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Tuesday May 15, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails March 20 – 26, 2016

[DFYE] 26th March 2016 “Do You Want To Go Home?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Do You Want To Go Home?
How To Beat The Witch And Get Home
Are You “Fighting Someone Else’s War”? Go Home.

Email Body Copy:

“The Odyssey” is about a man’s journey home.

King Odysseus is a war hero who’s been out fighting for 10 years. He hasn’t been able to spend
time with his family. He hasn’t able to kick back on the front porch and drink a cold beer. He’s
been far away, against his will, fighting someone else’s war. It’s incredibly frustrating for him.

But finally, the war ends, and he’s free to go home.

The problem is that home is 100’s of miles away. And the way back is dangerous.

Knowing this, Odysseus starts his journey.

At first things are going well. But then he gets stranded in the cave of a man-eating monster. He
gets trapped on the island of a powerful witch. He gets caught in a life-threatening storm, and
his ship gets wrecked. All sorts of terrible things happen.

But something keeps Odysseus going:

His desire for home.

He’s driven to push through all the obstacles, because he knows how good it will be to be home
again. To enjoy his wife and kids again. To kick back on the front porch with the “guys,” drink a
cold beer, and talk life.

That’s what keeps him going.

All in all, it takes him another TEN YEARS to get home. But in the end, he finally makes it. The
story ends with Odysseus back in his house, happy, enjoying his life with his wife and son.

There’s a reason this story is so moving, even after 1,000’s of years.

Homer wasn’t just describing some ancient Greek war hero. He was also describing something
in you and me. There’s an ‘Odysseus’ deep down in all of us who just really wants to get home,
be with the family, and enjoy life.

Problem is, there are some really big obstacles that stand between us and home.

Modern-day work, in most of its forms, is an obstacle.

It keeps you away from the house. Busy “fighting someone else’s war.”

Some people try to “journey home” by starting their own home business. But that’s a dangerous
journey. Many have tried and failed.

But some HAVE made it. They’ve taken control of their lives, built a successful home business,
and won the freedom to work whenever and from wherever they want.

The journey home isn’t an easy one. But you CAN make it.

And to help you, Matt Lloyd created MTTB: a system that provides you with the tools, the
training, and the coaching you need to successfully build a home business.

It’s worked for thousands already.

And it’s $49 to sign up.

$49 for all the resources you need to make the journey home.

Ready, Odysseus?

Start your journey here:



[DFYE] 25th March 2016 “The $2 Billion “Star Wars” Secret”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The $2 Billion “Star Wars” Secret
Revealed: Star Wars’ “Rehash” Technique For $2 Billion Success
How Star Wars “Rehashed” Its Way To $2 Billion

Email Body Copy:

Here is today’s ‘Done-For-You’ email. Just choose from the subject line alternatives, then copy,
paste, and send to your list, it already has your unique partner link inserted.

Offer we are promoting: MTTB

3 Possible Subject Lines:

The $2 Billion “Star Wars” Secret
Revealed: Star Wars’ “Rehash” Technique For $2 Billion Success
How Star Wars “Rehashed” Its Way To $2 Billion

Email Body Copy:

A lot of people have criticized the new “Star Wars” movie, “The Force Awakens.”

The most common complaint that I’ve heard is this:

“It’s too repetitive.”

Granted. It IS repetitive: there are similar characters to the older movies. There’s a similar
storyline. Similar problems to overcome.

But here’s the thing: EVERY story is repetitive. And ESPECIALLY great stories.

According to one popular theory, there are only 7 possible storylines. All stories can be
categorized into one of those 7 basic plots.

So even when you THINK you’re seeing something totally new… it’s really just a ‘rehash’ of
something very old.

Interesting, right?

That’s why I’m fine with Star Wars being “repetitive.” The old story was great. Why not reuse it?

Great stories SHOULD be reused.

In the same way that there are 7 basic storylines, there are probably a dozen basic business

The “hip,” new, “innovative” businesses that look like they’re doing something that’s “never been
done before”… they’re really just following a formula as old as the wheel.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re following an old formula, you’re being smart.

People who try to venture beyond those basic, proven formulas… THOSE are the guys that get
fried. They try to do something “totally new,” and they almost always totally fail.

Great stories are repetitive.

Great art is repetitive.

Great food is repetitive.

Great ideas are repetitive.

Great businesses are repetitive.

MTTB is repetitive. It takes a winning formula, and distills it into a 21-step system.

It shows you how to build a business, using a time-tested method.

You can have confidence in the method for (at least) 2 reasons:

(1) It’s old. And it’s been proven time and time again. Matt Lloyd (creator of MTTB) has paid out
over $50,000,000 in commissions to the guys using this system. And that’s just in the past
couple years. That number will be a LOT bigger by the end of this year(the goal is

(2) If you go through the 21 steps, and AREN’T able to make a big commission in 30 days…
you get 10 times your money back. The system costs $49. So that’s $500 in your pocket. So
there’s no risk.

Returning to Star Wars for a moment:

Despite people’s criticism of Star Wars, it did incredibly well in theaters.

It’s currently the #3 highest grossing movie of all time—right behind James Cameron’s “Avatar”
and “Titanic.”

It’s grossed over $2 billion in theaters worldwide. Who knows how many more millions and
billions of $$’s it’ll generate in DVDs, merchandise, games, etc.

Why did it do so well?

Here’s my theory:

It used an old formula. One that had already been tested and shown to work with the old Star
Wars movie. It took that formula, and then improved on it: better characters, better
cinematography, better special effects…

But the same old, proven formula.

That’s why it was so wildly successful.

And that’s the power of old, proven formulas.

If you want to use the power of an old, proven formula to create winning home business, go




[DFYE] 24th March 2016 “How To Avoid “oijowfioew jfwieoiewjf wejiofjew””

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How To Avoid “oijowfioew jfwieoiewjf wejiofjew”
Why Practice Can Ruin You
Don’t Take “Massive Action.” Until You Get Clear On This.

Email Body Copy:

“Practice makes perfect.”

Ever hear that?


You might as well say that “randomly banging keys on your keyboard will produce a great

Sure, it COULD happen. You COULD get a great novel by randomly banging keys on your

But you’ll probably just get this:

“Iiowjefije opiwajiofjeoi qpjfiopqejpfoi”….

It’s not RANDOM key pressing that produces great novels. It’s specific, targeted, strategic key
pressing that produces great novels.

Likewise, it’s not ANY old practice that produces perfection. It’s specific, targeted, strategic
practice. You have to practice the right things.

A lot of people think that the way to build a successful business is to just “do, do, do.”

But it’s not.

The key to building a thriving business isn’t just “massive action,” as they say.

It’s *targeted* action. Right action. Doing the right things, at the right times.

Of course, once you know what to do, THEN it’s good to take massive action.

But until you know what to do, your massive action could be leading you into massive failure.

MTTB teaches you WHAT to do.

It gives you steps to follow, guidance in setting up your business.

You’re paired with a personal coach, to help make sure that your massive action isn’t going to

Massive action is great.

Just make sure your massive action is taking you where you want to go.

If you want to take DIRECTED massive action, leading to big, fat commissions online, go here:



[DFYE] 23rd March 2016 “When Google Isn’t Good Enough”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

When Google Isn’t Good Enough
Before You Jump Out Of The Plane…
Your Life Is On The Line.

Email Body Copy:

Say you’re going to go skydiving.

Here’s what you SHOULDN’T do:

Google the question, ‘how do I skydive?’ Buy the cheapest parachute from Amazon. Sign up for
a flight on United Airlines, board the plane, wait for it to reach “cruising altitude,” get up to “go to
the bathroom,” and then jump out the back door before the hostess can stop you.

That would be stupid.

Your life is on the line.

What SHOULD you do?

Get quality information and quality equipment from a trustworthy source. Learn from someone
who’s actually skydived before.

The problem with a lot of “gurus” today is that they don’t drink their own kool-aid. They write lots
of books. They speak at conferences. They do webinars. But how many of those guys have
actually built a thriving business from scratch?

Not many of them. But they get by, because they’re good at convincing you to listen to them for
other reasons.

In contrast, Matt Lloyd has a track record. He’s taken a tiny idea and turned it into a thriving
company. MOBE has nearly 200 staff, it’s done over $100,000,000 in sales, and it’s still growing
like crazy.

He knows skydiving.

And he’s looking to teach more people.

How can you learn from Matt?

You’ve got 2 options:

(1) You can pay $4,400/hr to do a private consultation with him.

People do that. And it’s worth it for them. Of course, the consultation assumes you already have
a business up and running. And a bit of capital.

If you DON’T already have a business up and running, or if you don’t have $10,000 lying

(2) You can sign up for MTTB.

MTTB is a 21 step system where Matt teaches you how to start your own business. He walks
you through the steps in a series of training videos. Steps that he knows well. Since he’s walked
them before.

It’s $49 to sign up for MTTB.

$49 for the knowledge and equipment you need to build a home business.

Ready to skydive? Go here:



[DFYE] 22nd March 2016 “How MTTB Can Ease Your Back Pain”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How MTTB Can Ease Your Back Pain
Proven Method For Easing Back Pain
Quit Your Job To Heal Your Back

Email Body Copy:

If you sit too long in the wrong position, your back starts hurting.

It’s the worst. Espeically if you have to keep on sitting.

You can shift in your chair all you want… but once your back STARTS hurting, it’s pretty hard to
get it to stop. The only thing to do is to get up and walk away.

If you work the wrong job, your life starts hurting.

It’s the worst.

Long hours. High stress. Office politics. Maddening corporate policies. The grind…

Some people try to fix the problem with little fixes. But little fixes never work.

Other people just ignore it altogether.

They know that the only way to REALLY fix the problem is to ‘get up and walk away.’

But that’s scary. Risky.

And so they suck it up and get on with life.

MTTB is a 21-step system that teaches you how to leverage the internet to start earning big

And the nice thing is, you don’t have to quit your dayjob to do it.

It takes about an hour to go through each step. So if you spend an hour every day, you make it
through in 21 days.

Then, if you start earning enough money, you CAN quit your dayjob.

And in fact, many have done just that.

People using this system have generated over $50,000,000 in commissions.

Which enabled them to get up, ditch the chair, and walk away.

Literally: they got out of their office chairs, got into their cars, and drove away.

Back problems solved.

If you’ve got back problems, here’s a proven method that can help:



[DFYE] 21st March 2016 “From Employee To Entrepreneur: Alwyn And Carol’s Story ”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

From Employee To Entrepreneur: Alwyn And Carol’s Story
He Left Corporate Forever, Earned More, And Got A Free Porsche
Sick Of Brutal Office Politics? So Was Alwyn.

Email Body Copy:

After years of layoffs(“restructuring”), office politics, and high-stress work with NO free time…

Alwyn Monteiro decided it was time for a change.

He needed ‘out’ from his corporate job as a senior manager.

So he quit.

His wife, Carol, kept her full time job, and Alwyn became a freelance management consultant.

And at first it was great.

More flexibility for Alwyn. Higher pay.

But with time, the clients got bigger and the stress piled on.

He started waking up at 2:00 in the morning in cold sweats. Mind racing. Unable to fall asleep

Health and happiness started to tank. And it was time for a change again.

But the third time WAS the charm.

Alwyn found work that he could do from anywhere in the world. It allowed him and his wife,
Carol, to kill the stress, earn more money, and do the things they wanted to do:

-travel the world
-explore new cultures
-live a life of adventure

Oh, and they also got a free Porsche.

You can hear the full story here:

And when you’re ready to follow Alwyn and Carol out of high-stress, low-freedom work, go here:



[DFYE] 20th March 2016 “Why The Internet Goes To Waste Every Day”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why The Internet Goes To Waste Every Day
World’s Greatest Invention, Going To Waste?
Are You Squandering The Internet’s Potential?

Email Body Copy:

It’s one of the history’s most amazing inventions.

It’s led to thousands of breakthroughs… it’s totally changed how we live life. And it came out of


The internet.

And all the ways that we’ve harnessed the internet’s power… to create social media, discussion
forums, information databases, games… that’s only the beginning.

There’s still a thousand amazing things waiting to be invented. Things that will use the power of
the internet.

But here’s the question:

Are you USING this amazing power?

Are you harnessing it, taking advantage of it? To work towards the lifestyle you want to live?

Or are you letting its potential go to waste? Only playing around on Facebook, watching Netflix,
and sending emails?

The internet is incredibly powerful.

But unless you have a way of harnessing it, and redirecting it to accomplish your goals… it’s not
gonna do you any good.

It’s just gonna sit there. Unused.

And that’s what happens so often.

The internet goes to waste every day. People barely use its great power to better their lives.

Here’s an analogy:

You may have the most powerful fire hydrant in the world.

But unless you have a hose hooked up to it, to focus its power and direct it towards the fire… it’s
not gonna do you one bit of good. If your house is on fire, it’s just gonna burn down. Plenty of
water, but no way to use it.

What a shame that would be.

Back to the internet.

One way to REALLY take advantage of the internet is to make money with it. Many have done
this. Every year, you hear of those 2 or 3 individuals who became billionaires overnight because
of a new app they created. Those guys are leveraging the power of the internet to make
millions—and sometimes billions of dollars.

But can YOU do that to?

Yes. But you need a hose to hook up to the fire hydrant.

MTTB is your fire-hose.

It takes a really powerful force—the internet—and redirects it to help you start earning an
income online. In 21 steps, you’re equipped with the tools and training you need to start an
online business.

You’re taught how to start making big commissions online. By driving traffic into a highly
converting sales funnel.

Learn to do that, and you’ve learned how to harness the power of the internet to make money.

So don’t let this incredible invention go to waste.

Take advantage of the internet.

Start working towards the lifestyle you want now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Now.


Get started here:



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