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Saturday Apr 21, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails July 17th – 23rd, 2017

[DFYE] 23rd July 2017 “Want a business that withers? Or stands strong?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Want a business that withers? Or stands strong?
Makes sure your commissions keep rolling in…

Email Body Copy:

Shiny object syndrome? THIS is what’ll keep money coming your way, year by year…

Do you know what a Perennial or Evergreen business is?

A perennial plant is one you bury ONCE and it keeps coming back year after year…

…Stronger and stronger.

Evergreen is something that never goes out of style, or withers up…

It’s a business, or content, that’s always relevant, always on demand.

A book like To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, is a Perennial Bestseller.

Markets like Health, Wealth, and Relationships are EVERGREEN…

These are usually the areas you’ll want to focus on 99% of the time.

NOT on the fly-by-night offers and markets that are out there, loud and pretty as they all may look…

Plant perennials and evergreens, and you can be reaping a nice income year after year, with a STABLE business or GARDEN…

Stick with these things and you’re golden!

This is one thing that I considered when deciding where I’d place my focus…

It’s in a rock-solid, evergreen market.

And, it’s a Perennial Bestseller. In a business that’s been paying out millions and millions in commissions, year after year after year…

===> Check it out here.



[DFYE] 22nd July 2017 “Need a side income? Can’t decide what to do?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Need a side income? Can’t decide what to do?
Overwhelmed by OPPORTUNITY?
Bombarded by choices, choices, choices!!

Email Body Copy:

What’s going to be the one thing that YOU will be able to do? Try this…

Used to, you could only get your coffee black. Cowboys drank it so black they say you could stand a spoon up in it


You’re bombarded with fifty-eleven different options to choose from.

Shuffle into a Starbucks…

And there’s mocha, decaf, frap, capp, almond, coconut milk, soy, lattes, iced hot or steamed!

You can get confused in there just trying to get a simple cup of coffee, right?

Today, we’re not feigning for options. We’re overwhelmed with too many GOOD CHOICES…

What helps to decide where to start?

It’s realizing they may ALL be good choices you’re looking at.

It’s not a matter of, this will work, and that won’t.


It’s important to realize you probably won’t want to stick with just one thing as you’re growing your side-income…

Most authors have more than one book in them. Most musicians have more than one song or album in them…

Most actors star in more than just one flick…

…You’re likely the same!


What I’d take a deeper look at… is in choosing the best PLATFORM for you to start and build from.

That platform will be the STAGE you will perform all your other profitable performances off of…


I’ve found nothing better here than by having a platform that generates High Ticket commissions and sales for you…

Hard to do other things and experience freedom… when you’re only getting $27 – $47 commission checks cut to you…

However, when you’re getting commissions like $1,250… $3,300… $5,500 regularly being added to your bank accounts…

THAT is a PLATFORM you can build from!

Hope this makes sense?

I want the Dot Com Lifestyle, the freedom a business set-up like this brings you…

You too?

Here’s the platform I’m using…

===> YES! Show me the Dot Com Lifestyle and how I can make this my platform!



[DFYE] 21st July 2017 “Automated Profits? YES! But not this 1 thing…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Automated Profits? YES! But not this 1 thing…
He learned leverage doesn’t mean lazy…

Email Body Copy:

You can automate nearly your entire online business, just not this one thing…

Focus on this one thing, automate the rest, and up to $10k paydays may be in the bag for you…

Are you currently The Champion in your business that handles the marketing?

It’s one of the KEY things you don’t want to 100% pass on for others to handle for you.

As Peter Drucker says…

“Your product needs a champion. Someone who says, ‘I am going to make this succeed,’and then goes to work on it.”

And as Peter Thiel says in his classic book, Zero to One… “If you don’t see any sales-people around, you’re the salesperson.”

Because WHO should make the time if not you? What does it say if a person is not willing to roll up their own sleeves and get to work here?

Who should, or will, be more invested in your business and life and your personal success than you?

The cool part is?

Marketing something you’re passionate about is very FUN and REWARDING!

You can pass on the more boring non-essentials for others to handle for you.

Bringing you more fun and profits along the way.

Make sense?

Now this doesn’t mean you can’t leverage. In fact, far from it!

Focus on marketing, generating leads… And you can nearly automate the entire process from lead to sales from there…

You can master one lead-generation strategy, such as FB Ads for example… (There are several others that work well too.)

You focus on that…

And pass these leads into a system that will follow-up and handle the rest…


I personally use this system…

===> YES! Show me what you’re using…

Doesn’t take a lot of time each day to run, and doesn’t require much of any tech skills either!

Yet, it may result in sales up to $10k rolling your way, all by doing what I mentioned here in today’s note, and by tapping into leveraged systems that work for you…



[DFYE] 20th July 2017 “Over 80% of your success depends on THIS…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Over 80% of your success depends on THIS…
Increases income near instantly… (Don’t get this wrong!)

Email Body Copy:

Getting sales is easy as pie if you get these 2 things right…

“What? You talkin’ to ME…?”

(Doing my best DeNiro impression there.)

When it comes to growing an online business that you’d bet the farm on…

Most of all your success will come down to your OFFER… And your AUDIENCE…

Very little of your success will depend on your writing skills and marketing prowess.

Yet, there’s a lot of people that don’t consider who their audience is, and who they WANT their audience to be.

Think you’d talk differently to a retiree that wants supplemental income, and wants to spend more time with his grandkids…

…Than you would a college dropout or 20-something that’s tech savvy, and wants to travel the world and party hard?

Of course…

And the more you can drill down and talk to a specific audience, the more sales you’ll be rolling your way!

Who to target?

That’s up to you!

But looking at your own age, circumstances and desires are a good place to start, right?


Helps to consider WHERE this person is in their business and life as well.

Are they just experiencing symptoms right now, and are beginning to look for a solution?

…No free time.
…Tired of Alarm Clocks.
…Little time for nice vacations.
…Hate their j-o-b and their cohorts.

Or, have they past that stage, to wanting to build an online business… and they want to focus on high ticket commissions and sales?

You’d 100% PERCENT talk to these people differently, depending on where they are at.

It’s the difference between meeting a girl at a bar who never has seen you before…

And you give her “the look.” The nod. You know the nod and look, right? She stares back at you, confused…

And fully thinking you’re crazy!

Yet, imagine this guy sitting at home with his WIFE, he looks at her, gives her the look, sports a quick nod and says…

“Hey, you wanna….??”

That’s all it takes! Three words and she’s game! Because there at “that point” in their relationship.

That’s all it takes.
Making sense?

If someone knows, likes, and trust you? Maybe they’ve bought 2-3 things from you…
It won’t take much more than announcing a new product and they’re punching the buy now button.

(You’re at the, “Hey, you wanna?” stage.)

If they don’t know you from Adam, then you have to start the dance from there.

Hope this all helps!

Have you checked out the 21 Step System I’m using? It’s for folks ready to build a very profitable online business, rolling you near Done For You High Ticket Commissions your way…

You just simply follow their easy process to sending them leads… Easy as 1-2-3…
Would be honored if you checked it out…

===> YES! Lemme Check It DFY High Ticket Paydays Up To $10k!



[DFYE] 19th July 2017 “How to make more and stress less…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How to make more and stress less…
What’s your RULES for success?

Email Body Copy:

Ignore this “tip” at your own peril…

Are you using PLANS or RULES to bring you more time, income, and freedom? =


A nice woman is at a party, and the host offers her wine. She’s decided ahead of time that she doesn’t want to consume any alcohol…

Yet, they persist.

“We’ve bought your favorite wine!” they say. They keep testing, pressuring, and putting her on guilt trips.

Till either she’s miserable or caves in and has a cup or three.

Yet, she had PLANNED not to drink, right?

Now imagine, this same woman was 3 months pregnant.

She has a cut and dry RULE that she will in no circumstances consume any alcohol.

End. Of. Story.

See the difference in setting plans and having firm RULES in your life?


Imagine you’re working on growing your side business up to $10k months… You know this effort will eventually set you free from the shackles most are tied down to for life.

However, a friend does not have the same plans to ESCAPE as you do… And he wants you to go out and have some fun times with him.

Dinner. Movie. Ballgame. Whatever .

What will you do?


Imagine in this same scenario, he asks you to go out with him, yet you had already booked a plane ticket to a vacation spot, and you were on your way to the airport.

Would you have a problem saying NO in THIS scenario?

Likely, NO!

Because… you have a DESTINATION and a CLEAR PURPOSE to what you’re doing.

Interesting, right?

With a set of RULES you’ll live by.

And a clear DESTINATION of where you want to go.

Coupled with a step-by-step ROADMAP to help guide you along the way…

The world is your oyster, and your grand plans are just a matter of staying the course.


===> Here’s the plan I use…

Want to join me?

Have to run!



PS Two great rules I recommend for you set up right away is, 1) set a time to work your business, and, 2) set a time you’ll look at distraction activities like checking email, Social Media, etc. You got this! 🙂

[DFYE] 18th July 2017 “Struggling to find what’s working NOW?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Struggling to find what’s working NOW?
Is your business at RISK? Yes if…

Email Body Copy:

Doing all the right things won’t save you if you’re doing THIS wrong…

Your business can be booming one second, and crumbling down the next…

One of man’s biggest mistakes when things are going well, is thinking things will STAY that way forever…

…Until, the calamity strikes.
…It ALWAYS strikes.

Yet, you can equip yourself for change.
You can protect yourself.

For example…

Running FB Ads can be a great way for you to generate more leads and sales…

Yet recently, folks profitable ads and accounts are getting shut down without any notice or warning.

They’re ads are relevant, and they’re getting positive feedback, yet, that does not matter one bit!

The Ad and Profit Killer?

It’s from getting NEGATIVE feedback. When client’s click the link, that they want to stop seeing YOUR STUFF?

Then you can be put in a place of serious risk!

The solution is to put together Ads people actually enjoy. That add value.

Focus on USER experience… And put out more and more GREAT CONTENT…

This can save you from getting a profitable ad or your account shutdown…

Now, without that 411?

This could cost you a lot of profit. And a lot of frustration and confusion…

And my point to this note?

This is why you need ongoing support and help, so you always know what’s working NOW… Not last month or last year.

Making sense?

Find a way to do that, and your chances of success will be much much higher.

Hope this helps!

This is one reason I love M.O.B.E. and the 21 Step System so much…

You’re getting coaching, training, support, access to private FB Groups, so you know how to get up to $10k months, and beyond, by using what’s working NOW…

…Saving the struggle.
…Skipping straight to what’s working.

Step 1 to starting is going here…

===> YES! I’m ready to discover what’s working NOW! Getting the support and help I’ll need to do this without a hitch!



PS Do you have the support you need to aid you in your success? Always let in on insider’s info as to what’s working now?

===> Want that? Go here now…

[DFYE] 17th July 2017 “Lacking support in your online business?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Lacking support in your online business?
Hey, is your name on this list? (Check to see…)

Email Body Copy:

Want to KNOW that this business will work for you? Help from others already doing it would be nice?

Check out these few names here, and I’ll tell you what is so interesting about this, and how it directly involves you today…

…Deborah, a former school-teacher, has made over $72,000 and was able to retire early.

…Shaqir’s made over $2.7 million.

…Husband and wife, Michelle and Bill have earned over $787,000.

…Yevgen has rolled in over $56,000.

…Becca, a mother of two, made over $100,000 within her first 6 months alone.

…John has brought in over 2.1 million in commissions.

Now, I could go on and on and on…

Case Studies and Success Stories are nice and all… because they can give us added confidence in a system.

We see what’s possible. If we use what they use, and do what they do, we can get similar results, right?

But here’s why I wanted to send a brief note out to you today…

What if, you were getting personal help FROM many of the success stories you’re seeing right now?

…And countless others just like them.

Wouldn’t that be helpful?

See, usually…

Most just show you testimonials, yet you don’t even know if they’re real, much less getting help from people who have cracked the code somehow, and are making it work for them every single week.

Now, I can’t personally promise who will be in the group from day to day, but one of the best things about MOBE, is we’re like family.

After you’re signed up and ready to earn, you will be put in our private FB Group, and you’ll be getting the help you need to succeed…

Help from folks that are doing very, very well with this exact same system you’ll be using!

If you come across a hurdle in this business?
Or should I say, WHEN you do?

There’s already someone there that has been there done that. And they’re here, willing to help you out.


PLUS… You’re getting a 1-on-1 coach as well!
Can’t beat that, right?

===> Open to trying this out and getting the full and ongoing support you need?

To your success!



PS Look, we don’t always get the support we need at home, from friends and family. It’s sure nice to have a spot to go, and get all the support we need. To celebrate our successes, and to lift us up and pat us on the back to get through any rough patches…

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