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Tuesday Mar 20, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails June 26th – July 2nd, 2017

[DFYE] 2nd July 2017 “Need traffic? So you can get more leads and sales?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Need traffic? So you can get more leads and sales?
If your traffic isn’t turning into daily sales…

Email Body Copy:

You know you need traffic? But low-quality leads aren’t putting food on the table?

“High Quality” traffic is the LIFE-BLOOD to a successful online business.

Without it?

It’s like have a Bugatti parked in your garage. Yet, no fuel to take it for a ride.

The KEY online is making sure you’re getting the right fuel, for the right RIDE.

Here’s what I mean…

If you ran 5ks professionally, who would you look to for coaching?

Someone that has successfully ran marathons in the past successfully?

No. I wouldn’t think so!

There are a lot of different nuances between running 3.1 miles, and running 26.2 miles.


Different strategies, training plans, and required daily calories to be taking in.

Following me?

If you want to learn how to bring in tiny $7 commissions like clockwork? No problem.

Find these folks and see if they’ll help you out. I’m finding most of these guys and gals
are living paycheck to paycheck, but now all the burden is on their own backs…

If you want to make up to $10,000 commission checks, and want to know how to attract these type of leads?

Then you need to find someone who’s cracked the code on how to do it…

You need THEIR “training plan”.

As you get logged-in and are going through…

===> This 21 Step System…

You’ll get the exact, step-by-step methods the top earners are using to bring in high ticket commissions, as consistent and true as a Swiss Watch…

Modeling success is an age-old shortcut to get ANYTHING you want in life.

And I don’t know a better way THAN THIS if you’re looking for a way to build a lucrative
business on the side, part-time…



PS Here’s 3 reasons to go for it today:

1- You’re getting a 1-on-1 coach right from day 1, and a traffic coach once you’ve reached that step. (Not sure how long the coaching will be offered?)

2- It’s a small investment to learn the high-ticket system, and it’s RISK-FREE.

3- Taking action and moving forward is the only way you’ll get what you want out of life. This is a great 1st step!

[DFYE] 1st July 2017 “No credibility needed! (just try this…)”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

No credibility needed! (just try this…)
NEWBIE?? Great!

Email Body Copy:

If you feel that you don’t have the credibility, skill or “name for yourself” to make it in this

One thing that’s often running through a person new to online business is this…
And they feel this is holding them back…

“Man, I don’t have any credibility!”

I get it.

And I’ve got two thoughts on this…

Number 1: A big mistake 98% of people struggling always make, is they think everything is about THEM.

It’s not.

The cool thing about this business is how it’s about serving, helping, adding value to OTHERS.
It’s always about THEM not YOU or me.
What sounds and feels more powerful to You?

“I make $100k a month, and I have a Mercedes, and I travel the world, barely working at all…”


“Hey man, let’s chat… Where are you currently at in your life?

(Overworked, not appreciated, underpaid, no secure retirement in place, missing out on their own and their kids or grandkids life, etc.)

“What’s that costing YOU?”

(My health, my wealth, my family, my life…)

“Who else is this affecting?”

(My spouse, my kids, my parents, my community…)

“How long are you willing to let things continue on this way?”

(No more!!!)

You see?

How much was I talking about ME?

MY success?
My achievements?
MY accomplishments?

It’s not about me, right?
People care about THEM, not US.

And I say this because this should take some pressure off of you…

Some “others” may be bragging about their Benz that their commission checks are making the payments on…

While the person they’re talking to via their email newsletter just wants a new Honda Odyssey to take their kids to play at the park, or to take them on a nice road trip to Disney World…

Making sense?

Number 2: You can BORROW credibility whenever you feel you DO need it.

You can communicate from the simple and helpful framework we just went over, and then provide a resource to #2, the way they can make that happen…

That’s one cool thing about MOBE…

Matt’s company pays out millions a month in pure COMMISSIONS to his partners.

Commissions being paid out to folks from ALL walks of life.

The business model is PROVEN to work, it’s globally run, and it’s very LUCRATIVE to partners that are fed up, and want a better NOW for themselves and their families.

You can BORROW that credibility. As well as his entire staff and system working in your behalf.
It’s great.

Not sure if this is for YOU?

If it could be…

We’d be honored for you to check this out…

===> YES! I’m ready to make up to $10k a month, and go from where I’m at to where
I want to be, borrowing the leverage I need!



[DFYE] 30th June 2017 “Sick and tired of hearing your alarm sound off every morning?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Sick and tired of hearing your alarm sound off every morning?
KILLS your alarm clock for good…

Email Body Copy:

No more alarms? Frees you to wake up whenever you want…

Tired of pounding off that daily ALARM CLOCK that’s terrorizing your ears M-F?


What’s it “alarming” you to anyway?
An awesome day ahead?

Or 12 PLUS hours’ worth of migraines and misery you’ll have to contend with?

Here’s a novel thought…

What would it take for you to escape from this possibly crazed daily grind?

I mean “specific” numbers?
Let’s get real to make it real – cool?

Is it $4k per month? $5k? $10k?

The numbers don’t matter. What matters are that you KNOW them.

That’s the only way we’ll replace them.


Let’s just say you need an extra $10K a month rolling your way, so you can escape the J-O-B blues…

The getting SHUT-OFF NOTICE letter blues…

The living paycheck to paycheck blues…

The not doing what you want when you want blues…

The not feeling fulfilled and FREE blues…

$10k is just $333.33 a day.

If you’re selling a product online at $49?
Just 7 sales will be rolling $343 a day your Way.

You’d be good to go, right?!

And with the correct SYSTEM and FUNNEL in place, this can happen near auto-magically.

But what happens when you add in a BACKEND to your online business?


Let’s just say your automated funnel is only bringing you three $49 sales a day…

That’s $147.

However, let’s say that for every 10 of these smaller sales you roll in, a $49 sale turns into
a $3k, $5k, or $10K sale?

$49 turns into $10K for you?


THAT is how you make the escape.

Least in my humble but accurate opinion.

And THAT spells out the importance of you setting things up right, right from the start.

===> This gets it all set-up for you!



PS This doesn’t have to be hard. It just has to be set-up right for you to bring in maximum commissions with minimal efforts! You in?

[DFYE] 29th June 2017 “When will YOUR INDEPENDENCE DAY happen?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Open up if you feel chained to your 9-5…

Email Body Copy:

His boss told him when he could PEE??
Around this time of year, many people are thinking about their INDEPENDENCE…
I think that’s GREAT.
For most?
They’ll take their day off, grill out and chew down a few pounds of burgers and wienies…
They’ll have a beer or six…
Launch a few bottle rockets into the air.
And the next day?
It’s back to the J-O-B grind…

Back to being told when they can eat, work, and even for some, when they can go to the restroom to pee…

Only 15-40 years to go…

A giant NOT FREEDOM, right?

What if a few good folks actually THOUGHT about THEIR freedom, right NOW???

And then actually did something about it.

What’s FREEDOM sound like when the bells are ringing off in your ears and heart right now?

…Freedom from the chirping alarm clock?
…Freedom from the daily car commute?
…Freedom to earn as much as you desire?
…Freedom to travel around the world?
…Freedom to take luxury vacations?
…Freedom to eat out and not look at the price on the menu?
…Freedom to take date nights, and to have time to play with the kids while there is still time left for that, before they’re grown and gone, gone, gone?

Not sure what it is for you?
But here’s something you can do that may help all these things become a reality…

===> Show me how to get the financial and time freedom I desire and deserve out of life, and that others fought for me to have!



PS Heroes of history didn’t wait for the “perfect” time to stand up and take the freedoms available to them. They knew it was, now or never!
Here for you. 🙂

[DFYE] 28th June 2017 “Does money care about YOU? Or the “LUCKY” ones…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

If you’re struggling to get to $10k months online…
If money doesn’t hang around you for very long…

Email Body Copy:

Seems like money flows only to the wealthy and the lucky? Apply this FRAME to your life asap, if you want the lifestyle they have…

Would you say that money is exciting and adventurous?

In reality?
Money just sits there!
It’s boring really. We rarely make $100, then spread out all the $20, $10, and $5 bills over the table and admire all those little faces…

Most of the time, it’s in the bank and we don’t even ever see it!

Money doesn’t think, feel, know, care.
It doesn’t play favourites.
It’s just a piece of paper.
A little gold bullion.
A piece of metal.
What matters?
It’s the STORY we attach to it.

The “story” of how money will thrill us, serve us, or scare us. The story about what money is doing, what it is going to do…

The HEAVENS and HELLS money can bring our way…
Without our stories?
It’s not personal.
And THAT is so powerful for us.

Because it means we can focus on doing what we love doing.
Adding value to others, and making as much as we want along the way, without all the story and pains attached…

You are no longer a victim to money, or your STORIES about money. And this puts you in FULL CONTROL of your happiness AND finances.
Making sense?
Truly hope this helps!
I say this, in part, because this whole “money-making” journey can be FUN and very rewarding, in every way…

This business is so enthralling and lucrative when approached this way!
And most just don’t get it.
When you’re ready…
I’m here…

===> YES! I’m ready to attract as much money my way as I desire, without any story attached to it!



PS Remember, money itself is lifeless and boring. It doesn’t care WHO has it! Just focus on THESE 21 STEPS…to online paydays up to ten grand and higher!
You down for that?

[DFYE] 27th June 2017 “If you’re struggling to get to $10k months online…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

If you’re struggling to get to $10k months online…
Are you taking this TOO seriously?

Email Body Copy:

Is THIS holding you back severely…?

The kids were huddled over behind the bleachers, puking their eyeballs out…

All in response to the announcement that just aired over the P.A. system at their local High School Football game…


People in every nook and cranny of the stadium were acting sickly, holding their stomachs, wrenching in pain…
Even to the point of throwing up.
Until a few minutes later…
When they’d discovered that it wasn’t the COKE machine…

A few had got sick eating at a local dive, just before they sat their hineys down on the bleachers to cheer on their friends and family.

What was the one thing REAL here??
What was the real PROBLEM?

WORDS are what got those people sick.
Words they heard and chose to believe.
Words are what get MOST people sick.

It’s what keeps most people stuck in unfulfilling careers, and not living up to their full potential!
Here’s what I mean…
These words screamed out powerfully over the P.A. system…

Yet everyday…
Words like these are accepted as REAL as they scream through people’s MINDS.

And most often?
They’re taken as TRUTH.
And people are greatly affected by it.
“You can’t do this!”
“Why even try?!”
“You’re not good enough!”
“I call B.S. on your plans!”

Sometimes these words in our minds are spurred on by our childhood. Other times, it’s just our smaller selves trying to stay “safe”.

My message in today’s note is to simply recognize the POWER of words, and that YOU can dictate how you react to them.

Are they truth?
Or just THOUGHTS to acknowledge?

I try to view them like one of those huge Good Year Blimps that adorns the sky often during some big sporting event.

Often it drags a banner behind them.

Picture the banner with the thoughts you’re having plastered across it…

I can look at the message (My thoughts).

Acknowledge it. And then go about doing what it was I set out to do…

Pretty soon, the blimp and banner and thoughts are out of my sight and mind…

The takeaway?
Don’t Take Your Thoughts So Seriously Getting out of MY thoughts, and into real life, I saw things like the business Matt Lloyd invited me into…
He’s paid millions upon millions in commissions to everyday folks from all walks of life.

In fact, there’s quite a few people that have made over $1 million alone with this system.

Many, many, many have experienced $10K+ days rolling in like clockwork.

It’s changing lives.
No matter what our “thoughts” may lead us to believe.

PLUS… it’s a fun and rewarding business to be a part of in my experience.
Is this for you?
I’m not sure what you want and what your thoughts are.
You can check out this presentation to find out ASAP… no pressure either way…
===> YES! Take me to the presentation that
will help me get serious results…



[DFYE] 26th June 2017 “Retirement years looming? Kids, Government, or YOU funding it?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Retirement years looming? Kids, Government, or YOU funding it?
Retired? Or want to retire EARLY? This puts you in control…

Email Body Copy:

He just wanted to stay in his own HOME, and pay his OWN bills…

For some of us, we’re deep into our retirement years. Years that should be rewarded with fun and fulfilling activities with our loved ones…

OR… maybe we’ve still got youth on our side, but we’d rather live like we’re retired in our 20s, 30s, and 40s…

Not waiting till we’re over 65 to start ticking off the bucket list, in haste…

Either way…
Whether we’re thinking for NOW, or are planning a bit ahead…

I’m feeling that we all like being in CONTROL of our lives.

You feel that way too?

We don’t want to HAVE to rely on our children or the suits up at the White House to fund and dictate how our retirement years will be lived.

You want to live where you want.
Spend time with who you want.
Travel when/where you want.
Never worrying about bills.
You want to be engrossed in fulfilling activities that lights up your soul.

(Nothing sucks more than being BORED, not knowing what to do with yourself.)
This is exactly WHY many are wisely setting up a PLAN-B business on the side, part-time, before it’s too late…

It’s fun.
It’s lucrative.
And it keeps you in control.
What’s not to like?
Check out the video presentation and see if this is a fit for you…

===> YES! Show me the presentation and let me decide how to plan out my future…



PS Don’t worry about needing to be tech savvy or computer smart. This is simple enough, step-by-step, and you’re getting a coach if you’re accepted in time. You’ll be a pro at this in no time…

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