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Monday May 14, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails November 6th – 12th, 2017

[DFYE] 12th November 2017 93% of this is gone… (sobering)”

2 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

93% of this is gone… (sobering)
The income path I’ve chosen…

Email Body Copy:

It’s good to stop and rethink priorities.

There’s an article online called “The Tail End,” which powerfully shows how short life truly is.

Here’s one gem:

Turns out, by the time most of us finish high school, we’ve already used up 93% of our in-person, parent time.

That leaves less than 7% of our time left to be with them.

And for many of us, we now live in different cities and have our own families.

It makes getting together often hard to do.

Same goes if we’ve got brothers or sisters.

We may only have 10-15% of available time left with them now.

We’re in, “the tail end.”

The guy that actually wrote this article sadly experienced his dad unexpectedly passing away.

He was at his dad’s bedside.

Isn’t it true?

We never know how much time we have left with those we love, do we?


This can help us from time to time to RETHINK our personal priorities.

Not squandering away our life, our time, or the opportunities we have in front of us?

Making sure our focus is on the more important things.

Not sure about you, but I certainly don’t plan to spend the next 20 yrs.
stuck behind a stuffy cubicle.

Working 40 to 60 hrs. a week, M-F, and leaving no time to enjoy time with those I love the most.

Especially when there’s so many alternatives and ways we can work less, earn more, and have a great lifestyle and freedom.

What will you decide to do?

===> This is the path I’ve chosen

Maybe it’ll be a good fit for you too.

In your corner.



[DFYE] 11th November 2017 “$10K months part-time… but, WHY?”

2 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

$10K months part-time… but, WHY?
Open up if you want experiences over possessions…

Email Body Copy:

It’s not about the bling and fast cars…

There’s this guy that’s worth hundreds of millions, and he was asked what’s the one piece of advice he’d like to tell to the world.

It’s this:


He said he’d put that message in front of every big shopping center and car dealership.

In fact, he said he’d like to train thousands of parrots to say, “It won’t make you happy!” and then release them in malls and stores around the world!

Now again, this guy is worth a lot of money.

But, his happiness and life isn’t fulfilled by getting more possessions.

It’s having the freedoms and ability to invest in EXPERIENCES.

I’m curious, what lights you up to be building a business like this?

It’s probably not about mansions and lambos, right?

Maybe it’s travel?
Or time with your kids/grandkids?

More time for date nights, gardening, and other hobbies?

Maybe it’s waking when you want, and living each day on your terms.

Maybe it’s being debt free and being in control of your life and your time.

Whatever it is?

Keep those things bright and clear, front and center in your mind each day!

It’ll help give you the purpose and drive to do what it takes to succeed, especially those times you’ll be prone to give in to the daily distractions out there.

Here’s to experiences and fulfilment over getting more “stuff!” 🙂

===> The 21 Step System I Use



PS With this system, you don’t have to work from sunup to sundown to have a nice income.

Which gives you more time and freedom for experiences and living the good life, whatever that is for you.

===> Get started here, if it’s a fit!

[DFYE] 10th November 2017 “$10K months can be simple? (or complicated!)”

2 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

$10K months can be simple? (or complicated!)
Keep it simple w/a Dot Com Lifestyle

Email Body Copy:

No reason to make this harder.

Business models can be simple! And they do not have to be complicated.

For a desire to think feeling “busy” is a good thing, many keep stacking more up on their plates, needlessly.

But I say, keep it simple!

Take the top tier business model I personally leverage for example:

1. I send leads to an automated system

2. They follow-up and may handle the rest.

3. I can get sales, and have options open to get up to $1,250, $3,300, $5,500 and $10k commissions.

Simple enough on my end, right?


I could make it more complicated on myself and try to do more, but that’s not aligned with the type of lifestyle I want for myself and family.

I get into this for the freedom, not to have an endless task of things to do and stress over… you?

I’m not sure what your goals are…

I’m happy as a clam keeping things simple and lean as I can, yet still creating a nice income for myself, part-time.

===> If you want that too and are open to keeping things simple as can be…



PS This can be an easy enough system to follow and earn a nice living from, if you will stick to the simple daily steps required to do this.


===> You’re getting a coach and guarantee Hope that helps!

[DFYE] 9th November 2017 “Rabbits, Donkeys and $10K months…”

2 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Rabbits, Donkeys and $10K months…
The man/affiliate chasing two rabbits gets none…

Email Body Copy:

Too many opportunities? Don’t know what to decide?

It wasn’t too long ago that most of us didn’t have a lot of choices as to our careers and futures.

There was school, college, or getting into a family business.

Wasn’t just a ton of more options than that!

Today, we’re bombarded with info and opportunity.

It can be hard to choose. We want a handful of everything.

We don’t want to miss out.

I’m reminded of a few fables…

The man who chases two rabbits, catches neither one.

There’s a lot of truth to that!

There’s another story of a donkey that’s standing halfway between a pile of hay and a bucket of water.

He keeps looking left to the hay, and then right to the water, trying to decide.

Hay or water, hay or water?

He’s unable to decide, and eventually falls over dead of hunger and thirst.

With just a little bit of insight, he would have realized he could clearly go drink the water.

And then walk over and eat the hay.

But you can’t do both at once, right?

So, in short?

We can do anything in life we want to do. But we can only pick one thing at a time.

We can’t chase two rabbits at once.
That’ll just get us tired and hungry!

Lots of ways we can apply this in our lives, isn’t there?

This is one reason why the business model I use works extremely well.

Building an online business has lots of moving parts to it usually.

Product development and fulfillment, support, sales and marketing, and on and on it goes.

===> This system allows you to focus on one thing to create a great income.

After you login, you’ll just have one focus that can get you to your first milestone of up to $10K in a month.

You’ll discover this simple daily process to generate qualified leads online, and most everything else is handled for you.


It can result in you getting high-ticket commissions of up to $10K, when the system sells these valuable offers for you.

Nice, right? ?

Just focus on ONE RABBIT. 🙂
And may we not be like the “donkey.”



[DFYE] 8th November 2017 “Want lifestyle & income? Circumstances not ideal? (Try this)”

2 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Want lifestyle & income? Circumstances not ideal? (Try this)
Silent clues circumstance may be holding you back…

Email Body Copy:

We can all only start from where we are at, all the good, bad and ugly…

It’s funny. Moms, dads, retirees, and people from all walks of life have built great lifestyles and incomes with the Dot Com Lifestyle system.

Yet, I can’t promise results and many don’t get any results.

And I get it.

We’re all busy.

We’ve got kids, grandkids, mates, jobs, chores, and lots of other things that may be on our plates right now.

Including serious things like health issues.

So sometimes, it takes some serious energy to push through and get things going.

And after we start?
And things are moving along?

Then it becomes much easier.

Yet, a common success trait these folks all have is stated well by author and business owner, Derek Sivers…

“If more information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.”


It’s not what you know, it’s what you do consistently.

And it’s not where you’re at, or what your circumstances are always. It’s what you do, in spite.

Sometimes our world is tough.

But usually we can still take a look at where we’re at and find a solid way to get what we want.

If you’d like more time, income, and location freedom?

===> Then check out Dot Com Lifestyle

If you can make it work, it’s a step by step system that’s working well for many people right now.

Just check out a few of the case studies
while you’re there.


PS One reason why many young and old alike, with non-ideal circumstances, are doing so well with this business model?
You get a coach to help you along the way! Would having someone in your corner help you too? Now…

They only have a certain number of coaches available to help. I’m not sure what their current bandwidth is, but you should see on the page whether or not you’ll be able to still get a coach right now.

===> Find out if you’ll get a coach here


[DFYE] 7th November 2017 “Matt’s million dollar tip? (this was helpful for me!)”

2 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Matt’s million dollar tip? (this was helpful for me!)
Perfectionism was his procrastination running the show…

Email Body Copy:

This is a lethal trap we must avoid.

As you likely know, Matt Lloyd is one of my top mentors.

And I wanted to share one of his tips with you in today’s note. It can make this business go much easier for you, and may even bump up your income.

So, Matt puts on quite a few training Webinars in his business.

They’re NEVER perfect, yet he’s made many millions as a result of putting them on.

He’s very open about them being imperfect. Almost like it’s a stamp of pride, because…

The goal is not to get it perfect. It’s to get it done.

85% perfect is better than 100%.
Because perfect never happens.

Trying to get something perfect is a huge trap many fall into in this business.

Just one more book…
Just one more course…

I’ll launch my business after I do this…

Don’t let yourself get stuck here too, okay?

And the main point here?

Life, income, fulfillment and lifestyle, those are the rewards of taking massive imperfect action.

It’s never the result of something being perfect. Never.

Hope this helps.

If it’s a fit for you?

===> Follow these 21 Steps today

As you go through the training…

The key is to just get through the steps and take action, no matter what. Don’t worry about it being “perfect.”

Imperfect action with this system can put up to $10K commissions in your account.



[DFYE] 6th November 2017 “Harrowing news… (or is it?)”

2 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Harrowing news… (or is it?)
NO ONE IS COMING (why this is good)

Email Body Copy:

Life-changing note today.

This tidbit sounds sobering, but it’s one of the best things most really successful people eventually realise.

It’s this:

No One Is Coming.

Want to escape a job or circumstance you hate?

Then make it happen.

Because no one is coming to do it for you.

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

No one is coming.

You have to start spending less, and making more.

Want to make 6 to 7-figures a year while working part-time?

So you can travel, play, spend time with loved ones?

No one is coming.

It’s up to you to take life by the horns and make it happen.

If you wait for someone to come give you something? What you usually will get is life’s scraps.

You’ll feed into the plan of what someone else wants for themselves.

Again, sounds like tough love?

Yet, realising this gives you total responsibility and power to create whatever type of life you want!

Most are waiting for opportunities and changes to fall in their laps, or for others to make things happen for them.

In fact, many are in a career because their parents were in that career, or because someone else “came” and offered it to them.

But it may not be what THEY wanted for themselves.

No one is coming.

That gives YOU the power.

Once you start taking action and getting what YOU want, you’ll see how powerful this statement actually is. 🙂

I say, embrace life’s truths such as these. Don’t avoid them or push them under the rug.

Go get what you want.
You don’t need any permission.

===> Have you watched this yet?


Now, you’ll still have to do the 30 minutes or so each day of work. Nobody is coming to do that for you.

Yet, you’ll get a proven step-by-step system, and personal SUPPORT to help you along the way.


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