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Sunday Feb 25, 2018
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Done For You Video 3rd April 2017 – #173 – Simple Solutions for Increasing Customer Retention


Simple Solutions for Increasing Customer Retention
How You Can Retain Customers To Sustain Growth
How and Why You Should Give More Weight To Customer Retention
Effective Marketing Strategies To Retain Top Customers

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In this video, the viewer is acquainted with the concept of customer retention vs. customer acquisition, and why it is more important. Some recommendations in this video are: a CRM system, spending on retention marketing, and automated email campaigns among others. Bottomline: Majority of sales should come from repeat business if you want a sustainable income.
traffic, new customers, sustain growth, customer acquisition, CRM, valuable data, customer retention, continue releasing new products or services, updates and add-ons, automated email campaign, email funnel, deliver quality customer service, make customers happy, customer service policy, stick to this policy

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