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Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Done For You Video 25th January 2016 – #110 -Developing a Big Data Strategy to Increase Your Business’s Profits


Developing a Big Data Strategy to Increase Your Business’s Profits

Big Data

Beginning At The End: The Best Big Data Strategy

Becoming Goal-Specific: Big Data Strategy For Business Success

Successful Big Data Strategy: Focusing On Actionable Objectives


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In this video the viewer gets a close encounter with the definition of big data and learns about its enormous potention to any business. This video tries to enlighten the viewer on the real nature of big data and how it differs from ordinary data and data sets. It also gives the viewer an idea of how “big” a data set is and how essential or meaningless a data or data set can be.


successful big data strategy, focus on actionable objectives, identify what you need to know, reverse engineer the process, formulating questions, define/specify your goal, price points, external factors, comparatives, testing, analytics, mining the data

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