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Monday Mar 19, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails June 13 – 19, 2016

[DFYE] 19th June 2016 “Get Out Of the Maze”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Get Out Of the Maze
Get Your Fair Share of Cheese, Stop Racing Rats
How to Escape the Rat Race

Email Body Copy:

Tired of the term “Rat Race”? It’s rather outdated and leaves people with the feeling of dread, anxiousness, and is
far from original.

While this term may be overused and shoved down our throats it has sustained the test of time. Having first
entered our English language system in the late nineteen thirties, it is a concept still in place today and that is why
it is still used.

When you hear the term “rat race” do you feel like you belong? Do you think that this describes you but you have a
deep yearning to jump out of the maze? Many a rat will continue to follow the rat in front of them hoping that the
direction most rats find popular will lead them to happiness.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. You aren’t a rat who is content to follow the leader to fight with the rest over
crumbs of leftover cheese. No. You are the type of rat that jumps the wall and runs under the table. You find the
place where scientists have hidden a vast amount of cheese to use as future bait for the rats content in the race.

You take an arm and mouthful of cheese so large you nearly fall over. Running to the side of the room, you sit and
eat your delicious treats while watching all of your friends follow the rat in front of them, hoping for a sliver of

MTTB’s proven system of earning is the big chunk of cheese you have been waiting for. All it takes is for you to
hop that wall and click on the link below.

There you will be informed of how other rats have made their way to earn thousands of pounds of cheese in a
single day.

Want your fair share of cheese? Just click below to learn more about MTTB. ==>


[DFYE] 18th June 2016 “Work Smart Not Hard”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Work Smart Not Hard
Freedom From Boredom Awaits
Stop Pushing Pencils and Start Living

Email Body Copy:

Putting in forty long hours a week just to meet bills?

Not productive hours but hours of work that, at the end of the week, earn you enough to just “get by.”

You see, humans are working too hard and earning less in our society. Instead of working to live we live to work.
We run around thinking, “there has to be a better way.”

The average person spends a little over ninety-two thousand hours working over the course of a lifetime. These
are hours that could be spent with family, or traveling, cooking, reading, doing anything other than punching in and
out of a time clock.

Does this sound familiar? Does it take a powerhouse to pull you out of bed in the morning because you simply do
not want to go in today?

Surprisingly, this is the all too well known life of many people today. After college they get a job, work at the same
company for twenty-plus years, pushing pencils, and wishing they were outside, or at home, or anywhere other
than that boring place where they do that boring thing day after day to sustain a life that they truly aren’t living.

Here is your opportunity to take a smart move toward a more exciting personal and financial future. The key to
freedom is right at your fingertips if you take advantage of the MTTB system.

This proven money making system allows its affiliates to make thousands of dollars each week, sometimes tens of thousands in a single day. All of it earned from the comfort of your own home, even if you decide that for a week your home is going to be in a cabin on a lake or sunning on the beach.

Money is a necessity in life but working hard is not. Start working smart for yourself and freeing up some of that
precious time by learning more about MTTB. ==>


[DFYE] 17th June 2016 “Don’t Ditch Your Dreams”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Don’t Ditch Your Dreams
A Princess Lifestyle for the Taking
Make Cash to Make Art

Email Body Copy:

Whoever you are, whereever you grew up, odd are you grew up with a dream. That dream may have been to be a fireman, or a writer, a flawless guitar wizard, or a famous chef. There has to be more than one girl out there whodreamt of being a princess.

As we grow up, we learn that not all dreams are attainable. While it is possible to become a fireman or policeman,
earning a living as a musician or artist is a much harder career to create, especially when the bills are piling up.
And the fact is only a handful of girls out of billions born every day actually get to be princesses.

Aside from the princess dream, artistic lifestyles require many factors like creativity, ingenuity, but most of all they
require time and money. As a regular person these luxuries are not easy to come by. Not everyone can walk right
into a career that entails minimal hours with big payoffs. That is until now.

With MTTB’s proven system the sky is the limit. With earning potentials as high as fifteen thousand dollars in one
day, this system is perfect for anyone wanting to have time for their paintings, guitar, or writing.

In case you were wondering, no MTTB’s system cannot turn you into a princess but it can give you a lifestyle that
is comparable. Your only job is to purchase the castle.

To learn more about how you can earn thousands while working from your
computer click below. ==>


[DFYE] 16th June 2016 “How To Adapt To The Internet Today”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How To Adapt To The Internet Today
The Secret That Killed The Dinosaurs Can Make You Rich
How To Survive Internet Marketing

Email Body Copy:

Darwinian evolution theory is pretty simple.

Genetic traits are passed down when an animal is able to use those traits to survive and reproduce. So if one fish can swim faster than the other fish its more likely to survive and reproduce. Its offspring with the same trait then survive for the same reason and pass on the trait until the whole species are fast swimmers.

But of course it’s not actually that simple. And the reason is the same reason your life and your bank account could change forever today.

If that was all there was to evolution then only the biggest and strongest animals would be the ones that reproduce. But strength is not the only thing that matters. An animal has to adapt to change to survive.

When the dinosaurs roamed mammals had little chance of ever being the ruling species due to their small size. But then the asteroid hit and the dinosaurs didn’t adapt.

But the mammals did. And here we are millions of years later digging up dinosaur bones.

The same is true for Internet Marketing. You can have all the manpower in the world but the Internet has simply grown too large to use the classic scatter shot type of advertisement that people are used to.

If you want to be successful you have to adapt. And that’s exactly what the Patriot Funnel System is doing.

PFS is system that guides customers who are right for the product towards it instead of just hoping that they find it among the other 100 million search results that come up on their search page.

And it works like a dream. PFS can earn people just like you up to $3,300 a day. And you get to work whenever and wherever you want. All you need is 1 hour to get started.

Click below to adapt and survive. ==>


[DFYE] 15th June 2016 “How The Internet Can Give You Wealth And Freedom”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How The Internet Can Give You Wealth And Freedom
How A Chewbacca Mask Can Make You Rich
The Best The Internet Has To Offer

Email Body Copy:

Did you know who Candace Payne was before May of 2016?

Probably not. But that’s the Internet for you. Unknown one day and a celebrity the next day.

You know Payne as the Chewbacca mom. A few weeks ago Payne posted a video of her trying out a Chewbacca mask and having a blast doing it. Her video was so funny that within days it racked up over a 100 million views and counting.

But Payne’s video got her much more than millions of views.

The department store chain where she bought the mask gave her and her whole family the masks and other toys plus $2,500 in gift cards. She’s been on Good Morning America and late night talk shows. She met the actor who plays Chewbacca and even J.J. Abrams the director of the last Star Wars film.

But while all that’s great why should you care?

Because if you have something special the Internet is the way to share it with people. Payne’s incredible laughter is so contagious that you can’t help but at least smile when you watch her video.

But you don’t need to make a viral video for the Internet to change your life. All you need is a strong work ethic and dedication and the Internet can make you way more than whatever some Chewbacca masks and thousands in gift cards are worth.

Because MTTB takes hard working people and allows them to make a living from online traffic.

MTTB is an easy to use system that teaches people how to place ads online and make commissions off the sales.

And those commissions are worth thousands due to the high traffic on those sites.

But MTTB won’t just give you money. It will give you freedom. MTTB affiliates work from wherever they want. No desk. No commute. No problems.

Click below to have the Internet change your life. ==>


[DFYE] 14th June 2016 “A Simple Way To Make A Fortune Online”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

A Simple Way To Make A Fortune Online
Don’t Overcomplicate Your Income
The Simplest Way To Get Rich Online

Email Body Copy:

What’s the difference between something that works and something that doesn’t?

Take a look at first amendment to the American constitution. It guarantees free speech and the freedom of the press. Not to mention the freedom to assemble against the government.

And it’s only 45 words long.

The Gettysburg Address helped heal a nation after one of the bloodiest battles it had ever seen.

And it only took a little over 2 minutes to deliver.

The Declaration of Independence created a nation that would changed the world.

And it’s just over 1,300 words long.

Get the point? This should help.

The document that details government’s current regulations on the sale of cabbage is over 25,000 words long. And it’s no secret that people are unhappy with how the government works today.

The things that stick around for centuries and make a difference in people’s lives are the simple things.

A bunch of 10 syllable words and complicated concepts doesn’t guarantee that something will be work. It really means it has a greater chance of failing.

So when you’re looking for a way to make a living don’t look for something that sounds like a million bucks. Look for something that actually makes a million dollars using a simple system.

And that’ exactly what MTTB is.

MTTB is an easy to use system that works on one simple concept; People get on the Internet. MTTB teaches its affiliates to place ads online. So as long as people are getting on those sites MTTB will be making its affiliates money.

And that’s all there is to it.

There’s no difficult customers or long payment processing like other affiliate programs. Only a simple system that has earned its affiliates over $25 million in commissions.

Click below to learn more about MTTB. ==>


[DFYE] 13th June 2016 “How To Work Smarter Not Harder Online”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How To Work Smarter Not Harder Online
Why Angry Birds Can Make You Rich
Don’t Be A Nice Guy. Be A Rich Guy

Email Body Copy:

If you know anything about the film industry then you know it’s a tough time to be a filmmaker.

Just take a look at the box office for the past couple of weekends.

A film called The Nice Guys just came out. It got great reviews. Had two huge stars in the main roles. And was an original concept instead of a sequel or a remake.

You would think that that means it was a hit. But The Nice Guys was a flop. Because a little film called The Angry Birds Movie came out on the same weekend. The Angry Birds Movie got mediocre reviews and was based on a phone app. But it was the number one film at the box office.

So what’s going on with the film industry?

To make any money in the film industry today you have to work smarter. Not harder.

You can write a fantastic script. You can hire great actors. You can get great reviews. But that doesn’t mean success anymore.

To make money in today’s film industry films have to be marketable. Angry birds was the number one movie because parents and kids both play the app and they can sell Angry Birds toys to go with the movie. There’s more ways to make money than just a movie ticket.

That’s why Angry Birds was the number one movie in America while The Nice Guys won’t make any money.

And if you want to make a living form your own computer you have to work smarter and not harder too.

MTTB is the perfect way to work smarter.

MTTB teaches people how to place ads on sites like Craigslist and Facebook where they get millions of hits. And that means big commissions.

As in thousands every week.

Skip the commute and the desk job. Skip the school of hard knocks. And go straight to the big paychecks by joining MTTB.

Click below to learn more. ==>


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