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Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails May 29th – June 4th, 2017

[DFYE] 4th June 2017 “Cutco’s biggest flaw”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Cutco’s biggest flaw
The 1 reason to never sell Cutco knives
It’s Cutco season

Email Body Copy:

It’s Cutco season.

Young men and women are graduating from high school all across the country, and they’re taking part in what has become an American rite of passage:

The mysterious letter from a company called “Vector.”

What it is, of course, is a job offer for a door-to-door sales position.

Don’t get me wrong– I think it’s good for young people to test their mettle in door-to-door salies. It helps them develop individual initiative, persuasive articulacy, and resilience in rejection.

But after these young people put in hours and hours pounding the pavement, all they’re left with is a big, “Thank you for making us money!”

The central major difference between building a business in MTTB and selling Cutco knives for Vector is a completely different end game.

Vector will give you some paychecks.

MTTB will set you up with continuous passive income streams.

If two graduates stopped investing their time in Vector and MTTB, only one of them would still be collecting checks at the same time next year.

How does that sound?

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[DFYE] 3rd June 2017 “The ‘ghost’ question”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The ‘ghost’ question
You will not be able to forget this question
I have an annoying question for you.

Email Body Copy:

I have an annoying question for you.

It’s annoying because, if you’re honest, your answer will bug you.

It’s not profound.
It’s not magic.
I’m no counselor or sage.

It doesn’t even matter if you tell me your answer or not.

Or whether you realize the answer later today, next week, or in a month from now.

The key is–if you want it to bug you–to let it sink in for a few seconds before skipping to your next email.


What would you do
if you were not afraid?

I dare you to answer it.

If you ever want to give me the privilege of hearing your answer…

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[DFYE] 2nd June 2017 “Can’t find my damn knife”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Can’t find my damn knife
I want to help you
You can’t move forward without these tools

Email Body Copy:

I read every night before bed, and I recently thought to myself, “You know what sounds awesome? Reading by candlelight.”

So, I got things ready:
– I drew up a design
– Went out and bought the pieces of wood
– Checked to make sure I had the right drill bits
– Pulled out my handsaw
– Pulled some tea candles out of a box in the closet
– Checked the garage for my old whittling knife…

But I couldn’t find the whittling knife anywhere.

I checked the kitchen knife drawer, two closets, the garage, under the beds, and everywhere else I could think to, but I could not find my damn knife.

I promptly became frustrated and started to feel bad for myself.

(You know, like a healthy, productive person doesn’t do.)

There’s nothing like being all set to go on a new project, but missing the most important tools.

MTTB prides itself on knowing all the steps it takes to set up a consistent and reliable money-making system (a.k.a., a good business), and having all the right tools.

We have…
– a fool-proof 21-step system
– executive coaches
– a supportive community
– web design team
– product creation team
– phone sales team
– copy-writing team (glad to meet you, by the way!)
– order fulfillment team
– customer satisfaction team

All we’re missing is you.

You already have an idea of the good life, but you’ve been missing some key tools. We think we know where most of them are.

We’re usually right, and I think we’re right in your case as well.

If you think that may be true…

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[DFYE] 1st June 2017 “My laundry still isn’t folded”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

My laundry still isn’t folded
Wrinkle wrinkle crinkle wrinkle
Can you pronounce… “Wrinklier”?

Email Body Copy:

Folding the laundry is a time-sensitive chore.

The longer you wait to fold it… the wrinklier it gets.

(Wow, wrinklier is a hard word to say out loud. Try it!)

The wrinklier your laundry gets, the longer it takes to iron.

The longer it takes to iron, the more we put it off!

If you know you need to change jobs or increase your household’s income, it’s easy to keep putting it off.

Your motivation wrinkles.

And wrinkles.

And at some point, ironing it is just too hard, so you live with wrinkly motivation.

The way forward is not an easy one, and it looks different for different people, but the principle is straightforward:

At some point, you just have to flip the switch and get going on the work you know you have to do.

You just do it.

Tomorrow’s email will come, but your motivation will be even wrinklier.

So, while it’s still today, take 11 minutes to get started.

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[DFYE] 31th May 2017 “Jane Austen’s chick flick and your job hunt”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Jane Austen’s chick flick and your job hunt
She should not have married him.
I. Love. Pride and Prejudice.

Email Body Copy:

I. Love. Pride and Prejudice.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think it’s possible to say you love a book and only read it once.

I’m halfway through it for the fourth time, and my heart is breaking right now for Charlotte Lucas.

Charlotte, like the Bennett sisters, only has one realistic way into a happy life:

Marrying well.

Neither family is well-to-do, and none of these young women have the entitlement to property that the young men do.

Their harried mothers gussy them up and show them off at balls and other social gatherings where there might be men, in hopes of winning someone’s eye.

This is not entirely disagreeable to the girls — some of the men are real catches.

But other men are like Mr. Collins. Calculated, condescending, self-important, graceless Mr. Collins.

Not even the men like him very much.

But Mr. Collins proposes to Charlotte and–poor Charlotte–is reminded that she cannot count on a second proposal from another man.

She cuts her losses, pockets her hopes, and says, “Yes.” Mr. Collins will have to do.

I’m not saying she was wise or foolish to decide what she did, and I know that women have more opportunities to provide for themselves today than in the time and place of the story.

But the tension is alive and well in the job market, for men and women both:

Do you give up your hopes and desires, your personality, for a “meh” job?

How long can you hold out, especially if you have loved ones to provide for?

Those are all hard questions, but we have a viable solution:

Work with us.

You aren’t a damsel in distress, waiting on the whim of some HR firm.

MTTB is for people who want to work without killing themselves, make however much money they think they need, and live happy lives.

Everyone here has at least that much in common.

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[DFYE] 30th May 2017 “Kelsey’s boss is basically Michael Scott”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Kelsey’s boss is basically Michael Scott
Kelsey shouldn’t have ‘friended’ her boss on Facebook.
This is why you should never ‘friend’ your boss on Facebook.

Email Body Copy:

This is why you should never ‘friend’ your boss on Facebook.

(Or maybe why you should.)

Kelsey got home at 1:20 am and made herself a snack.

She had been at work since 10:30 the previous morning, and she hadn’t had a break since dinner at 5.

You’re probably thinking “That’s illegal!” But Kelsey was working retail to save up for college, and she didn’t want to make waves by complaining.

Her manager had called in sick and told her last minute that she needed to stay until closing.

Fine. Kelsey’s responsible.

While her quesadilla was on the stove, Kelsey checked Facebook and saw a photo of her boss… at the beach. Not home sick.

Kelsey’s manager is like a lot of managers in mindset (maybe even yours):

“Actual work is exhausting. Getting promoted is a reward that translates to ‘less work for me.’ I love being a “manager.””

(Didn’t Michael Scott make this model popular?)

It’s incredible how many people are working for monkeys.

I’m sorry — and I’d like to help.

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[DFYE] 29th May 2017 “Mother’s Day was built on copywriting”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Mother’s Day was built on copywriting
How Anna Jarvis started Mother’s Day
Do you know the entrepreneurial story behind Mother’s Day?

Email Body Copy:

Do you know the entrepreneurial story behind Mother’s Day?

After giving a Sunday School lecture in 1876, Ann Reeves Jarvis prayed that someone would devote a day to celebrating mothers for their tireless and thankless service to humanity.

30 years later, at the site of Ann’s grave, her daughter, Anna Jarvis promised that she would be the answer to that prayer.

Anna wrote letters to Mark Twain, Teddy Roosevelt, and every person she could think of with a platform powerful enough to get the message out.

She wrote to the governors of every state.

In 1908, she held the first Mother’s Day service.

By 1910, West Virginia declared it an official state holiday.

In 1914, the Congress and President Woodrow Wilson passed a bill legally recognizing the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day.

Today, Mother’s Day is a $23.6 billion holiday.

Whatever you (or Jarvis) may think of what has become of Mother’s Day, the facts are simple:

Good writing from a “nobody” daughter of a West Virginia Sunday School teacher moved the powers that be to make change, and the nation responded by emptying their pockets.

What could you make happen if you put your mind to it?

At MTTB, we’re no experts at starting holidays…

But we know how to make our friends money.

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