noticed this too?

Here’s what’s interesting…

Did their circumstances for wealth get better?

No! They got much worse.

What changed was THEM. They got fed up!

They decided once and for all, that they would find something and STICK to it…

This tells us…

…You don’t have to hit rock bottom.

…You don’t have to wait till your back is against the wall.

You simply have to align yourself with what you want and DO what WORKS.

Change happens in an instant. With ACTION.

Hope this helps.

If automated income, part-time, is your thing?

This is what’s working for me right now…

Would be honored for you to check it out!

===> Show me how I can also get automated paychecks coming my way, very part-time!



PS Don’t wait till the day you may hit rock bottom. Maybe that day will never come, and you just settle. Or it comes, and you’re riddled with stress… Just align yourself with THIS… and make it happen today… In your corner.

[DFYE] 13th July 2017 “Tried “simple” systems? Weren’t so simple?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Tried “simple” systems? Weren’t so simple?
Which VEHICLE to $10k months will you place your trust in?

Email Body Copy:

Promised push-button-profits? But only left
you disappointed, yet again? (Here’s the thing…)

There’s no shortage of online “vehicles” that can drive you towards the income goals you have set for yourself…

What’s YOUR golden number you’d LOVE to see coming your way like clockwork every single month?

… $5k?
… $10k?
… $50k?

Got that number in your head?

What vehicle would you like to rely on to take you there?

Just like buying a car…

LOTS of choices!

Just have to determine the best option for you.

Making sense?

You have to consider how much time you want to invest each day in your business. You have to consider your current skillset.

You have to have belief that you can successfully DRIVE that vehicle…

For example…

You may only want to work this business a max of 2 hours a day, and you want to get to $10k months.

You want time FREEDOM.

And, you want to keep it simple.

If you pick up a PDF or just about any “course” out there?

That’s like using a rusty ‘73 Volkswagen Bug as your vehicle to place your trust in…

…When a HUMMER would’ve been much, much better suited for your plans.

Get this right though?

And you’re off to the races.

Hope this note helps!


I like to use leverage, and place my personal trust in the “Hummer Funnel” online.

You are getting trained on how to mostly focus on just ONE STEP. Yet, that can be bringing you in consistent $10k and up months, month after month…

Open to seeing if this may be a vehicle that you can place your trust in too?

PLUS… check out the generous guarantee?

===> YES! Show me the vehicle to getting up to $10k plus months, by just focusing on one thing that’ll take around 1-2 hrs a day…



PS Choosing the right vehicle to use is critical. Critical! If you want to do it all yourself? Choose the bicycle route, and get prepared to do lots of pedaling, falling over, and learning how to balance yourself with likely little support…

I’m choosing this leveraged vehicle to $10k months…

[DFYE] 12th July 2017 “She realized: “NO ONE’S COMING…””

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

She realized: “NO ONE’S COMING…”
Desperately seeking the motivation before you begin?

Email Body Copy:

Waiting to be picked? To win? Is whatever life sends your way, good or bad, OK?

We live in a culture that gets us to buy into our INNER DOUBTS…

A culture of waiting to BE PICKED.

…To be WON.

What’s the difference then from those that remain a cog in the wheel, and those that break free and succeed?

Check out this quote from the Wizard of Oz movie…

“And yes, of course, it’s true Dorothy, you’ve had the slippers on your feet all along, haven’t you?”

The difference?

It’s in our ACTIONS.

Dorothy decided that the MISSION was more important than the noise chattering around in her head 24/7/365…

She stands up, makes bold choices, despite her fears. Despite her thoughts.

And sometimes BECAUSE of them…

Her ACTION seems magical.
Yet it’s in all of us.

It’s in YOU.

Embracing freedom means we don’t wait.

We stand up, and make choices everyday, because it’s our life to run, no others…

Make sense?

Hope this helps out!

If you’re on a mission to gain more freedom, time, and wealth in your life, I don’t know of a better thing to focus on than this…

An online business.
Brings you large commissions.
And monstrous leverage, from day one…

You can search around and ponder on this, or just take massive action on what I use and what’s proven to work.

Check it out if you’re ready.
We’d be honored to have you!

Gotta run.

===> Show me the details to more time, freedom, and wealth without waiting for one more day to turn things around…



PS It’s all in our DAILY actions and choices! We can watch Netflix, or build up a profitable business that frees us to do whatever we want with our lives… The choice is ours to make… 🙂

===> Take me to the steps to start…

[DFYE] 11th July 2017 “The EASIEST way to wealth?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The EASIEST way to wealth?
Tired of GUESSING whether you’ll profit or not?

Email Body Copy:

Just don’t botch this up, like 99% do…

(Affiliate Name) here…

You ever read Rich Dad Poor Dad?

In it, Kiyosaki lays out something he calls the Cashflow Quadrant.

Remember that?

He says that the quicker you can get through the 4 quadrants, the faster you’ll get to true wealth…

…Quadrant 1 is Employee.

…Quadrant 2 is Self-Employed.

…Quadrant 3 is Business Owner.

…Quadrant 4 is when you’re an Investor.


Investor doesn’t mean you have to trade stocks and bonds for a living!

It can mean you’re investing in your own skills and business too!

Interestingly, most people that say they’re “entrepreneurs” are broke.

Folks that label themselves as investors, actually do very well for themselves.

Think of yourself as an investor from this day forward.

Now, there’s not a lot of step-by-step out there to take you A-Z from employee to investor.

Or from retired, to wealthy, free, and in full control of your life…

Low and behold, when someone DOES find something wonderful to follow?

They try to innovate.
To make it better.

Here’s what I’d love for you to get in today’s note:

DO NOT try to pioneer as you’re piggybacking something that actually works.

Pioneers are usually the ones that are lying face down in the dirt, with arrows in their backs.

Know that if you’re modeling what works?

They’ve likely got 30, 40, 50, 100s of employees.
They’ve tested every way under the sun of what’s working.

All you have to do is MODEL what they’re doing. No creativity, no innovation, no “improving” on what’s already working required on your part…

Just MODEL what’s working!

Making sense?

Could it be that easy.
Yes. Yes it can be.

Open to that?

Not sure if THIS is your thing or not, but it’s paying out millions and millions to its partners. No reason to make it complicated!

Just follow the SAME 21 steps and you can get similar results! Up to $10k and beyond paydays rolling your way like clockwork.

===> YES! I’m ready to follow a proven blueprint to get me up to $10k a month paydays, no guesswork required! I just put together the puzzle pieces!



[DFYE] 10th July 2017 “The “wake” of your past can hurt… The future can be NEW…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The “wake” of your past can hurt… The future can be NEW…
Heart nudging you to try something different and NEW?

Email Body Copy:

If your life is filled with too many ifs, ands, and buts…

Imagine blue ocean water, just beyond a sandy, pristine beach, fit for the opening scene of Baywatch…

Out on the ocean is a boat gliding over the water effortlessly.

If you look behind the boat?

It’s not David Hasseloff.

No, you see its wake.

The waves caused by what all the boat has DONE.

The WAKE doesn’t CARE what the boat OR the driver of the boat has done. It just shows the “results” of all the twists and turns and decisions the boat and driver have been making..


There’s two wakes WE leave behind…

One, is the results we’ve been generating.

It can show sales or struggle. Action or procrastination. Successes or losses. Broke or well-off. Promoted or fired. Admired or loathed.


It doesn’t care about excuses. Results are results. The wake will SHOW it all to us and others.

The other side of the wake is the people we love and care about and come into contact with on a daily basis.

Are they behind the boat surfing and tubing and laughing? Are they enriched by having us in their lives?

Or, are they shark bait? Chum? Out behind the boat bleeding and crying and hurting as a result of how we’re living, day by day?

Again, the wake doesn’t care about excuses, circumstances, or anything else.

The wake doesn’t care if we couldn’t toss the ball in the backyard with our son for a few minutes because of work deadlines…

The wake doesn’t care if we missed another dance recital of our daughter, niece, or granddaughter…

The wake doesn’t care if date nights with our spouse remain a “plan” yet rarely are a reality…

It simply is showing us WHAT IS.

Not sure if you relate at all?

I don’t know…

I find this incredibly powerful to think about.

Some of this comes down to how we decide to live our day to day life, no doubt about it.

Other parts of it? Comes down to us living life in full integrity and alignment with our “true” selves.

Making sense here?
What wake are we leaving behind?

Truly a great question to ponder over for a minute or three…

Not sure if you’re open to it?

Yet I’ve discovered that when you have more time, and more income? That it gives you more “breathing room” to making more of the right daily decisions in alignment with who you are.

And it gives you more time and freedom to be spending quality time with those who you love and care about dearly.

Leaving a wake behind that you’re proud of!

Open to hearing more?

===> YES! Going here right now.

Right now, there’s a few new students being accepted to going through these 21 Steps and getting personal coaching to helping them start down this path, sooner rather than later!

Coming straight from my heart.



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