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Sunday Feb 25, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails November 8-14, 2015

[DFYE] 14th November 2015 “How To Make All The Difference”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How To Make All The Difference
Read To Make A Fortune. Ignore To Stay At Your Desk
The Road To Wealth?

Email Body Copy:

Two roads are before you.

You don’t know where either of them will lead you.

All you know is that one road has been travelled more and one has not.

Which road do you take?

Chances are you have already chosen.

When you were in school did you study something that you knew would get you a job even though you were not interested in it? Are you working at a desk? Making a wage that keeps you afloat but doesn’t let you go anywhere?

Then you have taken the more travelled road and you are getting the same results as everyone else.

And honestly that’s what you deserve.

The road more travelled is for people who don’t believe that they can do something different and succeed. It’s for people paid more attention to what could go wrong instead of what could go right. It’s for people who don’t have a vision with the motivation to support it.

And right now that’s you. That’s why you look up at people who have made fortunes in ways you could never imagine and wonder, “how did they do it?”

Don’t feel bad. It happens to most people.

The answer is they took the road less travelled.

The road less taken is for people who were bold enough to say that they would be successful in a way that most people couldn’t pull off. It’s for people who have the strength to walk against the crowd. It’s for people who are not afraid to try something different and see where it goes.

And now you have the chance to do the same.

At the end of this email is a link to learn more about MTTB. A system that will allow you to make thousands every week while working from your computer.

If you are ready to take the road less travelled and make all the difference, then click below.





That’s it. Just copy, paste, and send. I’ve already added your unique link into the email. You can also check your stats, login using the link below, and check under ‘My Ledger’:



[DFYE] 13th November 2015 “You Don’t Need Degrees To Make A Fortune”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

You Don’t Need Degrees To Make A Fortune
The Perfect Circumstances For You To Get Rich
You Don’t Need To Be A Genius to Be Rich. You Just Need A Computer

Email Body Copy:

There is a 17 year old who probably has more degrees than you. He can also fly a plane even though he doesn’t have a full driver’s license yet. And he works for NASA.

Moshe Kai Cavalin spoke his first word when he was 4 months old. From there he studied trigonometry when he was 7 and graduated community college when he was 11.

And now he is interning at NASA where he works on ways to keep planes and drones from colliding.

And there is one word that really bugs him.


Cavalin says that when people call him a genius they are taking it too far. His parents and he insist that his is not some special born super brain.

Cavalin credits his success not to being born gifted but being supported by his parents and having focus and motivation. And Cavalin’s mother says he is a normal person who has worked harder than anyone she has ever seen.

So according to him he is just like you.

The point of all this isn’t to make you feel like you should have 12 degrees by now.
Cavalin may have been born gifted but that’s not the reason he is working on his master’s at 17.

Under the right circumstances people can do incredible things. When someone is given the resources and opportunity to do incredible things.

And that’s why MTTB is making people fortunes right now.

MTTB is a system that is designed to be user friendly and a flat out moneymaker.

People who join MTTB simply place ads online and that’s it.

So as long as people are getting on the Internet MTTB is making money.

In fact MTTB has sent out over $25 million in sales commissions to people just like you.

Because it is designed for you to win. And you don’t have to be a genius to make a fortune. All you have to do is work and MTTB will do the rest for you.

As Cavalin would tell you, normal people can do extraordinary things. It’s never going to get easier than this. Click below to learn more about MTTB.



[DFYE] 12th November 2015 “How Bernie’s underwear can make you a fortune”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How Bernie’s underwear can make you a fortune
What You Need to Know About Politician’s Underwear
A 74-year-old man’s briefs can make you a fortune

Email Body Copy:

There are not many politicians who you want to associate underwear with.

And Bernie Sanders is probably at the top of the list because he is 74.

But that doesn’t mean that Sanders can’t sell some underwear. (Men and women’s by the way.)

There is a website that is selling men and women’s underwear with a cartoon image of Bernie’s face with the caption, “Feel The Bern.”

Just when you thought you had seen every possible way for someone to endorse or market a politician Bernie’s briefs came along.

And they are selling too. The owner’s of the website say they are getting orders from all over the country.

Now what the hell does Bernie Sander’s face on a pair of underwear have to do with you?

The point is that this is a new and unique way for people to support Sanders. A method that wouldn’t work for 99% of other politicians.

But it works for Sander’s because he is a candidate who is not afraid to say and support ideas that are radical to most of the population.

Forget politics.

Are you the same?

Can you get behind an idea that is unique and most people would be afraid to follow because it’s not the status quoi?

If you said yes then there is no reason you can’t be making thousands every week while working from your computer.

Matt Lloyd has a system called MTTB that is letting people leave behind there desk jobs and make a fortune from anywhere with a computer and Wi-Fi.

And now you have the same opportunity before you.

Just like how a pair of Hillary Clinton underwear wouldn’t work MTTB won’t work for everyone. Are you one of the people who are bold enough to make a fortune from your computer? If so click below.



[DFYE] 11th November 2015 “Can You Grow Rapidly… AND Avoid Disaster?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Can You Grow Rapidly… AND Avoid Disaster?
When Wolves Die, So Will Your Business
How You Can Avoid Unforeseen Consequences

Email Body Copy:

Here is today’s ‘Done-For-You’ email. Just choose from the subject line alternatives, then copy, paste, and send to your list, it already has your unique partner link inserted.

Offer we are promoting: MTTB

3 Possible Subject Lines: Can You Grow Rapidly… AND Avoid Disaster?
When Wolves Die, So Will Your Business
How You Can Avoid Unforeseen Consequences

Email Body Copy:

Around the turn of the 20th century, wolves in America almost became extinct.

People had been hunting them for a while. Partly because they were dangerous; and people wanted to get rid of the danger.

Until eventually, the wolves were almost completely gone.

But this had unforeseen consequences

The deer population shot up—since there were no wolves to kill them. The deer caused big problems for local farmers.

Also, with more deer came more deer ticks. Lyme disease (which is carried by deer ticks) started spreading across the country. Far more people died from Lyme disease than from the wolves.

Unforeseen, negative consequences for a seemingly good idea. Something quite common in the marketing world.

Often times you’ll have what seems like a great idea: a little tweak on a headline, a cool addition to your sales page… but when you actually try it out, it leads to small-scale disaster.

Tiny changes can have devastating consequences.

And yet… you can’t go tip-toeing around, just because you fear those consequences. If you want to grow, you’re going to have to make changes.

So how can you grow… while avoiding the disasters?

Learn from people who have already made the mistakes.

MTTB is a training system grounded in Matt Lloyd’s experience in the industry. Not only does it help you avoid some of the major pitfalls in online marketing; it also pairs you with a personal, experienced coach.

Someone who’s been through it all.

Someone who can see that the wolves are necessary… even when you can’t see it.

Would that be helpful?

Avoiding disasters, making big commissions, personal coach…

$49. 21 steps. Start here:


[DFYE] 10th November 2015 “How Looking At The Sky Can Make You Rich”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How Looking At The Sky Can Make You Rich
Why The Best Marketers Study The Wind
Think (About The Sky) And Grow Rich

Email Body Copy:

It’s really hard to steer a hot air balloon.

All you can do is make it go higher or lower.

Which seems like it might not help much…

But the wind blows differently at different altitudes. And so by changing the altitude of your balloon, you can change the direction of your flight.

So balloonists can steer… but only indirectly.

Also, this means that if you want to get anywhere in a balloon… you really have to understand the sky.

Fancy equipment, expensive balloons, cool techniques… none of that will help you if you don’t know where the wind is blowing.

Master ballooners study the sky. They study the wind. Its currents, its direction, its fluctuations…

So too with online marketing. The best marketers aren’t the ones with the coolest techniques, or the biggest offices, or the fastest computers.

The best marketers are those who know the market. They study the people they’re marketing to. Just like the master balloonist studies the sky.

And the best way to become a great marketer is to learn from the greats. From the guys who have spent their lives studying the sky.

Matt Lloyd has paid out over $30,000,000 in commissions to people who have used his system.

He’s at the head of one of the fastest growing companies in the home business niche.

So Matt knows what he’s talking about. He understands the sky. He’s studied the market.

And he created MTTB to teach others those same principles which led him to his own success. By going through the 21 steps, you too can learn the secrets of the sky.

So that you can steer your business to financial success.

It’s 49$ to sign up. And if you complete the 21 steps, and haven’t made a big commission in 30 days… you get $500.

So there’s nothing to risk but your time.

And there’s the world to gain. Start here:


[DFYE] 9th November 2015 “I pity those people”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

“I pity those people”
Reading This Might Make You Angry…
ust HEARING This Word Makes Me Angry…

Email Body Copy:

There’s a certain word…

That, whenever it’s said, just makes me feel frustrated.

The word?


Here’s one reason why:

In order to get anything done, you have to go through a lengthy procedure.

Or more like… you have to go through a long, drawn-out, miserably inefficient, infuriating, wholly pointless procedure.

Fill out forms, sign papers, send emails, talk to people, wait, fill out more forms, wait for someone to get back to you, wait…

It’s like the whole thing has been specially designed for inefficiency.

It puts mile-high walls between ‘you’ and ‘getting stuff done.’

…so that getting stuff done becomes a nightmare.

And lots of people are stuck working in bureaucracies. Living in them from 9-5, most days of the week. I pity those people.

One of the wonderful things about owning your own business is that there’s no pointless, procedural have-tos.

When you know that something would be good to do… you can just do it.

When you want to try something new… you can just try it.

It’s hard work, sure. But at least the work actually does something.

So if you like…

-getting stuff done
-avoiding procedural hassle
-seeing immediate results
-experiencing growth

…maybe it’s time to give online marketing a go. Start your own business. Try earning big commissions online.

Ditch the bureaucracy.

No better way to start than through MTTB:


[DFYE] 8th November 2015 “Should You Think? Or Should You Act? ”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Should You Think? Or Should You Act?
Thinking vs. Acting – Which Should You Choose?
Why “Just Do It” Is Mostly Wrong

Email Body Copy:

“Just do it!”

You hear that a lot. “Wanna make something happen? Just do it.” Act. Don’t spend so much time thinking… planning… preparing…

Just go for it. Don’t ask questions.

…and yet, it’s also said that the successful people are learners. They’re hungry for new information. Always growing. Always learning.

So which method is right? Should we be thinkers? Or doers?

Here’s the key:

You need to do both, but never at the same time.

Our brains (to simplify things) are wired to be in one of two modes: the thinking mode, or the doing mode.

When you try to do both at the same time, THAT’s where you start running into problems.

Maybe you’ve done this before:

(1) Start a project
(2) Make headway
(3) Realize you’re not fully sure what you’re trying to accomplish
(4) Start thinking
(5) Get confused
(6) Don’t make any progress
(7) Get Frustrated
(8) Check Facebook

Isn’t that the worst? When you TRY to get stuff done… but just CAN’T seem to?

The solution here isn’t to “just do it.” You CAN’T just do it when you don’t know what you’re doing!

The problem is that you mixed up thinking and doing. You started doing… before you thought through what you were trying to do. And then you tried doing both at the same time. And that didn’t work.

Get clear on what you’re doing before you start. THEN just do it.

When you do that, you can blaze through work at lightning speed.

Make sense?

There’s a LOT involved in starting a home business. Lots of thinking, lots of doing.

There are so many approaches you can take. Pitfalls. Dead ends.

MTTB breaks it all down into 21 steps, and it separates the thinking and the doing.

It makes sure you get clear on WHAT you’re doing.

…So that you CAN just do it, without getting stuck and frustrated.

10,000+ entrepreneurs and internet marketers have found this system helpful in starting a home business.

It’s $49 to join the 10,000+.

And if you complete the 21 steps… and haven’t made a big commission in 30 days… you get 10x your money back.

Start here:



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