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Saturday Mar 24, 2018
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Done For You Video 10th April 2017 – #174 – 5 Ways to Increase Customer Retention and Sales


5 Ways to Increase Customer Retention and Sales
The Importance of Customer Retention vs. Customer Acquisition
5 Tried And Tested Ways To Boost Customer Retention
Customer Retention: A Key Component In Any Successful Online Biz And How You Can Increase It

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In this video, the viewer is given 5 effective ways to increase customer retention vs. mere customer acquisition. These 5 steps are easy to follow and can allow anyone to start making customer retention a key part of their business model.
customer retention, customer acquisition, sustainable income stream, online business, contact information, mailing list, sales funnel, confirmation email, follow up email, address complaints and issues, timely manner, fix the problem, deliver exceptional customer service, ask for feedback

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