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Saturday Feb 24, 2018
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Done For You Video 4th April 2016 – #120 -Maximizing the Impact of Your Email Series Part 1


Maximizing the Impact of Your Email Series Part 1

Pointers To Keep Your Emails In TipTop Shape

How to Make a Lasting Impact With Your Email Campaigns

What To Keep In Mind In Creating Your Email Marketing Efforts

Step By Step: How To Create Emails That Work


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In this video the viewer is acquainted with how to properly structure an email that wins. It describes the email as an abbreviated sales letter. The elements of a sales letter are also presented and specific tips are given in order to make the email more effective.


emails, product promotion, creating emails, email structure, keeping it short and simple, the sales letter, abbreviated sales letter, elements of a sales letter, simple and straightforward, make it personal, buy products to solve a problem, introduce your product as the solution

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