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Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Done For You Videos

Done For You Video 28th March 2016 – #119 -Benefits of Buying Leads To Promote Your Affiliate Products


Benefits of Buying Leads To Promote Your Affiliate Products

How To Buy Worthwhile Email Lists

How To Buy Leads With High Probability of Conversion

What To Keep In Mind When Buying Leads

How To Buy Leads With High Conversion Yet Low Risk


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In this video the viewer learns about building subscriber lists from lists that are worthwhile to buy. It gives tips on how to lower risks associated with buying lists, and what to remember when doing so. It also touches on how wrong lists and unsolicited emails may delay your marketing efforts.


building your list, lists worthwhile to buy, minimizing the risks, increasing conversion probability, focus on customers, proceeding with caution, beware of making large scale purchases, buying the wrong list, being labelled spam, getting banned by email providers, waste of time and money

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