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Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails June 28 – July 4, 2015

[DFYE] 4th July 2015 “The Secret to Building Wealth”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The Secret to Building Wealth
Most People Will Never Get This
Why Most People Will Never Make It

Email Body Copy:

Take a look at what you do every day.

How many of those tasks will make you money tomorrow? Next week? Next month?
Next year?

If you’re like most people working in a 9 to 5 job, the answer is NONE.

You trade hours for dollars.

Or years for salaries.

You perform a task that benefits someone else’s business. If you stop doing it today, it wont pay you a cent tomorrow. Or next week. Or next year.

The wealthiest, most successful people have figured out that you should NEVER perform any task that will not pay you over and over and over again.

When they do something it pays them today.

And it pays them tomorrow.

And it pays them next year.

But they only had to perform that task ONCE.

It’s a major key to the success people experience with MTTB and MOBE.

One of the secrets you’ll learn in the 21-step formula is how to make sure that almost every action you take in your business will keep paying you ever after you’ve accomplished it.


Want to finally stop trading hours for dollars?

Find out how here…



[DFYE] 3rd July 2015 “The Secret To Accomplishing Anything”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The Secret To Accomplishing Anything
How To Accomplish Anything
Why People Don’t Succeed

Email Body Copy:

“You can do anything, if only you put your mind to it.”

Ever hear that? It’s commonplace wisdom. Everyone says it. But if success is as easy as “putting your mind to it,” why aren’t people more successful?

Here’s why:

It’s actually VERY hard to “put your mind to something.”

A lot of people think that “putting your mind to something” amounts to imagining yourself accomplishing some goal, and then wanting it to happen. But that’s not what it means.

Nor is “putting your mind to something” a matter of telling everyone else that you’re going to accomplish something. As they say, “talk is cheap.”

Nor is it hanging posters on your wall with your goal written in big letters… or changing your desktop background to a picture of what you want.

…so if it’s not all that, what IS it?

“Setting your mind to something” is a matter of shifting your priorities. When I “put my mind to something,” I choose to prioritize accomplishing that goal.

The higher that goal is in my priorities, the more likely I am to accomplish it.

The lower that goal is in my priorities, the more likely I am to get pulled off course by some other value of mine. And this will prevent me from achieving my goal.

If I want to “put my mind to something,” I must choose to value achieving that goal more than I value all the other things I hold near and dear: comfort, television, acceptance, naps…

That’s why it’s so hard.

So rephrase that old saying: “You can do anything, if only you prioritize it.”

This is one of the reasons why people have found such success with MOBE.

MOBE is easy to prioritize, because it’s valuable.

When you choose MOBE, you’re choosing to learn a money-making skill: the skill of running an online business.

You’re choosing the lifestyle and benefits that come with running an online business: flexibility in your schedule. Freedom to work from where you want. Potential to make really big commissions.

It’s easy to make those things a priority.

And as long as you prioritize them, you’ll succeed. For as they say, you can do anything…

…if only you put your mind to it.

Try MTTB. Matt Lloyd has laid out 21 steps to teach you how to start earning big commissions within 30 days.

It’s $49. If you don’t make a commission within 30 days, you’ll get ten times your money back.

But as long as you prioritize it, there will be no need for that:



[DFYE] 2nd July 2015 “Black Magic Internet Marketing”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Black Magic Internet Marketing
Why Internet Marketing Seems Like Black Magic
Double, Double, Toil and Trouble…

Email Body Copy:

Ever feel like internet marketing is black magic?

The 3 witches of traffic, conversion, and offer hunch over the boiling pot and mumble…

Double, double, toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.

And you wait…and hope that you’ve given them the right ingredients. You hope they’ll peer into the murky water and pull out a bunch of sales for you.

Sometimes it works quickly. Sometimes it takes months. You never really know what you’re going to get from that bubbling pot…or when.

No guarantees.

Unless you go with MTTB. That’s guaranteed.

The MTTB method is not “eye of newt and toe of frog.”

It is not “wait and see.”

It is not a murky, fishy pot of “maybe.”

No, if you team up with MTTB, everything is clear. Everything is out in the open.

And if you don’t get results, you pay nothing.

In fact, you get TEN TIMES your money back!

When you’re ready to leave the black magic behind and tap into a guaranteed money-making system, click beow…



[DFYE] 1st July 2015 “How to Generate Big Ideas”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How to Generate Big Ideas
Why You Never Get Great Ideas
How to Guarantee You’ll Get Big Ideas

Email Body Copy:

Internet marketing expert, Perry Marshall, once sent an April Fools message to his list offering access to his shower.

He said that, for a hefty price, entrepreneurs could come and use his shower and tap into its amazing idea-generating powers.

Since all his best ideas come when he’s in the shower, his shower must process magical qualities, right?

Well, like most good jokes, it was half-farce, half-truth.

My best ideas do come in the shower too. Maybe yours do as well?

Or when you’re walking aimlessly around your neighborhood.

Archimedes’ “Eureka!” moment came in the bathtub. They didn’t have showers back then, I guess.

Historians tell us that Archie’s observation of his own body displacing water in the tub gave him his great insight into how to measure the volume of irregular objects.

But I say it was the act of bathing itself.

I say that his great discovery was as much due to the fact that he was relaxing and taking a load off…than it was due to his observation of the changing water level.

Hard Truth:

Your best observations, your killer business insights, your life transforming “Eureka!” moments will not come while you’re working 60 hours a week in a 9-to-5 cubicle job. They will not come if you’re pushing paper around a desk. They will not come while you’re wasting time on Facebook. They will not come while you’re clearing out your email inbox.

They will flee from your inhospitable head. They will land on other more receptive brains.

Unless you carve out time to relax, work ON the box instead of IN it, and give your mind the freedom to imagine something bigger and better.

When you’re ready to give yourself that kind of freedom, plug into MTTB…



[DFYE] 30th June 2015 “Fifty Shades of Cash.”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Fifty Shades of Cash.
What Fifty Shades of Grey has to do With Your Money>
How to Make Money Like A Bestseller

Email Body Copy:

E.L. James’s Grey, a spinoff of her worldwide bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey that is the same story just told from a different character’s perspective, was released this month.

It was a bestseller before it was even released. Today, bookstores are stocked with it. Customers are buying it like hotcakes.

How can someone make a fortune off reselling the same book with a few scenes added to it?

Because it has a winning formula.

E.L. James’s formula for her Fifty Shades series of “sex + money + love = money” is incredibly simple. But it works. And it is making her a fortune.

When something works, it works. No matter how simple it is or how many times it is used, it works like a charm. It is a natural winner.

Matt Lloyd has a system that works so well that it earned him $51,373,00 over 5 years and he wants to share it with you!

Here’s the deal. You place ads that Matt and his team will prepare for you on popular sites like Craigslist and Facebook and receive the sales commissions from the ads.

It’s that simple. And it is an absolute moneymaker.

Matt’s system works so well that if you do not make a commission within 30 days of completing your training he will personally pay you $500! That is 10 times the $49 you pay to join!

Matt will even set you up with a coach who will guide one-on-one you as you learn the system so that you make a boatload of money!

When something works, it works. Matt’s system is a natural moneymaker and this is your chance to benefit. If you are ready to make money like clockwork, click below.



[DFYE] 29th June 2015 “How To get a Degree in Making Money”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How To get a Degree in Making Money
How to Enroll in the School of Money Making
Your PhD in Getting Rich.

Email Body Copy:

What was your favorite part of being a kid?

No Responsibilities? Being able to eat anything and feeling fine afterwards? Summer vacation?

How about being in school?

Ok. School is probably something that you don’t miss. But there is something that being in school provided that everyone could use as adults.

Remember the possibility of being anything you wanted? When you were a kid, for all you knew you were on track to being a rock star. A world traveller. A millionaire.

Then real life struck.

And you turned out to get a normal job. With a normal income. At a normal desk.

What happened?

You lost your curriculum.

No more provided goals. (Diplomas) No more reports on how well you were working towards your goals. (Report Cards) No one guiding you towards your goals. (Teachers)

You were thrown out into the world with nothing to work towards. So you got the standard.

You still have a chance to be a millionaire. Or to travel the world. Or to make so much money when you do work that you only have to work a few hours a day.

Matt Lloyd has the perfect curriculum for you. A school where you will learn how to make serious money.

How much money could you make? Matt used the exact same system to earn $51,373,00 over 5 years!

Matt’s system is simple.

You place ads, that will be given to you, on popular sites like craigslist and Facebook and receive the commissions! You will never deal with any long phone calls, payment processing, or customer service. All you do is place ads and get paid!

Matt’s system works.

Seriously. It works so well that if you don’t make a commission within 30 days of finishing your training Matt will personally pay you $500!

That is 10 times the $49 you pay to start!

Matt will even set you up with a mentor who will coach you one on one so you can master the system and start making serious money. ASAP!

If you are ready to feel as excited about your future as when you were a kid, click below.



[DFYE] 28th June 2015 “The Power of Public Declaration”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The Power of Public Declaration
Great, I’ll Go Tell the Others
The Others Will Be Happy to Hear This

Email Body Copy:

Would you like to know ANOTHER way to increase the likelihood of your success?

It’s another very simple step, but very few will ever do it.

If you ask most people in the United States, “Will you be voting in the next election?” Nearly 100% will say, “Yes, I will.”

But as most people know, less than 30% of eligible voters actually turn up at the polls on Election Day.

Anthony Greenwald was able to raise that number to 86.7%.

With a 3 step process…

1. Ask them if they will vote, and then wait for them to say “Yes”.
2. Ask them to give a reason for why they believe they will vote.
3. Tell them that you will make their commitment public

It didn’t even matter how “public” the declaration was. Greenwald had his callers end the call by saying, “Great, I’ll mark you down as YES and tell the others.”

That’s it.

The caller never said who those “others” were. But the simple insertion of that statement raised voter turnouts up to 86.7%

Will you do what it takes to be success online?
Why do you believe you will do what it takes?
Who have you told that you’ll do what it takes?

If you want to dramatically raise your odds for success, you’ll write down your reasons for believing you’ll succeed…and you’ll make your commitment public.

Otherwise, you’ll just stay on the couch on Election Day.

Matt Lloyd has made a public declaration of his commitment to your success…

If you try his 21-step system and do not earn a commission in 30 days, he’ll give you TEN TIMES YOUR MONEY BACK.

When you’re ready to make an active commitment to your success, here’s the system that will help you follow through…



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