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Friday Mar 16, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails June 5th – 11th, 2017

[DFYE] 11th June 2017 “Trying too hard? ZERO sales to show? (Try this…)”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Trying too hard? ZERO sales to show? (Try this…)
OPEN UP if sales aren’t coming in EASILY…

Email Body Copy:

You can be bringing in sales the hard way or the easy (and fun) way…

(Affiliate name) dropping by…

You ever seen a dog owner walking their pet down the street on a leash?

Except the dog didn’t WANT to be led?

He’s yanking, and tugging, and fighting every step of the way?

Maybe you’ve even HAD a pet like this of your own.

Makes for an unpleasant experience

Contrast that with a dog that sees you doing your daily stroll through the park and he actually WANTS to be there with you.

No fighting.
No resistance.
He sees you walking and wants to go too.

Understanding this can save you years of struggle, and can dramatically increase your profits online.

Here’s what I mean…

98% of affiliates, online marketers and so forth try to force and pull and drag people to buy their “stuff.” To work with them.

It creates a LOT of resistance.

Makes this business waaaay harder and a lot less FUN than it could be for them.

The way to stop the pulling, to stop the resistance… is to simply start BEING the YOU that people want to BE and that YOU want to be.

For example…
If you want to help an overweight friend lose a few pounds… preaching to them, giving them a hard time, trying to drag them to the gym…

Usually will backfire on you. Might even damage your relationship. Plus, lots of wasted effort and stress on your part, right?


If you are LIVING YOUR LIFE that way?

They see you in shape, eating healthy, having energy to run 5Ks and playing with your kids…

Then they’re more likely to want that too, and they’ll come to you if they want help.

They’re seeing your light shine and they want that too!

Making sense?

You can be a tugboat or a lighthouse, your choice.

But I’ll tell you, one is MUCH EASIER.

In your online business and lifestyle, start DOING and HIGHLIGHTING the things that appeal to your target market.

Can be as easy as mentioning briefly in your emails and marketing when you go for a jog, or work from the coffee shop in your laptop, or take a random vacation in the middle of the week…

Making sense?
Cool stuff?
Hope this helps!

Nothing helps better in my experience?

Than rolling in $1k to $10k and up paydays.

That frees up your time, so you can create more and more of these daily experiences to be sharing with others.

Yet start sharing and doing this stuff TODAY, and check out this presentation to take things to the next level…

===> Show me how to free up more time, create more memories, and bring in up to $1k to $10k commission checks written to my name…



[DFYE] 10th June 2017 “Eliminates to-dos… gets 10k months…”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Eliminates to-dos… gets 10k months…
Washing dishes and (THIS) won’t put dollars in the bank…

Email Body Copy:

Feeling overwhelmed with tasks to take care of? Want a simpler plan to $10K paydays?


Peter Drucker has been touted as one of the most influential thinkers of modern times…

One of his deepest nuggets of wisdom is this:
“There is nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency something that should not be done at all.”

…Like washing your car in the middle of a thunderstorm?
…Spending an hour every day hand-washing the dishes when you own a washing machine?
…Taking three hours to mow your yard every two weeks, when you could get it done for less than $50 a pop? (this could be time spent working, quality time with the family, building a lucrative side-income…)

Making sense?
It’s easy to get stuck becoming GREAT at the MINUTIA every day, isn’t it?
Yet when you learn how to do the RIGHT THINGS with great efficiency?

That’s when the *magic* happens.
That’s when you reclaim back your time and your life.

In building up a lucrative online business…
It’s easy to get lost in the little, non-important things too.

Tweaking your WordPress blog…
Testing the colors of your order buttons…
Posting up free content on social media sites…

On and on and on it goes.
Yet these are RARELY the things that’ll create for you $10K months and beyond.

Best to focus on:
Creating irresistible offers… (Tip: If you want to make $10K a month? You should be making at a MINIMUM $10K worth of offers to people, every month.)
e.g. “Invest in this $10K product, and I’ll give you X, and Y, and Z, irresistible bonuses.”

Make TEN offers like that a month to qualified folks, and think you might fare better than tweaking your Blog??

You can also focus on building your LIST, so you can build credibility, relationships, and will have a qualified tribe of folks that know, like and trust you…
They’ll know when you make offers to them, you’ve got THEIR best interests at heart.

Hope this helps!
Eliminate the small stuff that doesn’t help you achieve the freedom you deserve.
Focus on the few things that WILL get you the income, freedom and lifestyle you’re after.

Not sure if this is for you?
But I’m looking for a few people to go with me on the journey to creating a 6-7 figure income online.

Replacing the j-o-b that leaves many feeling unappreciated every day..

This 21 Step System makes it much easier to hit your goals.

Because the products, the fulfillment, the support, the high-ticket sales rolling your way…

…nearly EVERYTHING is done for YOU.

We’re simply focusing on the few things we discussed in today’s note.

Open to more time, freedom, and FUN?



[DFYE] 9th June 2017 “We don’t hurt for material… Conan”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

We don’t hurt for material… Conan
Conan O’Brien is going to court
Conan O’Brien is a joke thief

Email Body Copy:

Conan O’Brien just got sued for joke theft.

This story is ridiculous on several levels.

First, that a national celebrity would feel the need to steal (and not cite) jokes from a no-name blogger.

This demonstrates a striking ingratitude for where he came from.

Second, that the court system actually has rules in place for determining the specific terms of intellectual property for jokes.

For the courts to consider an idea a “joke,” it must contain the three parts specified in the legalese… (Google it!)

Third, that Conan can’t rely on a farm of content-writers whose creativity and precision supply him with more than he could ever need.

At MTTB, our team members never hurt for material.

We don’t hire comedians, geniuses, or marketing whizzes.

We do all that for you.

(Imagine being back in junior high and having a Yale professor write your book reports.)

All we expect from our business owners is the work we directly train them to do ourselves–we supply the rest.

Work with MTTB and never be tempted to steal again.

Click here.



[DFYE] 8th June 2017 “Do you think you could make it?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Do you think you could make it?
Step 1: A lot of walking…
How to survive Mount Doom [2 steps!]

Email Body Copy:

What would it take to survive the trip to Mount Doom?

You wouldn’t go by yourself of course, but with the whole company of elves, men, dwarves, and hobbits we all know and love.

(Lord of the Rings nerd moment — please bear with)

If you made it, you would win for yourself unimaginable glory.

You would be set.

And they’d do most of the work for you.

They’d fight the battles.
They’d bring the food.
They’d know the way.

So what would it take to join them?

Just two things that most people today cannot seem to do:

1. A lot of walking.
2. Not losing hope.

Our MTTB business owners are surrounded by capable teams of…
– Salesmen
– Web designers
– Product developers
– Order fulfillers
– Customer service reps
– Business coaches

And all they need from you is…

1. A lot of walking.
2. Not losing hope.

Can you manage to do those two things?

If so, I can’t promise you kingdoms and rare jewels.

Would you take consistent commissions in the $3000s, $5000s, and $9000s instead?

I hope so.

Click here.



[DFYE] 7th June 2017 “Businesses are micro-economies”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Businesses are micro-economies
This blogging mom had a no good day
What is a micro-economy? Oh, just this:

Email Body Copy:

This blogging mom had a no good day.

Her words:

Today, my dog was diagnosed with a torn ACL. This costs $1500-$2500 to treat. Three months ago, he had heart worms. That cost $1400 to treat.

I adopted this dog from a shelter four months ago to help. I just feel more stressed and anxious.

We can say that the world is working right when people who do good have good done to them.

Call it providence, or karma, or the law of averages…

The world is a more pleasant place when ‘that force’ has its way, and a more annoying place when it doesn’t.

People lose hope in the idea that doing good yields good results, and so people have less incentive to do good.

Businesses are micro-economies.

They are places that–if run the right way–reward good work and punish bad work, so that their workers grow up with incentive to become better and better people, whatever is going on in the economy at large.

MTTB hopes to be such a micro-economy:

Follow the 21-steps we’ve hammered out, and that will pretty quickly set up a reliable and consistent monthly commission in the $1000s, $5000s, or $9000s.

No ceiling. No internal competition.

Just justice.

Click here.



[DFYE] 6th June 2017 “But shouldn’t they know how to teach?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

But shouldn’t they know how to teach?
I had no idea professors were so unqualified!
How to become a university professor: two steps

Email Body Copy:

The other day, I met and sat down with a literature professor.

I was curious, so I asked him — What does it take to teach at the university level?

“Well,” he said, “you’ve kind of just got to get a Ph.D. In your Ph.D. seminars, you get a chance to present your papers, and that’s kind of it.”

That blew my mind.

I have friends who went to school to study education, and they got four-year degrees in it.

Made me wonder:

Is there anyone out there who is both (a) an expert, and (b) a good teacher?

I didn’t wonder long, because my mind wandered back to MTTB’s business coaches.

They don’t have Ph.D.’s, but they’re rich fools.

And we have them teaching the same system that made them their money. (We thought that would be a good idea…)

Expert-teachers aplenty, here.

Click here.



[DFYE] 5th June 2017 “What if you had 5 words left to speak?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

What if you had 5 words left to speak?
Word-science at the Webby Awards
Have you ever watched the Webby Awards?

Email Body Copy:

Have you ever watched the Webby Awards?

It’s like the Internet equivalent of an Emmy or an Oscar.

The hands-down coolest part of the ceremony is this one rule:

All acceptance speeches must be less than five words.

Most speeches are kitschy and vanilla, but some of these winners find it in themselves to sound creative and show their personalities. Take a few examples:

Reuters TV: “News doesn’t have to suck.”
Clubhouse Studios: “In other news, we’re hiring.”
DDB Argentina: “Internet connects us. Trump doesn’t.”
Zillow: “Apartments cheaper than Hamilton tickets.”

The five-word constraint forces winners to use cultural shorthand that is only effective when it both…
– demonstrates an understanding of the current culture, and
– implicitly communicates their own brand

There’s a science to words.

Our affiliates learn from marketing whizzes whose sole job is to turn you into money-makers.


Click here.



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