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Sunday Feb 25, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails March 27 – April 2, 2016

[DFYE] 2nd April 2016 “Why You Don’t Need Experience To Succeed ”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why You Don’t Need Experience To Succeed
How To Use THEIR Experience To Build YOUR Business
These ‘Puzzle Pros’ Will Help You Succeed

Email Body Copy:

When I was a kid, my family had a jigsaw puzzle that we put together every year.

Every year around Christmas time we would head up to the attic, dust off some old plastic bins,
grab the puzzle and run it down to the kitchen table.

The puzzle had 500 pieces.

It usually took us a couple hours to complete the puzzle.

But as time passed, it became easier for us to solve the puzzle.

We became familiar with odd-shaped pieces, and knew where generally they went in the puzzle.
We developed a ‘mental image’ of what the puzzle looked like when it was all put together.

Even though we still had to fiddle around with different pieces, it got easier.

That’s the power of experience at work.

A power which you can leverage to build your business—even when YOU don’t have


Get other people who DO have experience to help you.

MTTB pairs you with people who have already put the puzzle together. Experienced marketers,
business owners, and salesmen.

As you’re going through the 21 steps of MTTB, someone already making 6 figures in the
industry is just a phone call away.

They know where the pieces go. They’ll help you out when you get stuck.

So even though YOU don’t have experience… you can still receive the benefits of experience.

Of course, if you stick with it for long enough, you’ll become experienced yourself.

But in the meantime, why not leverage other people’s experience?

Go here to start leveraging other’s experience to build YOUR business in 21 steps:



[DFYE] 1st April 2016 “Bee Brilliance Beats Businessmen’s Brains”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Bee Brilliance Beats Businessmen’s Brains
Are YOU As Smart As The Bees?
The Flowers Await You – Follow Matt To The Nectar

Email Body Copy:

Bees make honey.

And to make honey, bees need flowers.

And to find flowers, bees need to collaborate.

Think of how inefficient it would be if bees just flew around at random until they found flowers
with nectar. No system. No communication. Just going out at random. It would be incredibly

But how do you collaborate when you’re a bee? When you can’t even talk?

Here’s how:

Whenever a ‘scout’ bee finds a fresh new patch of flowers, he takes note of where it is and then
flies back to the hive.

When he’s back at the hive, he walks around the hive floor, tracing out the route he took to the
flowers. The other bees follow in his steps. And by walking the route that he walks, they can fly
the route that he flew.

This allows all the bees to ‘collaborate.’ And be much more efficient in their work.

Unfortunately, not all business owners are as wise as bees.

When starting a new business, they fly around at random until they hit nectar.

But since “flying around” takes a lot longer in the business world, most business owners never
‘hit nectar’ with the businesses they create. The spend years working on projects ultimately
doomed to unprofitability.

There’s little rhyme or reason to what they do.

Which is fine… if you want to leave the growth of your business to blind chance.

If, however, you want to be SURE that you and your business are headed in the right direction,
go find someone who KNOWS where the nectar is. Learn the path they took to get there. Then
fly there yourself.

Matt Lloyd has created a $100,000,000 company. He’s also helped hundreds of other people
start their own thriving businesses. He knows where the nectar is.

And then he created MTTB, which converts this knowledge into 21 action steps.

People using these steps have created lots of wealth in the past 5 years: over $51,000,000.

And Matt has released MTTB to the public.

It’s $49 to sign up.

The field of flowers awaits. Follow Matt’s proven path, starting with step 1:



[DFYE] 31st March 2016 “Why Cruise Control Will Ruin You”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why Cruise Control Will Ruin You
Are YOU On A Trajectory Towards Nowhere?
The Painful Question You Should Ask Yourself Now

Email Body Copy:

Lots of people go through life in cruise control.

The ‘repeat all’ button is on. Every week is a replay of the week before. Every year is a replay of
year before. Same old, same old.

Sometimes it takes a wake up call—some incredible or horrible event, or even an otherwise
insignificant moment—to startle you OUT of cruise control.

You’re plugging along in life. You’re on your way home from work one day, stuck in traffic,
staring out the window, radio buzzing in the background… and then it dawns upon you that
you’ve spent the last 5 years of your life doing essentially nothing. And you’re on a trajectory
that’s headed nowhere.

It’s a “wake up” moment.

Problem is, wake up moments are rare.

And if you spend your life waiting for one, you just might spend your whole life waiting.

For something that may never come.


While your life wastes away.

Here’s a better option:

Do the painful work of evaluating your life now.

Are you REALLY on a trajectory towards the life that you REALLY want to live? Or are you

stuck in ‘cruise control,’ mindlessly drifting deeper and deeper into a life gone-to-waste?

Painful questions to answer.

But even more painful to NOT answer.

And if you find that you DO need to change your trajectory… but you’re totally unsure of where
you should start…

MTTB is a starting point.

It’s a 21-step system with a track-record of turning wanna-be entrepreneurs into experienced
business owners and online marketers.

Use it to supplement your income, or to replace it all together.

People have done both.

Using this system, people have made over $51,000,000 in commissions.

Which proves that it’s more than just a good idea.

So stop waiting for a wake-up call.

You might be waiting for 5, 10, 20, or 50 years. What a waste of life.

Take action now. Change your trajectory by going through these 21 steps:



[DFYE] 30th March 2016 “Your Journey From Dropout To “Bacon Stealer” ”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Your Journey From Dropout To “Bacon Stealer”
How To Become A Finisher (For Quitters)
Why Your Community Is The Key To More Bacon

Email Body Copy:

Why do people drop out?

Granted, some things are just hard.

Think med school. Think Navy SEALS screening tests. Think starting a business.

Over time, those things “get to” you.

People START those things with high energy and optimism. But the further time goes, the more
people drop out. Few people finish.

Some do.

There’s always that handful of people who “steal the bacon” in life. They enter competitions and
win. They push through rigorous screening tests. They start successful businesses. They’re
winners. They’re finishers.

Wherever they go, barriers seem to melt away like mist in the desert sun.

So what’s the secret ingredient?

It can’t JUST be that they work harder.

There’s something deeper going on. Something that keeps these guys going when other people
droop their heads, give up, and go home.

Here’s what that ‘something deeper’ is:


People don’t drop out because they’re weak. They drop out because they lose perspective.

They start something good and hard. But with time, they forget WHY they started. They forget
WHERE they’re headed. They forget WHAT the long term payoff will be

It’s a BIG problem that people run into when they’re starting a business: they lose sight of the
big picture. They get stuck in the moment. All they see is the thorns that they’re walking through.

So here’s the million-dollar question:

HOW do you keep perspective? When you’re starting a business?

Here’s the million-dollar answer:

Surround yourself with the right people.

Sure, you can conjure up strategies and tactics to ‘convince’ yourself that what you’re up to is
worth it.

You can rehearse things to yourself day after day after day. Play motivational cassette tapes in
the car.

But when you REALLY start to get into the grind, that’s gonna be tough. Unless you have
OTHER people telling you why you’re doing what you’re doing… you’re probably gonna forget.

Which is why you should start by asking yourself this question:

“How can I surround myself with fellow entrepreneurs who know WHERE they’re going, WHAT
to do, and WHY they’re going there?”

There’s nothing like a community of driven people to kick your butt when the going gets
tough—a community of driven peers who will inspire you, hold you accountable to your goals,
and give you help when you most need it.

But where can you FIND a community like that?

Here’s one option (and I promise good one): join the MOBE community by completing MTTB.

MTTB is a 21-step system which shows you how to leverage the internet to create wealth—from
the comfort of your home.

Not only does MTTB give you the training and tools you need to start a home business.

It also initiates you into a community of driven entrepreneurs who want to help YOU succeed in
your business. THEY’VE got perspective. And they’ll make sure YOU don’t lose yours.

Here’s your entry point into the MOBE community:



[DFYE] 29th March 2016 “Why You Need To Clean Your Room ASAP”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why You Need To Clean Your Room ASAP
Why You Should Stop Looking For Quality Information
What’s The First Step In Starting A Home Business? Clean Your Room

Email Body Copy:

Back when I was in college, I faced a really big problem. I could never keep my room clean.

I still remember rushing into my room, late for statistics class, trying to find that one worksheet I
was supposed to turn in that day. I’d dig through my closet. Pull the clothes out of my drawers.

Sweep aside huge mountains of junk on my desk. Couldn’t find it. Then I’d book it to class, no
paper, but with some great excuse I made up while running.

I could never find my stuff. And that was a problem.

The internet is like a big, messy room.

It contains TONS of valuable information. Lots of things you need in your life: your wallet, your
keys, your books, your papers, your keepsakes…

The problem is finding the valuable stuff amongst all the junk.

It has all the information you need to build a house. Learn Karate. Start a business. But there’s
a lot of junk info out there. So:

How do you know WHO to trust?

How do you know WHERE to start?

How do you know WHAT to invest your money in?

Good questions. Important questions. But if all you’ve got is Google, good luck.

MTTB brings organization to the chaos.

Instead of having to hunt down quality information, MTTB does that for you. It compiles the
information you need to start a business into a 21 step system. You get:

-training videos
-an experienced coach to walk you through the steps
-proven methods for generating an income online

Along with:

-done-for-you products
-done-for-you sales
-done-for-you customer service/order fulfillment

All organized into a 21-step system. Go through the steps with the help of your coach, and learn
how to start an online business.

No need to tear apart the room.

No need to empty your bank account: it costs $49 to sign up.

No need to search and search for the quality info that you KNOW is out there.

Go here for a nice, organized, ‘clean room’:



[DFYE] 28th March 2016 “Don’t Trust Matt”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Don’t Trust Matt
Why You Shouldn’t Trust Matt Lloyd
Let Go Of Your “Blind Faith”

Email Body Copy:

Don’t trust Matt Lloyd.

He’s the creator of MTTB. A system that pairs you with a person coach, done-for-you products,

and gives you the training you need to start a home business.

Why shouldn’t you trust him?

Because you don’t need to.

He’s not the only one vouching for MTTB. ‘Everyday people’ have tried his system. Here’s what
they had to say:

There’s a reason MTTB has sold over 70,000 copies – it works.

It teaches you time-tested methods for generating traffic, converting traffic, and making big, fat
commissions online. It shows you how to systematize the process and turn it into a lucrative
home business.

It’s a simple, step-by-step solution for everyone who’s ready to take ownership of their life, be
their own boss, and work from home.

But don’t take Matt’s word for it.

No need for blind faith here.

Just look at the numbers. Listen to the stories.

Then, when you’re ready to get started building your own, lucrative home business, go here:



[DFYE] 27th March 2016 “How To Generate Traffic WITHOUT Going To Jail”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How To Generate Traffic WITHOUT Going To Jail
$20,000 And A Night In Jail – Was It Worth It?
Do Flying Lawn Chairs REALLY Produce Quality Traffic? Maybe.

Email Body Copy:

Did you hear about the guy who sailed into the sky on his lawn chair last year?

Daniel Boria tied 110 helium balloons to a lawn chair, got in it, and flew 1,000’s of feet into the

He eventually jumped out of the chair, deployed his parachute, and landed.

When he landed, he was greeted by two things: (1) a sprained ankle, and (2) the police.

The police arrested him and put him in jail for a night.

Why did Daniel do it?

It wasn’t just spontaneous impulse.

You don’t spend $20,000 on spontaneous impulse(or shouldn’t, anyway).

He did to gain publicity for his cleaning business.

And it kind of worked. Kind of.

Daniel got lots of publicity. His website got so much traffic that the server crashed.

And according to Daniel, his flight was a success. It helped his business.

But did it really?

Probably not.

Here’s what Daniel didn’t seem to understand:

There’s quality traffic, and there’s junk traffic.

Just because you get lots of people on your website doesn’t guarantee you’ll make any sales.

Not all traffic is equal.

What you want is visitors who are already looking to buy your kind of product. And the people
visiting Daniel’s website probably weren’t looking to buy cleaning products. Most of them just
heard about Daniel from the news, and popped over to his website for kicks. Not to actually
BUY something.

So though Daniel got his traffic, it may not have done much for his business.

To be fair, maybe it WAS worth it. Maybe it was worth it from a branding perspective. Or maybe
it showed that he really believed in his business, thus giving ‘backhanded proof’ to his products.

Or maybe the night in jail and $20,000 spent on supplies was wasted.

Whatever the case, there ARE better ways to build your business and get quality traffic.

Ways that won’t put you in jail.

MTTB is one of those ways. It’s a 21-step system that shows you how to start an online

When you sign up, you also get access to the “30 day traffic plan,” which shows you how to
generate QUALITY traffic with PROVEN methods.

No flights in lawn chairs necessary.

Plus, MTTB isn’t $20,000. It’s $49.

Of course, if you like skydiving, and if you want to do something crazy… there are other options.

Just know that you might be wasting your money, risking your life, and going to jail for nothing.

Here’s a simpler, safer, tested method for generating quality traffic and building a lucrative home



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