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Tuesday May 22, 2018
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5 Keys To Instant Direct Mail Mastery – Chris Lakey & TJ Rohleder

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Diamond Consultants TJ Rohleder and Chris Lakey break down the 5 key ingredients to the success they’ve had using Direct Mail to earn over $350,000 in commissions with MOBE.

T.J. Rohleder, known as America’s Blue Jeans Millionaire, is an entrepreneur, author, and podcaster. As a young adult, T.J. attended a networking meeting, where he first developed the itch for success. He sent away for all kinds of plans and programs for making money, and in 1988 discovered a simple business that worked like crazy.

Since that time, he’s become devoted to discovering the hottest marketing and success strategies and helping other entrepreneurs discover the dream of financial freedom.

Chris Lakey is not only TJ’s business partner, but also his son in law and together, for the last 21 years, they have crafted highly targeted marketing campaigns that have produced millions of dollars in sales in the direct mail industry. Chris and TJ can often be found speaking at MOBE events about how to know your prospects to hit the mark with targeting the right audience.

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