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Saturday Apr 21, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails June 19th – 25th, 2017

[DFYE] 25th June 2017 “A-B Formula to getting ANYTHING you want. (REVEALED Inside this note)”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

A-B Formula to getting ANYTHING you want. (REVEALED Inside this note)
Simple formula to $10K months inside…

Email Body Copy:

Embrace today’s note and it may change your life…

THE MAN I want to introduce you to today is an extraordinary individual.

Over the past 25+ years, he’s worked with over 5,000 entrepreneurs, executives, and people from all walks of life.

His coaching and consulting style has been described as, creating never-before-reached results for his committed clients.

Do you have a BIG GOAL you’ve yet to reach?
Maybe like getting to $10K to $20K + months online?
Want to check out one of his powerful formulas?

Check this out…
The A-B Formula To Achieve Desired Outcomes:
*Step 1- Decide what you intend to accomplish.
*Step 2- Define exactly what actions it will take from you to achieve the outcome.
*Step 3- Decide if you are willing to pay that price.

(If you’re not willing to pay the price to get whatever you want, you’ll just get frustrated.)

*Step 4- Monitor the results of your actions and make corrections when needed.
*Step 5- Continue to take the required actions and DO NOT STOP until your outcome is realized.

Pretty powerful stuff, right?
Please, don’t underestimate the simplicity of this!
Now this is very important… Let’s tack on a bit more info he dishes out to making this work in your favor, and then I’d LOVE to hand over a resource to you…

To get from point A to B through this process, you need to come from the right “Inner Stance” that will take you there.

You can ask yourself, “Am I being loyal to my smallness?” or, “Am I being loyal to my bigness?”

Most in this business stay SMALL…
They say they’re waiting for their confidence to “do it.”
In his radical self-honesty style, he’s telling us that confidence is NEVER the issue.

If your child is held at gunpoint? Would you do the required action sitting in front of you right now?
Without a doubt.
So, it’s NOT about waiting for confidence. It’s coming from the right Inner Stance. Being willing to generate ANY AND ALL ACTIONS to get from A to B…

You simply weren’t willing to pay the price, and do the required actions to get the goal you want… All steps in the formula above!
Oh boy I hope this helps!
Game changing stuff in my humble and accurate opinion. 🙂

Did I mention that there’s a full-out book he’s written? I’ve just touched the surface here…

It’s becoming a bit of a cult-classic to DOERS.
Probably the best I have ever read.
It’s a true game-changer.
Few know about it.
Want it?
All you have to do is invest in yourself and your future by clicking on the link below, and plopping down the small fee that comes with a full 100% guarantee that this will work for you…

Pick it up.
Send me your receipt.
And I’ll reply back, telling you the title of the book and where you can rush off to get it.

===> YES! I’m in!

Name of the book is Straight-Line Leadership by Dusan Djukich, available on Amazon.



PS What’s cool is the investment you’ll be making today, works perfectly with this formula and book.

e.g. You are getting 21 STEPS to showing you exactly how to get to your desired outcome. (Step 2 above.)
$10K months like clockwork? (Step 1 above.) Plus, full support and coaching to help make sure this happens for you. (Steps 3-5) Rooting for you.

[DFYE] 24th June 2017 “DO THIS before you can have “push-button” profits…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

DO THIS before you can have “push-button” profits…
Does the word W-O-R-K scare you?

Email Body Copy:

Are you afraid of fulfilling work? Then this likely isn’t for you…

In this crazy little world of internet marketing and online business…
You often see many people trying to appeal to our LAZY side.

Push-button this.
Easy as 1-2-3 that.
But I like to deal with REALITIES.
Because that’s all we truly have to work with, isn’t it?

“Easy” and “Push-Button” sounds nice and all….
And I’m not even saying that it’s impossible.
Think about a beautiful little thing called the microwave!

You push a button and hot food or drink comes out, piping hot!

You STILL have to get the food together, prepare it based on the “microwaves cooking instructions, and THEN once it’s ready and in the microwave?
You can tap the start button.

Making sense?

Online, their sure is a push button and profit too!

Yet… most skip telling you about the “prep” phase.
Sure, this might even be called that dirty little word, WORK… But again, we’re dealing in realities.
And last time I checked, building an email list, sending fun and valuable little notes like I’m sending you right now?

Sure as heck beats the socks off digging dirt or dealing with workplace drama 9-5 for the next 30 years…
Let them do their thing.
And if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves, and see some truly incredible results?
Then check this out…
I’d love to have you join me in this…
It’ll be fun.
===> Yes! I’m willing to do FUN work and get up to $10K months as soon as possible…
In your corner. 🙂



PS There’s no better time than NOW to go for it.

[DFYE] 23rd June 2017 “NOBODY IS COMING”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How One small act Can Get You To $10K months…
My secret plan to $10K months, rolling in consistently…

Email Body Copy:

Once we’ve got you to $10k months, you’ll have the time and freedom to scale from there… and it’ll feel like a GAME!

You ever seen a little boy playing with dominoes?

It’s a joy, right?

He carefully places every domino down on the floor. One by one, he sets up 100s and 100s of these little black and white dominoes.

Twisting and turning and looping around his room, creating a cool track to behold.

And when he’s ready to topple all of the dominoes over, watching them all falling and tumbling forward in succession…

Does he have to individually flip over each domino with his excited little fingers?

That would be a lot of work!

He simply flicks over the first domino. And that sets off a powerful chain reaction…

The momentum, and the dominoes already being set up, allows the rest of the process to be totally hands-free.

This well describes the ideal online business to me.

What if you could do just one small daily action, yet it sets off a powerful chain reaction to work in your favor?

What if you could get ONE lead, and then a powerful chain reaction is set in motion…

And then you go set up ONE more domino like that the next day?

And as the dominoes start tipping over… you know that a certain percentage of those leads will turn into up to $1K to $10K plus commissions for you?

Wouldn’t that be a blast?

Wouldn’t that be helpful to get you to the income goals you have? If you’re not living life on your terms, one that you deserve to be living, then I’d be honored to be able to help out, even if in some small way…
Many set their first goal of getting to $10K months. But they get frustrated simply by trying to do too much!

I don’t know of a better way to quickly hit $10k months consistently then by focusing on High Ticket affiliate marketing…

You can get a lead, and watch it turn into a $27 commission…
Or you can get a lead, and watch it turn into up to a $10k commission…

A brain-scratcher I know.
I choose high ticket.
What’s cool about the system I’m using? You just have to tip over the first domino…

Get the lead.
Or get the first sale.
Be as involved as much as YOU want.
Yet know that after that initial ONE THING, all the rest is taking care of for you.

Saving you TIME.
And earning you MORE.
Allowing you to live and do and play however your little heart desires…

===> My secret to High Ticket
Done-For-You Commissions…



PS Right now, you’re getting a 1-on-1 coach too… Not sure how long this will be available, as slots are filling up fast. They can only support so many people at any given time. And that’s what all this is about. Supporting OUR success together…

[DFYE] 22nd June 2017 “NOBODY IS COMING”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Easy. Lucrative. Fun. (You in or…?)

Email Body Copy:

Who has your BEST INTERESTS at heart?

But this has everything to do with getting to the residual income that’ll be funding the lifestyle of your dreams….

We come into this earth totally dependent on others to take care of us.

That can make it easy -by default- to assume then that OTHERS know what’s best for us?

Our parents.
Our bosses.
Our government.

That they’re in charge, setting the rules and making decisions. And as long as we follow their guidelines and accept what they say at face value?

…That all will be good in the world.

But what if we realized that nobody truly cares what we’re doing? That no one is going to gallop in on a white horse and save us?

Does that sound scary?

If we see… that it’s not likely that someone will tell us our job is beneath us, or that we deserve better, or that we should spend less than we make…

Or that we should go straight to the dentist when we’re feeling that toothache. Or that we should get a checkup from the Dr. every year… Etc. etc. etc.…

Then we realize WE have ALL the power.

The power to see what we need to do, and the power to do something about it.
We have 100% RESPONSIBILITY over US.
But that’s a good thing, right?

Especially when there’s so much opportunity out there right now to CHOOSE to do and BE whatever our pretty little heart’s desire.

Now, your bosses and big brother won’t likely be encouraging anything like this to you…

That’s OK.
They’re looking after them.

Yet, if YOU are wanting a location independent lifestyle. Travel. Work from home. Setting your own hours AND PAY?

Having a downright BLAST along the way…
Then you have the power and responsibility to make that happen.

===> This may help…

Life’s too short to live any other way but on OUR TERMS, you agree?
Here’s to an ELF business.
Easy. Lucrative. Fun.
My favourite kind. 🙂



[DFYE] 21st June 2017 “Hey, 2 QUESTIONS to swing by you…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Hey, 2 QUESTIONS to swing by you…
The #1 TOOL for financial breakthroughs? (no cost to use)

Email Body Copy:

Stuck in a rut? Been in this same rut before?

(Affiliate name) here…

Here’s how to get out the rut, and get up to $10k months and beyond, and maybe get to ANY result you’re after…

Sometimes, slowing down can be the best way to speed up the results we want to be getting.

Sloooowing down, and putting ourselves under a microscope. Peeking in, and looking at what is working and what is not working in our lives- and WHY!

This way, QUESTIONS can be one of the most powerful tools we’ll ever have access to.
And it sure beats running around like a chicken with our heads cut off 24/7/365 wondering why we’re not making things happen like we want.

Not judging here, but doesn’t that describe the masses well? Not willing to STOP off the hamster wheel enough to ask WHY…?


OK, for example, here’s a powerful question to ask then…

What is it I’m really not willing to do?
Some discover that they are not willing to move forward without a guarantee that it will 100% get them the results they’re after.

But as we know in life, and especially in entrepreneurialism, there are rarely, if ever, any straight up GUARANTEES things will work out exactly how you want them to.

And we don’t need them to succeed!
So, these thoughts don’t serve you well?
With this discovery?
You can flip it to…
I’m WILLING to move forward without a guarantee!
Now this thing that was keeping you stuck, you don’t have to let it hold you back anymore.
Here’s one more question to ask…
Why am I coming to an obstacle and turning around?

If you keep coming to the same obstacle, say doing the first steps to building your list, or starting up your online business…

But you turn around and do something else instead of that thing, over and over again?

You might discover it’s fear of failure holding you back. Or you doubt yourself. And so you realize, maybe you’re taking your THOUGHTS too seriously?

And again, you can now flip the script on this!

Next time, you’ll say, I’ll fear doing it, or I’ll have doubts, and pressure to turn around, but this time I’m not going to take my thoughts too seriously!

Because the results don’t care. All that matters is that I DO IT. Results don’t care if I had butterflies in my stomach while I was getting it done…

Making sense?
Radical Honesty with ourselves can prove to be
so, so powerful!
Hope it helps!
And when you’re ready?
You can get start getting up to $1k to $10k plus commissions per sale, following a simple, step-by-step proven and turnkey system.

===> YES! I’m ready to get my first high ticket commission following a proven, simple system!

It’s not hard to get your first big commission. And that’ll just be the start for you.

And spending a minute or three to go through the questions in today’s note, will help you get there lightning fast.
Have a great day!



PS Hey I know asking ourselves probing questions isn’t as fun as catching up on House of Cards. But many find the pain of being stuck in the same boat, and not living life on their terms to be much, much more painful… I say no more! Rooting for you. 🙂

[DFYE] 20th June 2017 “Easy Button VS. Reality Button…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Easy Button VS. Reality Button…
Want an EASY BUTTON? (Try this instead…)

Email Body Copy:

I’d prefer sticking to what works in getting to $10K plus months…

Ever remodeled a room in your house?

Like the kitchen?

It usually gets messy, dusty, downright chaotic in the early stages of the remodel, doesn’t it?


We EXPECT THAT to happen.

We know it’s a part of the process.

We willingly signed up for this…

After weeks or months of slapping up paint samples on the walls, adding in counters and cabinets and the like?


You stand back.
Looking at your masterpiece.

May even draw you to tears as you’re looking at the finished product. It was aaaaaaaall worth it.

True, it would’ve been nice to just hit an EASY BUTTON, and wham bam!

…The kitchen remodel is complete.
Doesn’t happen like that, does it?
Stuff happens.
Unexpected things creep up.

That’s reality. And I don’t know about you…? But I like to deal with REALITY.

Now, many people hop online and want an easy button for every piece of getting an amazing business like this up and off the ground.

I get it.
Easy always, sounds awesome.
Yet it’s not REALITY.
Making sense?
If you can come into this game viewing it like a Kitchen Remodel… that you KNOW can get messy from time to time?

And you know it’s 100% worth it because of the end result you’re after.

What the “remodel” will look and feel like to you when you’re seeing those results flowing in to your life?

Then… you can begin.
You’ll start.
You’ll adjust when you need to.
Because it’s WORTH IT.
Because you signed up for this.

I’m feeling you’re the type of person that can handle the truth and doesn’t mind a little messy to get to a lot of awesome?

I can’t 100% say how easy or hard this will be for you…

But only having to focus on #1 thing sure makes things a lot easier and simpler to me…


===> YES! Show me the details!



[DFYE] 19th June 2017 Tiny efforts to BIG PAYDAYS?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Tiny efforts to BIG PAYDAYS?
Relying on GRIT and HUSTLE? (Try this easier way…)

Email Body Copy:

The keystone to the lifestyle and profits you’ll be proud of…

Know what a KEYSTONE HABIT is?

There’s a plethora of great info about it already out there in the Google hemisphere…

The main thing I wanted to focus on, is the powerful ripple effect it can create.

A keystone habit is one tiny habit that is ritualized.

You do it, day in and out.

No matter what.
With ease.
And most importantly…

You’re Focusing On The Process, Not The Prize.

Here’s how…

Want to lose weight? Your cornerstone habit may be to go for a 30 minute jog every morning.

One guy decided to start surfing early each morning.

Before, he was having 3 drinks a night, and stayed up late. But he realized he felt terrible the next day.

That it was effecting his life. Because of this small daily ritual, now he limits himself to 1 drink. He gets to bed a bit earlier.

And because he’s started the day off on the right foot? He eats great the rest of the day. He gets more ork done.

Has energy by the truckloads now.
Making sense?

Want to learn an instrument? The keystone habit may be to practice guitar for 20 minutes a day, right after dinner.

This of course applies in business too…

Want to build a stable $10k and up per month business online?

Your keystone habit may be to spend an hour a day, every day, building your email list up.

Can you see the ripple-effect doing something like this could create??

You’re building your list every day now, so you may be more inclined to…

*Sending a daily email with an offer.

*Starting a blog and posting valuable content people will discover.

*Creating an irresistible bonus offer when someone inside your email tribe picks up an offer you have going on.

*You start seeing more daily sales rolling in, and decide to do more list-building, enough to eventually provide you the income to leave you j-o-b if you want.

The snowball effect keeps building and building stronger, all from one simple daily KEYSTONE HABIT.

Powerful, huh?

Getting leads and building your own email list? Not much of a better use of your time in building an online business.

And this 21-step system allows you to focus nearly SOLELY on that, because they take care of all the rest FOR YOU…


===> Yes! Show me how this works!



PS Right now, you’re also getting a coach, and once you’ve progressed through to the traffic step, you an even get a traffic coach, so you’ll have COMPLETE CLARITY on how to do this…

Not sure how long they’ll keep this offer up though? (coaching slots are very limited)

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