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Monday Mar 19, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails October 11 – 17, 2015

[DFYE] 17th October 2015 “The Sun Tzu Method for Online Success”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The Sun Tzu Method for Online Success
Is This Your Last Opportunity?
Do You Have $49 and 30 Minutes a Day to Achieve Your Dreams?

Email Body Copy:

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”- Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu wrote those words thousands of years ago. But read any motivation book or attend and self-help talk today and you will hear the same thing.

Because it’s true.

No one ever sat on the couch and lived their dreams. No one ever worked behind a desk for a their whole career and lived like they imagined themselves living when they were kids.

The people who make millions or post pictures of sights that make you jealous beyond belief or are having so much fun while you are at work that you wonder if there is any justice in the world are the ones who sought out opportunity. After that opportunities came left right and center.

But you don’t even have to search for an opportunity to change your life. There is one right in this email.

Matt Lloyd has a system called MTTB that can let you leave behind you desk and work anywhere with Wi-Fi and make you thousands of dollars every week doing it.

Here’s how it works. Complete 21 steps. The steps take 30 minutes each. You get a mentor to help you through the steps.


Matt has sent out over 25 million in commissions to people just like you.

The only thing between you and making thousands every week is a 21-step training process that will only take you 30 minutes a day to complete. You will even have a mentor who will guide you one-on-one through your training.

And the $49 you pay to join of course.

Who knows what else could happen after you join MTTB. There is a sea of opportunities out there. All you have to do to get to it is click below.



[DFYE] 16th October 2015 “Are You Being Sold?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Are You Being Sold?
Are You Making This Terrible Deal?
How to Avoid Being “Sold”

Email Body Copy:

Are you working for yourself or is your company just buying your time?

Take a second and think about it.

It’s far too common today that people work jobs that they don’t care about because they have to make money somehow. And when they do that they’re just selling their time in return for money.

And that money tends to be disappointing because when you don’t care about your job it shows. And selling your time for money is a terrible deal because you can always make more money but you can never make more time.


Are you settling for a terrible deal? Are you slugging through your work day with no hope of a better job in sight?

What if there was a system that allowed you to work from anywhere and as long as you had a computer and Wi-Fi? Or a company where you truly cared about your work because you saw your paycheck goes up according to your effort? And to top it off it paid thousands of dollars every week.

Matt Lloyd’s MTTB system does all that and more.

All you have to do is complete a 21-step training program with a personal mentor. And that will only take you 30 minutes a day!

And it’s only $49 to join.

MTTB works so well that if for some reason it doesn’t work for you Matt will refund your money times 10.

Don’t spend any more time slogging through a workday just for money. Make thousands from your computer with your toes in the sand. Click below to find out more.



[DFYE] 15th October 2015 “How Pulp Can Make You Rich”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How Pulp Can Make You Rich
How You Can Get Pulpy Rich
The Pulp Method for Online Success

Email Body Copy:

Pulp? Yes pulp as in pulp fiction.

Pulp fiction defined is a quick paced story that twists and turns on sensational subjects. The film Pulp Fiction is one shocking turn after another. It doesn’t have depth, but it’s fun to watch.

That’s why Pulp Fiction is a classic.

But that’s not the only example.

All October, during Halloween season in the US, TV features pulpy horror films filled with blood, guts, and anxious twist and turns. And just like Pulp Fiction they won’t have the most believable story.

But they will be fun to watch.

Pulp fiction works on a simple rule. People like to be shocked. They liked to be shocked so much that they will trade a quality story for thrills.

Matt Lloyd has a money making system that works on a simple rule just like pulp fiction. It works so well that it is making people just like you thousands every week. And you can hop on too.

What’s the rule? Follow the 21 steps.

Matt has a system guaranteed to make you big commissions…if you follow the 21 steps.

That’s it.

All sales will be closed for you by Matt’s team. There’s no long payment processing. And all customer service calls will be handled for you.

All you have to do is spend 30 minutes each day, one-on-one with a mentor to complete a 21-step training program.

Matt used the same system to earn himself $51,373,00 over 5 years and his company has sent out over 25 million to people doing the same.

But the money is not just a sales pitch. It’s a promise.

If you don’t make a commission within 30 days of finishing your training Matt will send you a check for $500.

And it doesn’t cost $500 to join. It only costs $49.

If you are ready to get pulpy rich, click below.



[DFYE] 14th October 2015 “All it Takes Is One “Incredible” Thing”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

All it Takes Is One “Incredible” Thing
What You Need to Lead an “Incredible” Life
The Carl Sagan Method of Online Success?

Email Body Copy:

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be learned.” – Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan was an astronomer who changed the way people looked at the sky. So when he said the quote above was talking about things hidden away in the infinite universe.

Now we all aren’t astronomers. We can’t navigate the sky.

But we can all navigate the Internet. And that’s pretty darn big. So instead of searching the depths of the internet for that incredible thing, here is yours for today.

Matt Lloyd has a system that can make you thousands of dollars every week while working from your computer.

This system can help you leave behind your job that bores you to tears and works you like an ox. It can make you enough money so that you can have a different room to sleep in every night of the week. It can make you the money you need to retire in half the time you planned.

Hello, Incredible.

It gets better. Matt’s team will close all sales for you. Which means you will never spend hours on the phone pining over to make a buck. And you will get paid for those sales quick. No long payment processing.

And you can start sooner than you think.

To master the MTTB system all you have to do is spend 30 minutes a day with you personal coach who will guide you through a 15-step course. After that you’re on the gravy train.

So it’s easy. But does it work?

Yes. Yes. And Yes.

Matt used the MTTB system to earn himself $51,373,00 over 5 years. And it’s not just him. His company has sent out over $25 million in commissions to people who are just like you. Only they clicked the link at the bottom of the page.

Now before you see that link. Think about this.

If you don’t make a commission within 30 days of finishing your training you will get $500. And you only pay $49 to join.

That’s not a full refund. That’s a full refund times 10.

Now do you think you’ve had your incredible thing today? If you think so click below.



[DFYE] 13th October 2015 “Why Time Is Working Against You”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Why Time Is Working Against You
Time To Make Money.
Take Some Time To Read And Make A Fortune.

Email Body Copy:

Holy cow, you got how many hours of sleep last night?

2? 4? Did you somehow get the holy grail of sleep, 8 hours?

It’s no secret that most of us don’t get our recommended 8 hours of sleep. Google will tell you American’s get about 7 hours each night.

I don’t believe it. You probably don’t either.

And here’s the kicker…

Spending 8 hours asleep goes by in a wink. But spending 8 hours at work draws out like a knife. And five hours of sleep isn’t a lot of sleep. But if you work for five hours you are worn out.

The point of all this isn’t to bum you out. It’s to show you that the great things in life fly by while the things we hate to do -but “have” to do- go on forever.

That’s why when you are working you need to be doing something that is going to make you serious money.

Like thousands of dollars every week.

Matt Lloyd has a system that will do exactly that for you. It’s called MTTB and it’s about to make your time more valuable than you could imagine.

Here’s how.

You place ads. Those ads are seen by people. Those people go to Matt’s proven sales funnel. They buy. You get paid.

That’s it.

And it doesn’t take a genius to master the MTTB system. In fact all you have to do is work with your personal coach for 30 minutes a day and you will be making commissions in no time.

All sales will be closed for you. All customer service calls will be handled. And payment processing will be quick and painless.

Sounds too good to be true? Here is your insurance.

If you don’t make a commission within 30 days of finishing your training Matt will send you a check for $500. And that’s not just a refund.

That’s a refund times 10. You only pay $49 to join MTTB. So you won’t just get your money back. You’ll make some dough just for trying.

You’re going to have to spend some time working (At least for a little while longer.) Why not make it worth your while? Click below to find out more.



[DFYE] 12th October 2015 “An Out of This World Way To Make A Fortune.”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

An Out of This World Way To Make A Fortune.
The Martian is Already Out Of Date. Is Your Job?
Water, Mars, and Your Fortune.

Email Body Copy:

The film adaptation of Andy Weir’s popular novel has people buzzing. The film has a popular director, is based on fantastic source material, and has gotten good reviews so far.

Now whether you are a devoted fan or this is the first time you have heard about The Martian if you keep reading on you can find a tried and true system that can earn you thousands of dollars every week.

One thing that attracts people to story is the science. The main character is trapped on Mars where he must grow his own food and create his own water. And through wits and science he does exactly that.

The only problem is that just this week NASA discovered that there is flowing water on the surface of mars.

Making most of the science in The Martian outdated…before it was even released. Even though the book has been out for 4 years it’s still wild that such a radical change came so fast.

Which is where you come in. Take a moment. Compose yourself. And answer honestly.

Is your job like The Martian?

If you work in a cubicle in an office building. If you are overworked and underpaid. If you are just getting by and not getting ahead then the answer is yes.

Here’s why.

Matt Lloyd has a proven system called MTTB that can earn you thousands every week while working anywhere there is a computer and wi-fi.

It’s a simple system.

You place ads that drive traffic to Matt’s proven sales funnel and…

Bada bing. Bada boom. You’re making money every week.

Matt’s system is so simple that you can master it after working with a coach, one-on0one in only 30 minutes a day. From there you will never wade through long customer service calls. You will never close any sales. And you will never sweat over long payment processing

Sounds great. In theory. What about in practice?

Matt used the same system to earn himself $51,373,00 over 5 years. And he’s not hording the cheese either. His company has sent out over $25 million in commissions to people who were where are right now.

So some people make money. But can you?

If you don’t make a commission within 30 days of finishing your training you will find $500 extra bucks to your name. MTTB works so well that if for some reason it doesn’t work for you Matt will refund you the $49 you pay to join times 10.

So. Answer the same question. Is your job outdated? If you’re ready to catch up click below.



[DFYE] 11th October 2015 “The Magic Power of “Flow” – and How to Use it”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The Magic Power of “Flow” – and How to Use it
The “Flow” Method for Online Success
Can YOU Unleash the Power of FLOW?

Email Body Copy:

Have you ever experienced “flow”?

Here’s how one psychologist described this strange (and powerful) phenomenon:

Flow is “being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz. Your whole being is involved, and you’re using your skills to the utmost.”

Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Athletes talk about being “in the zone.” Master musicians “lose themselves” in great performances…

…and when those artists and athletes find themselves in this experience of flow, great things just happen. Effectiveness, endurance, energy, and focus are all magically multiplied. Goals are scored, incredible art is created…

And here’s the cool thing: “flow” isn’t just for artists and athletes. It’s something that anyone in any context can experience (yep, even in internet marketing).

Which raises an important question: how do you get it?

Psychologist Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi (nope, not gonna try pronouncing that) links flow with the achievement of small, successive goals.

So set a bunch of small, achievable goals. All in a row. And then achieve them. One after the other.

After a while, you’ll start to feel yourself slipping into a magical state. Things start clicking. You become a magnet, attracting good things. Results happen.

And here’s where it gets good. Applying this all to internet marketing…

Matt Lloyd has developed a system to help you get started on a home business.

MTTB contains a bunch of small, successive goals. 21 steps. All very achievable.

You’re also paired with an experienced coach. Someone to help you through the 21 steps, and to answer questions along the way.

The end goal? Starting a home business in which you’re regularly making big commissions. Achievable? Since it’s broken down into 21 small goals, yes. In fact, somewhere along the way, you just might find yourself slipping into flow…

…where magical things happen.

If you complete the 21 steps and haven’t made a big commission after 30 days, you get ten times your money back. $500. Which means that Matt is pretty confident that magical things will happen.

Or, as an alternative, you could try to construct your own small goals. Create your own system. Shoot for flow on your own.

By why try that? When you’ve got 21 time-tested goals already laid out for you?

For $49, you can figure out what this “flow” thing is firsthand.

Start here:



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