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Monday Mar 19, 2018
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Done For You Video 13th March 2017 – #170 – 4 Solutions to Help Improve Your ROI on PPC AdWords Campaigns


4 Solutions to Help Improve Your ROI on PPC AdWords Campaigns
Boost Your ROI on PPC Adwords With 4 Simple Steps
4 Surefire Ways To Liven Up Your PPC Ad Campaigns and Boost Your ROI
Breathe New Life Into Your PPC Adwords Campaigns With These 4 Tips

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This video lets the viewerlearn about 4 steps to increasing the ROI of any PPC adwords campaign. Choice of keywords, using multiple ads, changing target location/region and avoiding making too many changes all at once are the 4 solutions to improving any online marketing campaign. This also disproves the notion that PPC ad campaigns are dead since it’s still an effective tool in generating high-converting traffic.
ppc ad campaigns, high-converting traffic, choice of keywords, commercial intent, transactional terms or keywords, use multiple ads, campaign, variations, compare results, valuable insight, target location, higher conversion, spending, avoid making too many changes at once

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