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Sunday Feb 25, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails March 13 – 19, 2016

[DFYE] 19th March 2016 “The Golden Thread Leading To Your Freedom”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The Golden Thread Leading To Your Freedom
“He Slayed The Monster, And Found The Way Out”
How The Man-Eating Monster Died

Email Body Copy:

Imagine this:

You’re in an enormous maze with man-eating monster inside.

You can’t leave until you kill the monster.

But the deeper you go into the maze, the harder it gets to find your way back.

In fact, it’s supposedly impossible to find your way out once you’ve gone in.

What do you do?

Here’s what Theseus prince of Athens did, according to Greek legend:

He entered the maze with a long roll of golden thread. He anchored the thread at the beginning
of the maze, and he unravelled it as he explored the maze. He eventually found the monster,
killed it, and then was able to follow the thread back to the entrance.

And by leaving the thread in the maze, he left directions for everyone else. So that OTHER
people could get out if they got lost in the maze.

Starting your own business is like an enormous maze.

There are hoops to jump. Dead ends to avoid. Countless ways to waste your precious time and
your money.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, chances are you’ll get devoured by some monster lurking in
the shadows.

Good news:

You’re not the first to enter the maze.

Matt Lloyd is the founder of MOBE, a company that’s done over $100,000,000 in sales since it
was founded 8 years ago.

While he was building MOBE, Matt ran into a lot of dead ends. Took some wrong turns. Made
some big mistakes. But in the end, he built a thriving company from scratch, slayed the monster,
and found the way out.

And all the while, he was unraveling a ‘golden thread,’ noting what to do and what NOT to do
when you start a business.

Recently, he created MTTB.

MTTB is the ‘golden thread’ which can lead you through the dark maze of the marketplace.

It’s Matt’s wisdom on the best way to start your own business, distilled into 21 steps.

Walk through the 21 steps, and learn from Matt how to build your own home business.

Matt’s ‘golden thread’ has already led many others to financial freedom:

People using this system have made over $50,000,000 in commissions.

And if you can follow easy steps, it can do the same for you.

Here’s where the thread starts:



[DFYE] 18th March 2016 “Ancient Egyptian Wisdom For Your Business ”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Ancient Egyptian Wisdom For Your Business
How To Keep Your Insanity In The Face Of Massive Projects
How To Build A Pyramid (Without The “Scheme”)

Email Body Copy:

The biggest pyramid weighs 6.5 million tons.

That’s 20 times heavier than the empire state building.

And when you consider that the Egyptians didn’t have cranes and power tools… that’s just

So how did they do it?

How’d they move all that mass across the desert?

They broke down the massive project into smaller, doable goals.

They carved out small stones, and built a massive pyramid bit by bit.

It would have been IMPOSSIBLE for the Egyptians to do it all at once.

Imagine trying to cut out a single, 6.5 million ton block of stone… and drag it across the desert.

Yeah. Not happening.

When you have such a big project… you NEED to break it down. Or you’ll lose your sanity. And
get nowhere.

MTTB breaks down the daunting project of starting your own business into 21 small, doable

It takes an otherwise formidable, terrifying Pyramid, and turns it into something you can handle.

You don’t have to have superhuman strength. You don’t have to be a genius.

You just have to follow the steps. One at a time.

By the end of it, you’ll understand how you can start making commissions by driving traffic into
done-for-you sales funnels.

Matt Lloyd has already paid out over $50,000,000 in commissions to the people using this

How’d that number get so big?

One person at a time. One commission at a time.

Ready to start building your own pyramid?

(And I should say… I’ve been saying you’re building a “pyramid.” Don’t worry, MTTB isn’t one of
those “pyramid scheme” things. Your success doesn’t depend on anyone ‘downline.’ Which is
something great about this system. You won’t be needing to twist arms at family reunions. In
case you were worried)

If you ARE ready, here’s your first brick:



[DFYE] 17th March 2016 “You’ll Probably Never Make It”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

You’ll Probably Never Make It
A Great Journey Awaits You
There’s Only One Difference Between You And Frodo

Email Body Copy:

In the beginning of “The Lord Of The Rings,” the main character (Frodo) stumbles across a
magical ring.

At first, it seems harmless. But as the story unfolds, Frodo finds out that the ring is very powerful
and evil. He needs to destroy it. There’s an evil king looking for it. And if the king gets it, he’ll
dominate the world.

So Frodo sets off on a journey to destroy the ring.

What’s amazing about the story isn’t so much the outcome. SPOILER ALERT: Frodo ends up
destroying the ring. Predictable.

What REALLY makes the story great is the band of people who rally around Frodo. The
“fellowship” of the ring.

Frodo was valiant.

Frodo was strong.

But Frodo NEVER would’ve completed his journey if it weren’t for the 8 others helping him.

He needed more than just brute courage.

He needed geographical knowledge. Skilled warriors. Wisdom.

Frodo DIDN’T have all those things, but others in the fellowship DID.

And it’s the same with any great goal. You need a “fellowship” to achieve it.

Starting a home business is a great goal. The benefits are great:

-be your own boss
-work on your own time
-work from where you want
-skip hours of horn-blaring, infuriating traffic
-escape the confined, bureaucratic life

But it’s no easy journey. And it’s certainly NOT a journey you should try to make alone.

You need people with the skills you don’t have. To do the things you don’t do. Warriors, wizards,
and elves.

And that’s what MTTB does:

It pairs you with a phone sales team. So that you don’t do the selling(unless you want to).

You also don’t have to worry about customer service. Or order fulfillment. Or manufacturing a

All that is “done for you” when you sign up for MTTB. So that YOU can focus on building your
business: growth, strategy, marketing.

You even get one-on-one business coaching.

It’s $49 to sign up.

If you’re not happy with it, you get all your money back. No questions asked.

So the only difference between you and Frodo is that you have nothing to lose.

But like Frodo, you’re faced with a choice. There’s a great goal in front of you: ownership of a
home business. And you can either ignore that goal. Or start journeying towards it.

You’ll Probably Never Make it. Alone, that is.

But if you sign up for MTTB, you’ll have the people you need to help you.

What will you do?

If you’re ready to start, go here:



[DFYE] 16th March 2016 “Something You Definitely DIDN’T Know About Gandhi”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Something You Definitely DIDN’T Know About Gandhi
Why Gandhi Would Recommend MTTB
What Would Gandhi Think Of MTTB?

Email Body Copy:

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the greatest social reformers in history.

His life story is pretty remarkable. It was through his leadership that India became an
independent country.

And although most people know THAT Gandhi was remarkable…

What you probably DON’T know about him was HOW achieved what he did.

You might think that he was just a great speaker, and that he used his great oratory skills to
move the crowds.

But actually, Gandhi was terrified of public speaking. The first time he entered a courtroom as a
young lawyer, he was supposed to defend a client. But he was so terrified by the crowd in the
room, he just got up and left. Abandoned his client. No joke.

So what was his secret to success?

His system.

He actually had a detailed system for everything he did.

He thought in systems. He campaigned in systems. He lived and breathed systems.

For example, whenever he would start a new campaign to change some law, he would insist
that all his friends follow a detailed, 9-step system for success.

By devising these systems, Gandhi was able to give people the tools to win battles and change
laws WITHOUT his personal involvement.

All they had to do was follow the steps.

And that’s the beauty of systems: you don’t need to be a genius to follow them. You don’t need
to world-class speaker to find success with them.

MTTB is a 21 step system for building a home business. It’s come out of years of trial and error.

You don’t have to be a genius to start making big commissions online. All you need to know
how to do is follow directions. Just do step 1. Then step 2. Then step 3. Through step 21.

Gandhi would be the first to recommend MTTB. He knew the power of systems. They’re the
most efficient way to effect big change.

As long as you can follow simple directions, you can do MTTB. And if you can do MTTB, you
can start making big commissions online. No matter how bad of a “speaker” or a “sales guy” or
an anything you are.

Think of Gandhi. A timid, even cowardly young man when he started his career. But he ended
up changing the world, and remains an inspiration to millions today.

Can you follow directions?

Here’s step one:



[DFYE] 15th March 2016 “From Cheap, Boring Sips To $70 Billion”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

From Cheap, Boring Sips To $70 Billion
65 Countries Struck With This Epidemic
How The “Starbucks Epidemic” Broke Out

Email Body Copy:

30 years ago, coffee was a cheap, black, boring drink.

You’d get your cup of coffee, sip it, and get on with your day. Nothing exciting. Nothing much to
say about it.

Since then, things have changed.

Coffee drinking is now an experience. You go to your favorite coffee shop with a friend, spend
$4 on a medium sized latte, and sit around and talk.

So what changed?

Starbucks. They reinvented the coffee experience. And they’ve built a pretty impressive
business over the years. They’re now worth an estimated $70 billion.

Lots of things could be said about their success. About how they grew so much.

But here’s something that definitely helped them take off:

They changed coffee from a 50 cent drink into a $4 drink.

Before Starbucks, no one had really thought to do that. Coffee was just a boring, cheap drink.
No one had thought to turn it into a ‘luxury drink’ that you spend more than $1 on.

And so Starbucks’ competitors were selling much cheaper products. Which meant that they had
to sell WAY MORE in order to keep up with Starbucks.

By selling a more expensive product, Starbucks was able to increase their margins, and
increase their profits.

And with those bigger profits, they were able to invest more money back into the business. This
had a snowball effect. And now the “Starbucks epidemic” has taken the world by storm, with
over 21,000 stores in over 65 countries.

Obviously there was more to their success than just selling a more expensive, more valuable

But that was definitely a big factor.

What you might NOT realize is that this principle applies in almost any market.

Instead of selling a $19 ebook in a certain market (because that’s what everyone else is doing),
you COULD sell a $50 webinar… or a $1000 live conference.

Of course, if you’re going to do a $1000 conference, that’s going to take a lot more work than an
eBook. And you might not have the experience you need to put on an event like that.

So SHOULD you just go back to selling cheap products?

Not necessarily.

MTTB gives you done-for-you, high-ticket products. You don’t have to do a bit of work creating
or cultivating the products. In fact, you don’t even have to sell them.

So what DO you do?

Drive traffic into an established, highly-converting sales funnel. That’s all.

Matt Lloyd’s team does the selling for you. And they do the products. And order fulfillment. And
customer service.

And everything else.

People using this system have made over $50,000,000 in commissions.

So this isn’t just a ‘hypothetically good’ idea. It’s tried and true.

You can sign up for $49.

Once you sign up, you go through a simple, step-by-step training program. 21 steps in all.

At the other end, you’re prepared to start generating traffic, driving that traffic into the sales
funnels, and making big commissions off of every sale. (50%-90% commissions)

It works, even if you have no experience with online marketing.

Get started here:



[DFYE] 14th March 2016 “Are You Harnessing The “Natural Forces”?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Are You Harnessing The “Natural Forces”?
From Carrots To Riches
If You Want Success, Ride The Wind

Email Body Copy:

“Good marketing always harnesses natural forces. When something works in the marketplace,
there’s almost certainly a prevailing wind or force that you’re cooperating with, that makes it
possible. It’s a huge mistake to fight nature.”

That’s a quote from Ken McCarthy.

One of the great pioneers in internet marketing. He organized the world’s first internet marketing
seminar in 1995. He knows his stuff.

And here’s what he’s getting at:

There are forces ‘out there’ in the market that you can’t control.

For example, say there’s a HUGE demand for carrots.

You can’t control that demand for carrots. You can’t make it stop, or change it into a demand for
something else.

But you can ride it.

You can make products that ‘harness’ that demand for carrots—carrot cakes, carrot-shaped
cars, carrot iphone cases…

If there’s a HUGE demand for carrots, and if the competition isn’t too strong… your products will
be HUGELY successful.

And that’s exactly what you want to be doing. Identifying those ‘natural forces’ out there in the
market, and riding them to success.

But how can you tell WHAT and WHERE those natural forces are?

Ken suggest that you look out there at ‘what’s worked’ in the marketplace.

Look for products that have ‘taken off’ into massive success… businesses which have exploded
with growth…

And realize that there’s some ‘natural force’ behind their success.

One thing that has ‘taken off’ in the marketplace is MOBE.

In about 8 years, it’s gone from a failing enterprise based in a dingy apartment to a rapidly
growing company doing 10’s of millions in sales every year.

Sure, hard work went into the company. Matt Lloyd (founder of MOBE) has worked his butt off
for the past 8 years.

But there’s more going on here.

There’s some ‘natural force’ driving this thing forward. Something beyond Matt’s control, which
Matt is harnessing to his own advantage.

The way he’s been harnessing it is through a simple product he created a couple years back:

MTTB. It’s a 21 step system that teaches you how to make an income online.

Using the straight-forward system explained in MTTB, people have made over $50,000,000 in

If Ken McCarthy is right, then there’s something driving MTTB forward. Which in turn drives
MOBE forward. Some ‘natural force.’

MTTB is harnessing the wind.

So if YOU want to ride the wind, go through the 21 steps. Join MTTB.

It’s worked out for others.

If you’re ready to ride that wind into big commissions online, go here:



[DFYE] 13th March 2016 “Why Some People Are Destined To Fail”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why Some People Are Destined To Fail
Are You In An “Impossible” Business?
Is Your Business A “Born Failure”?

Email Body Copy:

Sometimes it’s impossible for you to win.

For example, have you ever played Solitaire?

It’s a card game that you play by yourself. You set down a bunch of randomized cards on the
table. And then the point of the game is to rearrange the cards until they’re all ordered in a
particular way.

In some games, you end up at a ‘dead end.’ There aren’t any more legal moves you can make.

And so you lose that game.

But some Solitaire games are literally impossible to win. From the moment you deal out the
cards, the options in front of you ALL lead to dead ends.

What’s interesting is that you can never KNOW when you’re playing an “impossible” game. You
have to just play through and see if you win.

I want to suggest to you that there are some ‘impossible’ businesses out there.
When businesses fail, the owners often get the blame: “they just weren’t smart enough.” “They

didn’t put themselves out there enough.”

But in reality, the game was rigged from the start.

Some businesses are born failures. No matter how much money you put into them, they’re not
gonna win.

No matter how hard you work at them, they’re not gonna win.


For lots of reasons. Maybe no one actually wants the product. Maybe the competition is just way
too strong to penetrate.

Which leads to the question: IS there a way of knowing beforehand whether a business in an
‘impossible’ one?

Because if there is… you should definitely check to see if you’re in one.

Lest you spend your whole life in a destiny towards failure.

Good news: there are ways of figuring out if your business is an impossible one.

Here’s a simple way:

Has it worked before?

MTTB helps you set up a home business in 21 steps.

It provides you with training, done-for-you products, and an experienced coach to help you get

But naturally, you should be wary of it. How can you sure that when you start, you won’t be
walking into an impossible business? Something that’s just a bad idea?

It’s worked before. That’s how you can know.

LOTS of people before you have gone through the steps, driven traffic into the sales funnels,
and earned big commissions using the system.

Matt Lloyd, creator of MTTB, has paid out over $49,000,000 in commissions to people using this

That’s how you can tell this isn’t an ‘impossible’ business.

If you’re still skeptical, try it out for yourself.

It’s $49 to sign up, and you get all your money back if you don’t like it.

If you end up completing the 21 steps, and haven’t made a big commission in 30 days, you get
TEN times your money back. $500.

And if you choose NOT to try MTTB, just make sure you’re never getting yourself into an
impossible business.

If you find yourself in that situation, give up immediately, and find something that has the
potential to win. When you’re destined to lose, the only way to win is to quit your destiny and
find a better one.

Find something that WILL work. By looking for what HAS worked.

Like MTTB, which has already generated 10’s of millions of $$’s for people using the system.

Get started here:



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