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Monday Mar 19, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails May 22 – 28, 2016

[DFYE] 28th May 2016 “Why Your Passion For Making Money Can Hurt You?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why Your Passion For Making Money Can Hurt You?
Don’t Let Your Passion Misguide You
How Passion Costs One Man $10,000?

Email Body Copy:

Do you have a passion for making money?

Stop whatever your doing.

Keep reading to find out how you to use your passion to make yourself more money than you’ve ever imagined in a way you would of never expected.

Ajinka Kelkar had a passion too. But his passion wasn’t for making money. It was for getting revenge on the guy who was dating his ex-girlfriend.

The reasonable thing to do would have been to talk to his ex and let her know how he felt. Or just let her go.

But Kelkar was not reasonable. He was passionate.

So he went to the guy’s house to get revenge. When Kelkar got their he realized he was in luck. There were several cars in the guy’s driveway. Which meant way more damage for him to cause.

So Kelkar pulled out his knife and went to work on the cars. All told causing $10,000 in damage.

But remember that thing about being reasonable instead of passionate? Maybe if Kelkar was being reasonable he would of realized he was at the wrong house.

But he was passionate instead.

And that meant he racked up $10,000 worth of damage for an innocent family and walking in front of a camera doing it.

Which landed Kelkar in jail with a lot less money than he had before.

But unless you’ve got a vendetta against an ex why the hell should you care?

You can have all the passion in the world but if it’s misguided than it could hurt you instead of helping you.

Just like Kelkar.

That’s why you should join MTTB. MTTB is a place where passionate people get the guidance they need to earn a fortune online.

MTTB affiliates first learn about the MTTB system with their personal mentor and then use it to place ads on the most popular sites on earth from their own computer.

MTTB is an established money making system so it’s the perfect outlet for you to commit yourself to.

Click below to learn more about MTTB.



[DFYE] 27th May 2016 “Do Something New And Earn A Fortune”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Do Something New And Earn A Fortune
Want Something You’ve Never Had Before? Here’s How to Get It
Make A Fortune Online With In A New Way

Email Body Copy:

No one grows up thinking; “I’ll just take whatever job I can get and see what happens from there.”

People grow up with big dreams! Some people want to be rich. Some want to be famous. Some want to be respected. But they all want their lives to be somehow better than what they have when they grow up.

Are you what you wanted to be?

If you said no here’s the reason why.

If you want something that you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done.

When Reza Karim was growing up in Bangladesh he wanted the things many people take for granted. Stability in his country. To not worry what he would eat next. An opportunity to make a living.

But none of those things were possible if he stayed in Bangladesh. So he did something he’d never done before got a student VISA to the America.

He studied and worked hard until he built himself a successful career in the restaurant business. He worked even harder and landed himself a job at IBM.

But then the great recession struck in 2008 and Reza found himself living in Bangladesh again.

So he did something he’d never done before again. He found out about Matt Lloyd’s money-making system called MTTB and joined.

After joining MTTB Reza was able to move back to America and work from home and take care of his daughter while his wife went to work.

But you’re not named Reza so how does MTTB help you?

No one has small dreams. Everyone wants something incredible that they’ve never had before. And the only way to get it is to do something you’ve never done before like Reza.

So try working from your own computer with MTTB. MTTB is a flat out moneymaker that’s changed the lives of people from all over the world.

Click below to find out more about MTTB.



[DFYE] 26th May 2016 “Are You Following Your Passion?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Are You Following Your Passion?
Why You Shouldn’t Follow Your Passion.
How To Make Work Easy

Email Body Copy:

If a billionaire told you how to make money would you listen?

Of course you would. So listen up.

“Don’t follow your passion, follow your effort” – Mark Cuban

For years young people have been told to find their passion and pursue it. After that money will take care of itself.

But here’s the thing. A person can have a passion but that doesn’t mean they should make a career out of it. Some people have a passion for painting because it’s how they escape from the world. And if they made it their life then they would loose the ability to escape.

So sometimes following your passion isn’t a good idea. It can turn your passion into a job.

And nobody wants to do something that is just a job to them for their whole life.

So what are you supposed to do then? Work from behind a desk until for the next 20 or 30 years until you retire?

Nope. You should follow your effort.

That means you should do something that you can easily put effort into. That thing that doesn’t feel like work to you because it you enjoy doing it so much.

That’s when money will take care of itself.

Of course if it were that easy to find a job like that no one would have money problems.

But here’s the good news. You don’t have to look any further. Because now you have the chance to join MTTB.

MTTB is an easy to use online system that lets people place ads online from their own computer and leave behind their commute and desk job.

Still doesn’t sound like the type of job you could easily pour effort into? Try this on for size.

MTTB affiliates can earn thousands of dollars every week. All from their own computer. The founder of MTTB earned $51,373,000 in just 5 years using the same system. And MTTB has sent out over $25 million in commissions to people just like you.

Once you start getting paychecks worth thousands every week just see if you don’t want to do more work.

Follow your effort and click below to learn more about MTTB.



[DFYE] 25th May 2016 “Jet. Missiles. And Your Bank Account.”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Jet. Missiles. And Your Bank Account.
Are You Using The Wrong Tools For The Job?
The Wrong Way To Make Money Online

Email Body Copy:

In 1965 the United States Air Force had a big problem. The North Vietnamese forces got their hands on surface to air missiles (SAM’s) and were shooting down American aircraft.

So what did the Air Force do?

They sent pilots out with the mission to destroy the SAM’s. With jets.

Yes. The mission of the “Wild Weasel” squadron was to bait SAM missile sites into sending out radar signals so that other planes could find them and destroy them.

It’s no wonder that the unofficial motto of the Wild Weasel squadron was “You gotta be s&%ttin’ me!”

You’re probably saying, “Well that’s crazy. But I’m not doing anything like that.”
But if you’re trying to make to get rich online and not using MTTB you’re doing the exact same thing.

You’re using the wrong tool for the job.

Making money on the Internet seems simple. You find a product or service to sell and use the reach tat the Internet provides to sell it to the billions of people who’re online.

But it’s not that simple.

Because when you first try to sell something online you have to find people to sell to. And after you exhaust your family and friends that’s pretty damn hard.

It’s just like using a jet to destroy SAM’s. You’re using the wrong tools for the job.

The right tool for the job is MTTB.

Instead of using who you know to sell something MTTB allows people to sell products on the most popular sites on earth. That means the millions of people who get on sites like craigslist and Facebook will see your ads.

And that means you can make a fortune.

MTTB has sent out over $25 million in commissions to people who started using the right tools instead of the wrongs one.

Will you be one of them? Click below to say yes.



[DFYE] 24th May 2016 “How To Save Yourself 10,000 Hours Of Work.”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How To Save Yourself 10,000 Hours Of Work
The Easiest Way To Make Money Online
Don’t Waste Anymore Time Making Money

Email Body Copy:

There’s a theory out there that to be great at something you have to practice it for 10,000 hours.

That means that if you want to be rich or start a business then you’ll need to spend 10,000 hours working towards it and nothing else.

But it’s always just been a theory. Until now.

Because one man is putting it to the test.

Dan McLaughlin was a commercial photographer in 2010. But he heard the 10,000 hour theory and wanted to put it to the test.

So he quit his job and dedicated his life to be becoming a professional golfer. McLaughlin had never golfed before. Was never an athlete. And had no idea if he was wasting his time.

But he headed to the golf course and spent 30 hours every week practicing golf.

And that’s where he is now. McLaughlin is still practicing 30 hours every week and is making major progress on his game. And this year he will reach the 10,000 hour mark.

But whether he becomes a professional golfer or not is not the reason this email matters to you.

The reason this email is important is because it shows how incredibly difficult it is to be great at something.

McLaughlin had to quit his job and set aside 30 hours every week just to have a chance of being a pro golfer. And 5 years later he still hasn’t become a great golfer.

So if you want to become a great Internet entrepreneur you’ve got a ton of work to do before you come even close.

That’s where MTTB comes in.

MTTB is a tried and true user-friendly system that allows regular people to make a fortune online in no time flat.

It won’t take you 10,000 hours of being logged in to your computer to make a fortune with MTTB. All you have to do is complete a simple training program with your own personal mentor and you’ll have all the tools you need.

The same tools that earned the founder of MTTB f $51,373,00 over 5 years.

MTTB works so well that if you don’t earn a sales commission within 30 days of finishing your training you’ll get your money back times 10!

That’s $500!

So save yourself 10,000 hours. Click below to learn more about MTTB.



[DFYE] 23rd May 2016 “Why Internet Marketing Is Inefficient.”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why Internet Marketing Is Inefficient.
The Best Way To Advertise Online
How Can A Mini-Fridge Earn You A Thousands Online?

Email Body Copy:

Mitch Newlin saw a problem that was costing college students money ever year and he did something about it that is going to earn him $70,000 this year. And he is just a junior in college.

And if you’re trying to use online marketing to earn a living then you can do the same thing he did but earn much, much more.

Here’s how.

When Newlin was a freshman he saw a big problem.

At the end of the school year his college charged students $50 if they left their mini-fridges behind. Which students always did because they had no use for a mini-fridge once they moved into a real apartment. The school dumped the fridges into a landfill.

It was an inefficient system.

But then Newlin used the system to his advantage.

He started buying fridges from students and selling them back to the people who were just moving into the dorms.

And now he has a full-fledged business before he even has a degree.

But how does this help you market on the Internet?

Internet marketing is inefficient because the Internet is so damn large. You can put an ad out there and there’s a small chance that who needs to see it will.

It’s like fishing with a net in the middle of an ocean.

But there’s a system that uses the flaws of the Internet to your advantage just like Newlin did.

It’s called the Patriot Funnel System. Here’s how it works.

Instead of just letting your ad float around in the middle of the Internet PFS guides customers towards your ad. So you can reach all those customers that never even knew you existed before.

And boy does it work.

PFS will drop checks worth $3,300. $5,500. And even $10,000 into your bank account. And it will give you the tools to master Internet marketing.

So click below and see what PFS can do for you.



[DFYE] 22nd May 2016 “Avoid The Hassles Of The Job Market.”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Avoid The Hassles Of The Job Market.
Tired Of Your Job? Read This.
No Interview. No Job Search. Just A Huge Paycheck For You.

Email Body Copy:

Do you have a job that you love? One that you can see yourself at for the rest of your career?

If you do then you’re one of the lucky few.

Most people are at jobs that they have to do or are just doing until something better comes along.

And that means most people are going to be entering a job market that might as well have a sign that says “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.”

Let’s say you want a high-level big paycheck job because, hey who doesn’t?

So you get yourself an interview with a fortune 500 company. But at the end of your interview they tell you that they’re looking for someone with a little more experience.

That makes sense.

So you set out tog get some experience by working for middle or lower tier company that doesn’t require experience to be employed.

The only problem is that those companies require something else. A college degree.

So you go to college and sign up for classes. But then they come to collect tuition and you can’t pay because you’ve been looking for a job this whole time.

And then before you know it you’re up to your eyeballs in student debt and you still have two more years of school before you qualify for one of those low tier jobs.

So should you just keep working a job that you don’t like and avoid the whole mess?

Hell no.

You should join MTTB.

MTTB is a user-friendly online system that earns its affiliates thousands every month while working from their own computer.

There is no suggested degree or corporate ladder. If you have a computer and Wi-Fi you have the chance to make a fortune.

You don’t even have to close any sales.

All you have to do is click below and complete a training program with your own personal mentor.

And then you’ll be ready to make a fortune online. So what are you waiting for?



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