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Saturday Mar 17, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails July 12 – 18, 2015

[DFYE] 18th July 2015 “You On Steroids”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

You On Steroids
Why You are More Powerful than Steroids
Why You’ll Always Be Stuck…Unless…

Email Body Copy:

Do you know that athletes who BELIEVE they are on steroids make similar strength gains to athletes who are really on steroids?

Crazy, right?

But real.
The gains they make are real. They really do get stronger. Weights don’t lie. They don’t lift themselves.

The mind is a powerful thing.

You may have heard about positive thinking and thought it was all BS.

But the “placebo effect”, like taking fake steroids and getting real results…proves that positive thinking is a real thing.

Not fake.

When you believe, you achieve.

So, how do you get yourself to believe you can achieve success with your own online business?

Well, one thing is for sure. You’ll never achieve it by working a dead-end 9-to-5 job.

What’s there to believe there?

But you can achieve it if you give MTTB a try.

It’s only $49 and –just like steroids- it’s guaranteed to work.

Get all the details here.



[DFYE] 17th July 2015 “Why You Procrastinate”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why You Procrastinate
How to Stop Procrastination
Harvard Study Proves Why You Procrastinate

Email Body Copy:

Two Harvard professors, Todd Rogers and Max Bazerman, conducted a study on procrastination.

The subjects were asked whether they would start a savings plan.

Some of the subjects were asked to start right away. Only 30 percent said they would.

The rest of the subjects were asked to start in the future. 77 percent of people said they would.


Because we care too much about today and not enough about the future.

We want to enjoy the present. We want immediate payoffs. Even if those immediate payoffs mean a worse future.

So, we’ll eat a candy bar because there is an immediate payoff (great taste). But we will skip a work out because we’ll gain weight in the future.

We will spend money today because there is an immediate payoff (new car!). But we won’t pay the price of less money for retirement until the distant future.

We will stay at our crappy job (immediate paycheck) instead of starting our own business which will payoff BIB in the future.

This is called “time inconsistency.

We want future benefits but we don’t want to give up immediate benefits to get them.

That’s what’s so great about MTTB.

You can start to build your own online empire without giving up immediate benefits. In just 30 minutes a day, 21 steps, you can start to earn big commissions.

In fact, if you follow the steps and don’t earn a commission in 30 days you get your money back. And MORE!

Click here to find out more.



[DFYE] 16th July 2015 “The Cure to Life’s Little Problems”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The Cure to Life’s Little Problems
How to Never Eat Bad Takeout
The Cure to Bad Chinese Takeout

Email Body Copy:

A woman from Alliance, Ohio just took ignorance to a whole new level.

The 44-year-old woman called 9-1-1 just to say that her Chinese food, “was not up to par for her liking.”

People do dumb things every second of every day. And what this woman did was on the level of a Neanderthal.

But what she did was also important.

Because she shows what every person wants, including you. A easy and quick way to deal with all the minor problems that pop in life.

She needed it when she ordered crappy Chinese food. For you it might be that bald spare tire you’ve been riding on for the past month but can’t replace with a real tire. Or maybe it’s not being able to do anything but sit in your apartment because you can’t afford to do anything else.

There is a cure to all these problems.

It’s called money.

With money, she could have travelled to China to eat. You could push your car off a cliff and buy a brand new one. You could leave your apartment behind and travel the world.

If only you had more money.

Lucky for you, Matt Lloyd has the perfect way for you to make more money than you could imagine.

In fact, Matt designed and used the exact same system to earn himself $51,373,00 over 5 years!

Matt will even put you in touch with a mentor who will guide you so that you can master the system and make enough money to take care of all of life’s little problems.

Matt’s system makes money so well that if you don’t make a commission within 30 days of finishing your training, he will write you a check for $500! That is 10 times the $49 you pay to join MTTB.

You will never deal with any payment processing, long phone calls, or customer service. All you will have to deal with is deciding how to spend your money.

This is your chance to take care of all of life’s little problems. If you are ready to make more money than you ever imagined, click below.



[DFYE] 15th July 2015 “The Secret Key to Making Money.”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The Secret Key to Making Money.
Why Being Successful is Like Being Pregnant.
Are You are Your Bank Account?

Email Body Copy:

Flash back to middle school English class.

What is an “analogy”?

The dictionary definition is going to be a comparison between two things to explain something.

For example:

“Success is like being pregnant. Everyone congratulates you but nobody knows how many times you got screwed.”


“Fear is a microwavable version of respect. It’s not as good but it’s a lot faster.”

The point is that something simple is compared to something complex so you can understand the complex thing.

Simplicity is vital to whether or not an analogy works.

But what does this have to do with you?

“Men are like bank accounts. Without a lot of money they don’t generate a lot of interest.”

It’s simple. Money gives you the power to do the things you want to do.

Like quitting your job where you work your ass off only to make money for someone else. Or to move out of your dump of an apartment into the place of your dreams. Or to start your own business.

How do you make money though?

Just like analogies, the key ingredient is simplicity. Because when something is simple you understand it. And when you understand something, you can master it.
If you have a simple way of making money then, you can master it.

And Matt Lloyd has the perfect system for you to do just that.

It’s simple. All you have to do is place ads on popular sites like Craigslist and Facebook and make sale’s commissions!

That’s it. You will never deal with any long phone calls, payment processing, or customer service.

It works so well that if you do not make a commission within 30 days of finishing your training, Matt will personally pay you $500! That is 10 times the $49 you pay to join MTTB!

Matt will even set you up with a mentor who will guide you one on one so that you can master the system and start making money like you can print it out.

This is your chance to master making money. If you are ready to make money like never before, click below.



[DFYE] 14th July 2015 “ Would More Cash Motivate You?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Would More Cash Motivate You?
Why More Cash Might Hold You Back
If You Need a Creative Financial Breakthrough…

Email Body Copy:

If You Need a Creative Financial Breakthrough…

Email Body Copy:

Do you like cash?

Silly question, right?

Everyone does. And everyone is motivated to work harder and produce better results if they are offered more cash.


Actually…as crazy as it may sound, cash rewards do NOT lead to improved performance.

At least, not always. And not even usually according to Daniel Pink in his recent book, Drive.

In fact, the research says that an offer of cash decreases the likelihood of his finding a creative solution to a problem.

What’s more likely to motivate people to find a creative solution?

Simply asking without offering any money!

Counter-intuitive, to say the least.

However, if the work is NOT creative, then cash DOES work.

For example, if you offer $1,000 to whoever can pack the most boxes in an hour, you will indeed see people packing boxes like there is no tomorrow. Packing boxes doesn’t involve creative thinking.

So why is that?

Shouldn’t incentives always lead to better performance?

Not necessarily. Pink argues that people naturally want to do good work.

And so, at the risk of oversimplifying, the best way to encourage good work is to get out of their way.

We thrive when we have the space to motivate ourselves. When we don’t have others looking over our shoulders, trying to ‘coax’ good work out of us by offering us carrots and threatening us with sticks.

So, if you need a creative financial breakthrough, you’re not going to get it in the carrot/stick world of corporate America.

You must own your business.

When you’re your own boss, you have plenty of space to do things in the way you want them done.

You have FREEDOM—freedom to motivate yourself. Without feeling confined by others’ demands and expectations.

MTTB is a great first step in that direction. Matt Lloyd has boiled it down into 21 steps. You’ll receive the resources you need to build your own online empire: training videos, invaluable information, even personal coaching.

And the freedom develop your own creative solutions to your financial challenges!

But maybe you’re already satisfied with your job. Maybe you already have lots of freedom; maybe you’re not constrained by the demands and expectations of others. Maybe you have all the resources you need to live out your natural desire to do good work.

If all that is true of you, maybe MTTB isn’t for you.

But if it’s not, don’t wait, check out:



[DFYE] 13th July 2015 “Is Your Job Disappearing?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Is Your Job Disappearing?
Will You Be Replaced by a 3D Printer?
How to Defeat the “Rise of the Machines”

Email Body Copy:

Advanced 3D printers through a process known as “bioprinting” can print basic, functioning human organs.

Crazy, right?

With the click of a button, we can print out blood vessels and skin tissue… which doctors can then use to help patients in need of these basic organs.

Some suggest that in the next two decades we’ll be able to print complex human organs. We’re talking kidneys and hearts.

That’s amazing.

And also a little scary if you work in certain industries…

If 3D printing can already create human organs, what’s to stop it from taking over the entire manufacturing industry? It only gets cheaper, faster, and more precise every day.

As 3D printing technology advances, more and more manufacturing work will be “outsourced” to printers.

Humans (you?) working in manufacturing will be replaced by machines. It’s inevitable; 3D printers will soon be able to do more work for less money.

Not even the “sweat shops” of developing countries will be able to compete with 3D printers.

This trend… where machines are beginning to push humans out of work… reaches far beyond the manufacturing industry.

Blue-collar work is disappearing. Or rather: machines are beginning to do it all… Faster, better, cheaper…

This is where MTTB comes in.

MTTB teaches you how to do the work that machines can’t do: creative work.

Creative work—entrepreneurial work—is the work of the future.

MTTB is a system Matt Lloyd developed that leverages the power of internet marketing. Think of it as a doorway out of the dying world of blue-collar work, and an entrance into the dawning world of entrepreneurial work.

In 21 steps Matt shows you everything you need to know to make commissions online.

That’s something 3D printers will never be able to take away from you!

And if you don’t make a commission within 30 days, Matt will give you 10 times your money back!

$49 to enter the brave, new world of creative, entrepreneurial work.

Get started here.



[DFYE] 12th July 2015 “Competitive Eating and Online Biz Success”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Competitive Eating and Online Biz Success
Hot Dogs and Online Success
Baseball, Hot Dogs and Online Success

Email Body Copy:

Last week America celebrated Independence Day.

And Nathan’s Hot Dogs held its annual hot dog eating contest.

And the 9-year champion, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, was defeated by Matt Stonie.

Stonie at 62 hot dogs in ten minutes.

Chestnut ate 60.

What does this have to do with your online success?

Well, you may not want to hear this…especially if you’re an American used to “immediate binging gratification…but success does not come like food in an eating contest.

You can’t just shovel in as much information as you can. You can’t just implement a bunch of bad ideas and hope some of them will pay off.


You have to implement steadily. You can to break it down into bite-sized, daily chunks.

And the results will come.

Slowly at first, but then steadily. And if you follow a proven system the results will get bigger and bigger.

If you try to be an “overnight success” you’ll end up like most of those competitive eaters…vomiting up all your early gains. Not getting any real nourishment from all that stuff you binged on.

If you want real, proven success, you need a guaranteed 21-step system.

That’s MTTB.

Follow the steps, earn a commission in 30 days, or get your money back.

No bingeing, no vomiting, no hot dogs.

Just real, proven online money-making results.

Celebrate your independence by click here….



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