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Wednesday May 23, 2018
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Done For You Videos

Done For You Video 6th February 2017 – #164 – How to Recycle Your Own Content for Online Marketing


How to Recycle Your Own Content for Online Marketing
Why Discard It When You Can Recycle (Your Content)?
How To Create Fresh Content From Old Posts
An Effective Way Of Squeezing More Juice From Your Old Content


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This video focuses on useful content that doesn’t get read on your site. It doesn’t need to go to waste since it can still be recycled and repurposed. It can be converted into different mediums, combined with others and given more depth. Old content can still be useful and still be used to grow your brand and your business.
useful content, recycle, generate new content, repurpose content, different mediums, update content, reuse, combine several old posts, creating a video, creating a pdf/ebook, proofread, continue to grow your brand

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