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Monday Mar 19, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails May 1 – 7, 2016

[DFYE] 7th May 2016 “Everything You Need To Know About Getting Rich Online”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Rich Online
Ask A Few Questions And Make A Fortune Doing it
Let’s Be Honest About Making Money Online

Email Body Copy:

How do you know if someone is telling the truth or not?

You ask them questions.

It sounds simple. But you’d be surprised how man people don’t understand that.

Take the employees of a Burger Kind near Minneapolis for example. They got a call from
a fireman that said if they don’t bust out the windows of their restaurant then the place
would explode.

They didn’t ask the caller if he was a really a fireman. They just busted out the windows.

And believe it or not this happens all over.

A Burger King in California got the same prank call. But instead of just busting out the
windows the manager went as far as running his car into the building.

Causing $35,000 in damage to the restaurant.

But unless you work at a Burger King why should you care?

Because when people get tricked they can’t trust anything again.

Most people think that Internet companies must be a scam because someone they know
got burned when they signed up for one.

But that doesn’t mean that all Internet companies are bad. And if you believe that you
could be missing out on a fortune-making machine called MTTB.

But how do you know you can trust MTTB? You have to ask questions. Other companies
might be afraid of questions. But not MTTB.

So here are some questions and answer that might interest you:

How Does MTTB Work?

MTTB Affiliates are given ads that they place on websites like Craigslist and Facebook.

They then get the sales commissions.

Is MTTB just another “get rich quick” scam?

No. MTTB is a proven system that has sent out over $25 million in commissions to
people who went through a training program and earned their money.

How do I know MTTB will really make me money?

If you don’t make a commission within 30 days of finishing your training you’ll get the
$49 you give to join back plus a $450 bonus to say sorry. That’s a $500 safety net.

MTTB is the real deal. And there is a ton of information to prove it. Just click below to
learn more and start making your fortune online.



[DFYE] 6th May 2016 “How To Make Hard Work Much Easier”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How To Make Hard Work Much Easier
The Easiest Way To Make Money Online
Your Online Money Making Solution

Email Body Copy:

You can’t cheat in life. And if you do you’ll always lose in the end.

Sometimes sooner than later.

That’s why you need to read the rest of this email.

Because if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make money then you’re going to
get burnt in the end. But if you keep reading you’ll find the closest thing to a quick and
easy way to make money.

Brandon Williams was looking for a quick and easy way to make money. That’s why he
opened the door of a parked car and demanded they hand it over.

Remember that part about getting burned sooner or later?

For Williams it was sooner.

Because he broke into the car that just happened to be an unmarked police car with a
police officer in it. He ran away but was caught and charged with assault and attempted

But you’re not robbing cars. So what does this have to do with you?

If you’re trying to make money without working hard then you’re trying to cheat just like
Williams. Plain and simple.

Don’t be fooled

CEO’s and actors make thousands of dollars for a few hours of work are able to
because they’ve worked their ass of to get to that point.

Here’s the good news though.

You now have access to the closest thing to a quick and easy way to make money

It’s called MTTB.

MTTB members place ads online and receive the sales commissions. They get to
work from their own computer and never have to close any deals or take any long
customer service calls.

But if MTTB is that good you know that you’re going to have to work hard to be a

But when you start getting checks for thousands every week you’ll forget all about
that hard work.

Just ask Matt Lloyd. He founded MTTB and used it to earn $51,373,00 over 5 years.

And now he says “what hard work?”

So if you’re ready to do the time and be rewarded click below to learn more about



[DFYE] 5th May 2016 “Make Money Like A Drill Sargent Makes Insults”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Make Money Like A Drill Sargent Makes Insults
150 Reasons You Can Make A Fortune Online
How To Make Money With Your Computer

Email Body Copy:

Full Metal Jacket is one of the greatest films ever.

It’s a dark and gruesome story of soldiers at war that makes war films today look
like nursery rhymes.

But there is one thing that most people remember about it.

Sargent Hartman.

Hartman tears the Marine recruits apart with insults like:

 “You’re so ugly you could be a modern art masterpiece.”

 “Did your parents have any children that lived? I bet they regret that.”

 “Five-foot-nine, I didn’t know they stacked shit that high!”

And many more that can’t be repeated here.

But what does Hartman and his insults have to do with you?

The actor who played Hartman was an actual drill instructor. But that didn’t mean
that he came up with all his insults on the spot.

He wrote over 150 pages of insults to prepare for his role.

And now he is one of the most memorable characters ever.

Just because you know how to use the Internet doesn’t mean that it’ll be easy for
you to make money using it.

To make money on the Internet you have to research for hours on end. Build a
customer base. Invest money into servers. All before you make a single cent.

And that’s only if you find a new way to make money that someone else isn’t already

You can’t just make a fortune online because you can Google something just like the
actor couldn’t just show up and play a drill instructor because he was one.

Luckily for you someone has already found a way for you to make a fortune online.

It’s called MTTB.

MTTB is a user-friendly system that has been proven to make people money over
and over again.

All from their own computer.

MTTB affiliates never close any deals or worry about long payment processing. They
just place ads and make commissions.

Commissions that can be worth thousands of dollars.

So don’t just assume that you can get rich using the Internet. Save yourself the
trouble and click below to learn more about MTTB



[DFYE] 4th May 2016 “What You In Common With The Best Writers In The World”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

What You In Common With The Best Writers In The World
Make A Fortune The Way The Best Writer’s Write
A Job That’s Worth The Work

Email Body Copy:

It’s not surprising that to be a writer you have to write.

A lot.

But just how much the best writer’s in the world write every day might surprise you. And
tell you how you can make thousand dollar commissions from your own computer every

Here’s why.

Stephen King writes 2,000 words a day. That’s about 10 pages a day.

Can you imagine writing 10 pages every day? Plus those 10 pages have to be written well
if you want to make any money.

But other writer’s do even more than that.

Maya Angelou wrote 2,500 words a day. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote 3,000 words a day.

And Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park) wrote 10,000 words a day.

Other than telling you that you don’t have a future as a writer how does all this help you?

As much as it sounds like these writers love to spend their whole day writing. They don’t.
Kate DiCamillo said, “I never want to write, but I’m always glad that I have done it.”

Writing is just as hard for these writers as it is for you. But they slug through it because
they know the result is worth the hard work.

That’s why they are able to write thousands of words every day.

And if you are working behind a desk for hours day after day and not getting a paycheck
that makes it worthwhile don’t be surprised if you wake up and dread going to work.

Because if the end result of writing wasn’t worth it to the writers we wouldn’t have any
books. They would quit.

So why haven’t you quit?

Whatever answer you have reconsider it. Because MTTB can change your life.

MTTB is a user-friendly online system that allows members to place ads online and
receive the sales commissions from the ads.

Sales commissions that can be worth thousands of dollars.

MTTB is not only easy to use because it’s a simple system. But because you will be
working for commissions worth thousands.

When that type of money is rolling in every week just try not to be excited to sit down
and work.

To find out more about MTTB click below.



[DFYE] 3rd May 2016 “Why Your Desk Job Is Self-Defeating”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why Your Desk Job Is Self-Defeating
Stop Spending Money To Make Money
Why Your Desk Job Makes No Sense

Email Body Copy:

Some things are self-defeating. Your desk job is one of them.

Here’s why.

Have you ever thought about the ads that play before you watch a video on YouTube?

Probably not.

Because no one ever pays attention to those ads. The second an ad plays before a video
most people either stop paying attention completely or they find something else to do
until the ad is over.

The ads are supposed to get people to pay attention to the product but they do the

They make people stop paying attention to the product.

And your desk job is just as self-defeating as YouTube ads.

Think of how much you pay just to get to work. Not just for gas but for the time you have
to spend driving back and forth when you could be working or spending time with your

You’re paying to get to earn the money you use to pay to get to work.

It makes no sense.

Even if you make enough money at your job to have some left over after paying for your
commute just think about how much more money and time you would have if you had no

It’s about to change. Because now you have access to MTTB.

MTTB is a tried and true moneymaker that allows people just like you to earn thousand
dollar commissions from their own computer every single week.

That means no more spending money to make money. If you have a computer and Wi-Fi
then you’re ready to make a fortune.

As a member of MTTB there will be no long phone calls with customers. No slow
payment processing. And no commute.

Just you making a fortune.

To learn more about MTTB click below.



[DFYE] 2nd May 2016 “A Microwave And A Satellite Dish Can Make You Rich”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

A Microwave And A Satellite Dish Can Make You Rich
What A Microwave And Aliens Have To Do With Working From Your Computer
It Took These Scientists 17 Years To See It. How Long Has It Taken You?

Email Body Copy:

For the past 17 years the Parkes Observatory massive satellite dish received strange
signals that confused the astronomers who worked there.

The observatory monitors signals from space so people’s minds immediately turned to
aliens sending signals.

And no one was able to explain it for 17 years!

But recently the scientists found out the source of the signal.

It turns out that if the satellite dish was pointed in the right direction and someone opened
a microwave door while it was cooking food in the observatory the dish would pick up a

Suddenly 17 years of speculation went out the window.

Because no one thought that a giant satellite dish might pick up signals from a microwave
directly beneath it.

But what do a giant satellite dish and a microwave have to do with you?

The answer to the scientists question was right in front of them the whole time. But it
took them 17 years to figure it out!

The answer to your dead end desk job is right in front of you too.

You’re actually looking at it right now.

It’s the internet.

If you’ve been working a traditional desk job that overworks and underpays you then
you’ve probably been looking for a new job. But you didn’t think to use the most
powerful and easiest to use tool mankind to make money.

But all that just changed.

Because now you have access to MTTB.

MTTB is a proven moneymaker that uses internet traffic to make people thousands in
sales commissions every week while they work from their own computer.

MTTB works so well that if you don’t make a commission within 30 days of your ending
your training then you will get the $49 you give to join back.

Times 10! That’s $500!

Click below to learn more about MTTB.



[DFYE] 1st May 2016 “How A Russian Superman Can Earn You A Fortune”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How A Russian Superman Can Earn You A Fortune
Why Superman Working For Stalin Can Make You Rich
Superman. Russia. And Your Fortune

Email Body Copy:

Is there anything more American than Superman?

He wears red and blue. He’s strong. He’s good looking.

He’s an all American guy.

That’s why it’s hard to believe that there is a Superman series where Superman landed in
the Soviet Union.

Yes. There is a Soviet Union Superman who is a “Champion of the common worker who
fights a never-ending battle for Stalin”

The Soviet Superman even turns the tide of the Cold War in favor of the Soviet Union
and the United States has a social collapse.

Soviet Superman still has Wonder Women by his side though.

The only difference is that even though she is in love with him, he only considers her a
“comrade” because he is so focused on fighting for the Soviet Union.

Suddenly he doesn’t seem like the All American hero you know and love.

But that’s the reason you can make a fortune working from your own computer.

Superman: Red Son was a hit and is still popular today.

Because Superman’s hero character works so well that it doesn’t matter if he is an
American or a Russian.

People still love him because he is the perfect hero.

And that’s exactly why you can make more money than ever before from your own

Because MTTB is an online system that works just as well as Superman’s character. The
only difference is that when it works well it makes you money.

Here’s how.

MTTB members place ads on the most popular sites on Earth then receive the sales

So as long as people are getting on sites like Facebook and Craigslist you can be making

Want to hear more?

Click below to learn more about MTTB.



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