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Tuesday Mar 20, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails June 12th – 18th, 2017

[DFYE] 18th June 2017 “$10K Testimonial and why I LOVE IT.”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

$10K Testimonial and why I LOVE IT.
If she did it. I can do it…

Email Body Copy:

The likes and comments she’s getting is incredible! Her response though…

(Affiliate name) dropping by…

Nice lady recently posted up a screen-shot where she’s already pulled in over $10k.

Most of all that rolling in from one sale.

Now I LOVE seeing others succeed. Makes me giddy with joy seeing all the likes and congratulatory comments she’s getting…

Also has me fist-pumping in the air, because it means if one person can do it?

Then I can do it too. You can do it too.

In the comments, people started asking HOW she did it.

And she didn’t leave them hanging!

She revealed exactly how she did it. How anyone can do it. By revealing a link to a video she simply followed, step-by-step…

A link that all members to that private FB Group have, sitting in their member’s area, waiting for them to use…

And I’m sure most ARE right now, because it was so simple and easy to implement.

And that’s the difference between a failure and a success with anything, isn’t it?

Those who SEE the HOW, and keep on with the grind.

And those that SEE the HOW… and they go give it a shot, ASAP.

Want to know how she did it?

So you can DO IT too?

That’s the cool part of the support and the sharing freely given inside this business model… PLUS the clearly laid out plan inside the member’s areas on exactly what you’ll need to do to succeed with this…

===> It all starts here…



[DFYE] 17th June 2017 “30-60 minutes ONCE? Unlocks $10K paydays?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

30-60 minutes ONCE? Unlocks $10K paydays?
Your SUPERPOWER (inside this note…)

Email Body Copy:

Try this if you are dissatisfied with your job, income, or any other area of your life…

30 to 60 minutes of doing this could result in an extra $10k a month in profits, ongoing…

In The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series, there’s a villain that has a disorder called CIPA.

(Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis)

Basically means he can’t feel any pain.

Coupled with his boxing skills, it makes him a formidable and seemingly unbeatable foe.

It’s like he has a SUPERPOWER.

Yet, is it?

CIPA is a very real disorder.

Would seem great to be immune to pain, right?


People who have this disorder rarely live past their early years.

A baby doesn’t scream when it has a high fever, because it can’t feel anything.

Babies and poor little kiddos even gnaw off their tongues and rub their corneas raw, damaging their eye-sight for life.

In the later years…

They’ll break their legs, and not realize it till weeks later when they can’t walk.

Doesn’t seem so much like a superpower now, does it?

Crazy stuff.

Here’s the thing about PAIN.

It can SERVE us.
Acting as a beacon.

Informing us of an area of our life that needs our undivided attention.

Your superpower?

It’s your intuition. That “gut feeling”

you get.

And you tap into it whenever you sense the “beacon” of a pain in your life. And you don’t ignore it.

It gets your full attention.

Making sense?

The warning sirens of the pains in your life could start loudly chirping off in an area of your health, wealth, or relationships.

Maybe you’re always tired.

You rarely ENJOY your life.

Could be tired of arguing with people you love.

Making good income, but hate what you do.

All pains, pains, and more pains…

If you’re making decent coin? But when you look in the mirror, you’re feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, knowing you could be doing and being so much more?

That’s the beacon of pain sounding its alarm.

It could mean YOU are living out of authenticity with the real YOU that YOU want to be, for YOU.

The question is…

What are you going to do about it?

Will you listen to the Beacon when it sounds its sirens for you?

Spending 30 to 60 minutes on this… Finding the current pains. The beacons sounding off right now.

Searching for any areas that you’re living out of authenticity with yourself.

And then brainstorming with a pad and pen the different solutions and things you can start doing right away…

That can be the turning point, the catalyst to building the dream income and lifestyle that you desire, deserve, and that is in full harmony with your awesome authentic self.

I’d LOVE for you to spend just 30-60 minutes on this, and then you’ll be ready to begin the path to financial freedom and prosperity, IF this looks to be a good fit for you…

Either way, I hope today’s note helps you!

===> Yes! I did the 30-60 minute exercise, now I’m ready to begin the path to my first $10k on the side…


[DFYE] 16th June 2017 “Why “how-to” doesn’t put food on the table…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why “how-to” doesn’t put food on the table…
Why most “How-To” junkies are miserable and broke…

Email Body Copy:

He’s bought a few courses, yet he’s just watching others doing it and getting all the results…

There’s a big crowd of people online called….

Sedated Success Spectators

They have the tendency to Buy. To watch others. And to do nothing themselves…

Searching high and dry for the perfect “HOW-TO” miracle that’ll hand them the result they’re after.

The reality of WHAT IS?
You never lack the how-to.
Most are lacking the ACTIVE, functional WANT-TO.
Achievement is about movement, not rumination.
A boy doesn’t want to clean his room. You wouldn’t give him a How To Clean Your Room manual.

The problem is the WANT-TO.

Making sense?
If someone came up to you and said they’d give you $1 million if you’d add 100 people to your email list in the next 30 days…
Or if you’d put up one FB Ad to drive leads to your website…

Or if you’d create an irresistible offer and tell at least 25 people about it…

Think you could do it?
For a million bucks?

I think we’d all find a way, right?

So it’s all about want-to.
Do we want it bad enough?

Will we CHOOSE to take action?
Or will we choose to remain on the sidelines?

It always boils down to the choices we make, and the actions we can take.

Asking yourself that million-dollar question whenever you’re stuck on doing something, can REALLY help put things into perspective!

To see… either I choose to get it done. Or I choose not to.

And it’s these choices that puts us in the exact spot we’re currently at in

our lives.
We choose.
We decide.
Isn’t live grand? 🙂

Not sure if you’d be open to a system that can bring you in steady paychecks up to $1k to $10K and higher?

It’s already paid out millions in commissions to teachers, retirees, students, folks from all walks of life.

So it WORKS and works WELL.

But you’ll have to CHOOSE whether to invest, go through the system, and let it work for you or not…

As always, the ball’s in your court.

===> Yes! Show me the system! I choose to get started and getting up to $10k sales…



[DFYE] 15th June 2017 “$47 VS $10,000 commissions… (Which is harder to get?)”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

$47 VS $10,000 commissions… (Which is harder to get?)
$47 VS $10,000 (Which do you prefer?)

Email Body Copy:

Is it harder to haul in big ticket paydays?

(Affiliate name) dropping by…

Rolling in $10K commission checks online is no harder than banking on a $47 sale.

That’s like saying that it’s harder to swing a Golf Driver, that can send the ball soaring over 300 yards…

Than to swing a putter that’ll scoot your ball 20-30’.

Making sense?
It’s not harder.
Quite the opposite, in fact.

It’s just a different SKILL.

A skill that could be sending an extra $10K plus a month your way, month after month after month…

Open to learning how to swing for the big ticket, lucrative paydays?

===> YES! Show me how to roll in Big Paydays!



PS Imagine getting pinged VIA email of your first $10,000 SALE NOTIFICATION! How much longer are you willing to wait to making that happen? In your corner. 🙂

[DFYE] 14th June 2017 “Want to build a list? Don’t know what to WRITE?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Want to build a list? Don’t know what to WRITE?
Simple Way to SALES and INFLUENCE…

Email Body Copy:

Staring at a blank page not knowing what you’ll say to bring home the bacon?

Quick lesson for you today that can put a lot of extra greenbacks in your wallet…

I often get the question, “I’d like to build an email list, have a blog and talk to my market, but what in the world do I say?”

“How do I get started?”
“How do I get SALES?”


Follow the Hero’s Journey.

Heard of it?

It’s a FORMULA that almost every single human on this earth gets, bonds and resonates with on a deep level.

You can Google it. YouTube it. And find loads of information about it.

For a hilarious and good breakdown… head over to YouTube and search for The Hero’s Journey, Glove and Boots.

Again, it’s simple enough to get…

Nearly every story has a relatable character, in an ordinary world.

He’s called to an adventure.

He doubts himself, or refuses the call at first.

Then, he encounters a mentor.

He battles an enemy. There’s conflict.

And there’s always a reward.

That’s it in a nutshell

Again, this applies to nearly EVERY MOVIE or STORY in existence…

Take Star Wars for example…

Luke Skywalker lives on a farm with his aunt and uncle.

He’s called to an adventure, yet is reluctant to go, wanting to stay and help on the farm.

He accepts his calling, and meets his mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi.

His enemy is Darth Vader.

He also has an inner enemy that holds him back. He doesn’t believe in himself.

He gets over his inner demons and learns the force, eventually saving the galaxy.

Cool, right?

See how you can use this formula in your business?

Yep. Just follow along with the format.

And here’s an advanced tip for you to chew on a bit

Always make your CUSTOMER the HERO. Not you. Help them to see and believe in the simple plan (the force) that will help them reach their destination.

And you won’t need to “convince” and “sell” your product (The light saber.)


Enough nerdy for you for one day.

Hope this helps!

===> The 21 Step System I’m Using Personally… (see if you can spot the Hero’s Journey in the video



[DFYE] 13th June 2017 “Working Hard? Not where you want to be in life?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Working Hard? Not where you want to be in life?
Tired of just “getting by?”

Email Body Copy:

Seem like you’re working so hard yet have so little to show for it?

1” shifts in perspective can totally turn around our lives for the better.

Here’s one:
You can work hard to get ahead. Or you can work hard to get by.

See, most people work hard to get by. A landscaper or brick layer will work their fingers down to the bones.

Yet, for the most part, they’re working hard to “GET BY.”

The small brain shift to working hard to get ahead makes all the difference.

I hope this shift sinks in for you. Hits you like a ton of bricks…

For example…

I know some folks that poked around at their finances till they crafted a way to live off half of their income.

And they still have a nice lifestyle. One without ANY debt or financial WORRY.

They work hard on getting ahead, and folks that stick with this plan frequently can retire themselves within 10 years.

Working hard.
Getting ahead.

There’s other folks with much larger incomes, spending wildly, more than they’re earning… and they’re miserable eking by… paycheck to paycheck…

Big things can happen when you make that shift and ask yourself, “Have I been working hard to get ahead? Or to get by?

And then finding out what you can do about it stat. Pronto. Asap

Saving back 50% of your income? That’s one option.

Want -in my opinion- a better option?

Where you can use a simple system?

And bring in up to $1k… $5k… $10k commissions?

Like clockwork?

That’s what an Online-Based Business can provide…


This isn’t completely hands-free, but it’s not hard work either because most all the work has already been done for you.

Check it out here…



[DFYE] 12th June 2017 “Life-changing commissions or watching reruns on Netflix?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Life-changing commissions or watching reruns on Netflix?
Seeing others succeed? Asking, “WHY NOT ME?”

Email Body Copy:

If you’re tired of seeing others in nice homes, cars, and living the lifestyle you’d like to have…

Was flipping through the pages of the book, The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson…

(Highly recommend you read it!)

Stopped dead in my tracks at the part where he talks about the day he was out in the scorching Florida sun…

Cutting grass at a wealthy golf course. As he was sputtering around on the mower…

He spotted the members smiling and zipping around in their golf carts… He saw them sporting their dapper outfits and pulling expensive clubs out of their fancy golf bags…

And these thoughts started simmering in his mind…

Why is it they’re over there riding in carts and I’m over here working? I don’t get it!

Why are they over there putting and I’m over here cutting?

Are they working 10, 20 times harder than me??

Are they 10, 20 times smarter than me?

He didn’t think so…

What was going on…??

Though his mind was as clear as mud at first… this day was defined as his day of disgust…

He resolved he’d never settle for less than he deserved, one more solitary day…

And the secret he discovered and talks about in his book?


Committing to doing “a teeny bit” more than the average person will do…

It’s going through a module of a course when you’d rather watch Netflix.

It’s spending $5 a day on FB Ads to build your list OVER spending that on a sugary Mocha Frappuccino Latte at Starbucks…

It’s using the willpower to MAKING an offer every day instead of looking to buy and CONSUME an offer every day…

Making sense here?

It’s the tiny DAILY DECISIONS that gives you the life you deserve and DESIRE…

Here’s an incredibly useful question to ask yourself only fifty-eleven times a day…

Will My Future Self THANK ME For Making This Decision Right Now?

That’ll keep you on the right track…

Write it down…

Set your phone to remind you of that question…

Let it serve you well…

Here’s a 21 Step System that if followed to the ‘T”? WILL likely put an extra $100k or more in your pockets over the next 12 months…

Without oodles of effort on your part…

Yet, you’ve got to commit.
Commit to the slight edge…

Pacing thru Module 1, Module 2, and beyond…

Even when you’d rather be watching Game of Thrones or hitting new High Scores on Candy Crush…

I believe you’re a go-getter.

If so?

Check this out yesterday…



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