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Monday Apr 23, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails May 15th – 21th, 2017

[DFYE] 21st May 2017 “This homeless guy is fluent in Latin”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

This homeless guy is fluent in Latin
These homeless guys know what they’re doing
Two more awesome signs

Email Body Copy:

I wrote you yesterday about the best sales copy I had seen all month, and this on a homeless man’s sign.

That jogged my memory, and today, I want to share a couple more with you, plus some insights.

#1 — “Let’s Do Lunch – U Buy”

This one brings up the idea of “companionship,” which literally means one with whom you share bread.

In one stroke, he ironically acknowledges their economic inequality (they are likely to never share lunch), as well as the equality they share by virtue of a common humanity.

#2 — “Please help a drunk get drunker”

Rather than avoid the common objection to handing cash to homeless people, this guy plunged straight into it.

This is a counter-intuitive approach to cultivating ethos and pathos.

Aristotle said, in his book on Rhetoric, that we naturally trust people who…
(a) do not hide their motives, and
(b) make us feel comfortable and unthreatened

He concedes the moral high ground at the same time that he appeals to our sympathy.

These two men also broke through the noisy “Gimme-a-dollar” barrage that characterizes our economized world.

Rather than shy away, these two got smart.

There is a way.

Learn smart marketing from pros on the cutting edge at MTTB.

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[DFYE] 20th May 2017 “Hire this homeless man”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Hire this homeless man
3 ways this homeless man nails copywriting
Can you write as well as this homeless man?

Email Body Copy:

The best sales copy I’ve seen all month was on a homeless man’s sign.

It read:

“Only if you can”

Notice three brilliant ways this four-word phrase broke through the noise and burned itself in my memory:

– Power of Suggestion: He never made the actual ask. People are more likely to trust conclusions they arrive at themselves, and this man let the passers-by realize for themselves that it was an ask.

– Demonstrated Concern: Markets are more likely to trust marketers when they feel they have truly been understood. By treating his ‘market’ with dignity, he has a better chance of being treated with dignity himself.

– Focus on Ability: If his ‘market’ considers whether they “can,” they enter a mental space where it is easier for them to consider what he can do. They are more likely to be moved by his poverty after considering their own relative ‘poverty.’

Words matter, and sales is a science.

Just because big companies have big marketing divisions doesn’t mean they’re any good.

Let’s get you outfitted with the most humanly insightful marketing savvy we’ve got, and build you into the most compelling marketer you’ve ever met.

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[DFYE] 19th May 2017 “Promise I’m not a greasy millennial”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Promise I’m not a greasy millennial
How to sniff out a scam artist
My Facebook is COVERED with these awful ads

Email Body Copy:

For whatever reason, probably because of my line of work, my Facebook page gets bombarded with self-help ads.

Greasy twenty-somethings who have read a couple books on business leadership and try to pass as consultants.

The Internet is slick with greasy millennials trying to juke the job market (and hard work) by posing as experts in fields they’ve never worked in.

And people fall for it.

Here is your three-step guide for sniffing out greaseball gurus. When you see their ads, ask yourself these three questions:

– Will it cost me?

Some posers lead with a “free trial,” collect your credit card info, and cross their fingers you don’t cancel your payment. Or they’ll charge you 99 cents.

A real opportunity with real value, costs SOMETHING up front.

– Will it work?

I’m talking proof. And this is the one hill I die on. If they cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that their program will work for you, they don’t deserve a dime of your money.

The 21-step MTTB system is a results machine. “It works if you work it.” (Click below for dozens of success stories.)

– Are they wildly successful?

Who cares if they’ve been in business for 20 years, or if they’re the newest, hottest thing. The question you need to ask is, Are they getting steadily bigger?

MTTB has shelled out $20,000,000 plus in commissions since 2008.

Well, that’s the test. How did we do?

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[DFYE] 18th May 2017 ““Opportunity,” said the cheesy headline”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

“Opportunity,” said the cheesy headline
Opportunity is knocking
Do you get these emails too?

Email Body Copy:

I’ve recently received a string of emails with a one-word subject-line: “Opportunity.”

I don’t know about you, but I fall for these every time. My attention perks up for a moment and I wonder who could be reaching out to me and what for.

Turns out it’s some new networking start up.

One that hasn’t learned from dinosaurs like LinkedIn that no generalized professional network site will ever hold a candle to image-driven social media.

(They tried.)

I solemnly swear never to try to sucker anyone into an ambiguous “opportunity” if I couldn’t proceed to explain the system in its entirety, demonstrate its track record, and answer any and all questions immediately.

With MTTB, we will…
– Build you a website
– Create a slick sales funnel
– Make all your phone sales
– Fulfill all your customer orders
– Field all customer service calls

You work with one of our business coaches through our rigorous, 21-step system, and erect passive income streams at the $1000/mo., $5000/mo., and $9000/mo. level.

This is a real opportunity, friend.

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[DFYE] 17th May 2017 “This guy must know eight languages”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

This guy must know eight languages
Marketing lesson from Cinco de Mayo
We’ll turn you into Enrique

Email Body Copy:

Earlier this month, someone threw a big, outdoor Cinco de Mayo festival.

Over the course of the weekend, several thousand people turned out.

The main strip was full of cheap carnival-in-a-box rides and gross food, so you wanted to make your way to the side streets because…

That’s where the good stuff is!

The local Mexican market put up a big tent and sold tacos, tamales, and tostadas to long lines of hangry locals, and their serving staff blew me away.

Enrique, a legal immigrant from Puebla, served two men before serving me, speaking each one’s native language.

Spanish to one, and Arabic to the other. (I don’t know Arabic, but the friend I was with recognized it.)

Then, he served me in English.

This young man had that magnetic glow about him that comes from speaking to customers in their own language.

(Smooooth segue)

E-Marketing has a lot of people confused, and most online businesses make themselves look ridiculous.

Our coaches will teach you how to speak your customers’ languages.

For top notch coaching…

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[DFYE] 16th May 2017 “Why job fit matters”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why job fit matters
The dark side of leadership
Why leaders burn out

Email Body Copy:

In their book, Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership, Dr. Gary McIntosh and Dr. Samuel Rima present their research on why leaders burn out.

Fascinatingly, they’ve whittled it down to one main factor: job integrity.

Not moral failure, not too high a volume of work, not too much travel, not little enough pay…

They just never fit their job quite well enough to begin with.

It doesn’t help that lots of jobs have vague, underspecified lists of qualifications. Companies aren’t quite sure how to put into words just what kind of candidate they’re looking for.

Once they make a hire, the candidate is sometimes underqualified, sometimes overqualified, but often not satisfied.

So how on earth can we tell you, ‘We think you’d be a good fit for MTTB?’

Here’s how.

Unlike most jobs, we’re not going to stick you at a desk with a list of responsibilities. We know better than that.

It is our full-time job to take you from nervous noob-ness to completely confident competence as an online marketer.

We’re going to build your job with you, for you, and right alongside you.

We don’t need you—so we won’t breathe down your neck—but we’d love to share what we have with you.

If you want work that is designed to fit you, that will keep you from burning out, we need to talk.

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[DFYE] 15th May 2017 “Tom didn’t make it home for Easter.”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Tom didn’t make it home for Easter.
Flights home were JUST too expensive
Their baby was a surprise

Email Body Copy:

Tom didn’t make it home for Easter.

Which is too bad, because his mom would have really loved to have seen him, and so would his extended family.

Benny and Kayla had just given birth to their first (surprise!) daughter, and they wanted her to meet her ‘honorary uncle,’ Tom, who had been such a support during a crazy time.

Two days before making the 11-hour drive home, the transmission had blown out on Tom’s Volvo.

He and his parents checked flights, but holiday weekend flights with no notice… they couldn’t find anything under $350.

So, no one was upset, and no one blamed anyone.

But still, Mom just became an “empty-nester.” And Benny really wanted Uncle Tom to be one of the first to hold his daughter.

Of course, this isn’t the end of the world. It’s not that dramatic.

But there are thousands of stories–everyone has them–about sweet times just barely fell through for seemingly absurd reasons.

What are some of yours?

Money doesn’t buy a life of happiness, but it does make some special moments possible.

How much work would you put in to make sure you had a $3,000 commission on the side each month?

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