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Wednesday May 23, 2018
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Done For You Video 2nd January 2017 – #159 – How to Curate Content to Improve Your Social Media Marketing


How to Curate Content to Improve Your Social Media Marketing
Content Curation: The Solution To Your Social Media Marketing Woes
Easy Steps To Do Content Curation For Your Business
How To Make Content Curation Work For You and Your Business


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In this video the viewer will be given ways of improving his/her social media marketing efforts by using curated content. Curated content is content that comes from other sources but as long as it would be relevant to one’s audience, there’s no harm in using these sources. Make sure the topics will be relevant to your audience, and don’t use the same sites over and over. Curated content should make up about half of the content shared on social media since it will help build trust, gain followers and can translate into new customers.
fresh content, promotional content, the 5:3:2 rule, curated content, relevant, good quality, bookmark sources, do your research, do not get from same sources, make use of RSS feeds, know your audience, build trust, use tools, choose only 2 or 3 solutions

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