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Monday Mar 19, 2018
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Done For You Video 3rd August 2015 – #85 – 5 Ways Your Web Design Can Improve Your Conversions


5 Ways Your Web Design Can Improve Your Conversions

5 Web Design Features To Increase Your Site’s Conversion Rate

5 Essential Web Page Elements That Determine Your Website’s Success

Know The 5 Shared Principles of Successful Websites

How You Can Increase Your Conversions With These 5 Web Design Elements


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This video acquaints the viewer with the 5 elements of web design that can help improve a website’s conversion. It goes in-depth with guide questions and specific instructions to make the site-owner understand how these elements work together to keep the businee thriving.


web design, successful websites, clarity, purpose, visual appeal, simplicity, uncluttered, strong visual hierarchy, CTA, forms, value proposition, focus, images, oversized picture, contrasting images, trust-building elements, optimal lay-out, readability, sales revenues

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