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Saturday Feb 24, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails July 3rd – 9th, 2017

[DFYE] 9th July 2017 “HR says it’s a CURE-ALL to happiness and profits…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

HR says it’s a CURE-ALL to happiness and profits…
Do this one thing. Watch your income grow…

Email Body Copy:

If you’re waking up out of bed every day with any other feeling than excitement for what lies ahead…

Check out this quote from popular author and Lifestyle Design Guru, Timothy Ferriss “Excitement is the more practical synonym for happiness, and it is precisely what you should strive to chase. It is the cure-all.”

Incredible advice from the 4-Hour Workweek advocate that’s changed the lives of countless thousands and thousands around the globe…

If you’re trying to make money in a way that is not incredibly EXCITING for you?

That keeps you up there on cloud nine?

Then aim to step up the excitement factor.

As Ferriss says, that’s where all happiness comes from!

Something that lights your soul on fire, and makes you want to pop out of bed everyday with a giant smile plastered across your pretty face.

Step up the excitement factor. Watch the effect it has on your income.



PS I found that getting $27 commission checks didn’t really light my soul on fire and motivate me to do more… ==>> This did though!

[DFYE] 8th July 2017 “Saves hours and hours, yet skyrockets your income?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Saves hours and hours, yet skyrockets your income?
Too much to do? Where to start?

Email Body Copy:

If there’s never enough time left in the day…

There was a little digital training released earlier this year, under $100, yet promised to save hours and hours of work time each week…

Different “hacks” to bring in more revenue, no more late nights working, helping you get stuff done, much much easier.

Was subtitled something like: Scientist-Verified “Big Bangs” for your best year ever.


One of the big takeaways there was this strategy by Richard Koch, the guy that really brought the 80/20 methods to light.

80/20 is basically, 80% of results come from 20% of our efforts.

80% of sales comes from 20% of your customers. Etc. etc….

Now last I checked, he’s worth over $373 million.

Not too shabby!

Yet get this, his income goes up up up every year, but he works very little in actual HOURS on the J-O-B.

Here’s in part how he does it, and why I wanted to share this note with you today…

Say it’s Monday morning, Richard has written down the most important thing he needs to get done that week.

The thing that will have the greatest impact on his income and life.

Just one thing.

And he does NOTHING ELSE until that is done.

He tackles IT ALONE.

Sometimes he’s done before NOON.

Other times, may take him till 2:00-3:00.

But then he’s done, for the week!

Imagine, it’s early Monday afternoon, and your most urgent thing for the entire week is complete. No worrying, stressing, procrastinating over it. It’s just done.

Nice, right?

The rest of the time, he’s writing books, doing other things he enjoys and keeps involved in.

My first thought was, yeah, he’s on a different level than me. I can’t do just “one thing” and be done for the week!

But I realized, it’s the PRINCIPLE that is so, so powerful here.


For example…

What if you have 2 hours a day to work on your internet lifestyle business?

And your #1 needle-mover task you’ve determined, is to set-up an FB Ad this week, and start out at a $5 a day budget… so you can tweak your numbers etc. to getting it profitable…

See how the principle comes into play within that 2 hour window?

It means no email, no social media, no reading or watching videos, no YouTube, no doing anything else except that one needle-mover activity!

That’s it! Just tackle it with pig-headed determination…

Massive opportunity lies in this strategy!

Of course, the power is in implementing it.

Cool cool stuff, right?

Have to run, but just a heads up?

This is one reason I love this 21 Step System so much…

It’s based all around doing the “few things” that are the most important to bringing in the highest possible profits to you…

And letting others do all the rest, so we can chill and have an actual lifestyle and all. 🙂

If you’re interested…

===> Check this out ASAP…



PS There’s a generous guarantee you’ll make income with this. And testimonials are coming out the wazoo… How long are you willing to wait to focus on the 20% and start seeing your own commission checks flooding in like clockwork with this?

[DFYE] 7th July 2017 “The opposite of clarity is BROKE…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The opposite of clarity is BROKE…
Confused? Frustrated? Poisoning your plans?

Email Body Copy:

Was confused, distracted, vague… And then this happened…

Chaos and frustration are emotions that are poison to any living goal.

Gaining crystal clear clarity about what you REALLY WANT, is the cure-all.

As author Vera Nazarian says, “In the kingdom of glass everything is transparent, and there is no place to hide a dark heart.”

Why’s having this so important to getting you up to $10,000 months and higher?

Because the battle is won or lost, every single day, by either doing the things that will bring you towards your goals…

Day after day after day, or, by following the next shiny object begging for your attention.

And when that resistance creeps up?

Will saying a generalized goal to yourself like I’d like to make more income, or I’d like to have automated income be enough to send an email, or to set up another Ad, or to write a new blog post?

My simple invitation is to dig down a little deeper. Maybe a LOT deeper. Until what you discover lights you up like Vegas as midnight…

For example, there’s a training from a while back, and a guy was being helped live, in a room full of hundreds of other entrepreneurs.

He wasn’t getting things done. He needed clarity.

He thought his big goal was “freedom.” But what’s that mean? Can mean something totally different for each of us, right?

Drilling down…

Freedom to him meant more time with his kids.

OK… Doing what with them??


OK… Where?

Disney World.

Why Disney World?

Well, he said, me and my boys have always had this bond and hobby with Robotics. It’s our thing.

It would be so amazing to have the freedom to travel around the world with them and go to all of the Disney World’s that have the Robotics Rides…


They drilled a little deeper…

But you could see this guys eyes light up right then and there.

Next time the resistance creeps in, he doesn’t just think in vague terms of freedom. Now he thinks about this, and his clarity is powerful enough to help him get. things. done.


Hope this is helpful to you. Dig down a little deeper for yourself. Give yourself this gift today, and I think it will truly serve you well.

As you can clarity, and you need a system that may give you the time and income to get you there, then I’d be honored for you to discover the system I personally use, and love…

===> With this new clarity and this proven to work crazy well system, I’m ready to go!

It’s helped countless others get the clarity, freedom, and profits they desire and deserve.




[DFYE] 6th July 2017 “Want big commissions? Don’t like PHONES?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Want big commissions? Don’t like PHONES?
Tired of talking to tire-kickers on the PHONE?

Email Body Copy:

No more telling the kids to “hush up” cause you’re tied up on the phone…
You’re still getting to keep the commissions up to $10k…

This is the true freedom funnel…

Unless you were born with a Motorola strapped to your ear, most of us don’t like the idea of getting on the phone to close deals and make sales every day…

…You’re up at all time zones.

…You can’t leverage your time.

…It’s not too “lifestyle” friendly, is it?

It’s frustrating having to tell the kids, the mate, and the dog to…

… “Shhh!! Hush up!”

When you’d rather be spending your precious and limited time with them.


And maybe you’re introverted or shy, and the butterflies in your stomach are making things even worse.

However, very few things SELL high ticket programs as well as hopping on the phone, and having a real conversation with someone…

Makes it 1-on-1.

You can HEAR a person’s pains, struggles, dreams and goals…

And you’ll be able to SERVE them at the highest level, and determine if your offer is the right FIT for them or not.

Sounds like quite the conundrum.

It’s time intensive. Not lifestyle friendly or FUN, for most… Yet, it works like nothing else…

The solution?

Well, this is RARE and you won’t likely find anything like this anywhere else…

Yet, what if a few coaches, the best in the world at their craft, who love serving and making mutually-beneficial deals over the phones…

…Were on the lines, closing the deals FOR YOU all day every day?

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Would allow you to be enjoying lucrative commissions WITH the lifestyle to boot?

That’s why I’m so excited about this program, that’s like no other…

===> YES! I’m ready to get off the phones, talking to tire-kickers, and let someone else do all the hard work for me!

You “might” can set something like this up yourself, and that’s completely kosher with me.

I just prefer the easier route…

I send them leads following a simple 1-2-3 process. They handle the rest.

PS You could see yourself as the next featured success story in as soon as a few weeks from now… Ready to try this out, risk-free, right now?

===> 21 Steps to living life on YOUR TERMS and getting everything YOU DESIRE…


[DFYE] 5th July 2017 “Labeled an Info-Junkie? Think you procrastinate?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Labeled an Info-Junkie? Think you procrastinate?
Friends telling you to just give up on your GRAND PLANS?

Email Body Copy:

Thinking something’s wrong with you because you can’t stick with one thing?

I don’t want this to keep a good man or woman down for another second…

Before most people make financial and lifestyle breakthroughs… And possibly even make it REALLY big unexpectedly…

There’s a “phase” of trying many, many different things out at first.

And a terrible thinking that’s floating around is that this will “label” you as an info-junkie.

Or, someone who can’t commit.

Can make you feel like you’re lazy, a procrastinator, or have the focus of….”squirrel!”

Worse off, well-meaning friends and family may tell you to just give it up already!

To forget about creating a better life for yourself and your family, leaving a legacy behind that you’ll be proud of…

And to just accept the NORM. The humdrum mediocre, 9-5, tv dinner life.

My discoveries on this?

This actually PROVES that you have a very VERY valuable trait!

It shows you have the WILLINGNESS to succeed! To not give up, to keep on keeping on until you hit your destination.

You feeling me here?

Isn’t a THING wrong with you my friend.

Just the opposite.

You just haven’t found the right system yet that’s well-suited to take YOU where YOU want to go.

Took Einstein 1000s of times to figure things out before his big breakthrough…

Oprah tried many different things out before she discovered her true genius that ended up making her a BILLIONAIRE.

And, it may take you a few tries too.

Hi-fives and a pat on the back to you for sticking to it.

Don’t give up!

Not sure if you’ve tried being a High-Ticket Digital Consultant yet??

If not, this might just be the thing you’ve been searching high and low to discover…

===> You’re not an info-junkie! You just need the right plan, a simple plan that

===> 21 Steps to living life on YOUR TERMS and getting everything YOU DESIRE…


[DFYE] 4th July 2017 “Need SUPPORT to get to $10K paydays?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Tired of seeing other’s successes? If you’re ready to focus on YOU…
Are you living life on your terms? Or comparing yourself with others??

Email Body Copy:

Seeing all their big income pics? “Incredible” lifestyles? Their smiling faces 24/7/365??

When you’re researching a new opportunity, or are looking at the ads displayed across the Internet…

Usually, you’re met only with people’s, gurus, and experts successes. The GOOD LIFE they are living…

The big commission checks they’re bringing in. The sports cars. The nice homes. The beach vacations.

The smiling faces of all those around them…
All that’s great and all. Can help to motivate you and see what’s possible.

However, I think it MAY BE important to also see that we don’t know much of ANYTHING of what’s going on beneath the surface?

May not know if this person is on their 4th marriage because they’re a workaholic?

Could be up to their ears in debt? OR… they could be “happy happy happy”, rich, free, and doing what they love.

The point is, it doesn’t help us much to judge, positive or negative. Because what they earn, and how they live, is out of our control.

Making sense?

I’m reminded of Seneca’s words…

“Slavery often resides beneath marble and Gold.”

What we see on the surface can distract us from hitting OUR GOALS.

And that’s the purpose of today’s note. It gives us power.

We can now focus on US. You. I.

We know OUR terms. Our wants. The life WE want to be living.

And that’s all that should matter, right?

Hope this all helps…

===> 21 Steps to living life on YOUR TERMS and getting everything YOU DESIRE…


[DFYE] 3rd July 2017 “Need SUPPORT to get to $10K paydays?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Need SUPPORT to get to $10K paydays?
From lawnmower to millionaire?? (Try this…)

Email Body Copy:

Took him from up to $800 months, struggling, to 7-figure month’s… month after month…

Can I tell you an interesting story that can send a lot of dollars and extra free time to you over the next 30 days or so?

In a land, far, far away…

A young man pushed a lawnmower. Back and forth across the lawn he went… Clipping down the weeds and green grass…

Holding them at bay for another seven days in the scorching Australian summer sun, before he’d have to do it all over again…

Saving some of these “lawn clipping” profits…
He got involved in online businesses. But he realized it wasn’t so easy as many people had been preaching to him.

He also knew he didn’t want to mow yards for the rest of his life.

Creating and selling your own products can take a LOT of time. Especially if you have a full schedule from a J-O-B or family.


He spent 100s and 100s of hours creating and testing products and marketing. And when things started to really change for him financially?

He had started at that point with a tiny little e-book. It was packed full of value.
Yet, the difference was…

He’d follow-up VIA phone with the buyers, helping them out, and licensing out his products, so these folks could profit from all the hard work HE HAD done…

They’d make most all the profits, and he’d make a small cut on the backend, and put most of that back into the business to support his partners and the company’s growth…

He went from making around $800 a month, to over $300K a month. Then it turned into over a million a month…

(And it’s only been growing, growing, growing ever since…)

All by solving a major problem that was preventing many from having the success online they COULD be seeing in their lives.

Nearly the only difference today?

Matt doesn’t make all the calls himself.

He’s got a top-notch team of PROS and Super-Servers ready and willing to help and aid others in this business.

Helping YOU, as a dedicated partner in profits, if you’re down for that??

You, as a partner, will be following the step-by-step system to generating quality leads… And the system follows up for you and handles the rest of the workload.

Sound cool?

This can lead in landing you consistent sales up to $3k, $5k, $10k and beyond…

Happens every. single. Day.

When do you want to see sales like this coming your way??

No reason to do it alone.

This is PROVEN to bring in big PAYDAYS. And we’re just getting started with this incredible opportunity…

===> YES! I’m in.



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