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Sunday Feb 25, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails March 20th – 26th, 2017

[DFYE] 26th March 2017 “Quit faking and make some serious money”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Quit faking and make some serious money
Are you faking it till you make it?
Stop fooling yourself into thinking you’re successful

Email Body Copy:

If you’re an average person, then you’ve probably tried to “fake it until you make it.”

In most cases, people can tell if you’re unprepared or if you’re hiding something, and it ends up hurting you. But if somehow, you’re able to fake your way to success, I’ve got some bad news for you.

You need to stop fooling yourself because you can’t fake your way to success.

Just this week a man in Monroe, Michigan who found that out.

According to the article, a Monroe corrections officer was driving when he was pulled over by what appeared to be a police car. As soon as the “officer” approached the car though, the corrections officer knew something was wrong.

The car that pulled him over had all the gear a police car would have like sirens, lights, and a laptop set up inside, but it didn’t have the logos the local police department used, and the “officer” said he was a Monroe Public Safety Volunteer.

The real officer asked the fake one for an I.D., and the guy refused and left the scene immediately.

No matter how much effort you put into faking it, nothing beats real experience and preparation.

Not at school, not at work, and not as a police officer.

And especially not as an online marketer.

If you act like you know what you’re doing when you’re placing or creating ads, people will be able to tell, and your sales will show it.

There are simply too many people online who have real experience and truly want to make money and improve their skills as an online marketer.

And no matter how hard you try to be like those people, if you’re not, people will be able to tell.

So don’t fake it any longer.

Click below to learn about a system called MTTB that has already earned over $25 million in sales commissions for its affiliates by using strategies developed by the top online marketers in the world.



[DFYE] 25th March 2017 “The secret to great writing and a fat bank account”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The secret to great writing and a fat bank account
Are you a teller or a show-er?
Boost your income with one simple writing trick

Email Body Copy:

There’s a truth in all good writing, and if you accept it and live by it you could earn yourself a fortune from your own computer.

Want to know what it is?

Keep reading.

I recently had lunch with an old friend of mine who is a successful writer. Realizing that anyone who knows how to communicate with strong writing has valuable insight, after we’d talked for a while I had to ask him if he had any tips on making my own writing stronger.

According to him, the first sign of an amateur writer is telling the reader something instead of showing them.

It took me a second to realize what he meant, but once I did I realized this rule doesn’t just apply to writing.

In life and in writing, ideas are easy to come up with. But action is what separates the haves and have nots.

Too many people get great ideas, tell people that they’re going to start a business or go on a big trip, but when the rubber meets the road and they never actually do what they say.

We all know that person who writes long posts and posts pictures about how they’re going to change their life, but a few months later nothing has changed because they weren’t committed enough to take serious action and showing people that they were doing something awesome instead of just telling them.

Hell, that person might even be you.

Doing something is always harder than talking about doing something, but I have some good news for you.

With one click, you could step onto the road to earning a living from your own computer.

No commute. No boss. No coworkers. Just you and a proven money making system called MTTB.

MTTB is an online affiliate system designed to be simple enough for anyone to use with a little training but effective enough to earn thousands for affiliates every week.

MTTB works so well that if you click the link below, a year from now you could be earning 6 figures from home.

And that’s the best part.

To start your journey with MTTB, all you need to do is make one click.

Taking action has never been easier, click below to learn more about MTTB.



[DFYE] 24th March 2017 “Green beer?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Green beer?
Learn sales from St. Patrick
Are you getting done in by a monk?

Email Body Copy:

Do you know the real story of St. Patrick’s Day?

You know, the day that Americans celebrate by getting riotously drunk and vomiting in the Chicago River?

Or by cooking the cheapest, fattiest cuts of over-salted corned beef?

Or… (you get the point)

The man behind the myth was a diligent salesmen/monk who paved the way for the conversion of Ireland to the Christian religion.

Say what you want about religion – this guy knew how to qualify and convert leads.

If he were alive and (still) kicking today, MTTB would have him in to train our students.

As it is, we’re hard at work turning people like you into dynamic, effective salesmen who score high on the only sales metric that matters: income.

Take our challenge seriously enough, and you’ll get good.

And then who knows? Maybe some country you haven’t heard of will start drinking green beer in your honor 1,000 years from now.

Click here.



[DFYE] 23rd March 2017 “Great-Grandpa Riley has a question for you”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Great-Grandpa Riley has a question for you
Gumption, vision, and acres of apple trees
From the family farm

Email Body Copy:

In the early 1900s, Great-Grandpa Riley had three things to his name:

Gumption, vision, and acres of apple trees.

Tens of millions of apples later, the Riley family is still thriving at Riley Farms.

There are clans and clans of happy hard-working, fiddle-playing cousins… and a pig named Sir Francis Bacon.

The grandchildren talk about the family farm with a sense of gravity and gratitude: “We know this is all a gift—we didn’t make this.”

It was all because one man had gumption, vision, and acres of apple trees.

And he has a question for you:

“What legacy are you building for your family?”

Maybe it’s not a farm, but it could be:
a college fund
a stronger 401k, so they won’t tear each other apart when you get old
maybe it’s a timeshare where they can take their families one day
But you would know better than me.

MTTB is bursting at the seams with honest adults working to set aside just enough to make something that will last.

Click here.



[DFYE] 22nd March 2017 “A free education on changing your life”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

A free education on changing your life
A sure sign you need to change your life
How you know to step off the beaten path

Email Body Copy:

This past election it became clear that liberals lean toward free college while conservatives don’t believe that such a thing could ever work.

That’s why Bill Haslam, the governor of Tennessee, surprised everyone in 2014 when he announced a program that would make community colleges and technical institutes in Tennessee tuition free for recent high school graduates.

His program actually made Tennessee the first state to offer tuition free college.

But just a few months ago he surprised everyone again when he announced he was expanding the program to include adults as well. That means that Tennessee of all places is the state that is leading the country in affordable education.

If that surprises you, it’s time you step off the beaten path and try something new.

It seems like the entire U.S. has gotten so caught up in what they know that no one will even consider an opposing viewpoint, and it’s not just politics.

If you’re a wall street banker you’re a white collar criminal. If you’re an artist you’re a lazy hippie.

And that means we are ruling out opportunities without ever really considering them.

Take MTTB for example.

When most people hear online affiliate program, they think of all the bad ads and stories they’ve heard about programs that claim to be like MTTB without ever giving it a chance.

And that’s a shame, because MTTB really can earn people fortunes and help them escape their commute and cubicle. (It’s founder went from being a farmer to earning $51,373,000)

Take a second today and consider something you’ve never really considered.

That could mean getting a coffee at a different spot, or watching a different news channel tonight.

Or, you could click below to learn about MTTB and how you could work from anywhere with a laptop and Wi-Fi.

Remember, if Tennessee can lead the country in free education you can consider a new idea for a day.



[DFYE] 21st March 2017 “Vasectomies, boring jobs, and March Madness”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Vasectomies, boring jobs, and March Madness
Will our job cause you to get a vasectomy?
How billions of dollars are lost every March

Email Body Copy:

If you live in the United States, then there’s no escaping the news that it’s March Madness.

March Madness is so popular that 20% of all American workers will create brackets and watch the games, but there’s more significance to that number than meets the eye.

Because every time an average American worker watches a game at work or stops working to check their bracket, businesses lose money thanks to their low productivity.

And it’s not just a hundred thousand, not even a few million, but Billions of dollars that are lost every year in low productivity during March Madness.

And there’s nothing CEOs and managers can do to stop it, because even if they somehow took away all the phones and tablets and computers in their office, people would still find a way to get out of work and watch basketball.

Don’t believe it?

Urologists all over America see a spike in vasectomies during this time of year thanks to men looking for a way to lay at home and watch TV all day.

It sounds insane, but that’s what happens when so many people don’t have a personal stake in their company and they don’t care about what they do.

Sure, most people care about getting paid. But they don’t care about the product or what they can do to do their job more efficiently.

What if the only person who earned anything from their work was themselves and not their boss though? And what if they could earn commissions worth as much as $5,500 every week from their own computer and not be stuck in a dull cubicle?

Don’t you think they would take their job a little more seriously and not waste time and money watching basketball?

If that’s the type of job you want, click below to learn how you can be earning 6 figures from home in a year.



[DFYE] 20th March 2017 “What have you sold your soul for?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

What have you sold your soul for?
“If dreams die, life is a br—“
I’m back with a warning.

Email Body Copy:

I’m back with a warning.

Throughout human history, philosophers, leaders, and major religions have held one central principle about the good life:

You must guard your heart.

What do they mean?

In the classical world, the “heart” is the place from which life comes:

The heart is the seat of emotions, thoughts, imagination, belief, dreams, motivations—everything!

Some people trade their hearts away for small prices

I’m going to tell you what humans have always known, and what you already know for yourself:

If you don’t cultivate your heart—your dreams will die, and so will you.

Hear the great poet of the Harlem Renaissance:

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.

I don’t know what you want to build…
where you want to go…
who you want to see…

Everyone’s dreams are different, but they are all nurtured the same way:

Character, Skills, and Imagination.

If you can realistically imagine them, and can realistically imagine yourself doing it, your dreams can and will come true.

Where does MTTB fit?

By working through our 21-step build-your-business template, you’ll not only set up a passive commission stream of $1000, $5000, $9000 or more…

But you’ll develop into the kind of person you could imagine fulfilling your dreams.

MTTB is not about us, and it’s not about MTTB. It’s about you.

And it’s about time.

Click here.



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