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Friday Mar 16, 2018
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Done For You Emails

Done For You Emails October 4 – 10, 2015

[DFYE] 10th October 2015 “How Your Cubicle Killing Your Brain Cells”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How Your Cubicle Killing Your Brain Cells
Are Straight Lines Killing Your Creativity?
Is Your Desk Killing Your Imagination?

Email Body Copy:

Nothing kills creativity like a cramped cubicle.

And that’s not just an opinion. The research is there—showing that where we work greatly affects our productivity and creativity.

Some psychologists at Oregon State University made an interesting discovery in 2011.

Here’s what they found out through a study they did:

Rounded furniture encourages productivity and creativity more than straight-edged furniture.

Interesting, huh?

Something about simply seeing straight edges in the objects around us… it affects our brains at the subconscious level, so that we end up thinking less creatively.

Sounds like King Arthur was onto something with his round table.

Also, plants. Studies have shown that plants affect our brains in similar ways. Simply looking at a plant can go a long ways towards restoring our creative brain power.

Here’s another one: light blue has been shown to be the most “productive” color. It encourages productivity in a way that other colors don’t.

In short, it matters where you work. And like I said, nothing kills creativity better than a cramped cubicle.

One of the perks of MTTB is that you can choose where to work from.

You can work from home. Or from Starbucks. Or from a tropical island.

You could even work at a round blue desk in a round blue room with a bunch of plants.

Your choice.

Want out of the cubicle? Go here:



[DFYE] 9th October 2015 “21 Steps to Financial Freedom?

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

21 Steps to Financial Freedom?
hese Steps Work…But Will You Work the Steps?
You Can’t Succeed without Taking THESE Steps

Email Body Copy:

“I think, therefore I am.”

Heard that one before?

It comes from Renee Descartes’ classic, Meditations. Some consider the Meditations to be the most influential book written in Western philosophy… for the past 500 years. Pretty big deal.

And there’s a funny story about the book.

The reason why Descartes wrote the book was to prove a particular theory he had.

As he envisioned it, it would take two steps to prove his theory:

Step 1 – Prove that we can’t be sure of anything, except for the fact that we exist
Step 2 – From the fact that we exist, prove my particular theory.

So that was the plan. But a funny thing happened.

When he released the book, everyone was convinced by his first step. In other words, everyone started doubting everything—except for the fact that we exist.

…but no one bought step 2. So Descartes’ plan ended up having the opposite effect as was intended! He intended to prove his theory to everyone… but instead he made them skeptical of everything, including his theory.


Moral of the story: make sure step 2 works before you start step 1.

Thankfully, all 21 steps work in MTTB. And thankfully, it doesn’t take a world-class philosopher to get through the steps.

All it takes is willingness to learn something new.

Want proof that all the steps work? Listen to some real stories from real people who have gone through the steps:

With MTTB, the question isn’t whether the steps will work; it’s whether you’ll work through the steps.

If you do complete the 21 steps and haven’t made a big commission in 30 days, you get 10 times your money back.

So don’t start MTTB if you’re not going to finish. But if you’re willing to finish, what are you waiting for? Go here:



[DFYE] 8th October 2015 “The Biggest Hurdle to Great Internet Marketing”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The Biggest Hurdle to Great Internet Marketing
Why Smart People Like You Fail
Why Your Desire is Your Worst Enemy

Email Body Copy:

What’s the greatest obstacle to being a great internet marketer?

Internet marketing.

Confused? Let me illustrate with a story:

A young boy once stood on a tall building which overlooked a city.

He looked out over all the hustle and bustle, he said this to himself: “I desire to do good to mankind. I will make it my goal to do the most good I possibly can to all men and women.”

After some thought, the boy decided the best way to achieve his goal was to start a great organization devoted to ending world poverty.

He persisted in working towards that goal. He was motivated. He was smart. But he had one weakness:

Every time he came across a person in need in the big city, he would stop everything and help. For, after all, he desired to do good to mankind.

His desire to start the great organization took him from place to place in the city. And every time he set out to go somewhere, he would run into a person in need. And every time he ran into a person in need, he would stop everything to help.

He couldn’t get anything done. He let himself get interrupted. And interrupted. All because of his desire to “do good to mankind.” And each time, he would push back his goal a little bit further.

Finally, at 80 years old, he stood atop the same building he had stood on as a young boy. As he looked out over the city, he realized that he hadn’t accomplished what he had set out to do. He hadn’t started the great organization. So where had he gone wrong?

He had let his desire to do good to mankind lead him away…

…from his plan to achieve that goal.

And that can also happen in internet marketing.

There’s endless ocean of resources, all screaming for your attention… all promising to give you what you want…

But when you try to chase down every interesting article, every method, every system, every resource…

…you’ll find yourself in the middle of the ocean, empty handed, with nothing to show for years of work.

The advantage of MTTB is that it brings all the content, info, and methods in one place. So you don’t have to go scrounging the internet looking for help. It’s all there, in one spot. 21 steps. Experienced coach. Highly converting sales funnel. High-ticket products…

Don’t be like the young boy. Choose something and stick with it.

For $49, get the info, coaching, sales funnel, and product you need for a thriving home business.

No need to waste time searching and sorting.

Start here:



[DFYE] 7th October 2015 “How to Avoid a Meaningless Life”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

How to Avoid a Meaningless Life
Are You Fed up with Corporate?
How to Get Motivation, Health, and Happiness Back

Email Body Copy:

There are lots of ways to live a sad, depressing, meaningless life. Not that you’d want that. But let’s just be real; we’re surrounded by miserable people.

Maybe you know some. Maybe you are one. Stuck. Caught between what you want to do and what you have to do…

Sound familiar? Maybe you can relate: being burnt out. Stressed. Forgot how to be happy. Having difficulty finding pleasure in the little things of life. No time to spend with the people you love.

While there are many ways to make yourself miserable… here’s the best of them:

Work for corporate.

There’s no better way to drain yourself of motivation, health, and happiness than to sell your soul to cold, massive machine that is corporate. Maybe that’s not news to you.

So why is corporate so good at sucking the life out of you?

I’ll spare you the 100 page essay. Here’s just a few, quick points:

In corporate, no one cares about what you think. You’ve got an opinion? Great! Save it. Until it dies. Maybe you haven’t heard: everyone knows better than you. No one wants to hear it. You can forget about making a meaningful difference in the company. That’s the kind of thing a recent college grad would try to do.

In corporate, at least 50% of your job is to do the stuff that no one else wants to do. You thought you were being hired for that thing you want to do? The thing you’re good at? That’s pretty funny! I don’t know why you would’ve thought that. You’re here to do what you’re told. And you’re told to do the stuff that no one else wants to do.

In corporate, no one’s looking out for you. Dog eats dog. Only way to win is to get to the top. Only way to get to the top is to do politics, live for others, and sell your soul. Oh, and once you get to the top, things get worse. More pressure, less time, still living for others, and you don’t get your soul back. Stick it out until retirement. That’s your best shot.

I could go on. But I don’t think I need to. The point: corporate is great. At sucking the life out of you. But there’s good news amongst all the gloom and doom:

You don’t have to work for corporate.

You can work for yourself. Do your own thing. “Really?” Really.

MTTB is a 21-step system that teaches you how to do just that. Each step takes you a bit closer to a sustainable income. From a source that isn’t corporate.

One of the reasons why MTTB works for inexperienced people is that it pairs you with an experienced coach. Someone who knows what they’re doing. Someone who’s already making 6 or 7 figures in the industry.

But you don’t have to take it from me that MTTB works for normal people. Take it from Brandon Odom.

Normal guy. A year ago, Brandon had no experience in internet marketing. He studied history in college. Then went into the military. Then did real estate. Then worked for an MLM (one of “those pyramid things”).

Then he tried MOBE in November 2014. And now, a year later, he’s making 3 times as much money as he was when he was an officer in the military.

You can hear his story here:

Normal guy. Tries MOBE. Then is able to say this (direct quote from the video):

“After only a few months marketing with MOBE, I’m now making a nice income, driving a new vehicle that the company is paying for, and spending my time with my family rather than fighting traffic and going to a job every day.”

…that sounds better than selling your soul to corporate!

So here’s the deal. It’s $49 to sign up for MTTB.

If you complete the 21 steps, and haven’t made a big commission in 30 days… you get 10x your money back.

So you’ve got nothing to lose. And everything to gain.

…or you could try corporate. Maybe if you keep plugging away, you can craft a decent existence in corporate.

Or maybe that’s just a pipe dream. But it’s your life. To do with as you please.

My suggestion? Stop dreaming. Get started working towards the life you want:



[DFYE] 6th October 2015 “Minecraft Method for Online Success”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Minecraft Method for Online Success
How a “Retro” Video Game Won the Internet
Middle School Video “Crack” and Your Online Success

Email Body Copy:

If I told you that a video game that looked like it was from the 80’s and that the main thing players do in the game is stack blocks on each other would you say it could be successful today?

In a age when kids watch TV, listen to music, check Facebook on their phone, AND do their homework it seems the answer is no.

But that’s wrong.

And the proof is Minecraft. The game that went from a indie computer game to a worldwide phenomenon that is being played by people of all ages.

Now whether you play video games or not you should pay attention. Because Minecraft is going to let you make thousands of dollars every week and leave behind your desk job.

Here’s how.

Minecraft is an incredibly simple game. The player places blocks and builds things using the blocks. No fancy graphics. No fluid movements. It is the bare bones of a video game.

But over a 100 million people have registered on the game.

Some things are so basic that they have to work. It’s only natural. And that is exactly what Minecraft.

Matt Lloyd has a system that is just as simple as Minecraft and makes money just as well if not better.

You just place ads and get paid.

Matt earned $51,373,00 over 5 years using the exact same system. And his company has sent out over $25 million to people just like you using the exact same system.

All you have to do is complete a 21-step-training program with a mentor who will guide you through one-on-one. And even then you will only have to spend 30 minutes a day to master the MTTB system…

Easier than Minecraft? Check it out here…



[DFYE] 5th October 2015 “Real Life or The Movies?”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

Real Life or The Movies?
Why Real Life is Not Like the Movies
he Prison Break Method of Online Success

Email Body Copy:

Picture this.

Two prisoners sneak on top of the roof of their prison in pitch black dark. Freedom is just on the other side of a heavily barb wired fence. They just have to lower down their rope made out of bed sheets and climb down.

What do you think happens?

In Hollywood they make it to the ground just as sirens blare from the prison which leads to a chase. In real life their rope made from bed sheets breaks and they fall to the ground and are caught.

Yes. This actually happened.

But why should you care?

This month Matt Johnson and Christopher Cornelius were trying to escape from their minimum-security prison when their bed sheet rope broke dropping them 20 feet.

The point is real life is not like the movies. If a gun sounded the way it sounds in movies it would blow up if you shot it. And killers can’t walk and still catch the people they are trying to
kill. And ropes made from bed sheets break.

It’s a sad truth because life is so much easier. But here is an exception that will make you very happy.

Matt Lloyd has a system that will take you from your desk job that overworks you while underpaying you to making thousands of dollars every week.

A story so good it could be a movie. The system is called MTTB and here is how it works.

You go through Matt’s 21-step training program. It takes about 30 minutes a day. And you get a personal mentor to help you. A real human, not a “help desk.”

Then you place ads that go to Matt’s proven sales funnel.

You earn commissions.

And you are still even closer to making money than you think. Here’s how.

If you don’t make a commission within 30 days of finishing your training you will get $500.
That’s ten times the $49 you give to join MTTB.

This system works so well that Matt is willing to pay you that much if it doesn’t work out for you. And that is how you know that you can trust that you will be making money in no time flat.

MTTB is your chance to have a life like the movies, where there are huge houses. And fast cars. And long vacations to tropical islands. It’s all possible for you, just click below for more information.



[DFYE] 4th October 2015 “The Shawshank Method of Online Success”

3 Possible Subject Lines (Pick One):

The Shawshank Method of Online Success
How Your “Second Life” Can Be Better than Your First
Do This If Your Career is Not a Blockbuster

Email Body Copy:

Have you ever seen The Shawshank Redemption?

If not you should go watch it ASAP. But just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean you can’t learn how you can make thousands of dollars ever week while working from your computer.

Here’s why.

When the film was being produced it had all the makings of a classic. It had stars. It had a top production company. It had a story that “paid off like a slot machine” as one producer said.

Then it was released in 1994 and…..

It only made $80 million. (Pretty small potatoes when you consider that Forrest Gump made $330 million that year)

Based on its box office profit, the film should have been forgotten. It should have been “that one movie with Morgan Freeman in it.”

But today the film is must-see and must-have. It has aired on 15 cables channels and last year was the third-most-televised film.

Today it is a classic and it is making more money than it did when it was released.

Now why should you care?

Because whether you know it or not your career might be just like The Shawshank Redemption.

When you were growing up you had so many expectations for your career. You were a A student. You went to a great college. You interned. You nailed the interview. And then…

You were stuck behind a desk doing a job that you didn’t enjoy and were paid way less than you ever imagined.

Pretty disappointing. And now you have to work for 20 years to reach the top and live you thought you would.

But you can have a second life just like The Shawshank Redemption.

Matt Lloyd created a system called MTTB that is making people thousands of dollars every week. It’s simple and pays of “like a slot machine.”

Here’s how.

Matt sends you ads that you place online. You then get the commissions from the ads.

It’s a lean mean-money making machine. There will never be any long payment processing. And there will never be any long customer service phone calls.

And that money-making part? Matt used MTTB to earn himself $51,373,00 over 5 years. And his company has sent out over $25 million in commissions to people placing ads.

Excited? You should be. But it gets even better.

You can start placing ads soon! You just have to complete a 21-step process which a mentor will guide you one on one through until you have mastered the system. And that will only take 30 minutes a day.

Now this all sounds great but you might want to know if it works. Look no further.

If you don’t make a commission within 30 days of finishing your training you will open your mailbox and see a check for $500. This system works so well that if it won’t work for you Matt will refund the $49 you pay to join times 10.

This is your chance to have a second life in your career. Forget the disappointment of your desk job and start the career you expected. Click below to learn more about MTTB.



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